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GrumpyTurtle Dec 2020
you sat me at the table and screamed up in my face...
and you made me feel guilty for all of your mistakes.
it was 11:39, and i just wanted to be alone...
but you insisted i sit down and i wish that i had known,
it'd end up like last time, my eyes puffy and light red...
i should have just ignored you and just had gone to bed.
you were losing to me at first but you knew a working trick...
so you asked about my dad, and you threw that in the mix.
the tears were flowing heavy now and you kept pushing in...
what a stepdad you are doing this, is this just discipline?
i tried to speak my side but you just never let me talk...
so i yell at you to say my part but you just brushed me off.
i thought you'd try to listen, but you chose to be abusive...
because you told me im a kid and that my problems are always stupid.
talking to you is hard enough cause you don't know your place...
and you think cause im a teenager, you'll always win debates.
the thing you don't understand is that i have feelings too...
you treat me like an animal that lives inside a zoo.
and sometimes i have to get away, so i just go on walks...
and wait for the apology from that hurtful late night "talk"
is it really a talk if i cant say my part?
Paper Heart Poet Apr 2020
We drank up the wax
From the candle we burnt 
We swallowed the heat 
Of our fight and it hurt 

We mislead each other 
And lied from the start 
Pretended we’re fine 
Hid our bleeding heart 

We blur out everything 
Nothing’s untouched 
I call you names 
I see your fist tightly clutched 

We spit fire at each other 
We act like animals 
We eat each other alive 
Just like real cannibals
Sharon Knipe Mar 2020
you wanted me

         to change my idea of love
just so you could continue to do the same thing
"Insanity is trying the same thing, but expecting something new
we must be insane cause we keep trying this, expecting to pull through" - Anson Seabra
Amanda Kay Burke Jul 2019
Between silences
Things seem okay
Can't find problems anywhere
Always have a smile on my face
Until I remember they're still there

It is easy to forget I'm mad
If I dream about your eyes for too long
Usually I get so distracted
Not even sure who's right or who's wrong

So there is not really much point
Fighting if it is all a waste
Arguements will slip my mind
No matter how bad the distaste

So next time we disagree
Let us not raise our voices to a shout
I can almost guarantee
We are just going to end up working it out
Written 9-4-12
Millie Jun 2019
Back against the wall
I hear them yell all night
Who needs sleep?
Jay M Apr 2019
Following me
Chilling my bones
Sending ripples through my muscles
Fear slowly injected into my veins

But none show
None are there
Only you

Looking back
Only to see you are lost
In a forest so dark and unknown
Stealing the light
Not even doing so much
As to put up a fight

Feather falls
Bird unseen
Cries into the void
Echos returning

Fragile soul
Yet ever so bold
Stronger as it grows old
Scrape away the mold
To reveal the marvel within

But this mold
Cracked and chipped
Will it ever break of its prison?
Will it ever glimpse a future
Beyond this childhood?

Wailing from the depths of the heart
Only one of two emerges
Taking the child in
Arguments burst
For years...

It overwhelms

Temporary stability
Then the world quakes
Your life shakes
Then all is quiet
Only for a little while

Yelling, shouting,
Whilst I am hiding
Trying so hard to escape it
But you're too caught up
In your terror and rage
That you don't think of me
Hiding in the dark
Waiting for the sweet
Yet haunting
Sound of silence...

- Jay M
April 17th, 2019
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