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Conflict is trauma promoting trauma
Conflict is love becoming blind to one's inner beauty
Conflict is wasting moments of growth
Conflict is hating self, and showing others how much you hate self
Conflict is aborting peace as you choose to birth evil
kathryntheperson Jun 2021
my voice has grown tired
screaming for attention
my cries falling off what
seems like deaf ears.
I know you hear me.
I know you're in there.
I shake my fists at your face,
wanting so badly to hit you,
so that you might notice my display.
I want to grab you by the shoulders
and shake you senseless,
then maybe you'd hear my plea.
and I wouldn't feel so helpless
If you'd stop and look at me.
my voice has grown tired and quite horse
and still you remain quiet
so I wait
and I wait some more
and still; I don't hear a word.
so I curl up on the floor
and grieve everything I have heard.
please won't you listen..
Kai Mar 2021
vices binding my soul; ever complying
perfect obedience; never denying
i'm silent no matter how terrifying
i'm on the verge of tears but never crying
my lungs only produce a quiet sighing
i'm screaming final breaths but never dying
and all the while my pain's intensifying
my wings fledged and outstretched but never flying
i try to speak but there's no point replying
i'm done with all your endless justifying

you could've changed, but you're just never trying
the 11 syllables thing is part of the poem. you get lured into thinking it will flow nicely like an iambic pentameter, but then you reach the end of the line and you feel like you have to interrupt yourself to maintain the rhythm. that's because you do. that's how it's meant to be read. the interruption is part of the poem.

you can read this in multiple ways. either one person struggling against another, or two people arguing.
Paper Heart Poet Apr 2020
We drank up the wax
From the candle we burnt 
We swallowed the heat 
Of our fight and it hurt 

We mislead each other 
And lied from the start 
Pretended we’re fine 
Hid our bleeding heart 

We blur out everything 
Nothing’s untouched 
I call you names 
I see your fist tightly clutched 

We spit fire at each other 
We act like animals 
We eat each other alive 
Just like real cannibals
Sharon Knipe Mar 2020
you wanted me

         to change my idea of love
just so you could continue to do the same thing
"Insanity is trying the same thing, but expecting something new
we must be insane cause we keep trying this, expecting to pull through" - Anson Seabra
Amanda Kay Burke Jul 2019
Between silences
Things seem okay
Can't find problems anywhere
Always have a smile on my face
Until I remember they're still there

It is easy to forget I'm mad
If I dream about your eyes for too long
Usually I get so distracted
Not even sure who's right or who's wrong

So there is not really much point
Fighting if it is all a waste
Arguements will slip my mind
No matter how bad the distaste

So next time we disagree
Let us not raise our voices to a shout
I can almost guarantee
We are just going to end up working it out
Written 9-4-12
Millie Jun 2019
Back against the wall
I hear them yell all night
Who needs sleep?
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