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Amy Perry Feb 4
The double slit experiment
In quantum mechanics
Shows us one thing:
That you can’t trust a *******.

You can’t even trust a particle
Without watching it like a hawk,
And even then it will disobey you.

Be a little rebel,
Get yourself a little *****,
Have your own opinions,
Let relationships decay into ruin.

Quantum mechanics tells me
That we’re all a little cunty,
Even the atoms that comprise us,
So what choice do we have
In the end?
Traveler Jan 18
If I could only shift
There has to be a better reality of me
Set the quantum computations
The electrons are in all realities at once
Why are we stuck in this version
Of the universe?
Traveler 🧳 Tim

Quantum Machanic’s is a dry subject
For the non-creatives!
SpiritHeart67 Jan 16
if everything that is
has ever been
and ever
will be
already exists
In an all
Quantum Field

Does that mean
It's all already occured
and everything
has already passed
Before it becomes
Our present?

is our
an already existing event
We are just arriving at?

No past or future
Before or after
Just all that is
Unfurled out before us
In every
SpiritHeart67 Jan 16
In your life

There are Times
When you Create

and Times
When you
Allow for Creation...
Traveler Jan 14
We are the energy
Of consciousness evolving
Mathematically invisible
From wound to tomb
We grow by the
Seasoning of our souls!
What more do you need to know?
Traveler 🧳 Tim

It don’t seem likely that any universe that’s expanding, evolving  consciously could somehow leave us out of the game (death)
As if our energy could devolve into entropy

  Deteriorating atom
Cause Multi-versus to splinter off of this one.
If so we have a lot of conscious energy
AW Dec 2020
If the quantum is foaming
Roaming space for a chance to manifest
Lest it neglect to collapse in on itself
Then who am I

To negate the hypothesis
That life is ineffable
Interfering with the pattern
That would have else entangled me
I find myself a wave function
Undetermined until interacted with
Insignificant until observed

Who am I to challenge
That everything is energy
Rising through the ranks of probability
A wavelength contracting  
An equation waiting to materialize

Who am I to doubt
That uncertainty is anything less
Than a superposition  
A potential to fill
The vacuum to the brim
With vibrations that extend far beyond the evidence
Fluctuations fulfilling a destiny  
Of singularity
A momentum to make matter matter
Norman Crane Sep 2020
night wears a skin
of cold velvet
stippled with pores
through which illumination
prickles as the intergalactic whiskers
of Schrodinger's cat
catching the scent of gravity
Traveler Sep 2020
You have one of the most beautiful soul I have ever come across.
Not a single blemish on your body could represent your eternal self.
With eyes that see through, I look upon the beauty of your eternal youth.
See what you may of my surface and wonder of my underneath,
I am but the spring of passions and countless quantum leaps.
Traveler Tim

Blimishless is a new word somewhere
Ashok Manikoth Jul 2020
Glorious Past
Let's go for a walk let's walk the talk
Of glorious past.
The present is freaking the future is bleak.
A virus is spreading job's are falling apart.
Governments are failing economy slipping.
Health is a thing off the past.
I hope the quantum theory is true
Of seven life's in different planes
Then at least we can assume six of them are better off.
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