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Nylee Mar 2021
Is it me, is it you, is it us, or is it my head
I can't recall well how it had begun
but has it been always like this
Always losing at both ends
Replaced so easily, you don't look at me
Least bothered, left at my own device
My own bone to pick, you have no time to give
Restless, relentless, you would drown me in deep waters
I keep waiting for you to save me
The pool of tears is crystal clear
Displaced, delude, I have been reduced
My value to me rose to all time low
Where in the world you would find me
I am in the jungle of my own vice
Don't seek the worst in me
I would fall on my knees yet again
But my destiny has always been it.
Dying, well not surprising,
Drought, and the last drop.
Andrew Layman Apr 2020
I stood staring
not moving
but aware
feeling the breeze
and its touch
light as a feather
hinted at freedom
long since forgotten.

Heavy is the gravity
that anchors me
to the ground here
so when a shadow
covered my face
I raised my eyes
and I cheered
as a white bird dissected the blue sky.
IN THE MOMENT, Copyright © 2020 Andrew Layman, All Rights Reserved.
Madison Apr 2020
distractions are allowed
even when fire controls your tongue
bewitching in its sway
there’s little space for embarrassment
relentless in its tide
in yearning, you recoil
I very rarely title my poetry. When I title I feel like I am leading my reader to much. I want the reader to be able to experience the poem in their own way.
kolsmusing Apr 2020
love, don't be disheartened
of not receiving the love
you gave away

remember this:
the love that is deserving of you
will come when you least expect it

keep your faith,
that what you have been praying for
had been answered and now on it's way
Your time will come, and you will be so much ready to share all of you with all the love in your heart.
Niki Gray Mar 2020
guts required
sweat,blood and tears
racing heart masking fear.
Relentless desire to be the best me,
leave a legacy of resiliency.
Enjoy, thank you for reading.  Shout out to everyone I care about.  Stay healthy.
DeVaughn Station Mar 2020
Mired in my mind
and running out of time
can I keep still?
Can I keep going on still?
Can I keep steeling my heart
to stand and be warm in the winter?
When terms end and we’re not friends
can you keep stealing my heart?
If you fall to another man and
I spring to a secondary plan
will we be apart?
I don’t want to shove
and I’ve basically given up
even though you’re farther than your love.
It cuts deep but still my desire must beat
but it’s musty and a bit rusty.
The divide between us must be irrational
because it keeps increasing without a rationale
and without a ration to feed your monotony.
I need to know if I can keep still
when you’re around me so parenthetically.
On the cosmetic there’s sympathy
but it feels phony and pathetic. You’re synthetic
and golden steel; gleaming with a cold beauty!
You’re athletic but you don’t carry the kinetic
energy and lack the will to work for me.
When you’re starting not to feel
and I’m losing my chill
can I keep still?
November 9, 2019: Everything feels like it’s going so fast. I just need more time; I need to breathe.
Eleanor Sinclair Mar 2020
My heart burns
It aches for your presence
I will never stop loving you
My passion is relentless
It's been a while since I've seen your face
I miss your lips, how do they taste?
The sound of your voice is a memory at best
I'll see you again soon
Let's forget all the rest
Cynthia Jean Feb 2020


His painting
Tracing the
Silhouettes  of trees
And salting the air
with crystalline snowflakes.

In all
ever so peaceful
all understanding.

Cynthia Jean
February,  2020
The wonder of God, creating  the most beauty  from simplicity.
jacob charles Jun 2019
is finger-licking two senses
me, myself and i sit down, consensus
everyone has a different rendition of relentless
what version is this of this, which you, depends it
imaginary penitentiary, locked in myself, one tenant
like i could send a message with only a letter, pen it
see greater with less 3d one eye red it
eye to brain, i blew it
i 9 lives brain dead
brain faculty, mind, not same head
while nothing visual, split cranium and drain head
MicMag Nov 2018
He wants none of it
The unrelenting fame
Paparazzi's lights
Never out of sight
The crushing weight
Of a well-known name

He wants none of it
The life-******* fame
Endless demands
From legions of fans
Happiness funneling
Right down the drain

He wants none of it
The soul-deadening fame
Prestige a cruel mistress
All joys turned to business
Dousing his spirit
To extinguish its flame

No, he craves anonymity
For stardom to cease
To be happy with less
Freed from the stress
True glory found
In a life lived in peace
PAD Poem-A-Day Challenge November 2018.
"write a glorious poem"

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