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Michael Stefan Feb 2020
In nature, beauty and strength coalesce
In nature, only the strong survive
In nature, strength determines life's longevity
Be strong I think, as I open my front door
Sometimes, we all need a little pep-talk.
El Sep 2019
Love is a feeling
Not a thing
Love is an emotion
That cannot be hate
Love is true
So do not lie to
Be true to yourself
And love you
For you
A rose illusion
Surrendering your royal future.

A silent magic,
Fresh with wonder,
Blooming your sacred dream.

It’s certain to glow
The world has mysterious ways of showing you youre wrong.  
One day is torturous and feels extremely long.  
The next, you wake up and smile, its a new day.
Blessings may come your way.

Yet, life will always have those days that you wish you could rewind.  
Even though the ugly is all in your mind.  
You see, the bad turns into beautiful,  
This part is the most crucial:

Lessons come in waves,
And some days your mind caves.  
Not knowing what to do,
But know that its all up to you.  
The lessons are disguised as many things;
Heartbreak, anger, pains.
Heartbreak is the most important,
Its poison can also the most potent.  
Although it hurts,
Its the only one that works.  
Being heartbroken helped me find my soul,
I was now the only one in control.
Because of heartbreak I love me,
And like that it shall always be.

Anger taught me kindness,
It showed me I was speaking through blindness.
The hatred in my heart had been brewed,
Something that was long over due.  
Ive had my share of pain,
And for all of it I was ashamed.  
Now I see I am not my past,
For the good days in my mind are the ones that will last.  
Instead of taking my pain out on them,
Find the love in my heart for an amen.
A thank you for an opportunity to make someones day,
So keep them coming my way.

Pain, pain comes from both of these emotions.
Pain comes in oceans.  
One day may be physical, the next mental.
Either way, the pain can be detrimental.
But just like the old saying,
“What doesnt **** you makes you stronger.”
  So just keep holding on a bit longer.  
I know it seems like you cant keep going,
But this is something you must keep knowing.
You are stronger than you think,
Kinder than you believe
And you can make it through this pain.  

You are not your heartbreak,
Your love is an earthquake.
Not all are prepared to love someone like you,
They are cracks, and you are the glue.  
Remember that anger is from within,
Letting go is the only way to win.
Forgive yourself along with others,
We are all sisters and brothers.  
There is nothing wrong with pain,
Know that there is always something to gain.
You are stronger than you believe,
So go out there and acheive.
MicMag Sep 2018
I get started

Just tell myself
First step’s the hardest
First mile’s the farthest

Just tell myself
You got this
You can’t miss

Just tell myself
One step at a time
It’ll all be fine

Just tell myself
You can make it
All the way
Gotta take it
Day by day

Just tell myself
I’m with you friend

I get
To the end
Inspired by WD weekly poetry prompt:
I get (blank)
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