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Jueria Shaik Jul 2
Bad,,,,, Bad,,, Good.

Bad,,,,, Bad,,,, Bad,,, Good.

Bad,,,,, Bad,,,,, Bad,,,, Bad,,,,, Bad,,,, Bad,,,,,  Good.

Sooner or later.

Just why not 'sooner' rather than 'later'?  

Maybe.... Let's not waste our time.
Just a Random Thought!
     can be later

Can just be too late
Stop saying

No one knows
the last tomorrow,

Just do it!

What is procrastinated is never done until procrastination  is overcome.
Holy justice,
just dying.
sunshine Mar 20

I've spent
7,574 days
on this Earth
but it only
took me
1 day
to know
you were
the one

and I just
want to spend
eternity with you

Amanda Dec 2019
Today flipped through my 10th grade journal
Stumbled upon a list
My greatest desires at the time
Things for which I most wished

The first and only thing written
To find someone who loves me
Tells me I'm beautiful every day
When I look and act ugly

Here I am nine long years later
Blessed with that guy
I am still unhappy
Don't know why
True story
cmp Dec 2019
as willed though what not
so will as if mind revealed
through thought nor notion

adrift nor uplift ye
don't fret as seem
though just is then
as just was not now

forsake moment
prevail over sec
offer up minute
til hour assimilate ye

thus get back cost of experience at no risk
now take on encountered tisk tisk loss
to wake upon actuality
not to go down as reality

hear ye without guidance induce self reliance
hear ye without purpose ensue self independent theorem
that'll inevitably defy another's embraced misgiving or pacify norm
now steadfast and conform oneself
though lucid measures over means
that'll impede another's undisciplined self impact from affecting ye
maria Dec 2019
100 feelings
3 months later
1 place
I'm coming homeeee

December 13, 2019
The real battle, actually has no views
Everyone startle; battlegrounds are no revues
It's hard to separate, when unseen or hidden
Battle of my thoughts, a fight within

I built a mansion, but I'm yet to move in
I built a jet for auction, but it's yet to move me
I'm a volcano, with no eruption
All end in the war within; ending in an option

To do it now, or some other time
Verb is no noun, i never made my action prime
The Battle is disastrous, it leaves my goals in shipwreck
Strolling now or later, I lose the ambitions in a cheap trek

Later is always the war victor, but it's grave
Never again will I take the tour; just doing it - is save
Tomorrow is another day, but it's a bait that annihilate
I will do it later; But I'm late now or I'm now late

- Pastorlee
What is procrastinated is never done until PROCRASTINATION is overcome.

Stop saying Tomorrow, No one knows the last tomorrow, Just do it.
Denise Uy Sep 2019
If you think of a life with me, picture me with soap in my hair, bubbles lining the strands of my wet-with-sweat frizz.

Picture the tomato-sauce-stained plates with bits of pasta, scattered by the sink like the continents of the world when it should be just Pangea, one place, all neat.

Picture me holding the sponge, scrubbing the red out of the white plates we ate from.

I'll picture your arms wrapped around me, head resting on my shoulder, murmuring behind me that I smelled like sweat.

Picture me smiling at the honesty and then listen to me complain to you that we should get this done. WE.

I'll picture you rinsing after I told you to and I'll hear your whining about your tired arms and how you're impatient about feeling my lips on yours.

And then we hurry, we wash the dishes together and there is soap in my hair.

We wash our hands which go to each other's waist and then we pull closer and then your hand is on my face and the taste of your mouth is on my tongue.

And then we stop. We stare.

Picture that, PinkInk.
Let's do it again, Pinkink.
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