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Anyways on the walk to your house.

Twice in the hall.
Lose it.
Felt like permanent.
Grass keeps the air cool, like matte.
Perhaps crawl.
So enthralled.
Liking it, lose it all again.
A corpse chiming with ideas.
Chiming only to finest, hideous.
More hideous.

Garrett Johnson.
mmm I guess
Zack Ripley Jan 12
If something good happens,
Don't ask why or how.
Just enjoy it and accept it now.
Because you never know
When something bad will happen.
And when it does,
Don't ask why or how.
You can do that later.
Now is the time to deal with it
And heal from it.
rig Dec 2020
“i’m sad, but not
enough for that.
no, not now, man.
maybe later.”
flamingogirl Sep 2020
The worst feeling
is remembering
how much I love you
five years later;
and not having
you by my side.
Jueria Shaik Jul 2020
Bad,,,,, Bad,,, Good.

Bad,,,,, Bad,,,, Bad,,, Good.

Bad,,,,, Bad,,,,, Bad,,,, Bad,,,,, Bad,,,, Bad,,,,,  Good.

Sooner or later.

Just why not 'sooner' rather than 'later'?  

Maybe.... Let's not waste our time.
Just a Random Thought!
     can be later

Can just be too late
Stop saying

No one knows
the last tomorrow,

Just do it!

What is procrastinated is never done until procrastination  is overcome.
Holy justice,
just dying.
sunshine Mar 2020

I've spent
7,574 days
on this Earth
but it only
took me
1 day
to know
you were
the one

and I just
want to spend
eternity with you

Amanda Kay Burke Dec 2019
Today flipped through my 10th grade journal
Stumbled upon a list
My greatest desires at the time
Things for which I most wished

The first and only thing written
To find someone who loves me
Tells me I'm beautiful every day
When I look and act ugly

Here I am nine long years later
Blessed with that guy
I am still unhappy
Don't know why
True story
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