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preston Mar 2021


I am not a man of fear,
but you do scare me sometimes, beauty.
I know this latest plunge of yours  was far
more difficult for you than you were letting on.
I also know that you were closer to the edge  of
letting go than you have possibly ever been before.

Fear on my part only comes from the distance-created
inability that all but renders love, impotent..   but still,   I feel..
and I knew, baby.. that if I didnt dig deeply into the earth's rich,
dark loam with all there is of me, able to believe for you on your
behalf-- within those.. the darkest of moments, that you might
possibly (out of the stifling fear of anyone close to you, to move
forward- into you in order to truly save you)..

    --that you might
    actually die..
    and I cannot allow that.

We do what we have to do in love, babe. I was not going to let you
slip through the cracks, so I did what I did. Tend to that gorgeous
garden of yours passionately--  wildly-untethered within the
beautiful parameters of full-on abandon. Love is finding its
wonderful way into places and parts within you  that have

   previously remained alone and cold..
   outside of its warm,  healing light.

Your gorgeously nectar-laden body is a beautiful, fully trembling..
and at times, wonderfully gushing temple of worship, celebration
and praise of the fascinating, permeating.. and often
(as you so righteously well know)
a deeply and passionately-thrusting   *******
of the Universe's finest  and warmest ways--
even when done tenderly.

The beautiful nature of  Love's full-on core ache will not let go of
you until it has fully coated every now deeply-craving cell within
that juice-filled, wildflower body of yours..  so yes.. come wildly
within it all, sweet girl. Your beautiful, deep, body-convulsing
******* are such a wonderfully-integral part   of  

  what is
helping you,  to become free.

They are not inappropriate or unloving or unfaithful to your
relational home-life.. if there is anything inappropriate, it is me..

   for speaking to you this way.    (lala)

But it has been so touch and go for you
that I now have no idea not to.
I will bite my tongue and withhold   from you
the powerful effect it all is having  
even right this  moment,  on me.
All's I can say right now is that I am glad  that you
have made it through this latest plunge into the pit.
The thought of it all working out for you  (so far)
truly does make me smile. :)

Keep feeling the comforting containment of the Wind, beauty.

xoxo  (ping.)

~**** R
preston Jan 2021

After picking her beautiful
jaw  up, off the ground
over the shock-blast of  realizing
that  she (after all of these years)
   had been  finally seen..

there was a shuffling  noise
that I could hear in the background
over the phone..

and I couldn't tell  if it  was her--

scrambling to finish  filling out
the restraining order she started
last week

or maybe  
just  flopping around  in the dark
in her search for the block button

But perhaps..  just perhaps
she is running upstairs  to find  for herself,  
a dry pair of *******

Or better yet,  in order to
race into her room,  her clothes--
strewn,  in a wake behind her
in her overwhelming  need

to knock out  a whole series  of
wildly uncontrollable, release (s)

Strange how it is
that  far too often  these things
can go either way--
yet either way, sweet love

your beautiful jaw
will never again,  be the same

you're welcome
Nylee Dec 2020
All I've ever looked for is glory
A beautiful future and majestic history
but there's real grace in anonymity.
William Robbins Oct 2020
Queen Antonym of Superficial,
I wish the pseudonym of your official
name was just your name.
Your anonymity is so much more to pity,
as your antonyms
are only pretty,
and their anonymity is in their substance.
Drifting Among Strangers

There is silence in the crowd.
The hubbub quelled
And a stillness found.

There is peace in the thousand eyes.
And gentleness upon the lips
That freeze frame smiles in passing.

There is calm in the togetherness.
Where heartbeats pulse and life flows
A oneness in our presence.

There is acceptance and belonging.
Yet identity remains a secret,
Forever unknown, but acknowledged, welcomed.

There are no words, nothing.
And the silence is an idyll
As we drift among strangers.
What bliss to drift among strangers. A desired anonymity, but your presence welcomed. An acceptance unchallenged.
Aseel Jan 2019
Anonymity means freedom.
MicMag Nov 2018
He wants none of it
The unrelenting fame
Paparazzi's lights
Never out of sight
The crushing weight
Of a well-known name

He wants none of it
The life-******* fame
Endless demands
From legions of fans
Happiness funneling
Right down the drain

He wants none of it
The soul-deadening fame
Prestige a cruel mistress
All joys turned to business
Dousing his spirit
To extinguish its flame

No, he craves anonymity
For stardom to cease
To be happy with less
Freed from the stress
True glory found
In a life lived in peace
PAD Poem-A-Day Challenge November 2018.
"write a glorious poem"

Prompt from Writer's Digest:
Hunter Green Sep 2018
In time I feel something new
The peace of life, life renewed
I see a glow of light it sees me and brings me sight
I am guided by natures call
oceans roar or rain’s fall
I fear separation from this feeling
I fear the cage of a forced life
Give me a hope a feeling that I can hang onto,
a great awakening so I can do what I want to,
No, so I can do what you want to.
Peace is greater than fear and yet I find the greatest peace mixed with the latter.
Oh, all of my creativity,
Why does it seem to give me anonymity?
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