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Arianna Jun 15
"Sea of sky,
raging sovereign;
smoky clouds rolling
sun-dappled grey:
thundering here and away,
like the last wild mustang..."

Imagining back
someplace I've never been;
the only question I have:
How many stars adorn the Vastness?

Dreaming these days of open land
and empty space to be;
the silver scent of riverbeds,
and aimless footprints treading the scriptless plains
stretching quietly out before me.
Al Petteway - "Sligo Creek":
Arianna Jun 3
Sea foam fizzles away,
feels like stars:

wild, tidal chord progressions.

Why so melancholy,
why so grey?
Noize MC - "Моё Море":
Jac May 26
her eyes had met more
than just the surface

it went further
than shallow waters

her thoughts were deeper
than the lowest point in the ocean

as she sat on the hill
covered in pink flower petals
with the wind silently flowing by
bringing a soft cherry smell
oh, how bittersweet it was
Ankita Gupta Apr 9
Maybe you will find me in the pondering state of mind
Maybe you won't find me in the right state of mind
Maybe you won't find me at all
Jac Apr 6
he carried the ocean in his eyes
it had never been flooded
till that one day
it spilled, flooding his mind
drowning his views
making him lost
until he would one day find,
the eye of the storm
Renn Powell Mar 18
you had arms
covered in them
it was artwork of the things
who made up
who you had been
and who you are presently
you gave me my first cigarette
and you also saved my life
your mother still asks about me
and I will always wonder
my place in your life
Arianna Mar 9
String the harp, O Bard!
The red threads of Fate, having fallen to thy hands,
Raise the dead in song.

Unnamed names become immortal at thy touch,
Fragmented voices fill the graveyards with veiled polyphonies
Etched between the ridges of fingers deft,
Faultless, bounding down the scales
Before flying again to their heights.

Oracle of the great halls,
The words of Muses, gods, and poets alike
Fall on ears deafened with wine and revelry,
Heedless, though one day they too
Shall wail beneath thy fingers.
"Black Horse: Mongolian Traditional Music" album:


Peire Vidal - "S'ieu fos en cort"

Claude Marti - "L'Agonie du Languedoc" album
Peace Mar 5
I met someone that took my past away. He had given me a sense of home, peace & love. I valued his heart. His beautiful, works of art. In his arms I rested. I laid bare, without reservations. He took away my hidden love. Almost a decades long, of childish love. As he wiped my thoughts clean of him, I've became purely his world & he mine.

We sit amongst each other with broken promises & dreams. Hurt, blame & shame now lives in our brain. Unspoken communication now resides & in our place holds a void. If only we can break the noise long enough to hear our voice reach out to one another, in this widen field of pain. We'd be back in each other's arms, safely tucked away. Laughing & enjoying each other's company, again..
MicMag Feb 16
What if I'd taken the other path?
Had chosen X instead of Y?
What if I'd turned left instead of right?
What if I'd been a girl instead of a guy?

What if I'd studied this or that?
Been born a king instead of a ****?
What if I'd taken the other job?
What if I'd stayed instead of gone?

What if I hadn't lived this same life
Leading to here, now, this?
What if I'd never even thought
To ask all these what ifs?
Keiya Tasire Jan 6
Who am I?
Why am I here?
How do I grow?
Where do the words that I utter spring from?
How do my actions unfold to take flight?
What are the roots of my habits both desired and not desired?
When did my character become undesirably ripe?
As defined by Another?

Piously pompous extruding expectations
We both wagged the tail of judgment from our respective roles.
Each casting the wands of incantations, illusions, and lies!
One to change the controlling illusion
Another to maintain it's web and power.

It was handed down from the very first mothers
It was handed down from the very first fathers
It was set into motion from the very first breath of the very first lie.
It created the very first shadow of darkness that fell upon Truth.

Tainted, "It" fell from realms of Light, the realms of Love and Joy.
"It" tumbled and rolled down the family Tree
Branch by branch, twig by twig, and leaf by leaf
Deeper into the darkness, grief, sadness and pain.

We were taught to ignore the dragon of dysfunction
Lying among the branches of our human family tree.
As "It" grew and grew, and grew.
"It" matured and gave birth to expanding prodigies
Who fained deeds of compassion, fained loyalties,
Fained emotions, and fained love

To twist and to alter reality,
Aimed toward total power,  riches, and total control.
Using the swords of Expectations,
Judgments, half truths and lies, they waged war!
With their army of
Every wolf in sheep's clothing
Every entitled the fair-haired child
Every hero - rescuer
Every "I am the victim"
Every fearful guilt burdened peacemaker,
Every misunderstood black sheep,
And all the unaware lost lambs.
The cycle of dysfunction turns
As a companion within the wheel of time.
We are told to never speak of It and deny It's existence.
This is the power that feeds It as It expands.
And we find ourselves beyond the ability to contain "It."

One day our eyes open to awareness
We come face-to-face with "The Choice."
Do we go back to sleep? Or do we get up?
And if we stand up, what is next?
When we see our unveiled past, will we fear and hide?
Or arise as a seeking warrior of Light?
If we choose the Light will Love begin to arise from the darkness
Will Love transform "It" to find It's-self Immortal & Eternal?

Give me understanding of Love!! With Understanding I will seek!!
Standing between the windows of time past, present, and future
With the root of addictive desire, laid upon the alter
Banished! Gone!! Released!!

Will the Darkness  release "It" from the depths of grief, sadness and pain?
Without a word "It" became a He
And He draped the blanket of courage over His shoulders
with the Light of hope in His eyes.
Refusing to never give up
He dawned His Innate strengths
Refusing dire circumstances
Letting go of confusion, ignorance, vises, grief, blame, and all ill desire
He stepped straight and firmly into the Light which expands!
He stood with joy in the Light and looked back

As "It" became a She
And She draped the blanket of courage over Her shoulders
with the Light of hope in Her eyes
Refusing to never give up
She dawned Her Innate strengths
Refusing dire circumstances
Letting go of confusion, ignorance, vise, grief, blame, and all ill desire
She stepped straight and firmly into the Light which expands!

The Light embraced Her and embraced Him
They stood together seeking understanding
Their hearts opened
Each to sing their own song of joy, of love, of peace
Together in harmony
Dancing  in the Light as One.

So with courage, do my actions unfold to take flight!
With joyful Love the words uttered within my heart sprang!
How, I do grow!
I am fully here, awake!
I know who am I, really!
Because  in silence I sat upon the earth
As He sat upon the Earth
As She sat upon the Earth
Looking toward the heavens
She female and He male
Focused in silence, they taught me how to breathe.

Now throughout the generations of Time
We began to breathe as One
Together in Love, in Peace and in Unity.
Reaching and holding each other
Beyond and through the Wheel of Time.
The questions of our life stirs each of us to some kind of action. The actions we each choose are unique to our own personal life path. We each bring to our personal path ofseeking - our personal understanding about truth, our beliefs, acculturation, and family patterns. Of which culminate into our strengths and weaknesses.
By choosing understanding in the challenges of life, we are armed to step into a path of increased love, forgiveness, heightened spiritual growth, increased awareness and higher consciousness and love.
If we choose the path of ego defences we continue the dysfunction and the further weakening of our humanity, families, selves, hearts and spirits. This poem is about becoming aware of this process and the choice we each have.
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