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FC Azaele May 3
Our fires clash, the sources worlds apart.
My mind is still, my heart beats fleeting.
And I ask myself why, or how strangers of two ends up finding themselves reaping
for the air the other breathes, and the other one’s heart.

But soon our worlds meet, and I feel myself clashing.
I think of you as bright as the embers that burn hot like the sun,
or how it feels to have your first taste of ***;
A slow-burn that inks the back of your throat, that leaves you asking for more, as the mind begins cracking.

We went out for coffee —
Funny enough, we both liked it plain.
We talked about our lives, and soon, I thought us insane.
For we laughed all day, until the sun went away.
“Until another day,” You say.
But we were inpatient, it had barely been 3 days
Before you asked me out for coffee in another café.

No longer did it take for me to be your captive,
And If you ask me to love,
I say, “I will.”
For I’ll give you all my love, my soul, my heart.
Only if you ask, my dear.
The dark comes in close
Wrapping me tight tonight,
And I search for someone
To save me.

Helpless, alone,
Just embers left
To guide me
From the candle fuse,
And the darkness closes in around me.

Begging, pleading,
I strain to be let away,
But its grip is tight
As an anaconda,
Tracing its fangs to my neck
From my shoulder blades.

Within an inch of foresight,
I can feel my heartbeat waning,
And hear teardrops
Pierce the night silence
While the city sleeps;
I ask once more for someone
To give my feet placement,

But one cannot hold another’s heart
Whilst forsaking their own,
And thus, one cannot give another their heart
If giving is expectant
That to whom it’s given,
Will put back together,

For my mistake,
Was hoping for someone else,
When I, so many times,
Could have freed myself,
If only I put myself back together,

But I’ve swept the shattered pile
And sewn the tattered pieces,
Slowly feeling more encouraged
With every change in season

With now, a reason,
And even a desire,
To press on.
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Kashish Sep 2020
When you and I were together
My soul was feisty and I was full of fire
When I looked you in the eye, my eyes gleamed an enraptured caressing look
My heart was full of passion and desire
But when you left
The fire in me though not finished;
was almost extinguished
I realised my soul was burnt to embers
The smouldering pieces of my body
that once ignited a fire
Were now ready to fade
Like our love eventually did.
James Orchid Aug 2020
I want to be held from the cold
As the warm water hits my body
Emulating embers slowly fading in the night
I can't help but notice
Goosebumps on untouched skin
I want to be held from the cold
Deja vu overwhelms my mind
Ive felt this feeling before
its almost childlike
I want to be held from the cold
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Lane O Aug 2020
Evergreen stands
still at the hearth.
Roaring red fire,
life, love and mirth.

Laughter and joy.
Cider's sweet mash.
Dull fire's embers;
glowing orange ash.

We retreat to our beds,
nestled and warm,
and dream of the morning
when the Christ child was born.

Lights festooned,
on the bushes outside;
filter in through the window,
glimmer and shine.

We long for the hour
when we flock to the tree.
Peppermint, tinsel,
ribbons, and glee.
Lane O Aug 2020
Embers of autumn
Swept away by frigid wind
Winter's arrival
Natalia May 2020
I look at you and wonder,
How soft those tendrils feel,
Always pulling me asunder,
Pulling my mind to heel.

The looks you gave,
The depth of your eyes
Made my heart cave
As I reached new highs.

As if like pools of wisdom,
I'd willingly drown in them,
Feel my desires through a prism,
And allow fate to condemn

My hidden desires.
As they come and go
I seek not to douse the fires,
I'll leave the embers to glow.

Watch them light the night sky,
With a childish curiosity.
Against the damp ground, I lie
Carried by my precocity.

To share this
Would be wonderous,
This unadulterated bliss.
I'm left feeling ponderous.

Until such time,
I will lie here
Listening to the wind chime
As the embers disappear.
Falling in love is a beautiful process in the right circumstances. It seems like in society now, that the goal is that you 'must' have someone beside you to share in these experiences. Until such time I find someone like that, I'll be loving myself.
old willow May 2020
clang. clang.
The metal sung joyfully each strikes.
Passion is a dancing flame.
The greatest passion can churn
the sea.
Yet it can also fade like flickering embers.
A passion, can leave behind lasting debris.
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