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LRF 2d
When all that's left
of the blaze
is smouldering charcoal,
remember that these remnants
have their own beauty;
the waves of their glow
across and back
fanned by heat's charge
and smoke leaks
from the underside
of splintered
logs, puffing.

Crouch closer
and warm your hands
on the toasty coals,
purify your thoughts
in the billowing smoke,
and wait until
you understand
that your spark is not dead,
it is resting in the peace
of glowing embers
until the world again
feeds it
fuels it
ignites its spectacular dancing flame.
May 2020
Natalia May 21
I look at you and wonder,
How soft those tendrils feel,
Always pulling me asunder,
Pulling my mind to heel.

The looks you gave,
The depth of your eyes
Made my heart cave
As I reached new highs.

As if like pools of wisdom,
I'd willingly drown in them,
Feel my desires through a prism,
And allow fate to condemn

My hidden desires.
As they come and go
I seek not to douse the fires,
I'll leave the embers to glow.

Watch them light the night sky,
With a childish curiosity.
Against the damp ground, I lie
Carried by my precocity.

To share this
Would be wonderous,
This unadulterated bliss.
I'm left feeling ponderous.

Until such time,
I will lie here
Listening to the wind chime
As the embers disappear.
Falling in love is a beautiful process in the right circumstances. It seems like in society now, that the goal is that you 'must' have someone beside you to share in these experiences. Until such time I find someone like that, I'll be loving myself.
old willow May 18
clang. clang.
The metal sung joyfully each strikes.
Passion is a dancing flame.
The greatest passion can churn
the sea.
Yet it can also fade like flickering embers.
A passion, can leave behind lasting debris.
I don't want to be remembered
When I turn into ash and dust
I want to be remembered
When my bones are still alive
So that when the embers
Of life die out,
I'll be able to enter
Death peacefully
Knowing that I am a member,
An impact, in humanity.
skyy omalley Apr 29
The excessive wind blows hot air into the front of me.
It leaves my hoodie fluttering behind my body, only held up by my shoulders.
My hands remain on my sides, and my head is tilted.
Despite the wind and the thing in front of me, my feet are firm on the ground.

The flames are reflected in my dead eyes.
The sound of firemen and ambulances should be all that I hear,
but all I can hear is the sound of my breathing.
The wood crumbles, as the flames dance on their dying bodies.

Tears fall from my eyes, but I do not change expression.
I feel a hand firmly grab my arm, but still I don’t budge.
I feel my feet being lifted from the ground, and I follow the house with my eyes
I’m moved into a cop car

I put my hand on the car window, still following the house with my eyes.
My breath leaves blurry spots on the clear window.
The embers burn brightly, destroying everything I had.
but with the dark sky and the glistening stars, it looks beautiful.

Once the fire leaves my vision, I break down.
by Michael R. Burch

Now twice she has left me
and twice I have listened
and taken her back, remembering days

when love lay upon us
and sparkled and glistened
with the brightness of dew through a gathering haze.

But twice she has left me
to start my life over,
and twice I have gathered up embers, to learn:

rekindle a fire
from ash, soot and cinder
and softly it sputters, refusing to burn.

Originally published by The Lyric. Keywords/Tags: relationship, reunion, reuniting, parting, breakup, breaking up, fire, embers, soot, cinder, cinders, sputter, sputters, sputtering, cold, ash, ashes
Delia Grace Feb 15
It’s a crime
to paint such flowers
with so crude a brush.
Your skills, my lord,
confound me
and I present myself
to you humbly.
Your fingers are
and jagged, their edges
can cut if you’re not careful.
You touch so soft
your skin to mine
and I sizzle in your grasp.
You are the warmest
part of me and
even you are now
embers, but it is not
my duty anymore
to stoke the ashes,
as deeply as I wish
you would burn again for me.
A flick of the eyes
and a trick of the tongue
are welcomed warmly
by my singing heart.
Rick Warr Feb 14
we once were
weren’t we?
oh how we could have been
different now though
happy with our paths
who knows
where we would be?
still that lingering
that more was there
i am now here
you are there
to compare
Still with all
the love
in our lives
there’s that
spark still
in the embers
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