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c Apr 21
Tonight I burn with a reckless abandon
Both ends in embers
I am choking on my smoke
I’m sorry I’m blunt
I’m sorry I’m numb
I’m sorry I run away
From everything trying to help me
I cannot share my sadness with you.
George Krokos Mar 19
I am prospecting for love in the chamber of the heart
and if love is to be found there I'll have done my part.
How deep will I have to go depends on that ground
in which buried is a love so many say is to be found.

How can I be sure when it's so dark and cold in there
without any light or warmth to see or feel seems bare.
I'll have to strike at any dying embers of love for You
that I carry with me always which once felt to be true.

Time and neglect should've extinguished them by now
but it seems they're still smouldering inside somehow.
With the fuel of desire awakened thinking of You again
those flames of love may rise and glow once more then.

The gold nugget of Your love is to be found in the heart
one has to look deeply in there and make a sincere start.
There's no real way of telling just how far one has to go
'till the light and warmth of Your love is experienced so.

Sensations rise up within along the spine to one's crown
where a light appears to the inner gaze fixed in that town
of the space between the two eyes in one's mind where
darkness is usually seen but now gets dispersed in there.
Written early in 2018. A mystical and spiritual expression of a journey in a poem.
Nathalie Mar 9
She broke up

With her fears

And stood

In her power

She spoke

Her truth

By pooling

Her strength

And confidence

She knew that

Her words

Could be healing

And bring about

The change that

Was needed

By delving in

Her intuitive well

Embers of insights

Hovered in waiting

Until the moment

Of appropriate


Rising from time

And rallied in a perfect

Appeal of eloquence.

Andrew Feb 25
I guess I'm weaker than I thought
I see that now when I think of the ember of your lips

Cinder by cinder you were all brunt up

When I held you closer you turned to ashes in my arms

And I tired to forget you and
I tried to replace you
But I guess I'm weaker than I thought

Oh when our fires were bright
We danced to the nights
But once dulled to ashes

You ran with the winds
As I try to keep you aflame

Little did I know your wick had burnt out

And now my embers are weak like yours so now it's dark.
Danielle Oct 2018
The embers still spark.
I’d mute them with tears,
But oddly everything has dried up.
Everything is either hot,
Or harsh cold.
At this crossroads
I can’t take the middle path
And so I stand frostbitten and burning bright.
Can't take the path I want so I'm standing around probably like an idiot, but right now that's okay, for now.
Eric Babsy Oct 2018
Snow like embers to the skin.
Been searching without and within.
Fragile as a flower start cringe.
Blinded by storm wicked dreams begin..

Then the cardinal lit the flame.
With her voice a glorious aim.
Only one of it’s kind.
Only looking forward and behind.

See this is also true of passion and love.
The kind of heaven that is sent from above.
Only way they can have love.
Is to receive what they lost, freedom of a dove.

Only one can have the gift.
They say with a grunt, a ***** gist.
They return every season.
Only for mating, a certain kind of reason.

They guide my way.
Through the storm a certain way.
Only to be left behind again.
This is the kind of love I send.
MicMag Sep 2018
so effing hot today

my skin melting
fat crackling
muscles sizzling
flesh evaporating
bones cracking
skeleton crumbling
burning down
to glowing embers

even my ashes echoing
lamenting the heat
Did someone turn on a giant oven outside?
the glowing of the
hot embers from
what was left of the
bonfire reminded
me that maybe
some good can come
out of this darkness.
Atomika Sep 2018
The winter has come and the trees has gone cold
Times have slept and to traverse the land is bold
But when hope is gone and all troubles unfold
I look inside and smile, as I have been told

Hope is like fire that forever burns

So even if I walk alone in this treacherous path
I keep my head held high and continue the journey
Since deep inside me, I still have something burning
Embers of an old memory of days that have gone past

This ember reminds me of a peace once lost, but still ties my thoughts
This ember reminds me of a love long gone, but soon might return
This ember reminds me of a future I can hold, one I can believe in
This ember reminds me of happiness that I need to recall before it's too late

This little flame warms me up for the journey ahead of me
I reassure myself that everything will be fine
In the dark shadow of the valley, I don't know what's ahead
But I steel my resolve and continue; the ember smiles

The ember is my strength, the ember is my resolve
Without it, I may be an empty husk, without it I am not true
So I nurture my ember and keep it safe until it grows
Back to the great flame it was once stood

The ember reminds me of those who care and you.

Can you promise me one thing though?
As my foundation and strength, can you rely on me too?
So I know that my worth is known by someone that regards me high
Once you do, and I see it through, I can grow wings and together we can fly.

The winter will pass and the sun will shine
Together we shall cherish this memory of mine
That once an ember now grows back to flame
If you're still there, I know I can thank you by name.
Ramblings of some sort. But these are my true feelings
Apollo Hayden Aug 2018
Fading is a light once so bright it warmed our bodies in the bitterness of winter.
Now what's left is ashes of a love story that can never be told.
So cold its difficult to even remember.
Dim lights from embers slowly fade; we have become that change.
In time; out of sight and out of mind, we'll be ashes in the wind.
Having Learned from a faded love, that'll never be felt again.
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