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Josh 2d
Without the bird, would we look up? Without the ant, would we look down?  If our souls never reached out would we learn to love the other? I believe there is no bird or ant if we never learn loves direction.  Curiosity.
The little ant.
He was so drudge and active.
He merrily was carrying on himself all miserys.
And heavy weight from past.

He always smiled no matter what
And everybody thought he's fine.
Unless he's broken.
Hoisting the boulder,
Legs tremble beneath great weight,
Ant brings home a crumb.
MicMag Nov 2018
like all, I yearned to love
in spite of potential pain
but now this anti-love bites hard
agony and shock surge through my veins

an army of fury and contempt
rush forth, crown fear both queen and king
this anti-love marches on
attacking with rage-inducing sting

but I can't hate this anti-love, no
I confess when push comes to shove
I cherish the teensy bits of joy
I share with the little ant I love
PAD Poem-A-Day Challenge November 2018

A love poem
An anti-love poem
Rei Coman Oct 2018
I once read a story about an ant
who set his mind to move a mountain.
An insect, a millimeter from jaw to legtip,
laboring against a mass of stone and
soil quadrillions of times his size.
But he worked
and worked
and worked
moving the bedrock one dram at a time,
year after year, season after season,
each trip melding into the next in an
endless march of mindless labor, until
where the mountain once stood,
a peaceful valley sank down. All because
of the labor of one very determined insect.

At the end of the fable, the writer tells us
never to give up, for what we choose
to work and persevere towards
will surely happen if we truly try.
As I read the story, I knew he was right.
Never give up.
Even if it takes a quadrillion trips,
1,000,000,000,000,000 trials,
before the mountain bows to you.
Even if your small, insectoid mind
cracks like a candy-cane under a sandbag,
even if you collapse and die after 6 decades
of exhaustion, millions more left to go.
Never give up.
Even if your task is impossible, and it
destroys your life, everything you love,
everything that makes your little ant-soul tick.
Never give up.
Anya Sep 2018
I feel like a little ant
To find purchase on the rock
Known as my mind
K Balachandran May 2018
a mute ant army,
marches forward peacefully,
to a deep black hole!
Blois Apr 2018
It's very easy to **** an ant. However, I'll never be able to get to the brink of an abyss and just continue. Walking down the vertical wall like it's nothing.
She calls me a smart
I call myself a small
I'm a tiny like an ant
I carry my own things
To achieve what whishes wait for me
Yeah,world is round
Sky is round
I'm a tiny like an ant
Open  my mind' window
To recieve the intution' facts
Zafreen Nov 2017
It's a strange feeling
Hard to identify

It starts with butterflies in your stomach
Then comes the giant down hill on the rollercoaster
It's a total mix
One part Adrenaline and two parts caffeine
Makes you search frantically for the right definition
What is the answer?

But your mind is in the clouds
Slowly, but surely falling down to earth

I'm falling and
falling and falling


You are hit with the brick wall of realization
I fell

But the crash is the absolute worst
you feel crushed
like an ant on the sidewalk.
I spent some time on this version. Hope you like it! Comment, and like
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