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1.2k · May 9
Ickabobroe May 9
I sit and wonder
Why you acted like you cared at all
I guess i discovered
You can't accept it when I fall

I don't know what I did to you

But it's done
And we're done

I imagine you thinking of me
but then it just corrupts
I was hoping that you'd rid my misery
and your pain just interrupts
913 · Jun 3
Ickabobroe Jun 3
I keep telling everyone
I’m staying away from dating
Because I can’t control my emotions

But over time I’m pretty sure
It’s truly because
I’m too afraid of getting hurt again
850 · Mar 13
Ickabobroe Mar 13
I tried to be a secret agent
I smuggled the keys to your heart
Little did I know
You had changed the lock
611 · Apr 15
Ickabobroe Apr 15
I    just
                want                you               
to                        tell
me                       one

My first go at shape poetry, doesn’t flow super great but I don’t hate it too much
364 · Feb 27
Ickabobroe Feb 27
When i tell you I'm ok
I could be living
I could be dying

When I say I'm alright
I might be doing great
I could also be breaking down

When I'm fine
I could be happy
Or I could be crashing

But when I say I promise
I mean it
333 · Apr 29
What Never Wasn't
Ickabobroe Apr 29
Like a shadow in the night you arrived
Promised to make my every dream
As if upon angel's wings
You were there to comfort me and light my heart agleam

Like a bugle call you rang in my head
My inner consciousness booming with delight
The searing flames got to me
And annihilated anything that might

Like a shooting star you flashed into my life
Bringing light and with you a sense of alleviation
But when the sun then rose upon the hills
You made me regret falling for apparitions
276 · Apr 6
Ickabobroe Apr 6
The blade pushes deeper
And yet I smile
A sick enjoyment
Of torturous pain

The cage is loose
As so the beast
Within from depths
Comes with wounded hide

The gaze unbreaking
The bond unfaltering
The life unending
The pain unbearable

The enjoyment unwavering
Ickabobroe Mar 8
I'm crawling out
out of the pit from whence you threw me

I'm coming back
back to the place where you scorned me

I'm flying free
free from the restraints you kept pulling tighter

I'm walking past
past all the ruins of where you exposed my weakness

I'm storming in
into the life I threw away because of you

I'm here
and now

I'm here to stay
233 · May 23
Ickabobroe May 23
What a funny word it is
As if said by a child
Bringing back all I’ve lost
And the lives I’ve left behind
Man I’m stressed and sad and lonely Jesus **** man I’m not about it
222 · Apr 17
Ickabobroe Apr 17
I guess you don't realize

Sometimes the truth is better not told
There's so much I want to say to you
220 · Apr 6
Ickabobroe Apr 6
What do I do
Why the hell do I do what I do
I feel like a train hurtling towards another
Yet doing nothing to stop because I love the thrill of going fast
take me back to when I didn’t care
217 · Apr 16
Ickabobroe Apr 16
Push me away all you want
Love me and cast me astray
End my soul and show me darkness
Allow me to leave on my own
Send me your condolences
Envy my happiness
Idk just something I wrote
212 · Feb 21
Ickabobroe Feb 21
ss     slss lll sssl s     lsll lll ssl
203 · May 9
Ickabobroe May 9
The paper picks up the marks
And only after it is tainted
Is it beautiful
202 · Jul 21
Ickabobroe Jul 21
They say by any other name it would smell as sweet
And yet you’re the sweetest I’ve seem to come by
Maybe one day
199 · Feb 27
Ickabobroe Feb 27
I’m searching for an answer

Looking for a solution within
Every touch
Every breath

Asking questions I know I'll never answer
Or you

I don't know why
I don't know what makes this
I'm lost

Cement pulling me down
Drowning me in the vastness of the void
No choice but to watch the world disappear
No Answer

199 · Apr 20
Ickabobroe Apr 20
Consider me selfish
But I’m moving past it to heal my wounds

Consider me selfish
But I don’t need you in my life to be happy

Consider me selfish
But I’m living my own life and not trying to live the life of another

Consider me selfish
But I care about me more than you
B*tches ain’t sh*t but hoes and tricks
197 · Apr 10
Ickabobroe Apr 10
Be free my lonesome, wandering mind
For you have taken the toll for too long

Be free my aching, pilgrim heart
For you have searched for a lost love too long

Be free my helpless, shaking soul
For you have suffered the cold and dark too long

Be free my crippling, growing fears
For you have crushed me too long

Be free my loving, trembling self
For you have felt this pain too long
Hey things are kinda better, it’s been a good day
193 · Apr 27
Ickabobroe Apr 27
I probably spoke far too soon
Should've caught my tongue before it fluttered away
I know it left me for I'm at a loss for words
However I don’t think you’ll ever feel the same
183 · Apr 19
Ickabobroe Apr 19
I sat alone
the train car bouncing
and saw the flash of red

Perhaps if not
I might just be
Going out of my head

However it's true
the crimson blaze
that was set before my eyes

I watched the world
get burned to ash
yet I don't feel surprised

This dreading feel
That pours within
from the depths of my soul

Takes me o'er
And leads my out
assuming all control

As horsemen clad
In various garb
pour from within the flame

I hear a voice
call out to me
so violent and yet so plain

The voice tells me
That I must run
lest I face my doom

Still i'm enticed
To further on
into the smoky fumes

I fall to the ground
my head on the dirt
body and mind both numb

You see my love
the horsemen sang
the end has already come
It's a long one but i think its alright
179 · Mar 4
Ickabobroe Mar 4
Have you ever been at your breaking point
Not sure where you’ll end
But the actions and words are telling you different narratives
And you can’t decipher either

When you’re about to fall and crash
And you can’t quite tell what’s going on
But you know what you feel
You just can’t place it

You know when you’re broken
And you’re picking up the pieces
And then you figure out what broke you
And you make yourself stronger than before

You know when you find it
And you leave your armor untended
And then at the last moment of trust
You feel the warm blood drip down your back
Ickabobroe Jun 5
I don’t know why I hold on to hope for you
It’s all lost anyway
I shouldn’t have invested so much time in you
But nothing’s going to change

I try and make you feel something again
I really though you did
I really ******* miss everything we had
I miss everything we did

I want you to see all my poems
I want you to see you in all my words
I want everything to go back to how it was
But we all know the past is done and gone with the birds

I genuinely had hope
And I miss you
But now it’s gone
Nothing anymore is true
Tonight was rough y’all but I’ll be ok, just going through some stuff and sorting it all out. I don’t know why I feel how I do about her but everyone knows
169 · Aug 4
Ickabobroe Aug 4
.        I just                   Want to
          Be able to show  how I feel for you
         Maybe one day I’ll get the chance
         But hell, maybe I won’t and I’ll
            Just try and make the light die
          Out, just try and get over
        You and everything
         About you that
        Makes me
You make me really happy i just don't know what I'm going to do about it
165 · Apr 9
Ickabobroe Apr 9
The rose that withered to dust in my hands

And I’m trying to sew it back together
164 · Apr 9
Ickabobroe Apr 9
Maybe we have chemistry

Maybe we have math

Maybe we have writing or reading or feelings that have passed

Maybe I’m annoying

Maybe I’m too bland

Maybe I’m just simply something you don’t understand

Maybe I still love you

Maybe I might not

Maybe I still crave the things we said but never got

Maybe I’m a nuisance

Maybe I’m just wrong

Maybe all I really need is myself all along
wow the beginning of this one is dumb, its fine though its casual
Ickabobroe May 17
I know you see it
Still remains
Dragging me down
But I enjoy the pain

The pain so sweet
It makes me strong
I love the feeling
For which I long

My eyes arise
To greet the sun
So pleasing yet
No victory won

Alas one day
I’ll come to find
I miss the treasure
Left behind
**** today was fun
153 · Mar 12
Ickabobroe Mar 12
I tap away at the keys
Not a care in the world
Unable to realize what those notes mean to you

I tap away at my keys
Looking for a sense of accomplishment
Looking for the perfect story to be told

I stare at the keys
Not knowing what to do
Pressing but not quite knowing where to head to next

We tap away at keys
Whether be piano or screen
We never tap in time
153 · Apr 22
Ickabobroe Apr 22
We're like chromatics
So close together yet not in tune
We're like fanatics
So busy looking we miss our June

We're so focused on future
We miss what happening around us
We're so focused on the past
We miss the gardens and the flowers

Don't abandon me
Don't leave me alone
Please don't make me
Sit here with myself

We are lonely nightmares
Haunting pasts that will not leave
We are mental warfare
My livelihood you like to reave

Don't abandon me
Don't leave me alone
Please don't make me
Sit here with myself

Sitting in the dark
Your embrace like death takes me over
Wondering where's the spark
Just to hear you scream and lose composure

I want emotion
to feel your breath just one last time
Of pure devotion
to give it all up for my prime

I will take off my mask
just so long as you take off yours
I will show you myself
and all that's kept behind closed doors
142 · Mar 14
Ickabobroe Mar 14
They say the grass is greener
On the other side
We’ve all heard every iteration
Every delineation

So hear my quiet refrain
I will try and repay
Of how I was the first grass
And right by me you passed

A tear of dew runs down
Drifting into the soil
As you went over to the land of green
I hope he brings you to what you dreamed
138 · Feb 27
Ickabobroe Feb 27
Staring blankly
Yet fearful
Scared of what comes next
As they cannot do anything
To prevent it
138 · Jun 9
Ickabobroe Jun 9
I’m never satisfied with you
No matter how much I try and change it I just can’t get a sense of fulfillment
Never wanting to show it
Not wanting anyone to see

I started writing this about my poems
It’s only now I realize it’s about you
Still not sure what I’ll do about it
I guess the world will have to wait and see
It’s been a weird week
135 · May 18
Ickabobroe May 18
Imagine if I was normal
With normal thoughts and normal feelings
In a normal family in a normal house

But why be normal
Because if I were normal

I wouldn't have you
**** why does everything I touch have to go to ****
133 · May 22
Ickabobroe May 22
I feel like there’s an unspoken rule
We both tend to follow
Upon the ground in which
We build tomorrow

The ever silent code
To maintain our bliss
Has really ****** me up
And I know what I miss

And now I lay here
Typing away
Thinking of you
Not knowing what to say

And then a thought
From out of the blue
I remember again
That I love you
**** y’all, life kinda ***** *** right now and idk what to do
Ickabobroe Jun 5
I honestly don’t know what I feel at this point

All I know is that I want it to stop
I don’t even know if anyone reads my stuff anymore
128 · Jun 20
Ickabobroe Jun 20
Sitting here on top of covers
I’m missing every moment
Every waking breath

Slowly watching you before me
I feel something fully new
I cannot place it

I feel like a cover
Something already done
I’m just repeating it

Cover me with love
Like I know you have inside
The type I’ve never been
Hey thanks for all the support recently!! Ummm I’m gonna try and clean out my drafts and actually post some more
128 · Mar 1
Ickabobroe Mar 1
The motive of a peoples
The reason we are

The driving force of history
The catalyst of the future

The question asked every day
To learn our being here

The ode to my sadness
The reason of my doubt

The key to all questions
But couldn’t unlock my heart

The question I wonder when I think about you
The question I ask as to the reason I do

My silent cry in the dark
The haunting echoes of a chamber

Why do I miss you?
127 · Apr 15
Echoes of a Nobody (5)
Ickabobroe Apr 15
I'm watching the vines pull you down

So intently focusing on the horror ahead of me

I don't notice sinking myself
125 · Dec 2018
Ickabobroe Dec 2018
Do I want you?
Do I need you?
Why do I think that you belong with me?
Where are you?
Who are you?
Not a huge fan of this one but just kinda felt it
124 · Jul 7
101 Damnations
Ickabobroe Jul 7
The curses in your name
Pale in comparison
To the love that surrounds you
From my every breath

The memories in my mind
Fade with the likeness
Of a ghost in the nighttime
A phantom of the mist
Wrote this a few weeks back, I like the imagery so here y’all go
123 · Apr 8
Ickabobroe Apr 8
I'm happy

Your sweet embrace
and your soft lips

The beautiful betrayal
and your brutal pain

Your delicate face
and your deadly tethers

my selfish mistake
and your selfless love
123 · Jul 9
Ickabobroe Jul 9
You see, it’s going to be ok

It looks dark but there’s light unending
Just around the corner

Even though it all seems black
And there doesn’t seem to be a reason to continue
You’ll find your way and happiness soon enough

The world is bright and full of good
You see, I can help as much as I want but I’ll never open your eyes for you
It’s simply a matter of acceptance
And love
And hope for a better future with you
Just trying to spread some positive vibes tonight, hope y’all’s summer is going well!!!
122 · May 14
Ickabobroe May 14
I want to be happy again
I guess I’ll just hide behind
My cold eyes
And empty smiles
Looking at you
Under the guise
Of childish hopes
And broken promises
Wow this poem looks like Minnesota
121 · Mar 6
Ickabobroe Mar 6
There is a word
One word
The greatest desire
To cross the lips

The most powerful word in existence
From someone loved long ago
Yet to show again
Yet to reflect

I despise it
As it out of my reach
And I feel I need it
In order to feel anything again

But I guess we wait
And see the future
To see if the treasure
Can be attained
Been sitting in my drafts forever so I have nothing else to do with it
120 · Apr 8
Ickabobroe Apr 8
I just removed your memory

so full of raw emotion

reminding me of the times

the feeling

your poem

with a button has vanished

maybe I'll regret it in the morning

maybe I won't

maybe I'll ***** the world and run away with myself

or maybe I'll just sit

and think

about what is now

deleted a poem about someone, hit me hard which kinda shocks me
117 · Apr 6
Ickabobroe Apr 6
The feeling of not knowing
Why you are
Or how to show it
Or what to do

This feeling has become a constant
It lurks behind a veil
A mask of confidence
A mirage of knowledge

Help me learn
Help me grown
Assist me in my blooming
Allow me to grow

Give me food
Give me water
Give me life
And give me death
I swear I’m actually not depressed I just write what comes out
115 · Jul 1
Ickabobroe Jul 1
Maybe I’ll finally start writing well
When I finally figure out who I’m writing about
Because it always starts with you
But I really don’t mind
Y’all I can’t even express how amazing last week was
114 · Apr 29
Ickabobroe Apr 29
Some things
remain in your head
on who is alive
and who is dead
so you wont be funny
you won't get fame
be a decent person
don't spoil endgame
y'all please i haven't seen it yet
114 · Jul 30
Leave me alone
Ickabobroe Jul 30
Swallowed in a sea of black
The perpetual motion above me keeping me sane
In a desperate race to understand
I never want to feel your pain again

Leave me alone
Just leave me be
I thought I was free of this mindless pursuit
Some things just won’t lay to rest
I’m fine just kinda chilling
112 · May 9
Ickabobroe May 9
I passed you by
just like that, i just walked away
I had no idea I could pull myself to
And yet I am no longer imprisoned to stay

You looked my way
Just like that, you glanced by me
I hope you see I'm happier without you
I finally feel like I'm running safely free

I'm losing sight of what is real
Not sure what to believe

But I don't want to fall into your snare
I don't want to be all tangled up
Not in your lies
Not in my life
Go away...
112 · Mar 6
Ickabobroe Mar 6
I met with a vampire today
Standing, freezing, and so unsure
It pierced my heart and soul
Burned me to my truest core

As I sat there in it’s stare
Unable to breathe, think, or go
It whispered with a thundering voice
Asking what I know

I trembled upon the cracked cement
Not knowing what to say
Yet without words or spoken tongue
It went along it’s way

And in that moment filled with fear
I finally understood
The vampire was just myself
Draining my life for good
A little thing I thought of, decided to make it rhyme because why not
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