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floW Dec 2019
confidence is simply just an outbluf F
take a step back,
gain control. hijack. break life down into pieces like a haik U
it's just a game,
enter your brain. a well-trained psychi C
bend the rules,
quite easy to be a fool. life is a storyboo K
and you are the author.
annh Oct 2019
Hire purchase, Hewlett-Packard, hand phones and - just maybe - Harry Potter have got nothing on Hello Poetry. A house party of honey pies, head pixies, and horizontal plotters hot piping their harmonic power from Hyde Park to Hunter’s Point, the High Plains to Himachel Pradesh. Household profilers, home porters, health practitioners and - it may be said - the odd human particulate here to engage in high-priority human performance.

P.S. Heart points and historic preservation aside, what the hoi polloi is up with those hit-by-pitch holding patterns, Eliot?

On Friday afternoon I had a conversation:
‘Got much planned for the long weekend?’ asked the checkout operator clicking the tips of her dark lacquered nails together while we waited for the till supervisor.
‘Catching up on some well overdue reading...HP...y’know?’
‘Do I ever! Mind you take a squiz at the small print. Those repayment schedules can be a real killer.’
Needless to say, by Saturday evening I was snorkelling for acronyms.

‘The machinations of ambiguity are among the very roots of poetry.’
- William Empson
Lost in my Head Apr 2019
Push me away all you want
Love me and cast me astray
End my soul and show me darkness
Allow me to leave on my own
Send me your condolences
Envy my happiness
Idk just something I wrote
allison Feb 2019
read the first letter of each line
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