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There will be a time
When I’m standing in a hallway looking at you.
You are looking away, eyes looking so blue.

I will ask you “what’s wrong?”
You’ll keep looking away,
I will try to come close,
You will tell me to stay.

Then you’ll tell me a story of how you first met,
Going places together, hiding in plain sight.
The stories you so passionately regret.
I will release a sigh.

The moment of silence after you’ve cried “forgive”
Won’t take me long to say “I do”.
Forgiveness is something you give to yourself.
You should ask for forgiveness from you.
Moth Jul 21
s t  r   e    t     c      h       i         n       g
long corrrrrridors
ache with those
who once

 T                   l
   H                     k
      E                      e
         M                      d

can you hear their echoes coming back?

from so             F A R              away

                    these mirrored halls?
that distorted the truth
                           and their reality?
thinking about the distortion from the TMA podcast...
Abstracted Jul 20
I can only feel
Cold as clay
I can only see
In black and gray
My thoughts are like a hallway
A melancholic, dark way
So don’t tell me to stay
Don’t force me
To disobey
Ivy Leigh Dec 2019
The dark corners of your box of night
hold no gravity upon you.
The endless stretch of hallways
lead to doors unlocked but not opened.
The cracks and gaps reveal light.
Rooms of fellowshop oft-visited
and words of dreams spill onto the floor.
And when the rain will come
We will all think it's beautiful.
For Chris
Hey. Guess you'll know it's me by now. I don't really know where to start. Again, I wrote you a ton of these kind of letters. They all ended up in the trash too.
You know, It kinda suprises me. You said that you read the line "I'm in love with you." from the last poem I sent you, thirty times. but, In the letter I wrote you, I said it too. I really thought you'd noticed. I really thought you already knew. Not that it matters a lot anymore now. In a good way though.
I really don't understand the stuff you do to me. remember the first day of school, when we hugged in the middle of the hallway? Lucky me, you walked away for a sec. I was shaking, it surprised me you didn't see. How? I don't know. Or when you told me; "I would date you." And my brain just, stopped. I literally couldn't think anymore. It really felt like a dream, and it still does. I dreamt about you last night, I vaguely remember. It was kind of a nightmare, but before it got scary I woke up. But seriously, when I think about you I just, I don't know man. ****'s confusing. But yeah, I really am head-over-heels in love with you. And, I don't know what's gonna happen next, but I know it'll be a good thing.
Sincerely, me.
Felt like writing something rlly stupid to you. Sorry.
Lost in my Head Apr 2019
Breathing down my neck
like the truth ****** out from hotel hallways

tears fall by the window
out past the scaffolding of emotion below

a breath of lifeless air
as a boulder falls upon you, and crushes my being

the snap of my heart
when you say things are getting better

the hall's silence
as you see my broken eyes looking upon you

glares falling upon me
as i chose the wrong path yet cannot turn back

the truth becoming free
from the hotel hallway
i think this one is actually pretty good, which doesn't happen too often
A tap on my shoulder,
And a wink,
From you,
When you saw me walking.
All I needed,
To make sure.
Now I know.
This isn't normal.
And even though I know.
I really know you're never there.
I still spend the breaks,
On the same place
Every day.
Still hoping,
You will pass me in the hallway
I'm writing a small poem every day, about how I feel or the world around me. This is #13
Mrs Robota Mar 2019
There is a hallway;
a red door;
a doorway
I cannot pass

something has changed
she is dead

There are ravens
at early dawn
singing in the fog
a lullaby for me

something has changed
she is dead

There is a cold
that turned my soul to stone
left me in ruins

something has changed
she is dead

There are sleeping sheep
before the wolf feasts
and there is no going back

'cause something in me has changed
the girl you knew is dead

There is a hallway;
a red door;
a doorway
I'm walking through
Jean May 2018
a door has been opened
in the hallway of the everlasting night
and magic flooded through

with it came the shooting stars
the full moon
the solar system
the falling meteors
each and every constellation
and all that makes sitting in the night
worth the dark
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