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Johnny walker Apr 28
I remember so well the night before my sweetheart passed away
I prayed God please don't take me
away leaving me to a life on my own afraid  I couldn't make It On my own for Helen had been twenty years of
my life nineteen years
as my wife nineteen years as a mother to our son but I know now I'll make
alone but I say please look after my sweetheart were ever she be for Ino look after her for she taken out of my care, please
her that thinking of her and I've never stopped loving her and me
always leave a light In the hallway In case her spirit should come
calling for I shall be here waiting
Always leave a light In the hallway In case Helen's
should come calling for
Ickabobroe Apr 8
Breathing down my neck
like the truth ****** out from hotel hallways

tears fall by the window
out past the scaffolding of emotion below

a breath of lifeless air
as a boulder falls upon you, and crushes my being

the snap of my heart
when you say things are getting better

the hall's silence
as you see my broken eyes looking upon you

glares falling upon me
as i chose the wrong path yet cannot turn back

the truth becoming free
from the hotel hallway
i think this one is actually pretty good, which doesn't happen too often
A tap on my shoulder,
And a wink,
From you,
When you saw me walking.
All I needed,
To make sure.
Now I know.
This isn't normal.
And even though I know.
I really know you're never there.
I still spend the breaks,
On the same place
Every day.
Still hoping,
You will pass me in the hallway
I'm writing a small poem every day, about how I feel or the world around me. This is #13
Mrs Robota Mar 19
There is a hallway;
a red door;
a doorway
I cannot pass

something has changed
she is dead

There are ravens
at early dawn
singing in the fog
a lullaby for me

something has changed
she is dead

There is a cold
that turned my soul to stone
left me in ruins

something has changed
she is dead

There are sleeping sheep
before the wolf feasts
and there is no going back

'cause something in me has changed
the girl you knew is dead

There is a hallway;
a red door;
a doorway
I'm walking through
ryn Nov 2017
Stuck in a
narrow hallway.

White, clean...

Either walls display
a parade of
clean-cut doors...

But there aren’t any knobs.
Tori Schall Sep 2017
These dimly lit corridors
are not a home to me
I walk down these tainted halls
With a broken heart, i try to flee

I walk down this cursed hall
where others don't reside
for fear of the pain they'll face
where monsters don't try to hide
AJ Nov 2015
He sits at the end
Of this long hallway
Strumming the strings
On his sun-kissed guitar,
Gliding his fingertips over
The neck and humming
Tunes only heard in
Dreams dreamt by angels.

He sits at the end
Of this long hallway,
Absorbing the words
He wails, letting the pangs
Of his impossible love
Fade away with each
****** of the chords
That reverberate off
The walls and crash
Like waves onto a shore
Of crimson-red sand.

He sits at the end
Of this long hallway,
Eyes shut over his thoughts,
Waiting for her to sit
Across from him and sing
Along, show him how to soar
With the clouds that line
The night sky spilling
In from the transparent walls
That surround his heart.

He sits at the end
Of this long hallway,
Cheeks glistening with
Unholy water that
Burns the cuts above his lips
And rappels from his chin
Onto his sliding fingers.

He sits at the end
Of this long hallway,
Becoming the vibrations
That lie within the sound,
That sleep within the hymns
He cries so that she
May hear, understand that
Music can't be made without
Something to bleed onto.

He sits at the end
Of this long hallway,
Head shaking over his
Guitar, hoping that the sound
Will spin her into his tired arms.

But the songs won't ring
Loud enough to tell him
Why dreams are forgotten
When the music fades away.
Madison Lee Mar 2015
A crowded hallway,
Patiently waiting to see if you'll magically appear.
Searching for empty words to say,
Once again, I feel myself falling hopelessly.
That smile, have mercy.. That smile,
Those eyes.. Making the stars envious of the radiant glow they gave off.
Now, my mind is racing, wondering if you'll ever come back,
It's been 34 days since the last time I can remember seeing your face.
My heart feels like it's jumped out of my chest,
My eyes have began to fill with water.
My knees have become so weak,
My breath has become shallow..
I see you right in front of me,
And to this day, I can't remember if that was our final fairwell.
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