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Dark Dream May 2021
I heard your eyes
their whispered echo
Through my halls
Up to my walls
They said sweet nonsense
or maybe profound
spicy and a dash of sorrow
Was it trust you said
That could be here
To take a hand
Make your new land
Then tell me
That your eyes
are mine
Dark Dream May 2021
the day was full
heat and tasks
yet my thoughts
remained on you
i burned and yearned
with fantasy in my mind
it twisted and turned
as you danced down my hall
intoxicated by your song
those words deep in my ears
i scratched inside
to see what remained
but I was saturated by you
as the day came
to a close
Dark Dream May 2021
Enter in my hallway
Intention is your key
Show attention to your ward
Or they’ll turn and flee

Whisper to me **** words
And take me in your arms
Don’t care about the place
Woo me with some charms

Another day we’ll say hello
Tomorrow may be goodbye
But I’ll be at your behest
If only you would try
Dark Dream May 2021
I visited my hallway today
Anger was boiling inside
I slammed open the door
And yelled for all
“Get the **** out”
They scrambled left and right
Some disappeared
In the back
Misting away
One tried to beg
To stay inside
Another was cocky
Thought he would stay
But I screamed again
For all to leave
So I could finally have peace
From the yahoos
In my head
Dark Dream May 2021
Trickling echoes
Down that hallway of mine
Did you whisper my name?
Or was it goodbye?
I stood by your room
Beckoning you to come out
But you were distracted
By some kind of doubt
As I wrote out a note
And slipped it inside
I wonder, will you read
Or cast it aside
Then silence was my answer
For this I did find
Because you were afraid
Of your own little mind
Dark Dream Apr 2021
And although I danced
Into a thousand hallways
Gliding into millions of minds
I halted at your doorway
To see which direction it took
There were four forks
Leading to little lost lanes
No guidance to the reality of you
So I sat at the foot of a window
Waiting for your words of wooing woe
I heard hammers and nails
Working and waning...whining
I slipped into a tired state
Of boredom and nonchalance
I saw you peeking
Yet your addiction to inaction kept you still
There were other dances in hallways
With music for my thoughts
Heard in the distance
It lured me and I skipped off
To find that melody
That would make my soul dance too
Aquila Feb 2021
okay, but I don't 𝒘𝒂𝒏𝒕 to be the bigger person.
I want to be the person who looks out for their own needs.
being the bigger person for what?
the benefit of someone I hate?
the benefit of someone I avoid in the halls?
you don't 𝒅𝒆𝒔𝒆𝒓𝒗𝒆 for me to be the bigger person-
so I will throw my fits.
like what pride is there in putting yourself aside for the sake of someone who wronged you? im all good.
Moth Jul 2020
s t  r   e    t     c      h       i         n       g
long corrrrrridors
ache with those
who once

 T                   l
   H                     k
      E                      e
         M                      d

can you hear their echoes coming back?

from so             F A R              away

                    these mirrored halls?
that distorted the truth
                           and their reality?
thinking about the distortion from the TMA podcast...
Abstracted Jul 2020
I can only feel
Cold as clay
I can only see
In black and gray
My thoughts are like a hallway
A melancholic, dark way
So don’t tell me to stay
Don’t force me
To disobey
Ivy Leigh Dec 2019
The dark corners of your box of night
hold no gravity upon you.
The endless stretch of hallways
lead to doors unlocked but not opened.
The cracks and gaps reveal light.
Rooms of fellowshop oft-visited
and words of dreams spill onto the floor.
And when the rain will come
We will all think it's beautiful.
For Chris
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