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Nigdaw Jul 20
Come and love me
I am out here on the periphery
writing poems
to the earth and sea

a ghost of a voice
barely audible
except on the breeze
if you listen carefully
you will hear it whispering
as sun touches sea
as rain starts to fall
as seasons change
as you lose your way

I am here
out on the periphery
listen carefully
I will not let you fall

driven by some unseen hand
the pen travels across 80 gsm
sometimes I manage to write things
even I don't understand.
Ickabobroe Jul 7
The curses in your name
Pale in comparison
To the love that surrounds you
From my every breath

The memories in my mind
Fade with the likeness
Of a ghost in the nighttime
A phantom of the mist
Wrote this a few weeks back, I like the imagery so here y’all go
under the moonlight
you kept close to me
becoming my shadow
under a velvet sky,
your body screaming
for the touch of my fingertips
in the darkness i lie,
i still hear your ragged breaths
the feeling of your sweat
travelling down
the arch in my back
haunting me like a phantom
you are my ghost in the night.
A glance into the mirror that led me astray
The phantoms of my mind whirring
and with no delay, the tears drip
The tight grip around my chest
A writhing conniving visage stares back
and with no thought to others, I let the tears drip
All it took was a glance and here I am someone else
The Phantoms have stopped whirring
and with no one left, not a tear can be shed.
Annie Apr 27
Don’t tell me
How the grass is greener
On the other side
When you know well enough
That I’m behind the horizon
– out of my mind

Too many aching nights
And my body is numb
Heart is getting cold
While I linger
Waiting for the unknown
Waiting to grow old

Somebody told me not to
Fill the void inside me
With temporary bliss
Oh, what do they know?
I don’t desire the new
I’m breathing in reminisce

It’s hard to think of myself
Let alone somebody else
Now that I’m awake
It took me years
Not to feel a thing
For my own petty sake

You can’t pull me back
On to ”the other side”
Your cruel, always-changing side
I needed stability
And so I chose the gravity
Pulling me down –oh it’s one of a kind
Aditi Apr 12
You smile-
And it's like a thousand suns-
Breaking through the clouds,
Like somewhere inside
An eclipse came undone.
Like slowly, but surely,
All the oceans in my lungs
And the sky rushed
To take its stead;
An unsaid prayer being answered.

Your fingers-
They leave a trail
Of goosebumps
Down my neck.
Oh, what a tease!
First ruffle my hair
And tuck at the heartstrings
Only to wrap them again,
Under your fist;
The only order, I'll obey.

Your lap-
Never I thought,
Love could be a landscape.
Or how being crouched
To fit all of me
Into one space
To be held by you -
Would put my spine at ease,
Or your heart will conspire
And beat all these stale
Clichés into my ears;
A welcome isolation.

Groaning up,
I wake,
In a dim room
With your phantom, fleeing presence.
Same teasing smile,
Same chaste eyes
And same flesh
But though he had your face,
He was not you-
Just a projection
Of my brain
To put my aching heart
To rest
Salsa Feb 3
Time and again,
at dusk or dawn,
I force my head to envisage
a mirage or an image
of your bones lying still in death.
That helps me sleep at night.
It calms my breath.

In my dreams, you're a phantom.
Torn away from me, inadvertently.
You didn't leave,
pick up and disappear deliberately.
You were poisoned, ill, murdered, killed,
you froze or passed in sleep,
you maybe drowned at sea.
Not in despair, in a life so unfair.  

You did what you thought was best.
Perhaps it was, I still can't tell.
It's what you do when you're young,
seek a new start, a chance to become
something you can't run away from.

In my dreams, I'm your companion.
Your muse, friend and lover,
we ran away together.
Travelled and settled, hand in hand.
Built a life that could withstand
everything that drove you away forever.

In my dreams, you couldn't let go and we didn't have to end.
In reality, I find it easier to pretend you were dead.
You'll live forever in my dreams.
My brain makes up stories to compartmentalise when I'm in pain, like imagining the love of my life dead when they broke my heart. Morbid yes, but it helped me start to heal.
Midge Jan 20
Deep down the theater is a mystery
Of the phantom who lives in misery
A loathsome creature, masked in shame
He lives in the shadows amidst glory and fame

He runs the opera, they must follow his order
Or else, a catastrophe will occur
Opera Ghost, forever shall haunt
Abide in you, I shall never flaunt

The world created an Angel of Hell
Taught him to **** and become cruel
But deep inside is a frightened child
Who yearns for beauty and all things mild

A troubled entity beneath all fright
The Phantom of the Opera, the Music of the Night.
Jason Adriel Jan 5
Longing desperately of the things left unsaid
Looking out the window, the one we used to stare at in bed
I see a phantom at the far end of the field, your whole person is red

Your lips, however, are black, dark as an abyss
Has it been that long since we last kissed?
And is it really your lips, your body, red as it is, that I miss?

The sun shines almost unwillingly, lethargically
Clouds moving in, as if they are climbing miserably
O Loved One, I can’t fathom this vision, this phantom of your body!

Jumbled up thoughts get entangled inside my head
Before I manage to call out your name, I find your phantom had disappeared
And so, once again I find myself twisted and all the power in me all fade

Oh, Loved One, where are you now?
A poem of desperate longing and loneliness.
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