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Feb 15 · 248
Once we mature we forget about tricycles
Leave it to the less mature mind
A plaything for children
Maybe I should forget about tricycles
A remnant of the past I can’t forget
Holding to childlike fantasy
I don’t really think anyone likes tricycles
Cumbersome and slower than a bike
Not practical by any sense
When would we even use tricycles
Maybe a clown at a circus
A child down a hill before scraping its knee
Perhaps one day I’ll let go of tricycles
Hands off the handlebars arms held out
Riding a bicycle into oblivion
At least I’m self aware if nothing else, what more can ya ask for
Feb 15 · 402
I’ll continue to tell you I’m busy
As it releases me from confrontation
If I never must explain myself
I’ll stay in content sedation
Maybe if I push you away
I’ll get some sense of salvation
Simply need to escape this
Leave it to a simple serration
Gonna post a few tonight, feel like GARBAGE
Mar 2023 · 1.3k
Lost in my Head Mar 2023
I want the moon that captures your gaze and leaves you breathless
I want the stars that fall from the skies to your tongue
I want to swirl around the galaxies within your eyes and fly through the voids of your drifting to sleep
I want the suns of your afternoons that bring your smile
I want the orbits of our memories to complete fast revolutions
I want the comets that soar to face us in the same direction
I want the planets to align for you
I want the gravity to bring us closer
Yee haw I haven’t written anything in a HOT minute so here we go
Oct 2021 · 411
Concrete Sneakers
Lost in my Head Oct 2021
My brain is wearing concrete sneakers
It’s laces and tongue a coarse rock
Intertwining through the synapses
Disappearing into thoughts
My brain is wearing concrete sneakers
The sole a cold and lifeless plane
Unmatched from the start
Thrown off the pier of memories
**** I’m back and sadder that ever
Jul 2021 · 581
Lost in my Head Jul 2021
You drag me along
Fields of glass
Pushing my face in the
Shards resembling dirt
To your crystal cliff
Release me down
The spectral drop
Might be beautiful
If it weren’t the end
Man I’ve been going downhill so quickly
May 2021 · 532
Lost in my Head May 2021
Maybe I need to shift polarity
Maybe that’ll bring you towards me
If only I became a bit more positive
Maybe a bit more negative
I’m not sure anymore
Maybe then you’d become attracted again
I’ve spent way too much time with my own thoughts for my own good this week
Apr 2021 · 1.3k
Lost in my Head Apr 2021
I like to play with knives
It makes me feel alive
The danger of their sting
Why should I survive?

The knife begins to dance
My skin it wants to glance
The blood it wants to bring
Drifting into trance

The knife comes to a close
Its ballet now has froze
It's handle I will cling
And bleeding canvas grows

But knives will lose their touch
And thus I leave it’s clutch
And now my heart doth sing
For you do just as much
**** heart hurty
Apr 2021 · 720
Lost in my Head Apr 2021
Often travelers who start to thirst
Are greeted by a vision
Perhaps of an oasis
Perhaps maybe even a whole caravan
But although the traveler
May seem so content
His vision tempting his salivation
Throat cracking
The heat beating him down
Bones dried upon the sand
Calling for the lost prayers
From false gods
I don’t know how to cope ****
Mar 2021 · 449
The memory of dead poets
Lost in my Head Mar 2021
It’s strange really,
How a poet stops writing
As many poets cannot simply quit their craft
As if drugs to an addict
Maybe they moved to pens and papers
Maybe they simply gave up
I await your return
It’s odd seeing folks that don’t post anymore
Mar 2021 · 308
Lost in my Head Mar 2021
Serendipity in the Mundanity
We sit and we observe our lives
And we simply live day by day
Not prepared for the cycle to end
But the it does
And we’re lost
As a boat in a storm
As shoes with no feet
We sometimes must just sit
And appreciate
That though we’re cyclical
We must break the cycle
To truly appreciate life
I’m slowly regressing and I’m not about it
Mar 2021 · 303
Running Home
Lost in my Head Mar 2021
The steel constrictor
wraps tighter around my
aching bones

Every gasping
painful breath
leads me away from home

Why do I feel like
I need you to live

Why do I
want you back.
This has sat in my drafts for literal years
Mar 2021 · 834
Lost in my Head Mar 2021
The spear moved in slow motion
As if moving through water
Heading for your heart
Finding the mark
And tried
Experimenting with some new structure
Mar 2021 · 1.2k
Once upon
Lost in my Head Mar 2021
Once upon
I felt the call
To take a midnight walk
And stumbling through
The misty streets
A voice began to talk

Fear not said ye
The angels call
I must have reached the Lord
But falling through
The gravel road
The stone and I’m the sword

The king of far
And futures will
Be beckoned by the light
With fist and tongue
He rules below
The tempting of his might

And yet we see
His gentler heart
Indulging in the arts
The king at last
Usurped from throne
The Jester’s reign then starts

The midnight walk
Turns into morn
And visions fade away
But jesters in
the place of kings
Will never go away
I really like this one high key, just a nice little story with a couple interpretations
Mar 2021 · 170
You know you are
Lost in my Head Mar 2021
Don’t cast me aside again
Or run away with my heart
Run away with my hopes and aspirations
Knowing I can’t love the same
It happens
Feb 2021 · 541
Sitting in the Dark
Lost in my Head Feb 2021
Sitting in the dark just gives me visions of you
No matter either way the wall is built
No matter the covering
No matter the adversity
Take me into your simple arms
Your sinful arms
Return me
Release me
I just miss it all
Feb 2021 · 1.1k
Lost in my Head Feb 2021
My own muse
The words drain from my mouth
Can’t describe you
Can’t ever encapsulate you
My own muse
My words drip to the floor
Can’t satiate you
Can’t seem to overcome
My own muse
The words flowing to the cracks
Can’t slip you
Can’t ever break through the floor
My own muse
My words drying up
Can’t win you
Can’t ever seem to wash the mold
I love you so much but I don’t think you feel the same
Feb 2021 · 1.2k
Lost in my Head Feb 2021
Few suffer like the top of the hourglass
Drained by the bottom
Eternally powerless to gravity
Forced to repeat
I dunno quick little one shot
Dec 2020 · 735
Lost in my Head Dec 2020
There’s so much I wish I could say
But as the dam holds the floodwaters
It shall cease till the day breaks
And the waves finally crash down below
Quick and ***** one
Dec 2020 · 282
Lost in my Head Dec 2020
I may be thick skinned but this situation is hard for me
Wanna be on the defensive but you raided my armory
Want you out of my heart but you’re in my arteries
Want the melody but you have me stuck on harmony
Trying to help being a personal pharmacy
But with you I seem to have hit the lottery
I just want this **** to all be easy
Dec 2020 · 242
Lost in my Head Dec 2020
Staring me down across seas of iceburgs
Sifting through the flakes of snow
Looking for the key to you but finding none
A forgotten memory of the armors fault
The shield still to protect fell to the hands of a foe
The fault split between your fingers
A hollowed knight upon a sea of blood
Peaking through the mire
Don’t abandon me on my lifeboat
The wood is cracked and rot
The shield is a dagger to stab the ship
Sinking beneath the waves till tomorrow
It’s just been a long day
Sep 2020 · 226
offering of the martyr
Lost in my Head Sep 2020
call me selfless
she said with a grin
yet behind the sinking smile
lay the actual chagrin

call me selfless
despite what we know
peering into minds
what secretly lies below

call me selfless
she said laced with pain
although it may have been stricken
the grief reigns supreme again

call me selfless
i respond with a tear
i’d give so much more
just for you here
Mind is wack
Life is wack
Idk but I’ll probably be posting more so there’s a plus
Sep 2020 · 143
Lost in my Head Sep 2020
I’m a little teapot
On the stove
Here you can set me
With lies you wove

When I realize that
You aren’t right
Maybe then I’ll
Cut the blight
We do be vibing, figured I’d throw a little twist on the well beloved song
Lost in my Head Sep 2020
Putting the shell up to my ear brings sounds of the ocean
Oceans near
Oceans far
Perhaps somewhere between
The oceans of your eyes still linger
Dripping from the shell
The empty exoskeleton
Remove the shell from my face
Place it back on it's pedestal
Remaining till the sea shines through my mind
Once again
It’s been a while dude
Aug 2020 · 226
Lost in my Head Aug 2020
Grow wild
Grow free
Mowed down again
Controlled by what tears you down
Try to fertilize
Cannot stop the blades
I just worry about some folks
Jun 2020 · 155
Lost in my Head Jun 2020
The voice
Laced with latency
Filling my mind with your agency
Taking my heart to your vacancy
Reminding me occasionally
Feeling your newfound saliency
Your aura has now taken me
I like this one, wrote it in one go so that’s kinda cool
Jun 2020 · 137
She Wanted Her Poem
Lost in my Head Jun 2020
Lost in my writing you peered
Left me my devices but neared
She wanted to know
How I love her so
But she doesn’t know what I’ve cleared

She wanted a poem to her
And out this one came in a blur
And yet she won’t know
How I love her so
For previous ones I am sure

I hope she can see what I see
How she’s so important to me
Just please let her know
That I love her so
And how my heart belongs to just she
Limerick is literally my favorite
Jun 2020 · 188
Lost in my Head Jun 2020
Ghosts of prior friends in waiting
Haunting, shrieking as I pass
Serving as a stark reminder
That I built my house from glass

Under watchful eyes I whisper
Only loud enough for you
Speaking unconditionally
Hoping it reflects My truth

Even with your reassurance
I can’t help but second guess
Do I actually belong here
Is this why my heart confessed

Slowly jealousy controlling
Feeble mind is wearing thin
Cast out from the iron table
Waiting to be let back in
Not gonna lie this went a lot of different directions while writing it but I dig it
Jun 2020 · 98
Echoes of a Nobody (12)
Lost in my Head Jun 2020
I want to feel that way again
But it’s too busy being shadowed by the looming threat of pain again

Nothing feels the same anymore
I wanna throw myself back out there but I don’t think now is the right time
Jun 2020 · 178
Lost in my Head Jun 2020
The savior of the strings
The blade that softly stings
There’s a lot here and in short I’m glad that **** is all behind me
Jun 2020 · 102
Lost in my Head Jun 2020
This used to be about you

I wiped it all away

Like the rain from a windshield

Your poem, my dismay

And yet with it still gone

And all the memory cleared

You will haunt this poem now

Exactly as I feared
This used to be very different
Sep 2019 · 266
Lost in my Head Sep 2019
The chill of wind
Mixed with the heat of passion
Leaves a whirlwind of emotion
With nothing behind

The uprooting breeze
Which had grown to enormity
Was sweeping away
The hopes of my dreams

Yet whilst my gaze
Still lies on you in the depths of night
Allow me to dance with you
Along the mist of fantasy
Dude I don’t wanna **** this up
Aug 2019 · 336
Lost in my Head Aug 2019
.        I just                   Want to
          Be able to show  how I feel for you
         Maybe one day I’ll get the chance
         But hell, maybe I won’t and I’ll
            Just try and make the light die
          Out, just try and get over
        You and everything
         About you that
        Makes me
You make me really happy i just don't know what I'm going to do about it
Jul 2019 · 232
Leave me alone
Lost in my Head Jul 2019
Swallowed in a sea of black
The perpetual motion above me keeping me sane
In a desperate race to understand
I never want to feel your pain again

Leave me alone
Just leave me be
I thought I was free of this mindless pursuit
Some things just won’t lay to rest
I’m fine just kinda chilling
Jul 2019 · 334
Lost in my Head Jul 2019
They say by any other name it would smell as sweet
And yet you’re the sweetest I’ve seem to come by
Maybe one day
Jul 2019 · 262
Lost in my Head Jul 2019
My phone buzzed and your name popped up
The sweetest message filled my screen
I wish all this was easier

I want to tell you everything, empty myself out
I feel like I’m lying to you every day
Maybe one day it could

I’m tortured by the constant buzz knowing
That I cross your mind
Knowing that I probably have a shot
Knowing I’ll waste it
Gotta love the life of a hopeless romantic
Jul 2019 · 233
Lost in my Head Jul 2019
You see, it’s going to be ok

It looks dark but there’s light unending
Just around the corner

Even though it all seems black
And there doesn’t seem to be a reason to continue
You’ll find your way and happiness soon enough

The world is bright and full of good
You see, I can help as much as I want but I’ll never open your eyes for you
It’s simply a matter of acceptance
And love
And hope for a better future with you
Just trying to spread some positive vibes tonight, hope y’all’s summer is going well!!!
Jul 2019 · 323
101 Damnations
Lost in my Head Jul 2019
The curses in your name
Pale in comparison
To the love that surrounds you
From my every breath

The memories in my mind
Fade with the likeness
Of a ghost in the nighttime
A phantom of the mist
Wrote this a few weeks back, I like the imagery so here y’all go
Jul 2019 · 421
Lost in my Head Jul 2019
Maybe I’ll finally start writing well
When I finally figure out who I’m writing about
Because it always starts with you
But I really don’t mind
Y’all I can’t even express how amazing last week was
Jun 2019 · 282
Lost in my Head Jun 2019
Sitting here on top of covers
I’m missing every moment
Every waking breath

Slowly watching you before me
I feel something fully new
I cannot place it

I feel like a cover
Something already done
I’m just repeating it

Cover me with love
Like I know you have inside
The type I’ve never been
Hey thanks for all the support recently!! Ummm I’m gonna try and clean out my drafts and actually post some more
Jun 2019 · 269
Lost in my Head Jun 2019
I’m never satisfied with you
No matter how much I try and change it I just can’t get a sense of fulfillment
Never wanting to show it
Not wanting anyone to see

I started writing this about my poems
It’s only now I realize it’s about you
Still not sure what I’ll do about it
I guess the world will have to wait and see
It’s been a weird week
Jun 2019 · 237
Echoes of a Nobody (11)
Lost in my Head Jun 2019
I honestly don’t know what I feel at this point

All I know is that I want it to stop
I don’t even know if anyone reads my stuff anymore
Lost in my Head Jun 2019
I don’t know why I hold on to hope for you
It’s all lost anyway
I shouldn’t have invested so much time in you
But nothing’s going to change

I try and make you feel something again
I really though you did
I really ******* miss everything we had
I miss everything we did

I want you to see all my poems
I want you to see you in all my words
I want everything to go back to how it was
But we all know the past is done and gone with the birds

I genuinely had hope
And I miss you
But now it’s gone
Nothing anymore is true
Tonight was rough y’all but I’ll be ok, just going through some stuff and sorting it all out. I don’t know why I feel how I do about her but everyone knows
Jun 2019 · 1.1k
Lost in my Head Jun 2019
I keep telling everyone
I’m staying away from dating
Because I can’t control my emotions

But over time I’m pretty sure
It’s truly because
I’m too afraid of getting hurt again
May 2019 · 376
Lost in my Head May 2019
What a funny word it is
As if said by a child
Bringing back all I’ve lost
And the lives I’ve left behind
Man I’m stressed and sad and lonely Jesus **** man I’m not about it
May 2019 · 262
Lost in my Head May 2019
I feel like there’s an unspoken rule
We both tend to follow
Upon the ground in which
We build tomorrow

The ever silent code
To maintain our bliss
Has really ****** me up
And I know what I miss

And now I lay here
Typing away
Thinking of you
Not knowing what to say

And then a thought
From out of the blue
I remember again
That I love you
**** y’all, life kinda ***** *** right now and idk what to do
May 2019 · 276
Lost in my Head May 2019
Imagine if I was normal
With normal thoughts and normal feelings
In a normal family in a normal house

But why be normal
Because if I were normal

I wouldn't have you
**** why does everything I touch have to go to ****
May 2019 · 256
I know you’ll read this
Lost in my Head May 2019
I know you see it
Still remains
Dragging me down
But I enjoy the pain

The pain so sweet
It makes me strong
I love the feeling
For which I long

My eyes arise
To greet the sun
So pleasing yet
No victory won

Alas one day
I’ll come to find
I miss the treasure
Left behind
**** today was fun
May 2019 · 316
Lost in my Head May 2019
I want to be happy again
I guess I’ll just hide behind
My cold eyes
And empty smiles
Looking at you
Under the guise
Of childish hopes
And broken promises
Wow this poem looks like Minnesota
Lost in my Head May 2019
I need to self motivate
Stop the self medicate
Stop the self deprecate
In ways I can’t emulate
Be there for me
Show you care for me
Stop this travesty
To help me get through this
To push me on
To make myself believe
Everything is alright
May 2019 · 275
Lost in my Head May 2019
I passed you by
just like that, i just walked away
I had no idea I could pull myself to
And yet I am no longer imprisoned to stay

You looked my way
Just like that, you glanced by me
I hope you see I'm happier without you
I finally feel like I'm running safely free

I'm losing sight of what is real
Not sure what to believe

But I don't want to fall into your snare
I don't want to be all tangled up
Not in your lies
Not in my life
Go away...
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