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mera 3d
To forget or not to forget.
I shall drink my last cup of my dreams of you.
As I stare morosely at these bottles around me.
Each broken bottle is a story, of me, of us.
I feel the sorness in my throat and its burning slowly.
I feel old. Shall I forget these years? I can’t believe these years has been mirage
ryn Nov 26
These hands...
Cast of clay.

Had basked in the sun.
Deepened lines marked their faces
and enlarged cracks marred their backs.

Rough and matured.
They spoke the language of old
and hid the ancient ruins of the past.

Held together.
Side by side,
they clenched the fantastical ideals of today.

uncertain and pulled apart...
The future just falls away - a ghost.
A mirage that eludes grasp and capture.
JJ Inda Nov 13
Such a shifting sight death,
timid under the arid sun
-beside the marching dunes.
Here the Turks and the English fought; here only Allah wins.
"My labyrinth has no walls."
it is one of hopelessness.
Yet, there is promise of an oasis is there not?
or is it a Jinn's well?
while lies serve as accomplice,
the truth is all but forbidden.
Jinn is a demon type creature in Arabic mythology.
All this time
we are behind
of this two lines
half-face, shy, old and tired
Trying to get overlap
by the time they cross
the whole halfway.

All this time
this point of view
is still into you
up to the mountain's peak,
from oceans and tides
from skies and to its depth,
They crawls back to you.

After all this time
the entire world
is still into you
but then, they are
all mirage to you.
jcl Oct 21
I loved you
I hate you
I cherished you
I despise you

I believed you
I doubt you
I trusted you
I fear you

We laughed
I cry
We whispered
I shout

We bonded
I grieve
We lived the lie
I haunt the ruins
Healer Oct 19
Is this the end or is this where it begins,
a mirage of happiness and dream.
Who to ask? , whom to believe,
cause a mirage is always a tease.  
Like the treacherously empty sand,
always slipping away from the hand.
We all are trying to give our best, trying to seize,
but the monster within us is a freak,
he always brings us on our knees.
Negative thoughts surround us like diseases,  
rules of this world seem never to please,
we could never be at ease.
our soul from this world could never be released,
still, our existence will cease,
but all around the world will never be in peace.
Savannah Oct 4
Pastel skies came crashing down,
Watching sugar coating fade.
In darkness sat sapphires,
Wrapped in soft suede.
Frosting covered words,
Poison puff pastries unpaid.
Seraphic stranger unmasked,
In my honey lavender masquerade.
Hurricane is insane!
Sailing on a black wave of deception,
it's quagmire of lies
**** me into the vortex of its absurdities,
make a mockery of my sensibilities.

But, in the heart of its insanity
the hurricane nurses a sanctuary of sensibility.

Is it a mirage to lure me deeper into its deceptions, who knows!
After feasting she remained empty
As she engorged on salivation
Her pregnant belly fruitless
Divine edema everlasting

Thick to thin with the blink of an eye
But magic is misunderstood
The medicine men scorn tales
Their pages do not contain her

At sunset she flees
Yet the dawn always the same
Her throne may not be supreme
But in the mirage she reigns alone
sara Jul 30
I'm lost in translation,
by hallucinatory sensations,
between border and sea,
cold but free
like a continental breeze
that drifts lonely
to shore.
Still so unsure.
Then lost again, once more;
this time she's lost like never before.
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