Saudia R Feb 6
How easy it is
To say
Chase your dreams

Than to actually
And live them
savs Jun 2017
You don't know this yet,
but I'm gonna meet you
in a few days
and on the 13th of December
you'll let me be yours

My mother will hate you
for a couple of years,
but I'll leave the house
i grew up on
just to be next to you;
all the hard work and sleepless nights
will be worthwhile

Sixty months after that,
we're going to get married
on the 18th of June,
and our children will be happy,
i promise

I'm aware of all this stuff
because, twenty three years later,
I'm still in love with your laugh,
your jokes, your rants
and changing moods

I'll always be thankful
for that first conversation we had
eight thousand, three hundred
and seventy seven
days ago
These games you played
as a casual reckoning,
never ceasing
for one moment
to think of the mess
you would create.

Oh, darling
What were games to you,
was an endgame to my life.

— The End —