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Junnie Jan 2021
If I will finally found that person

Who gives light to every darkness

Who shine brighter than anyone

Who brings calmness in my system

I don't want anybody else

But you, my endgame.
Kennedy Nov 2020
today my phone was on for 15 hours
and 44 minutes.
today i spent half of those 15 hours on facebook.
these days, it's the only way i can make sure You're okay
it's the only way i can see You,
and in those photos You're smiling.
it's not the smile You gave me at my first concert.
it's not the smile You gave me on christmas.
it's the happiest smile i've seen from You.
the only one where You're completely sure,
this is the way You want Your life to be.
this is it for You.
i spoke to Him,
Your heart, Your love,
Your endgame.
i get it, love dies and hearts heal,
You made sure i knew that.
You didn't need me, never wanted me.
i was never meant to be,
the metal hanger that never worked,
the blockade in front of the road
to Your dream.
You had the drugs, the men, and you had Him.
and as wonderful as He was,
as great as Your life was going,
there was always me.
i think about You. a lot.
and everything i have to say is positive,
i have the memories of You,
all Your lessons,
all Your mistakes.
i like to think about them,
i like to remember faces, and places, and all the meaningless things.
but they weren't meaningless to me,
because while You're ignoring and avoiding
i'm thinking and rushing into the fire.
i want to remember Your face.
i want to remember the smile You had.
the smile handed on a gilded platter,
but it wasn't real gold, was it?
because once the day ended, so did the happiness, and the paint chipped.
once He left, once He disappeared
without a letter, without a word,
without any warning to You,
His love, His heart,
His endgame,
You went back to bed.
Paper Heart Poet Apr 2020
I could put a bullet 
In me now
I could hand a rope 
To end it and die 

I could jump off a bridge 
Stop living this lie 
I could take the pills 
Without saying goodbye 

I can’t stop bleeding 
Will it stop me before my time
I can’t win this clichèd fight 
Are my own thoughts even mine

I can’t slow the sinking 
Will water fill my lungs or wine
I can’t refuse poison, it it the end of the tunnel 
This light and shine
Eleanor Apr 2020
I would like to ask you Russos, why Tony Stark is dead?
And who the **** dropped you both on the head?

Cap needs to apologise and his found family,
Nat needs less lies and strong female company.

Thor’s depression should not be overlooked
And where the **** did Pep learn to cook?

Stop letting Fury traumatise a child,  
And for once let hope do something wild.

Stop dropping our favourite characters off cliffs
Stop saying you’ll fix it in ‘what if’.

Strange’s PTSD could not be cured by magic
And yes Clint’s story is tragic,

But that does not excuse his ****** spree.
Why aren’t more characters more like Rhodey?

Maybe try reading the comics your work should be based on
And we’ll try ignoring your obvious *******,  

For self-insert fanfiction with you as the token gay character.
Because representation doesn’t fit your parameter.

For all your stories I have one simple wish;
Stop making us cry over ******* like this.
A friend request i write a poem about the MCU. This is purely my opinion but let me know if you agree.
Kevin Hayes Feb 2020
I used to wonder why the darkness wanted me so bad.

Probably because my light is something it never had.

Feeling off balance stumbling but glad.

Because blessed are the few who are granted this path.

Theirs for you would have been a short order.

If life was easy god wouldn’t hear from many supporters.

So keep your head high in the midst of all sort of.... bull.

You’d be a fool not to keep running the score up.
Myka Jul 2019
I don't have much to say,
I've never thought this day would come.
I just hope I live long enough to stay,
Until the end, until I grow numb.
There were times we weren't happy but that's okay.
I just hope you know that I miss you,
Three thousand times more everyday
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