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Shevaun Stonem Nov 2020
After leaving I thought I knew it all,
and that’s the worst part.
Because all I ever wanted was silence
but now the silence pierces
like a dart.
And I thought I was strong to walk away
from ruins- but tell me,
does it take more strength
to walk or build, in all honesty?
And all the words I chanted to my heart
are the opposite of what I now croak
from the bottom of an empty bottle,
from the hollow of my soul,
from the redness of my eyes,
from the fullness of my mind
and every ounce of my wit
now only proclaims,
you made me a hypocrite.

hypocrite | shevaun stonem
been there, felt that too?
Jacob Lyons Sep 2020
Staying up late til the light comes back
My mind’s on **** I should’ve kept in the past
I wish my mind and eyes could finally match
My brain feels dark, wish my sight was black
Safana Aug 2020
Staying single
is a loneliness,
I tried to,
I can't resist.
I want to marry
Someone with
a green face and
white clothe,
she is someone
with a giant smile
and, behaving
Will you marry me? Someone question me
because someone want to marry
To my dear friend,

We go along with crazy ideas
And do mischief  with impish glee
Put up with worst moods
Do magics to make tears flee
You stayed as my 'mirror n shadow'
When others left me so easily
I would fear nothing
When you are with me
I promise to stay true
Till the bitter end of the sea(s)
when all leave,you fail ,totally broken and still if you have a soul to care about you motivate and put you together, YOU ARE THE MOST LUCKIEST .a true close friend does that.they stay with you.i'm lucky as i j=have got one
Glenn Currier May 2020
When I try to hold on to a lovely present
its gift disappears.
Thanks to Andrew Crawford for the idea for this poem.
A Apr 2020
People talk about near-death experiences
and I feel like me almost staying with you was one.

Like me settling, saying 'fine, this is fine'
whilst my heart cried for more,
that was definitely one.

And it feels like I've just made it out alive,
my heart bleeding, my mind a mess
and my arms so tired from carrying you
but still, I made it.
Azariah Apr 2020
Dating you always seemed like we were holding hands at first.
Tightly gripped and firm.
Then you started to loosen your grip and I held mine in place.
Still tightly gripped and firm.
Over time...your hand started slipping from mine and I still held on.
Until that night...when you finally yanked your hand away from mine.

Now I hold my own a fist.
Tightly gripped and firm.

Waiting to punch you in the throat.
Redaviel Apr 2020
I'm camping inside, I swear
The outside is such a mess everywhere
Wild creatures with guns and strict order
Supplies won't last; this will get much harder
I need to go out to refreshen and restock
But the world outside doesn't need the flock
It is peaceful, clean, ******* heaven without us
Once this is over, we'll ruin it by creating a messy fuzz
Maybe it isn't that bad to stay here instead of anywhere
I'll stay here even after this is over, I swear
Nika Sandadze Jan 2020
leaves fall
Leaving the roots, the trunk, branches
Slow, delicate Journey
Towards the destination; their purpose
Some are here to stay
Some scatter away

Yellow leaves
Filling up with streaks of brown
Venom spreading through veins
They fall again

No more hint of color
No freshness
Until there’s nothing left but
Brown rust and stiffness

Leaves they fall
Returning to the roots
Using leaves as analogy to life, death and aging in between.  Everything starts at the roots and returns to the roots again
Amanda Kay Burke Jan 2020
The secret to staying clean is stay away from ALL influences

As an artist I often turned to mind-altering substances to spark creativity
Knowing that inspiration is already hidden inside you somewhere is a great reason to stay above the influence

To keep sober you must rewrite every page
The script of your life
And find new material to rewrite with
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