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Donna Oct 4
Ignore people who
put you down , stay positive
and enjoy your life
** ❤️❤️
My mind in one place
My head in another time
Asking myself
How could I let this go on?
I was imagining whether or not we were meant to be

I kept wondering
If I told you how I felt back in high school
Maybe I wouldn’t be thinking about the what-ifs
I started wondering about you and me where it all went wrong
When I found myself falling in love with you
I kept saying it was just a crush
Because I couldn’t let my feelings getting in the middle of our friendship

I told you I love you via text
I told you how I felt about you
You didn’t say anything back
You just ignored my feelings
I finally understand that you’ll never understand
My deep feelings for you
I will forever love you
Even if you think I’m invisible

Now I understand why they say “Love is Blind”
Guess you don’t know who your first love will be
It could be someone you never expected it to be
Oh Love how could you be so unpredictable
Love tends to start a fire in your heart
And then puts it out
I love you but I have to let go
I love you but I have to let go
Falling in love with you
Was like riding on a cloud
Unafraid to fall back again
But now love so complicated
Making me unable to breathe again
I’ve learned to never let it get worse
Than this
Right now I’m saying “Goodbye” my love
My love for you will keep blooming.
Lyla May 25
Everybody hides so much pain
Why can’t we just explain
Everybody has pain
Yet we hide it behind gleaming smiles
Or funny jokes
We crash and burn alone
Not having, not knowing
Someone to hold
When your life is burning
When you feel like
Your falling away
From all you’ve ever known
Into an abyss
Covered up with fake smiles and hellos
Why can’t you scream n shout
For what you need
Stop hiding it away
Before you’ve gone away
Maybe that’s what you want
Maybe that’s why you hide
So you can slip away
But for your sake, hold on a bit tighter
Just stay
One more day
Jay M May 16
They try to let her know
With every night will come a brighter day
Well, hey,
Let me know when this night will end
I'm getting tired of playing a little pretend

She's only 14
Just starting her life
She's got a big family
There's no glee
Only confusion
The delusion
That I belong

With every day
She just keeps falling
Early in May
Her Birthday
Replay, replay, replay!
The terrors go on
That only she knows

Get it out of my head
But it isn't over yet

They try to hold her
But with every touch
She hesitates
Saying "wait,"
"I don't want to hurt you, too."

Come on now, girl
I know you want to leave
But just believe...
There's a chance
That there's something out there...
Waiting for you

You've got the little one
Just hold her close,
Don't let her go
"I promise..."

Teach her to carry on
Show her the way
Catch her when she falls
Don't let her fall like you...
Like me

Don't let her go
Don't let her go
Don't let....
Her be like me.

- Emily M
May 16th, 2019
I found out that my little sister has depression too. She told me herself just last night. a lot more like me than I realized. After talking, we showed each other our scars. I can't believe she...I hope she doesn't take after me... No matter how much I want to die, she is my purpose for living. I have to look after her, and make sure she'll be okay. I know it won't be soon, but so that at some point she can be that happy little sister again. All I want is for her to be happy. No matter how much I am depressed, no matter how much I feel like giving up - I won't. I WILL live. For her. For my little sister.
Laura Apr 20
why does it feel,
as if you don't
want me to go,
when staying
was never even
my choice
to make?
Laura Apr 13
and I just want you to know:
I'm not gonna walk away,
if you don't want me to.
If you want me to,
I'm gonna make myself a home.
Pulse Apr 4
it's always when the sky is darker,
and the moon has yet to fully leave the sky.
that i ponder what would happen if i left.

no fanfare,
no warning,
just left.
just took my backpack and all i am and ran.

i don't quite know how to feel about it.

i wonder what the people in this house would do if i did.
would they look?
would they want me back?
would they say good riddance?
would they even care?

i don't know what answer i'm expecting,
what answer i'm looking for.
i don't even know how i would feel if i got one.

maybe this is why the thought of running only lingers,
brought to the forefront only by the moonlight and the feelings of freedom.
what does one do when freedom is only a dream?
I know there have been times, almost felt like giving up but I'm too strong and I'm not really the type to throw the towel Into the
always carry my fights through the end no matter what the result may be and to be strong and carry
And In truth I know that's what
Helen would have wanted  me to do just to make the most of my remaining
and not waste them lock away In darkened rooms that never see the light of

I'm not doing this any more for waking back up to reality I've been away  far to long I'm coming
Waking back up to reality life *****, but like everyone else just got to deal with It
Ickabobroe Mar 8
I'm crawling out
out of the pit from whence you threw me

I'm coming back
back to the place where you scorned me

I'm flying free
free from the restraints you kept pulling tighter

I'm walking past
past all the ruins of where you exposed my weakness

I'm storming in
into the life I threw away because of you

I'm here
and now

I'm here to stay
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