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Your mouth must be just another *******,
Because all I hear is **** coming out of it!
People like you like to **** in the wind,
But get upset when your clothes get wet!

You have come to reap what we've sown!
Typical of you to take what others have grown!
The people you stand with mean nothing to you,
Just something for you to sink your teeth into!

You blood *******, parasitic vampire!
You're a disease! A growth! A cancer!
But you can't help it,
It is in your nature!

It is in your nature!
Red or Dark eyes? 
Vampire, is it time to say goodbye
He stopped kissing her
Her heart broken, with love. 
Gold or pale leaves?
Vampire, where is their destiny?
He turned off the light
and left them with darkness
and she escaped from
twin towers last night.
Are they **** or ethology creatures?
Vampire, who could interpret the sound of his voice?
Early last summer, they met at a mask party.
Vampire found his true love after a Brahms themed concert, 
Vampire never intended to make a crime.
Vampire didn’t know what he had until he lost it.

The dusk arises to heal his wounds,
with the blood of another.
Vampire, opened his eyes, light came through heaven
Thank you for the fragile and painful love that you give. Muttered the vampire under his breath.

Vampire, took her to all the places that she never knew.
He came and she found what she wanted

Will she remember that she was there in his debt?
those days were a little bit daunting the days she’d rather forget...
Farewell, Vampire
He changed her life for the better 
And now he knows it’s better to be brave than be scared
to a little painful but fragile love.

Farewell, Vampire
He knew he had no choice.
But will he ever have one?
By: Angel.XJ
Revised 14/08/2019
Zywa Sep 8
The hospital drinks

patient blood three times a day –

Well, no vampires here.
Health Care Centre of Our Lady, location East, ICU

Collection "BloodTrunk"
Xant Sep 7
I'm lost
Lost in a merely daunting hallway
I've walked what felt like miles,
I'm worn
Something's been pulling my legs,
my arms,
and my head
closer to the walls
trying to swallow me whole
all night long

Only light there is
is a yellow light
born out of a twilight;
dim and soft
soft as a kiss
But as I got deeper into the hall,
twas the time my eyes could see
everything that lies in the dark;
the creaky wooden floor,
the creeping spiders,

A door

A lady walks out of it
She cries,
she walks fast
She also sheds a tear
with her white wool sweater
that's been red from blood

I peek inside
And what I see,
Is a grey figure lying on the floor
his neck ******
his mouth open
he was the lover
of the weeping lady
and he's been ****** to death

So I run away,
further into the dark
for methinks I could be next,
I think no more,
I run nowhere,
I bump into another door

I slam it open

and you're awoken
from your dead-like sleep
You scoot and spare me a space
in your casket
just for me to hide in
Then you cover my trembling frame
with a warm white wool blanket

And with the yellow moon shining behind you,
I can barely see your face but-
I see gorgeousness,
That in a second,
I've forgotten where I am
I smile and say
"Thank you for the blanket,
It's warm"
It's a trap ! The weeping lady is a vampire and so is the man in the casket. But too late, soon the white wool blanket will turn red. This poem is based on a dream I had.
Stine Sep 2
My heart
My lungs
How I miss those little things
I'm dead, yet alive
I can walk
I can talk
But I'm not human anymore
I feed on blood
The one thing I love
The sweet taste
A taste of pleasure
How I love it
But the way I get it
Makes me cry
I hate to ****
I'm no murderer
I'm just me
But I'm not human anymore
Stine Sep 2
The pain
The knife
The blood
The sweet sensation
Red on white
Dead in my arms
Slowly enjoying
I give my blood in return
Leaving me drained
Lost in the night
Finally full
No longer alone
The X Rhymes Aug 28
~ one ~

it had happened before
and would happen again
since the vampire lore
gave a life without pain

at least that’s how it played
on the cinema screen
in the films they had made
where her heroes had been

and no need to apply
there was no interview
they just fed and you’d die
become Nosferatu

so she welcomed his bite
when The Count came her way
was a child of the night
and allergic to day

then she changed her I.D.
since she fed at the neck
she considered Chris Lee
or perhaps Maxine Shrek

but Bela was best
thought it suited her well
and Lugosi, impressed?
she just added an  ‘L’

‘Bella bought the same clothes
as her heroes had worn
and staged vampire shows
every night, dusk ‘til dawn

‘Bella never would die
‘Bella never grew old
‘Bella bled her men dry
‘Bella left her men cold

~ two ~

it was easy to see
why that lifestyle she’d crave
since the food was all free
the rent cheap on her grave

so for her time would freeze
and her looks never age
but like any disease
it came with an end stage

in a rapid demise
from a personal fail
time did not make her wise
or her thinking less frail

for a friend, stayed up late
so they could reminisce
she thought sleeping would wait
gave her coffin a miss

and when morning arrived
how the daylight had burned
went from dark where she’d thrived
to the hell she had earned

and left no more than coal
like a funeral pyre
only smoke for a soul
on the last of the fire

she had stayed up too long
she had not gone to bed
became words in a song
‘Bella Lugosi’s dead

as for vampire lore
and that life without pain
well, it’s happened before
and will happen again.
See also
for a different version of events
Jaxey Jan 7
The most painful experience
Isn't losing someone
It's the moment you realize
You've lost yourself
- Elena Gilbert
One of my favorite quotes of all time. If you haven't watched The Vampire Diaries do it now.
Aman Aug 20
Sometimes known as count....
Feeds on blood....
Or sometimes terror....
As legends say....
But they don't know.....
The one who lives....
Lives for eternity....
Waiting for someone....
Who the demon can show....
What it feels like to wait....
Wait for love....
Sometimes it happens....
Sometimes it stays....
Time stops....
But when it has to happen....
It will be possible....
Because for a vampire...
There is no trouble....
As the vampire....
Loves to meddle.........
Vampire, count
Kenji Aug 18
Choose one:

- A vampire needing blood, because they lose their power. So, they
  **** people and torture humans in order to get it.
- A fallen angel needing love, because it loses power. So, it manipulates, charms, and leads people into falling in love with them so can steal their heart.


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