Ren117 1d

I'll burn you, I will.
We all burn our best.
I'll turn you into
A curse, I confess.

Lay down in the soil,
Surrender your soul.
Wake to eternity
And wilt never more.

Down the road is a place,
of a graveyard with vined-up gates

As two lovers, they stand and wait,
to bring others to their fate

His domination, chained by his side,
yearning to unleash what they hide

Bound together amongst their rot,
bodies entwined in a knot

Gruesome acts, which they commit
no one escapes their deadly grip

While he feasts on human flesh,
she grins and drinks from their neck

They come together in the night,
damnation for all, before daylight

distance is a vampire ,it eats whole relation

your hair is dark as the night
your skin as pale as moonlight
your eyes shimmer with the darkest of ebony
you passion burns through with your soul
lips stained with crimson

My mouth's at loss
Longing after your blood

Seema Sep 28

Cactus thorns
Skeletal horns
Carcass scattered
As humans mourn

Bloody sun gleams
Yellow rain pours
Acquaintance realms
Digging in claws

Rock like skulls scattered on river bed
Sewage sunk up water flow
Banks stained in with red
As I look to see below

Shroud goddess on the throne
Ugly face, smuggled frown
Sapping on for her blood thirst
A fresh human lays to rest

A push from behind
I leaped off the cliff
Memories automatically rewind
My body cramped and stiff

With open eyes, I can still visualize
The satanic powers, the spoken lies
The bloody blood sucker vamps
Luring the living beings, in their fangs

Such dream, crawls in now and then
With marks on my arms and hand
I am always stuck on my label "Ten"
And feel my body emerge from the sand...


Vexren4000 Sep 11

A stake through the heart,
Of a man accused of Vampirism,
A crushed skull,
And writing pile of meat,
Dead simply because
Man is ready to fear and discriminate,
At the turn of a century.


In this moment
I feel like I am unraveling
After months, years of progress
All it takes is one tiny little thing
One giant aching reminder of you
When I thought I'd finally accepted
Everything that had happened
I guess some things never really go away
Even if you push them so far down
You momentarily forget they exist
I'm such a different person now
I've changed so much
You wouldn't even recognize me
I'd say it's all your fault
But really it's all mine
I'm the one who knew what you were
And still made the decision that I made
This isn't a twilight romance
Where I meet a vampire (addict)
And you eventually turn me into what you are
This is new moon with no further sequels
And an unhappy ending
I don't save your life and we get back together
I've had to learn to live without you
I wish I had never met you (for the 2nd time) in the first place.

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