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Driven by animal instincts
Reminds me yet again
I can no longer daydream
I am no longer human
I forgot the different colours of the leaves
I cannot dream this nightmare away
I cannot see colour in darkness
In the moonlight, they all look the same
I can run faster, I can jump higher
Even then, I cannot escape
I am stuck in the world of the living
An endless, ageless fate
I belong on the other side
I naively hoped the afterlife was better
But dying was more peaceful than this
I didn't choose the path to forever
It must be apparent to you by now
that my innocence has played itself dry
my true character has revealed itself
for I am nothing more than
an angel that hides her demons among the shadows

where once tender soul resided

I will tell you this my good man
I have buried my worldly virtues
deep within the cold dank earth
Lilith rises within me

it is at this precise moment
that my dark words knock upon your door
you must question yourself here

dare you tread
within nightmares and twisted games
or retreat to a lighted corner
to some well-imagined safe place
to keep the monster at bay

fear not my cold breath on your shoulder
as  I wrap you in sweet ebony sin
I promise you
no misery will ever be so beautiful

come dance with me in the shadows
and you will no longer hear
the infernal clock ticking in your head
forever demanding its due

make not a sound my handsome prince
as crimson lips inject tempting lies
dragging you to the blackest places of desire
where numb lips speak no words
idle hands do the devils business

nothing more than primal creatures

pale skin and beating heart entwined
my nyctophilia embraces you
vile words burn within your chest
the darkness quietly seeps

you long to confess your sins upon milky skin

below dark sullen sky
lying on unconsecrated ground
your chastity pierced by unholy canines

and now, the darkness you shall know well

be careful where you step, my grave is wide
zebra Apr 2
dark cupid witch
legs tied to throat
devil ***** twitch
******* in a mote

i've got the itch
feet scorched in rope
hot ******* *****
hells dark pope

oh dragon man
take my life
unwind me slow
i'm summer ripe

vampires *****
dark girl feeding
the sun is no more
loves the bleeding
zebra Apr 2
skull on a stick
black candle wick
draining her soul
cant let go

Dragool drinks deep
legends red teethed
burial chamber
prayers bequeathed

its all blood day
dark kisses bite
his ghastly bride
waiting for night
zebra Jul 16
come to me
like nocturnes creeping
and wake me with sweet kisses
like a tongue of sapphire ash
and sharp teeth to drink
from hollowed throat willing
and we shall love,
and love,
and love
like melting candles blessed
OpenWorldView Sep 29
“Like a rough kiss's dark fruit”
your life juice intoxicates.

Mouth and spirit
feed on sweet bitterness
and new strength
holds your faltering heart.
Written after reading Bram Stoker's "Dracula".

The first line is from Georg Heym's "Verfluchung der Städte" - "Wie eines herben Kusses dunkle Frucht".
Thera Lance Sep 26
They can keep that wine,
Which has festered for shorter than they
Have rotted inside of crystalized skin.
I’ll live without my heartbeat as
I force space travel to meet my dreams
Of breathing a Titan’s methane air
And swimming in Neptune’s seas.

The thrones they have and the jocks’ lives they wear
Do not interest me,
Not when I have breathed in Tin Pan Alley’s air
And watched Kings play golden trumpets
Up to the high Cs.

They can cling to their castles
Where only cobwebs grow.
I’d rather drag along clunky boxes
With black and green light screens
That shrink down to my palm,
While the numbers within dance free.

Frankly, they can shutter themselves away
Amongst dark corridors and coffins.
I’ll take the Worldwide Web
Every single day.
Over their lifeless deaths
I’ll spend eternity my way.
I suppose this poem is my commentary on vampirism. I mean, really, who would rot in a castle when they can walk the surface of alien worlds instead?
Aiden Sep 15
Down Down Won’t ya hear the vibrations?
Welcome to your demonic damnation!

Hear the demons cry!
And you will be mine,

(He-he-he-Hellsing Yeah,Yeah)
(Hellsing Yeah,Yeah)

Hey, Hey hear the revelation,
Hear the demons cry from there damnation!
We all one day die,
But you didn’t wanna abide!

So welcome to your eternal damnation,
A true **** of your own making,
A true fantasy,
A place for heresy.
So just say ya love!

(He-he-he-Hellsing Yeah,Yeah)
(Hellsing Yeah,Yeah)

Oh Down Down Won’t ya hear the vibrations?
Welcome to your own damnation…
Say hello to me,
The one named for Hermes.
Hey,Hey Hear the revelations,
Welcome to a **** of your own making.
Just say hello to me,
Some hellspawn with no pity!

So just say ya love!
Based off the Hellsing Theme song, Tiss quite quality
Emi Jay Sep 14
Leather suits you
because you, too
were alive once
and are now dead;
and the bright red
— oh, sweet bloodshed! —
vanishes on black
Madison Sep 14
tw: blood


Here you are, dearest.

Take this scarlet part of me.

Quench that gnawing thirst.

It just stings a bit

A quick bite, then pure numbness

I close my eyes, calm.

You have me now, love

That part of me you wanted

Warms your still, cold veins.

More or less mortal

I swear, I don't mind one bit.

You are so worth it.

Eyes glowing crimson

You tell me you feel alive.

I smile, gratified.

You won't see me weep

For this loving sacrifice:

Forever sounds fine.
My first poem made up of separate haikus. Title from "Sweet, Sweet" by The Smashing Pumpkins.
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