Only the night of wikied
Are in the night of the full moon
Demons monsters
Roam to the shadows
Vampires inspire blood
Wolf are howling
the moon of light
Full of white
What a life
Mary always waking up at 3 Am
Because the moon always shines
At her face
Now when she got 8
Something happened
What happened Was it normal  Did it have to  Or was it faith

Listen and hear wolf howl vampires hunt wikied hour is soon so sweet dream don't let them bite
Parents say that they don't exist
But they are monsters
In their mind there's monsters
In the shadow
They just don't hear or see

Thanks for reading

Only the night of wikiednight vampires  Are in the night of the full moon

I hope you enjoyed
Karisa Brown Dec 6

Her legs went up
Behind her
Her mouth gapping
In delightful excitement

Whore you disgust me
I say to her
What round eyes
You have

Now I take a second
Look at the veins
In her neck
Bulging hot red

In an instant
I grab her
Biting till I choke her

She cringes
She screams
She starts tapping
On the bed

Let me in
I whispered deeply
While feeling
The coarsness of her
Warm succulent beauty
Between my nostrils
And lips

She claws at my mouth
Opening her viscious
World to me

That's more like it
I yell in delightful beauty
Uh oh too late shes dead

And I drop her
On the floor
And go hunt
The grounds
For more


Alienpoet Dec 2

Red lips
White paint
hides death
her grace a butterflies wing
life caught in her cold stare of her sting.
All dressed in colours which catch the moons glare
she kisses you like death kisses away the life that fades from sleep
an angel with a bushido blade
cuts away the bamboo which grows with haste
the light fades into a full moon
A butterfly hiding in a tomb
with carnivorous teeth
hiding a song of red bloodied despair
her cold touch ice on skin
catches your heart within sin
The black tea ceremony
of vampiric death or matrimony
if she chooses you for her thrall.

Dess Ander Nov 28

I have been alone for many years
Haunting my own dwelling place
With crows, too afraid to approach
And human hearts beating in the distance

I wish I was dead.

There is no sparkle but only darkness
The moon casts a little light on my thoughts
I need to feed tonight
But I want solace and comfort

Everyone sees me as an enemy
A carnivorous beast, a form of the Devil
So I wish I was dead
Then the constant sting of loneliness
Would finally go away

Seema Nov 21

The sharp fangs on my side
Trying hard trying to hide
I feel my jaws gone bit wide
The voices in the dark lied
So, does that mean I died?
But how come I don't feel any pain
My hands no longer in chains
Blood? Whose blood is on the floor?
Scattered all over, who opened the door?
My neck!! It's bitten, Oh No!!
What do I do, where do I go?
Aaaah!! the sun burns my skin
My head is rushing with a spin
My eyes!! What's wrong with my eyes?
And who were those guys?
Now my stomach hurts bad
My rage is increasing, I'm getting mad
My thirst kicking in my fangs
I need blood, I need to find those gangs
But the sun is a killer, I have to wait
Till nightfall and then setup a bait
To quench my hunger and thirst
My heart is dark, all I think is blood
Laying in a distance dead bodies flood
A new era, a new being, immortal
That's what this heart thinks
Just red everywhere, everyone drinks
Human race declining drastically
We are the new race practically
I feel a light in me still glows
I am not a complete vamp, that shows
What has this place become?
From where have they come?
Will the human race survive?
Will there be anyone alive?
I hide myself from everyone you see
I am a monster and you are my key...


Dark rainy weather, what more can I think off, besides a cup of black coffee and a fictional write.

there are pumpkins moving around
the candle lights bright the surround
blood red fountain spinning in middle
people going to this haunted house over the hill

no one visits the castle any other day
but dressed vampires and ghost in black and grey
dance around feeling home in this spooky place
today, the other world get mortals embrace

They get to be the normal, not the one odd
today, nobody cares about the screams and shout
the transformation and apparition
today, no one believes those vision

They'll fall for the traps,
blend within the gaps
tricking and treating strutting around
the atmosphere lit with the hooting sound.

Randy Johnson Oct 29

Count Dracula lives in my attic and he has a casket for a bed.
He has bitten all of my family members and they're undead.
I've told many people but they don't believe my texts.
All of my family members are vampires and I'm next.

Dracula prowls during the night and returns before sunrise.
My family prowls with him but people think I'm telling lies.
I've kept the vampires away so far by locking my door and wearing garlic.
They haven't bitten me yet because they fear that I will make them sick.

I fear that sooner or later, I will be turned into a vampire.
I've looked online but I can't find a monster killer to hire.
I'm sick of hiding like a coward, I've had all that I can take.
I found a knife and I just got done carving a wooden stake.

Dracula is pounding very hard, he's trying to break down my door.
He has succeeded but I stabbed him through the heart and he just hit the floor.
Because Dracula was the original vampire, my family has died as well.
I feel so calm and relaxed because my life will no longer be a living hell.

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