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Angela Rose Nov 2023
Being the sun in your misery is dimming me
It’s parasitic
I used to see us symbiotically, I used to think we balanced each others sadness to reach mutual happiness
I was incorrect

Being the blood to your vampiric nature is draining me
It’s bloodsucking
I used to see us as co-unit, I used to think we were an equal part to each others madness and in turn we could reach sanity
I was mistaken

Being the floating device to your endless ocean is sinking me
It’s so heavy
I used to see us a lifeboat, I used to think we were carrying each other through the sea to reach the shore
You’re drowning me
Nyx Aug 2023
Like a vampire, I'd met him in the night
Seated by a fireplace filled with flickering light
The silence lulled as if drawing me in
Broken by his voice, dripping with sin

Dark hair beautifully framing his face
clear white skin, like an old portrait filled with grace
As if looking through me with those piercing blue eyes
Revealing the secrets that within me, they lie

To brandish a stake, to hold it tightly in my hand
Desire to pierce the still-beating heart, return it to the land
Unlike a gentle melody dancing in the night
The taste of iron on my lips wouldn't feel right

Trace the lines of my body, call me mine with those lips
Enchant me with that sweet tongue, Let my reality begin to slip
Caress me with those cold hands, Hold me tightly in embrace
Tell me all your heart desires, what you dare not face

Close your eyes for but a moment, Feel the warmth of my skin
Let it radiate around you, Breath it all in
Now run away quickly, Flee while you can
Before the prey falls captive, to this hunter of a man

Quench your thirst

It's such an obvious honeytrap
From my miserable cavity, out spills terror;
An illusion waiting to bite, the heavy desire of hunger
Splatter and traumatize with desire
Eyes creeping around the corner
When the shadow swiftly descends,
The next victim has been found.
Krystal Mar 2023
His sharp teeth,
Shinning in the light of the moon,
His voice raspy and devilish,
His smirk that make butterflies swarm my stomach.

"Vampire" was the word he used,
but everyone say's vampires are scary,
or dangerous,
He's neither of those,
he's kind, and passionate,
He doesn't even hurt people.

"Yes" his voice whispered into the darkness of the forest,
I gasped for air as I felt his teeth sink into my neck draining the blood from my body,
My body going cold,
My eye's closing slowly,
My heart beating to a stop,
My breath hitching,
My fingers limp,
and He who i thought was so kind, he,
Still draining the blood from my body.

I'm obsessed with Vampire Diaries lol but I love writing sooo <3
Sonorant Jan 2022
She is the artic of midsummer
Who feeds on the way you burn
For her.
MuseumofMax Nov 2021
Awake at night
Despite the early hours

I watch the sun rise
Before I climb into my tomb

Or is just my room?
Early morning thoughts
Compel me to love you more even when I don't love you less
My blood holds all the strength to help you lift this world in one hand
Kiss me with unusual fervour
On the lips ,on the neck
Let our bodies dance to the music of the irresistible touch
Let's live thousands of years and more
Not worrying about getting old for we still look younger in each other's eyes
Let's race with the wind and catch up with time so that it won't steal the beautiful moment at hand
Me and you
Bundle of joy
So make me a vampire too
When you ain't worried of each other's demons and embrace them as beautiful, then it's true love
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