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noir Jan 9

Sink into me

Breathe me in

Breathe me out

Drink my skin

Love me

Hold me

Die with me


<insert static text>
a more desperate version of myself. sadly beautiful to watch
l o n e l y Dec 2018
i miss you marceline
a girl of the night,
a vampire, sharp teeth shining white
though the biggest fright
you gave me was when you left my sight
i spent so long waiting for you to come back and make it alright
its been so long, im almost used to being on my own, but not quite
i think of everything when im driving not knowing where i'm going
King Dec 2018
Oh a skin so soft, sweet as silk
Pale complexion, entranced with silhouettes
Pearly colored, as white as mothers milk
Child which death can no longer threat

Eyes of stone, coldly staring
Ungodly vision of night, haunting souls
You arent even close, yet I feel you glaring
Pupils dialate as you target, your iris of rose

Velvet liquid drops from your snake tongue
Blood has stained your dapper wear
Monster of dark, you enchant while blood drunk
Even as your fangs bite and tear

The beast of sin, romance of unearthly desire
Intense reds, clashing on your inhuman skin
In one human heart you have lit a fire
Let the battle of nature and scorn begin

How could one not fall for the eternally young?
Thirst for
The golden oils
Hunger for the rich floods of
Life’s pillar
Thoughts of darkness
Thoughts of light
Hunger clouds my judgement
The neck is full
The vain glowing with life
Then I sustain
I survive
Never alive
Vampires supernatural curse depression
CautiousRain Oct 2018
I must be a vampire
because every time I peer into
my tall, demanding mirror
I don’t see myself
in any reflection
bouncing back.
oldie I found on my computer
you'd be amazed how many things I wrote and forgot about...
this was from July 2017
The moon arose upon the dark night sky,
My lover lay still sleeping next to me,
His insipid skin shone bright, the beauty of he,
I arose; my fangs extended I can’t deny,
I assume you guessed that we cannot die,
As I wait I brew a *** of blood tea,
But the kettle screamed loud as a banshee,
My Dear, looked at me, a gleam in his eye,
He sat beside me, I can tell he thirsts,
“Dark angel” he charmed “lets please our blood ****,”
“Mon Cher” I murmur, “long as you’re with me,”
I bite her arching neck and the blood bursts,
You are the solitary one I trust,
This is survival, not just a **** spree.
vampire poem...
Aaron LaLux Oct 2018
Cut the wrist of a Vampire Unicorn,
and She bled glitter,
but what do you except,
when I’m the Black Sheep of the litter,

not a runt though,
no stunts bro,
just real life right now,
just a blatant looting with more in store,

like a city of broken dreams,
post natural disaster,
when every silenced person,
finally gets everything they ever asked for,

and or,
everything they ever thought they wanted,
and I think She might be The Devil,
but then again maybe She’s a Godsend,

because she feels like a blessing,
especially when she’s *******,
and she’s not a priest and I’m not on my knees,
but still to her all my sins I’m confessing,

it’s all lessons,

so what did I learn,
when I saw her spill herself all over me,
and I was left with nothing once the sun rose,
except the mess in my bed she left behind for me to clean,

I guess that’s what you get when you cut the wrist of a Vampire Unicorn,
and She bleeds glitter,
but what did you except,
when you’re the Black Sheep of the litter,

not a runt though,
no stunts bro,
just real life right now,
just a blatant looting with more in store…

∆ LaLux ∆
Driven by animal instincts
Reminds me yet again
I can no longer daydream
I am no longer human
I forgot the different colours of the leaves
I cannot dream this nightmare away
I cannot see colour in darkness
In the moonlight, they all look the same
I can run faster, I can jump higher
Even then, I cannot escape
I am stuck in the world of the living
An endless, ageless fate
I belong on the other side
I naively hoped the afterlife was better
But dying was more peaceful than this
I didn't choose the path to forever
It must be apparent to you by now
that my innocence has played itself dry
my true character has revealed itself
for I am nothing more than
an angel that hides her demons among the shadows

where once tender soul resided

I will tell you this my good man
I have buried my worldly virtues
deep within the cold dank earth
Lilith rises within me

it is at this precise moment
that my dark words knock upon your door
you must question yourself here

dare you tread
within nightmares and twisted games
or retreat to a lighted corner
to some well-imagined safe place
to keep the monster at bay

fear not my cold breath on your shoulder
as  I wrap you in sweet ebony sin
I promise you
no misery will ever be so beautiful

come dance with me in the shadows
and you will no longer hear
the infernal clock ticking in your head
forever demanding its due

make not a sound my handsome prince
as crimson lips inject tempting lies
dragging you to the blackest places of desire
where numb lips speak no words
idle hands do the devils business

nothing more than primal creatures

pale skin and beating heart entwined
my nyctophilia embraces you
vile words burn within your chest
the darkness quietly seeps

you long to confess your sins upon milky skin

below dark sullen sky
lying on unconsecrated ground
your chastity pierced by unholy canines

and now, the darkness you shall know well

be careful where you step, my grave is wide
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