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Ickabobroe Apr 29
Some things
remain in your head
on who is alive
and who is dead
so you wont be funny
you won't get fame
be a decent person
don't spoil endgame
y'all please i haven't seen it yet
AlphaShadowK Nov 2015
and yet, to this day
i can’t find the words to describe him
he existed; from pure magic, i suppose
he just became himself, and his brother was there too
they knew each other before the world knew them;
and they never needed words to communicate
they knew they were brothers
nobody had to tell them, there would be no need
they already knew
they already knew the years of childhood they had been through together
they already knew the hardships they faced in the past
even if they weren’t real, even if those years of childhood and hardship
didn’t exist, they knew they were real to them.
yes, somehow – they knew
they knew they were to be together, through the times of the underground
the apparition of themselves just came to be one day
and so, they did
they existed, suddenly
they bonded, suddenly
and their story started there,
that was their first day, together.  
now this is their last.
it wouldn’t be known to them,
but it would be soon.
because he wouldn’t be there
when he returned from his duties
he wouldn’t be there
and he wouldn’t ask to do any chores
because he wouldn’t be there
and he never would be again.
no, he isn’t just late
no, he isn’t lost
he just couldn’t manage to stumble back home.
even with the strength he had
it wasn’t enough
it would never be enough against that thing’s…
no, it would never be enough
to just survive for just one more day
it wouldn’t be enough if he just barely made it out
at the very last moments, he wouldn’t be able
to say goodbye to his only brother
because until the moment he was struck with the final cast
he had no recollection of the evil deeds this creature had done
he had no knowledge of the spree for blood
this creature had desired.
this creature longed for bloodlust
but would not find any from him.
he does not bleed, but he does weaken
but weaken is not blood,
and with no blood there is no satisfaction.
so with that final blow
he was gone
and he would never return
to his brother
waiting at home
hoping he said
he loved his brother
the morning he left.
been playing undertale and I hadn't posted this here. pretty proud of it.

— The End —