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Yenson Sep 9
Drunk on polluted farts of the left winds
pulled by long noses into witless pens spewing red ink
artificial energy from Columbia and caffeine powered husks
vacuous soldiers of Mao and Lenin re-drilling Winter Palace debacle
woke world of plastics damaged to plastic pollution by damagers fair

Narrow minded short sighted rabbles humming
Laissez-faire sanctioners regulating home-brewed hocks
equal distribution is hatching Gullivers limb by limp to feed giants
makes sense in the senseless vacuum of bacon slashers by Farm pigs
beasts of every land and clime this is the new world order by crimson

Pol *** psychologists are making the future
cancerous and caffeinated they read minds and pull strings
power is making my bad choices, frustration and inadequacies yours
two wrong makes right and dare see left as a wrong or you are goner
altra right come take lessons on how to mask and leave pointed hats behind......
The pigs gained leadership because they were recognized as the cleverest by the other animals. Someone had to plan out the work, Pigs power rule OK.
at your own peril!

dare to vex

provoke, antagonize, exasperate

that is what my words will do

they won't irritate or annoy,
bug or merely peeve,
a simple bother

your core,
that you more
than mere question yourself
but riptide extracts the
battery acid on the essence bared

learn the power of crafting words
for maximum effect

torment, infuriate,
expose yourself,
what has lain beneath the skin,
you will let me in,
to let you out

why play with poetry,
the most dangerous weapon
unless you nakedly intend to

!dare to vex!
tremulous and tender, the crook'd finger
neither timid or tentative,*
yet trembles,
though it be from
care, not fear, consideration, not trepidation

the renegade finger strokes her sleeping cheek,
tender the tip to each cell beloved, as if sealing a bond
there is no more to say

when awakening comes, one will be gone,
with no note, thus this last soft stoking, outline stroking
tremulous and tender, his finger, U shaped-crook'd,
but he is no longer is her

he leaves, departing, yet lightly shaking,
no longer can he be her prized and proud claiming show-horse,
gone, that man she loved, for he cannot abide his being
called a former, dark glory, a bent cane spirit,
his body, its entirety,  
crooked by weight of an improvident provision,
not just his finger, this, his, 
a greater intolerable,
his pain of failure unacceptable
and shame searing,
his woe bends his love acrooked
Ickabobroe Mar 13
I tried to be a secret agent
I smuggled the keys to your heart
Little did I know
You had changed the lock
Em MacKenzie Feb 19
I’ve been struck down again,
fully aware it’s my own doing.
Do you have a heart you can lend?
Mine’s drying from the taping and the glueing.
Oh my darling, oh my darling,
oh my sweet Clementine,
are you smiling or are you snarling,
more importantly are you mine?

Outside the window seasons blend,
the temperature holds no meaning.
I notice the change and the trend,
to ignore the withdrawals from weaning.
Oh my darling, oh my darling,
oh my sweet Clementine,
you’ve been avoiding and been barring,
but you can’t severe this line.

The stronger the initial fear
usually means the most is at stake,
and trying to prevent a single tear
can lead to the worst heartbreak.
Those who leave the best memories
usually leave us with the most hurt,
you know we can’t just live life with ease,
there needs to be some blood on a white shirt.

You can try to completely forget someone,
but putting that effort in means you’re actually fixated more,
and after all is said and done,
honestly who do you wish to be behind that door?

Oh my darling, oh my darling,
oh my sweet Clementine,
is it cleansing or more harming,
to live in denial all the time?

Oh my darling, oh my darling,
oh my sweet Clementine,
when it’s finished it’ll be starting,
and I’ll stand under the Montauk sign.
Been thinking of Eternal Sunshine a lot lately, and this came out in two minutes. Not great, but it is what it is. I picture it in the Huckleberry Finn tune also.
when she
was wise
that underlay
spies with
greater machines
whether grants
alight her
home yet
align a
sentence with
parallel verve
of song
but with
melodious flight
in throes
would spirit
those nights
Jon Thenes Jan 5
All this having spanned
since a borning
is the activity of Sleeper Agent

This Agent has grown Impy
of this lively drumming of clingings

It is recognised and marked as ;
an entertainment
an irreverent viewing

A clearer work must commence
an underlying detached being

Operations within the drama life
are now operations in a training ground

All these efforts are toward Project Awake
and projected life is now secondary
though useful.
J Sep 2018
Don’t frown.
Or channel the lame sad clown.

To be taken seriously
You must be deliriously
(Or - Hopped up - a mystic?)

Spin master
(challenge anything at all - I double dare you!)

Fear calling any *****
A *****
When while you don’t
Those in need lack aide.

Who are you really?
It is super cute
To employ the rhetoric
But not execute.

Don’t be the clown -
The clown is too easy.
Be the change agent
And make them truly see.
trf Jul 2018
what has come to this
indigenous things we do~
better follow the others
cause what once was fiction
now rings true

can't blame apocalypse
our letters aren't edible
and judicious arrangements
are post script covers

so i embrace the gift
that i'm a wandering wolf~
cow paths lead to danger in my book
and these sheep follow bull's ****

raw hide as a service
systems on delivery
don't follow lines of those deserving this
what has come
& what will be
some say a comet will fall from the sky, followed by meteor showers and tidal waves, followed by fault lines that cannot sit still, followed by millions of dumbfounded dip *****. and some say the end is near, some say we'll see the armageddon soon, he certainly hopes we will, but i sure could use a vacation from this stupid ****  one great big festering NEON distraction, i've got a suggestion to keep you all occupied... learn to swim.
He's praying for rain, trump's praying for tidal waves, he wants to watch the earth give way, he wants to see it all go down, Mueller please flush him all away, so i can watch him go right in and down, i wanna watch him go right in, down a toilet's flushing bowl.
Riley June Apr 2018
velvet cord blocks their entrance,
this show is not for everyone,
no amount of bribery could get them in,
on opening night the line winds away,
production took lifetimes of innocence,
with casting simply an impossible task,
many auditioned with memorized lines,
while your lines soared above tidal waves of emotion,
with Hollywood heckling your agent,
and singing praises only to the tune of your name,
it will be you with a name plastered in lights,
as i will exist only to become your footnote,
but for a moment,

you were my fan
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