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You drag me along
Fields of glass
Pushing my face in the
Shards resembling dirt
To your crystal cliff
Release me down
The spectral drop
Might be beautiful
If it weren’t the end
Man I’ve been going downhill so quickly
Maybe I need to shift polarity
Maybe that’ll bring you towards me
If only I became a bit more positive
Maybe a bit more negative
I’m not sure anymore
Maybe then you’d become attracted again
I’ve spent way too much time with my own thoughts for my own good this week
I like to play with knives
It makes me feel alive
The danger of their sting
Why should I survive?

The knife begins to dance
My skin it wants to glance
The blood it wants to bring
Drifting into trance

The knife comes to a close
Its ballet now has froze
It's handle I will cling
And bleeding canvas grows

But knives will lose their touch
And thus I leave it’s clutch
And now my heart doth sing
For you do just as much
**** heart hurty
Often travelers who start to thirst
Are greeted by a vision
Perhaps of an oasis
Perhaps maybe even a whole caravan
But although the traveler
May seem so content
His vision tempting his salivation
Throat cracking
The heat beating him down
Bones dried upon the sand
Calling for the lost prayers
From false gods
I don’t know how to cope ****
It’s strange really,
How a poet stops writing
As many poets cannot simply quit their craft
As if drugs to an addict
Maybe they moved to pens and papers
Maybe they simply gave up
I await your return
It’s odd seeing folks that don’t post anymore
Serendipity in the Mundanity
We sit and we observe our lives
And we simply live day by day
Not prepared for the cycle to end
But the it does
And we’re lost
As a boat in a storm
As shoes with no feet
We sometimes must just sit
And appreciate
That though we’re cyclical
We must break the cycle
To truly appreciate life
I’m slowly regressing and I’m not about it
Can you please tell me
what’s in the great beyond
If only you were here
I’d ask you to respond
Your music and your love
Will never be forgot
I’ll never stop my heart
And the community you’ve brought
Please reach out and get help if you need it
I miss you so much Sam
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