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What is love?
A chemical?
A feeling?
The rush of knowing who is there for you?


There is no comprehensible way to describe love

There is no single feeling to show love

There is no definite's in the world of love


When you know love?

Don't let go

Doesn’t matter what it is
Who it’s for
Or when it comes

Just don’t push it out
They say the grass is greener
On the other side
We’ve all heard every iteration
Every delineation

So hear my quiet refrain
I will try and repay
Of how I was the first grass
And right by me you passed

A tear of dew runs down
Drifting into the soil
As you went over to the land of green
I hope he brings you to what you dreamed
Calvin Norris Mar 13
I tried to be a secret agent
I smuggled the keys to your heart
Little did I know
You had changed the lock
Calvin Norris Mar 13
You came to me like a stranger in the night
Alone left with my thoughts and emotions
You arose from the dark
Pulling me into your snare

I had gone so long without you
But your embrace of death constricted
Reminding me of the time
Keeping me in your clutches

I had struck you down
I had pushed you away forever
We still haven’t yet met again
A shadow of a past eternity
Calvin Norris Mar 12
You looked past today
I tried to catch your eye
But when I didn’t
I realized my fault
About a friend who I’m not suuuper close with but close enough, but apparently not
Calvin Norris Mar 12
I tap away at the keys
Not a care in the world
Unable to realize what those notes mean to you

I tap away at my keys
Looking for a sense of accomplishment
Looking for the perfect story to be told

I stare at the keys
Not knowing what to do
Pressing but not quite knowing where to head to next

We tap away at keys
Whether be piano or screen
We never tap in time
Calvin Norris Mar 12
The sailor looks upon the horizon
Seeing a beautiful isle
Waves the crew to dock
Heading for the shore

As he reaches his destination
He sees sweet fruits
Tall trees and shade
And long elegant beaches

The sailor looks out
Back at the sea
Remembers his sense of love
But pushes it down with another drink

After time
The sailor cannot take it
And as nobody else shall leave
He takes a boat and makes way

Weeks later in the open ocean
Weak and dying, hungry and thirsty
He closes his eyes
Then a smile portrudes
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