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Corrinne Shadow Jun 2020
She wasn't particularly pretty,
Just a plain, average girl in high school.
She wasn't particularly brilliant,
Though no one would call her a fool.

She wasn't very athletic,
Preferring to sit in the shade.
She wasn't very artistic;
Her drawings were all left unpraised.

But she wasn't going to block out the cry:
That though childhood may have been tough,
She must stop defining herself by her "wasn't",
And learn, what she was, was enough.
I am broken, but I am enough.
Lost in my Head Apr 2019
Like a shadow in the night you arrived
Promised to make my every dream
As if upon angel's wings
You were there to comfort me and light my heart agleam

Like a bugle call you rang in my head
My inner consciousness booming with delight
The searing flames got to me
And annihilated anything that might

Like a shooting star you flashed into my life
Bringing light and with you a sense of alleviation
But when the sun then rose upon the hills
You made me regret falling for apparitions
Wolf Feb 2019
I've been knocked to the ground
And blamed for falling
Casper Dec 2018
She loved me
And will love me
So for ever.
I pictured her,
There in her room
As she spoke,
Looked now at the dress,
At the veil
She was to wear tomorrow,
Then turned away.
If I had known
The last gift
I’d give to her
Would be a white doe,
I’d have given her more.
She did not smile,
She cried.
I do but speak the truth,
If you will have it.
Will you want
Such an old story?
She died in my arms
And nobody ever knew
She died before tomorrow.
Daniel Ruiz Sep 2018
I get home early,
and as i enter my home,
i close my eyes,
and i can see
all the places i could be,

Through mud and rain,
through places no one has been before,
Through magical Forrest,
full of enchanting little foes,
that grab me by my clothe,
and sit me in a tree trunk,
by an illuminating river,
full of fish that can't swim,

I open and close them again,
and i'm with you,
Enjoying dinner,
in the street of Paris,
and as i write about how your beauty
compliments the city,
and the streets,
seem to have been created for you to walk on them,

Songs play for you,
no matter how overplayed,
These songs play for you,
in the streets,
of a foreign place to me.

I open my eyes,
i can see myself running through
the house,

4 year old me,
dreaming of being a doctor,
Playing with toy cars,
and dust off the counter,

I close my eyes again,
so i can imagine something else.
And For The rest of the day,
I had to imagine myself without you
Sam May 2018
I wasn't expecting to fall for you
But one day you looked at me and I forget how to think
I looked into your eyes and saw everything I ever wanted
And that's when I knew
I would love you for a long time
sankavi Apr 2018
it wasn't my fault
none of it was
yet somehow
you make me feel so bad about it
you make me feel like it was all me

it wasn't your fault either
i never said it was

it wasn't your fault
but it wasn't mine either

stop making me feel ****** about it
you make me HATE you
alexa Jan 2018
she wore her sadness like a cape,
                                                           ­ her audacity like a veil.

she knew that in his eyes,
                                                           ­ she'd never be his grail.

so she spun her crown of misery
                                                          ­  and disassembled her throne,

and went in search of herself
                                                         ­   for her new heart is her home.

and to this day she's never looked behind;
                                                         ­   he is simply a part of her past.

because now she knows when things are wrong,
                                                          ­  they are never built to last.
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