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Ickabobroe Feb 21
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Try Dec 2018
short and sweet,
same way i like my ladies,
is how i like my poetry,
it's a treat,
delightful and filling,
far from over whelming,
as we are already 5 rounds in,
preposterous to think of us together,
i am just not into long term,
nor into a long strung out read,
i need room to breath,
to remain feeling free,
not locked down,
becoming a light that slowly dims,
gotta fly free,
shine brightly,
tomorrow is not for certain,
gotta go all in,
for one night,
could be the night i am waiting for,
tho another day is another day,
stuck at the Drop In Center,
been at my Cross Roads,
for quite some time now,
still not sure which way to go tho,
its quite the weight on my chest,
more overwhelming then any mistress,
that i distrust getting caught being mischievous,
her chalice has yet to be balanced,
her charm wont keep her safe from Karma s wrath,
my trash bin is over flowing with lengthy writings,
phone numbers of old conquests,
my soul is consistently flowing Like Water,
short and sweet,
like the girls i had over last night,
they always got the biggest impact,
but you gotta choose your words wisely,
to take Control of the flow,
the audience reads it in.

© Try
short and sweet, are always very enjoyable reads,
overly long are tiresome,
then you get a medium and it can be quite interesting and captivating.
tho i enjoy mine short and sweet
Star BG Sep 2017
Encoded within light is my essence.
The essence of love.
It is from my soul
from my whole self
who moves in divine wholeness.

The very fabric of my being radiates
as more energies anchor in heart.
The very truth of who I am
has now been shown to me
as I no longer walk on eggshells
to please others.

I have found a new formula to live by.
I have arrived to a place where I live in heart
in human vessel.
Live peaceful and serene.
inspired by Lora Lee- Thanks

— The End —