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Anais Vionet Dec 2021
I envy the stylish model
her styrofoam perfect *******
those legs that never need shaving
the sweet smile that needs no rest
the hair that’s always behaving
the pose that teasingly arrests
she’s a icon of current fashion
a flower neatly pressed
but no love will ever find her
no one cares if she’s undressed
she’ll never accomplish anything
never mind - I’m not impressed
the look and nothing else
Anna Mink Feb 2021
This mannequin is freer than me
I’m treed to taxes and age
She stands beautiful and pale beyond the beautician’s windowdoor
Glass cannot hinder one’s sight
A primrose crown my daughter made for her naked head now wilts
Still she is unaffected by life, the stoic Apolinaria

~ A.M, F.H.
Edited & Published 21st of February 2021.
Written 21st of January 2021.
fariha Jan 2021
found myself a beautiful mannequin,
i glared at her as if my eyes are about to pop,
luckily i won!
mom said i am crazy,
maybe that's why she got killed,
by a loser.
stillhuman Dec 2020
It's harder for my lungs
to open up to new air
when you're here
than when you're not

After all your presence takes
all the space I used to shape
to fit my own self
my own taste

Instead you force me
into a mold you've created
Force my body to fit
my mind to submit
my patience to coexist
with things I never wanted
A life not made for me

I'm just one of your mannequins
to pass the time
when people disappoint you
life doesn't go your way
your choices don't matter
so that you can shape me
into your own frustrations
and smother my essence

I'm just one of your mannequins
that you've left
I don't fit
in myself.
I was in love with a girl once who didn't love me back. She made me feel inadequate but also the best, most unrealistic version of myself
S H Violet Feb 2020
Can you see me?
I’m standing in the spotlight,
wide smile glowing,
frozen in place.

And how do you feel?
I must make you uncomfortable
being so realistic
and yet so fake.

I stand day after day with
the fluorescent heat constant.
I’m sweating from the pressure,
But you can’t see from far away.

You can shuffle me around
and change my pose,
but my lack of control
gives an offbeat idea.

I know how you feel.
But you don’t know what to do.
So you speed walk away,
avoid the discomfort.

I’m trying so hard
not to be numb.
Waiting for my chance
to change and grow.
Carlo C Gomez Dec 2019
You are fashion
Mrs. Juniper
Some days a fitted skirt
Others, a skinny jeans ensemble
The summertime catcalls and whistles
Over the length of your legs
And a slinky polka dot bikini
You pay no mind to
If fact, you don't even blink
Even when they lick the glass
It's a job to you
Plain and simple
And no matter how stiff it becomes
You're always willing
To lend a helping hand
Inspired by, of all things, a scene from the 1970's police procedural TV series "Adam-12."
Lost in my Head Feb 2019
Staring blankly
Yet fearful
Scared of what comes next
As they cannot do anything
To prevent it
SR Nirmal Kumar Nov 2018
Amazing deals and discounts
Semi-clad mannequin
EP Robles Oct 2018
EAT me maniacal mannequin
kiss my wishes.  i am a broken
misunderstanding that only you
can understand AND SO the sun
Falls down across the erecting
Moon --the movers fell into
gracious love with the shakers
  so lick me maniacal mannequin
  and hold me until my skin turns
  porcelain-blue like your heart.

:: 10-05-----2018 ::
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