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Ickabobroe Feb 27
Staring blankly
Yet fearful
Scared of what comes next
As they cannot do anything
To prevent it
S Nirmal Kumar Nov 2018
Amazing deals and discounts
Semi-clad mannequin
EP Robles Oct 2018
EAT me maniacal mannequin
kiss my wishes.  i am a broken
misunderstanding that only you
can understand AND SO the sun
Falls down across the erecting
Moon --the movers fell into
gracious love with the shakers
  so lick me maniacal mannequin
  and hold me until my skin turns
  porcelain-blue like your heart.

:: 10-05-----2018 ::
Britney Lyn Apr 2018
Staring at the girl who used to be innocent and pure,
Now just a mannequin of hated nothingness.
Dressed in the color red, a representation of love,
Now representing only that of which she lost.
The tears running down a perfect porcelain face,
Smudged makeup smeared upon its appearance.

I am beginning to realize I was nothing more than a burden, a bother, a mirror reflection.
Mocking me as my world comes crashing down,
My heart now unknown and forgotten.
The perfect picture you painted me to be was not even me at all.
Dolling me up, and puppetting me around, to follow your every will and whim.
You pressed me into this mold of a person, you taught me who I should and shouldn’t be.
So now that you’re gone, which me, is me...?
Who am I supposed to be?
softcomponent Jun 2017
pain, pain,
regardless of the pain
i will be here in the rear-view
skating past and saying
to the passerby's in Jeep's and Prius
and Camry's
and Adidas shoes
all tattered and bled along highways
and back-roads of life.

when Robin Williams died by belt self-suffocation,
i was back in the dark of a previous mind and i cried
*** i saw myself in his suicide.
i saw my darkness colored in with pitch-black pastels,
and infidelity..
toffee from a homeless man
i hand him a cigarette.

my lungs were never my life-force - -
my lungs were never my life-force - -

all the blurry peripheral city lights
dancing in my withheld tears
as i marched from Douglas to Yates
and the old Korean karaoke bar
with the silent tv
dancing asians moving mouth-muscles for nothing
as the song sings someone else to sleep in Seoul..

the unwashed windows 3 floors up the office building are the strangest thing i noticed in this delicate flood of hopelessness, seagulls screeching from spider-men perches
on street-lamp,
construction crane

"I want to be a man again
*I want to be a mannequin."
Kilam TA Dec 2016
I won't stand still
I won't do nothing
I won't be silent
I won't be rigid
I won't be inanimate
I will not pose for glory
I won't remain in my designated spot
I will not be pabulum
I will not join the flock
I will continue to follow the cadence of my heart
And I will continue forward
Juhi Chavda Sep 2014
I am not yours to fix.
As broken as I am.
As tired as I may be.
As many flaws as I have.

I'm not yours to fix.

My flaws make me who I am.
Without them, I'd just be a mannequin.
Mannequins are pretty.
I'm real.

And I'm not yours to fix.

— The End —