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Two weeks [redacted] you.

I think I said that out of anger-

but I don’t think you could blame me-

or maybe you do-

because I know now how it feels-

to have spent two weeks [redacted] you.

I can’t even say the words because

I don’t want anyone to judge me-

rather that’s the last thing I need-

as while I was [redacted] you I wasn’t

[redacted] myself.

I was mean.

I was harsh.

If that’s what [redacted] you was-

then well, maybe I’m better off.

I did [redacted] you. I think I have did a while-

and people say that to [redacted] someone else you have to [redacted]

yourself but that’s not true because I hated myself when I [redacted]


I thought everything I did was wrong-

I said this-

I did that-

did you think I meant that-

and even if you understood what you think I said-

could you tell that I [redacted] the idea of being with you like that?

Why can’t I [redacted] the idea of [redacted] myself the way that I so

desperately wanted to [redacted] you?
Ickabobroe Apr 17
I guess you don't realize

Sometimes the truth is better not told
There's so much I want to say to you
Jack P Jun 2018
the department's lack of transparency under secretary [redacted]'s leadership is ruining our reputation. wounds still fresh, still raw from the steaming hot poker of [redacted], his insistence on [redacted] with all the [redacted] has left the cabinet muddied and in a state of disrepair; the dismantling taking place under scrutiny of the public eye, whose line-of-sight is unwavering upon the heart of the issue. being as he is in a position of influence, of power, [redacted]'s behaviour is deplorable and inexcusable, and the liberal use of [redacted] resources to stretch his spidery fingers into the forbidden *** of [redacted] is unprecedented, even as we as a people grow used to controversies in a similar vein. thick skin is now a prerequisite of living in our political climate. representatives from [redacted]'s leadership group are yet to make any statements on the issue, though it is -- from a partisan standpoint -- abundantly clear that if an apology or explanation is not issued soon, the young republicrat's reputation will combust in a display of unglory; splintered shards of a once-polished and spotless reputation flying in different directions across the [redacted]. [redacted] has landed himself in hot water. we'll soon know how severe the burns are.
all political controversies follow the same template
My tea is very warm.
My body pillow is very comfortable.
I want to write more poems,
But I am simply too sleepy to do so.
Yuri is still my best waifu.

I'm feeling very sleepy right now.
I should probably sleep.
Goodnight everyone.

I'll see you all in the morning.

I regret making this, [REDACTED]
Goodnight peeps!
The echoes of a distant land long forgot,
The echoes of  distant memories, oh so rotten,
The echoes of the ******.

The echoes speak of a name,
The echoes speak of the truth,
The echoes speak of your name.

What's your name again?
I believe it's

I guess we'll never know,
Until you listen to the echoes,
The echoes of your forsaken past.

I'll meet you there.
The silent echoes you hear.
The sweetness of your taste,
All that time gone to waste.
The essence of your taste,
Makes a ***** like me go insane.
But now the taste of your essence,
Leaves me no other option.
I'm sorry my love,
But you knew this would happen.

I never thought that you,
Would be at the edge of my blade.
But I've got to do what must be done,
I guess I have this battle won.
Now with your body, still and dead,
I can finally get this fantasy out of my head.
I now finally have your crimson red taste upon my hands.

I'm sorry it turned out like this,
But having your blood all over me makes
So **** happy.
I can't stop laughing, am I going insane?
Am I broken?
Did I really just **** my only reason to live?
Oh well, I'll meet you up there eventually...
This is my first attempt at a more, messed up, and Yandere poem.
I give you something,
And you always give it away.
I give you my trust,
By then you go and give it away.
Why do I still trust you?

I give you my love,
But then you go and give it away.
Why do I still trust you?

I give you my heart,
And instead of giving it away,
You simply break it.
Why the hell do I still trust you?

You gave me your trust,
And I kept it.

You gave me everything,
And I kept it.

But now, there's nothing worth keeping of yours.

Why do I still trust you?
Oh wait, I just remembered,
I do not.
My third poem here :D
Rochelle R Jun 2014
Led by delusion in blinders,
Stilled by shackles on my hands and silenced with a *******.
This life is lived locked on the wrong side of the bullet proof glass.
Half truths are the only truth.
Every coin, every story, has only one side.
The path before, and for miles behind me, is filled with glass and burning coals.
My mind is free, but what point does it serve?
My auto biography is a lie, redacted by the masters of the universe.
This is my world.
This catatonic existence is self made.

— The End —