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Kymie Oct 29
Each breath of solitude is an escape from the chaos that is you. Each moment in your presence is like being stuck on the edge of the tide as wave after wave hits me from all directions; battering my body and my spirit.

Your constant demands on my time - my emotions and empathy - exhaust my will and my motivation. I long for the harbor of peace, in the storm that is you.

Yet each time you call out for me; I race willingly to your side. I give you my everything knowing that you will take it without remorse or thankfulness in your heart.

I give you my love in the hope that one day someone on this earth will think me worthy of the same.

Alexis Sep 23
these days are long and the seasons seem to drag
this year has me trapped beneath her grip

friends are only friends to your face
and lovers just love to use you

people only care with their words
as if i could lay my crying head against empty whispers

served slow motion hits to the chest
and taken advantage of time and time again

i've been aching for my heart to heal
anticipating a fresh bloom

and still with three more months to go?
****, it's been a long year
the last few months feel like decades
We can finally talk again
And I want to see you around
But I'm just so tired
Of talking right now
And I'd rather die
Than let you down
But I'm just so tired
Of people right now
Oh my god I'm ******* tired.
Rose Jul 22
The humming of the wind slowly taking my hope away as I feel myself slowly fading away. Growing tired every second I keep my eyes open fighting myself. Wanting to escape my own mind and just leave to the sky above with the stars that shine bright. Not wanting to fight anymore lays my strained mind. Wanting to let go of the string keeping me from falling into the oblivion. Has my heart and mind finally stopped fighting? Am I finally going to be free? Free from life.
Dyl Jul 3
Most nights I lay in bed
Waiting for tomorrow
As my head case of a
Mind buzzes and crackles
Like blaring T.V. Static

My brain wanders to
Unknown, dark places
Imagining the things
Like a faint scar across
A perfect canvas, why

My hands kept at my sides
Not letting them or my brain
Wander to uncharted waters
Deep, alluring, unforgiving
Needing to contain control
I’m starting to feel
Less and less poetic
Like a part of me
Is slowly being drained
But not replaced
Hollow and shallow
I cannot not be a poet
For it has grown to be
A huge important part of me
Assisting in who I am
And what I want to be
But I already feel stranded
Far out in the sea
Ed C Apr 15
Mondays are a drain
they are dementors
they feel like an anvil
they taste like recovery
and exhaustion
like your neck isnt strong enough
and your brain is rebooting
i am constantly troubleshooting at life
looking for a solution
to make getting out of bed easier
Anyone else tired?
dadens Mar 27
why does the world drain me of all that I am
but then expect me to fill myself back up like its nothing?
© d.a.dens
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