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Must be drained from his blood like the taste from her lips curved from her body
It must be pinned down with her emotions crying under her skin over the broken *** screaming from her lost sobbing mind.
One could might hypothesize
That the tears would have
Drained more than
The veins drawing out
Of the confines of the muscle
Pumping sweltering anger
On such a transportation
Of creating a new home
Out of one recognized for three years.

The stacks upon stacks
Of emotional drainage
After the physical had worn out
From problem after inconvenience
After incompetency.
A departure I wrote an outline for
Before I stood at the border
Of goodbyes,
I quickly threw out.

The itch and discomfort,
The aching and drainage
The constant questions in my mind
Throughout the entire time
Divorced me from the clouds
That I foresaw above us
Hugging goodbyes.
The storm was in the lies
That made me hurt
To see such discomfort in your eyes.

Here’s to the storm’s dispersion,
No good deed can split the coming tidal wave.
32 lines, 221 days left.
I cannot love you anymore
You have turned caring into a chore
I am not your puppet
I am not your *****
My heart cannot take this anymore

I loved you until it bled
I loved you until my heart was dead
You gave me nothing return
You cruelly watched me burn
It is hurting me too much to care

I cannot love you anymore
My entire soul is sore
You will never know how sorry I am
You will never truly understand
Why I cannot love you anymore
i loved you until it killed me
Few suffer like the top of the hourglass
Drained by the bottom
Eternally powerless to gravity
Forced to repeat
I dunno quick little one shot
mimi Jan 16
Words come crashing in tides,
Our past regrets haunting.
The world is becoming broken
And we’re left beyond repair.
Sometimes we think we feel love
But in the end it’s all thoughts.
Each day we wake up afraid
Of our mind and our flaws.
Praying the sun will set,
And the pain will end in soon,
But really it’s not even done.
All hope has been drained
So finally we are feeling numb
With no pain to ever recall.
Larissa Frost Nov 2020
Today the words
Wouldn’t come out
I swear I just spoke
I’m exhausted and can
No longer adult
Someone just bring out
The toys.

                  - L.Frost
Rebecca Feb 2020
People are not your medicine.
I had to learn that the hard way.
Both perspectives.
The prescription taker.
The prescription giver.
Draining, heart wrenching, and sickening.
I will no longer be the medicine past people have made me be.
No longer giving all my oxygen and strength to those who won't try themselves.
Sure, playing either role may be nice but at the end of the day, you're left sobbing quietly alone in your room just wishing the pain would subside.
One thing to remember is,
You cannot make people your medicine and you are not others
Alicia Moore Aug 2020
I sit cold,
as to how that can be,
because I have you
seated beside me.

But you are
of the warmth
I once called
Kyle Jul 2020
I'm drained;
I'm empty;
I'm going crazy;
I want to rest.
Debbie Stevens May 2020
It’s like everyone around me can’t see my pain, it’s like there is something wrong with my brain.
I’m feeling really drained, I think that I might go could I restrain?
My chest is really heavy and my head is feeling wavy, I cannot keep steady.
Where is my self control? I’m feeling completely un-hole.
Something has taken over my soul and I have lost all control.
I feel so hopeless, I don’t think that I can cope with this.
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