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Ickabobroe Apr 29
Some things
remain in your head
on who is alive
and who is dead
so you wont be funny
you won't get fame
be a decent person
don't spoil endgame
y'all please i haven't seen it yet
Steve Page Mar 7
The apple sits
and waits
and once its mates
have given it up as past it's best
once the rot sets in
and it starts to lose its ripeness
that's when the aroma rises
the fruit flies arrive in droves
and they feast on what's left
as the apple dreams
of pressed cider sisters
as the flies persist
in their feast
and it sits
at its core oblivious
of the fermenting opportunity missed
An image prompted by a line from Bohemian Rapsody
Seanathon Aug 2018
The world's OK, it's the people that spoil it.
Just UGHHH...
Salmabanu Hatim Sep 2017
Open,peep,light ,shut,
again,is there light,shut,fun.
As children we used to play this game.
Äŧül Oct 2016
I had been bending over,
I used to do that for her.
Little did she ever hear,
Seldom she treasured ever.

Maybe I just can't get enough,
Never she went astray, though.
Determinedly I wasn't tough,
She managed to spoil the dough.

Perhaps life would someday shine,
Someone might come my way.
And then she'll be mine,
On this life's highway.
HP Poem #1169
©Atul Kaushal
cait-cait Jun 2016
Spoil me with

And fix my heart with
ribbon and tissue,
    All wrapped up
I don't lose the pieces

It's almost my birthday,

So Tell the little girl me
    the kids have just
woken up

And that the gifts are just
Broken and torn, and
    Opened... Already.

Just for me.
This poem is basically about how life has had it out for me since the moment I was born. Kinda a vague description but im too tired to care. My dad went to jail on father's day and now he wants to apologize to me like it will fix my < 2 decades of abuse. I have to move 3 ******* states away and I can't even bring my cat with me. Happy early birthday, cait-cait. Sorry for ranting I have no one else
Grays pelting
Blues falling
Clouds tumbling
Drops twinkling
Glittering on the grass
Some find beauty
Some find gloom

In the rain
We dance and freeze
We sing and yell
We laugh and fume
We are happy
We are sad
In the beauty and gloom
Of that changing rain
We relate

We’re happy
The drops sparkle and glimmer
They help bring new life
They give water
They clean and purify

We’re sad
The drops soak
They ruin
They take away the sun
They spoil moods and plans

In the rain, we see our emotions
The drops of our reflection
Peter J Thomas Mar 2016
As frost bites the new found shoots of green,

Poking through dark soil,

Will Winter **** all chance of life,

Bright blooms too quick to spoil.
Frank Ruland Oct 2014
just like the apple,
all things brown
more quickly as
you approach
the core
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