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5.6k · Apr 2014
Her character
I love how: she looks, she smells, she tastes, she makes me feel, she makes me act, she just makes good vibes. I love you Mary Jane
4.5k · Oct 2013
Emotional theft (RSA)
It's getting hard in the RSA
even those who don't get paid have to pay
the insane tolls
the cops on petrol
just to get on there way
you under stand what I say
the difrance between we and they we have hi-def blue ray they have it hard desray it means destiny I don't have a plan to get a fan or a groupie I know you probably thinking this ****** mind is doodie but its my duty to make things know especially the things that aren't shown on tv like corruption or so called special selection and the detention of those who don't deserve it because you deserve it

I'm on buzz cause of this love I'm getting from my team it feels like a dream I'll rise to the top like cream but with skin like milk chocolate my imagination flows like water out of a facet, tap I've got talent in the rap and my connection to my soul  is uncapped
I'm just warming up like a kettle I'm like a precise metal in fact I'm talent in its purest form I should be on cable or at least the periodic table but registered as unstable because I'm on a hair trigger jack rabbit with my bad habits like talking about things I don't know then asking   About things I don't know you know making the unknown known remember my curiosity  been burning like an ember

I truly fear for our women ashamed of the cards they have been given or delt and the blows that have been felt on their surface and in their core these stories I hear just leave my heart sore I need to flyaway on the broken wings of my generation with the help of some recreation  to stop the exploitation of those who don't know better not because they could have Learnt better but been taught better you can call It third world problems I call it mankind problems because it affects us all and we're all one after all ilitaration is a mews helps send across my point of view so light bulbs flash ding an idea that's was a great example of onomatapia  it's a process of elimination in a  copulative form these thoughts and ties are more messy  then the perfect storm but I plan to help heal our nation not by confrontation but cooperation

I hope these notions stay in your mind like the blank slate sticks with the blind and the peace with the deaf order In the hands of the ref or better yet Organised chaos,
Because that's realistic But we didnt request it, It's like a pay off  see there I changed the rhyme scheme From aabb.Too abba It's redundant to say But it helps me see,
my potential so I know my credentials and knowing you is essential to keep your heart full your flaws on tour don't think it  trifle but gargantuan like Rabelais' book but most wouldn't know his literature or calling any man sir  but they know facebook I hope these notions stay in your mind like the blank slate sticks with the blind and the peace with the deaf by now I'd  think you'd like to be deaf tired of my voice but I have no choice but to make a statement about what my emotional state is I hope these notions stay in your mind like the blank slate sticks with the blind and the peace with the deaf the name of this poem is emotional theft
This is a slam spoken word poem also, it was my first attempt at one 2011 February 7
3.5k · Oct 2014
A toast
Let's make a toast partake if you hear my voice beyond the coasts.

To our past the hurst, the Many learning curves buried in the sands of time.

To our here and now The good the bad and the **** take a bow.

To our future I hope you never
A toast
3.4k · Dec 2014
Haiku #7
Oh Adolescents
Emotional highs and lows
We mellow with age
3.2k · Mar 2014
Just for fun haiku
This is my haiku
Listening to mamas gun
Erykah badu
It's all fun and games
2.5k · Mar 2014
Such is such
Such ignorance,
such temptation,
Such Ambition,
such delusions of grander,
such hedonism,
such debauchery,
such betrayal,
Such jealousy,
Such bigotry,
Such caprice,
Such entropy,
Such stupidity?
such is human Nature.
2.2k · Aug 2018
A student of the crowded breeze.
On a whim Raise like the dandelions' seed,
Vibrantly dissent like, in fall, trees' leaves.
An apostle of purpose beyond what one sees for the unknown is nothing and possibility.

Our lessons are on the topic of practical whimsy, in their way; the wind that cools your face also fans a flame and guides the rain.
The Sensei go by many names, I know them from the roles they play:

Boreas shepherds my turmoil,
A tempest;
senseless, cold and violent as if without vision only vengeance.

Notus shows my passion;
A gust to an ember on dry land,
Unreasonable, unpredictable and destructive without a plan.

Zephyr entices my love;
A subtle intimate current for dance,
The beauty of birds and bees flying from flower to flower and branch to branch.

Eurus reflects my way;
A flurry that moves the sand.
The removal of sediment,
the return to foundation born from action mixed with patience.

They can only guide me
I can ride the winds of the odyssey or resign to the winds of dreams
but I know
I Am
A student of the breeze.
Boreas- the north wind in Greek mythology associated with the storms
zephyr- the west wind associated with spring
Notus- the south wind associated with crop destruction (end of autumn)
Eurus-the east wind the associated with opposing Noctus and autum bounty

looking for a new muse to learn new things about myself through someone true to themselves
1.8k · Oct 2013
I have a question?
I have a question. What is real? Should it be based on what you can feel because now feel can be touch or emotion, I feel the suns warm rays the same as I feel my heart break and no one can tell me or you that either is not real because we can feel so I ask what it is you feel? I for one feel imprisoned by the Mold society has put me in as a man I have to be handsome,brave,loving, trusting and understanding but at the same time because I am a man I am by default a conniving, cheating, abusive, alcoholic, womanizing pig, why? Because " we are all the same" such caprice why? Why is it I must feel ashamed to be a man why is it I must be everything you want and don't want, the light of your day and the darkness of the night the Prince Charming in your life fairytale as well as the villain with the apple in my hand ,the apple of my eye is that what you want? I feel as if I'm just the means to an end the end being the moment I yield to this mold these confines in my mind why do I have to feel like I'm the enemy? how is it my fault? you're the one who laid in the sands of his beaches indulging in that forbidden fruit from the garden of eden, your tears now fueling its sea,  but all i hear are your cries of betrale his name the lyric of choice but I see, I should take the blame its what is wanted of me the good guy but the moment I deviate from your plans I am the evil one I'm the reason for these broken hearts mine and yours I'm the devil can't you see the flames you set In my personal hell in my mind in my soul
why is it I'm a mockery?
My most recant scribed spoken word poem
1.7k · May 2014
Limerick #1
There once was a man from Calcutta
he spat game like no other,
women would sleek and swoon
take him to their room
this list includes your mother.
1.5k · Aug 2014
Limerick #2
I know the way to her heart,
And no, it's not through laughs
I'll climb her like a ladder,
**** like a jack hammer
But eat her out for starts.
****** humor but I feel as if this will be a standard for my limericks
I've been hurt before, love's pain seems to be my chronic affliction,
I've never been shown this much affection.

Please excuse my apprehensive reactions, if my participation feels like I'm just going through the motions- I find it hard to portray my emotions.

I've had so many lust filled stints; That's why I don't know if I can accept this, your love that is.
You're out of my league I know that ; I'm, in the eyes of those I've loved, just : emotional,untalented, unathletic, poor and fat those things I just can't forget.

My insecurities
a guard,a shield, they limit me to what I think I deserve and I don't deserve to be happy and with you that's all I know I can be.
Forgive me,
if It takes me time to say those 3 words, even when my heart beats like the wings of a humming bird, it's just I can't imagine why you have these feeling for me,
my Baby TT
I want this to last so I will wait a while until I say my, normal, last words
1.4k · Oct 2013
Life is not black or white but,
We are being taught what's wrong and right,
By those who can no see the light
Bigotry is a result.
We have been brainwashed in to cults:
Whites are wicked, **** are sick
Blacks are stupid, men are pigs
Cash is key individuality is naïve.
You are worth what is on a piece of paper:
Student, teacher, Doctor, salve or *****,
My god is right yours is wrong
Bigotry has become a way to belong.
"You've changed" no I've remained the same
your clouded vision is to blame,
In this world of black and white with more grey then either
Bigotry preys on that like a fever,
Can't you feel your hot head
Your rash actions have left him dead.
Your justification he wasn't one of us,
Bigotry can only lead this world to bust.
1.2k · Dec 2013
Is Rap a Map?
A map is used to find direction and your current position. I find you can get all this from listening to RAP,
Now RAP is to me rhythm and poetry which can be changed to music and poetry(MAP) but we are taught that rap has no meaning in the bigger picture when in fact it paints the current picture

Now we only have our position how can this be a map? In life you find direction for oneself so how could this differ? Rap lets you know where you are so you can know where to go because life is change,
Not only to acquire fame but those who make the biggest change are the ones who are most famous, that's your direction not fame but to make change.

So we have direction and position proving RAP can be thought as a lyrical MAP
The rap I'm referring to is the rap with lyrical content not rap that is based solely upon whether it is catchy or not. like ,but not limited to, tracks by: Lauryn hill, K'naan, Biggie, 2pac, Wyclef, Ice cube, Eminem, Jay Z, Nas etc.
1.1k · Mar 2015
I am just a Jester disguised in a Kings regalia
Leadership is not my forte
1.1k · Dec 2013
A justification (the high)
We desire the things that will destroy us in the end

It's funny how we protect those who hurt us I think it's because we think there constantly trying to change that imperfection we have with in us how ironic

They told me it would be fun I wouldn't ever forget the feeling, this feeling, they said I'd be cool if I did it, and how I feel cool  the cold night air as soft as cotton when it touches my skin but as sharp as knives as the cool cuts to the bone I can see every thing clear as day as if the sun was at my back showing me a new perspective I think that's why I can see the stars shiny behind the thick clouds. I can almost hear them whisper their singing heavenly tunes with the rushing river playing percussion with the river rocks which drummed and the claps of the rips which match every color I've ever seen even the new ones in front of me

i feel like i could fly and belive me i tried every time i landed the grass under my bare cold feet were having tickle  fights with my toes there rugged wet tips almost like a dogs tounge licked and my soles they were winning, I the meekest of the meek was now the king of all I Survey and as I watched my kingdom of color, shape and sound they started to take shape of my "friends" all laughing with tears in there eyes I thought it was another one of my renditions of how I perceive things them seemed so real I could almost feel their breaths as they laughed even more hysterically their laughter seemed to shack me to my core so I called out to ask what was the joke

the sky spits at me with great disgust I want to ask why but I could not hear my self over the now screams of my "friends" they matched the screams of banshies and nails on a chalk board I mixture of millions of off pitch  piano keys I was In pain a pain I had never experienced before it was every were on my body no fixed place no origin site but raw utter pain I held with all my might it still was no competition for there screeches, I wanted so much to rip off my ears but befor I could for a brief moment i felt at peace one with all and all in me then every thing went black no songs now vivid colors no feeling of anything just darkness then when I woke I saw a bright light took me a second to realize I was back to normal the sun was up but it did not greet me the grass was cool but it didn't fight I felt lonely I check my phone for any massages,

"how was it""do you want more" I  thought about all the hell I went through all the pain I felt then I remembered that feeling I wanted to feel it again no I needed to feel it again so with out a second thought I answered "yes"  it's funny how we want what will destroy us in the end it's just human nature
Sorry if there are any spelling errors .
A bad trip.
1.1k · Oct 2014
Haiku #5
Why does it linger
open wounds with out care rot
So let it fester.
1.1k · Jan 2014
Sleep is a slippery mistress
I'm tired so very tired.
I can't believe when I was younger the thought of no sleep was a fun concept. How foolish

I didn't know about the anger fits
I didn't know about the paranoia
I didn't know about the depression
I didn't know about the memory loss
I didn't know about the voices
I didn't know about the visions

I've been awake for 5 days this week  in total last month i was awake for 2 weeks.
The micro sleeps come at the worst of times
I fear that at this rate I will reach psychosis with in the week my words no longer flow my thoughts are stuttered my relationships are under strain which only adds to the stress which keeps me awake

I've done every thing except ****** to aid me in my crusade what should I do?
1.0k · Oct 2014
Inside you
This isn't what you think it is,
this has little to do with your soft lips and smooth skin,  
This has to do with what they enclose, not your toned muscles and the curves they form,
This isn't about your anatomy our how well ours meld together in the still of the day or the silence of the night now filled with our moans.
This is deeper then that,
they say your eyes, oh how beautiful they are as they look in to mine, are the windows to your soul.
Your heart,your mind,your soul that is what matters to me.
what is on the inside of the gift is what makes it worth it not the wrapping and you are a gift to my existence, you bring out the best in me with what is inside  you.
I feel too much and show too little.
I'll finally say what has to be said and hope for the best.
1.0k · Oct 2014
Haiku #6
Now you know it all
Now tell me what has changed?
Nothing ever does.
965 · Mar 2014
the grind
This is the grid a battle between you and yourself in your mind against time lets you know war isn't sublime but this is subliminal makes you think more critical about you, your hopes and dreams are yours narrow and straight like a beam or dose it twist and turn like a water stream shaping the world as it says fits remember greatness isn't a quick fix it's something you build every thing you Want is at your finger tips use them at will  now soar nothing to something even the greatest mountain starter at the floor so when you can't it's all in your head think of it as a ingot your the blacksmith the best steel goes through the harshest fire that's what's been said only by beatin at it keep on keeping on till it's a fit   To what you envisioned in your mind now refine and perfect it on the grind
We were watching an inspirational video and it resonated with me so I made this as an ode to the grind
859 · Jun 2014
my vices (ode to mine)
I love your voice, I love your eyes.
I love your style and what it hids.
I love your hair so dark,so strong. relaxed, natural what matters most is who's it on.
I love your skin so soft and smooth. I know those scars are because of what you've put yourself through.
I love your smile, teeth as white as the moon. I'd love to see your true smile so rarely shown.
I love your spirit so free so strong.
I know in time you'll see here's where it belongs.
842 · Apr 2015
Lust, pain, depression, lose and love are my muse.
lust's passion which knows no bounds frees me.
pain's intensity and relentlessness push me.
Depression's depth, which out class even the sea, teaches me.
Lose like a loaded gun keeps focus and flashes what is important to me.
love with its fickle sway like a new flame ignites my page for all the world to see.
My muse are not new they are not uncommon they are rusted and jagged but they are the pillars on which all life and poetry now rests they guide us-
No they control us.
What is your inspiration?
834 · May 2018
Passions of the chosen*
Behold the my face, so serene, I'm every part of the scene;
the crucified, the prosecutor as well the chorus.
When I breath my chests cage shows gaps ,the focus.
Here you are again my parade of pestilence my imbalanced state showing as ailments.
My sides tearing, stress penetrating my skin. Tragic,
Oh how the spear of reproach entangles and dives deep,
Piercing my belly and lets it noxious poison seep.

I beg 'No please do not twist', he then spoke of my dying dreams and loses to the soul.
The knots bind my thought and any move in conciseness has it toll.
The darkness strives for my sight but he knows how to not give it room.
The poisoned tip barley nearly missed my heart , I thought it the end, I relaxed too soon.
The tincture of doubt burns my open sensitive soft non-flesh.
Am I not one of the blessed, where is my place of rest?

The jury spectate from its pedestal, good for nothin but blaming.
His aim was never my life only that which makes it worth living.
His aim was the spark, my soul, the light at the end of the tunnel showing it all, so you don't stay down when you fall.

The earth knows me from My hands, feet and knees.
I rarely pray only spoke if it preceded an action, I fell a lot you see.
Now I walk with caution but my legs can barely take the weight.
My breathing and steps were heavy. you wouldn't have know my pain by my face
This has been my truth I believed it fate.
Early I realized wherever I sat was a throne.
Hubris led me to take on the woes and faults of the world as if they were my own.

The jury clamor great hollow truths, to lessen the sentences existence.
As much as they are valid and grand I see them only as excuses
"You will pain those who you love and love you"
"You will forsake the hopes and dreams in your view"
"You are good, only want the best for everyone "
Was it that ambiguity that lead to my current "wrong"
Seems if you aim to give others happiness you will never win
I know this but I still hurt: it's all starts and ends within.

Woe is me
Been on the darker end of melancholy, A discription of my anxiety/depression attacks recently
777 · Dec 2013
The most basic of things
The rain which gives life to the planet
The wind that caresses my face can change our world, can't it?

The laughter of a child so pure and untainted
Warms any heart puts a smile  on my face for once not painted

The birds and the insects composing the symphonies of the night
They work tirelessly from dust to first light

The sound of a heart beat so easily looked over
Is most comforting when with a lover

The suns bright rays that brighten our darkest days
Reminds us that patience is a virtue and waiting does pay

Ink on paper or bits of data, So simple so small are these things
But change are all they bring

The smallest things can make a change
From poverty to aristocracy, love to hate, loneliness to solitude, peace to pain

My thought is that down to the most basic of things we are all the same
729 · Oct 2013
Why do I feel so empty
I have what most dream of but I feel hollow
I'm trying to see in to myself it's like looking through a hole for a key
I think it's locked me out sorrow
Because if I don't know what's making me sad
It will only bring more sorrow
It's self presavation and I can't get mad
It's my self that put me in this position
I get so angery to know I hold the key
Me and my inner me are in a Juxtaposition
But the bottom line is its all on me
Cause I'm a result of every thing I've thought
And all I'm thinking is I'm alone
But its something that life had taught ,me
That I am alone
I have been forced to distrust on sight
I must see your true colors in that light
I would like to know  that it's alright
I think "can I trust ?""you just might"
To put what little faith I have in to someone
And that faith is abuse from day one
Or two Or three
I think "there playing you can't you see "
"shut up you always do this,
no matter who I'm with "
"I do it for your welfare,
I must make you know no one cares"
"But this one might let's give them a chance"
"***** what you saying" I didn't even take a stand it fueled my like a lance
I thought he was right no one pays thought to my story
And the ones who do leave in a hurry
I'm so lonely
721 · Oct 2013
A Saving grace?
I never thought I would be in this position .
Even considering such a notion.
****** ,the most grotesque of actions,
But it would be a mercy.
Trade the loud intolerable menacing world
for the peace of that dark abyss .
It would just take one maybe two swift strikes
Then life would just drain, then a cold sensation would consume you till your numb.
"That's what I've read",
seems painless enough...

It hurt for a bit but it wasn't the worst of pains
The water is quiet soothing I feel all the aching just wash away smooth as velvet and just as dark
The chill is refreshing, my sight is weaning as is my sense of touch
I let out a sigh.
So tired so..vee-rr..y... t-ii..r...
'this is my saving grace'
One of my dark state poems I'm not in any way condoning suicide I just wrote this to show the rational of it
707 · Dec 2013
Do not mistake my calm demeanor for indifference.
I act this way for your sake.
I act this way to keep others strong.
Ha. truthfully I act this way so I don't break .
Because if I let down this facade this wall of false confidence and blinded faults my cap will pop all my bottled emotions a suffocated dreams that I convinced myself I had buried will surface in all there pitiful glory.

Do not confuse my Belligerent tone for anger.
I'm speaking this way because I'm ashamed .
I'm speaking this way to hide my weakness.
The bigger the bark the smaller the bite right?
So if I shout louder with even more malice in my voice it won't hurt as bad.

Do not assume my placebo is a truth.
I see what I believe and relate to what I don't.
I lie to soften the blunt force of a whole truth .
I cry these crocodile tears to hide my true sorrow .

You can't believe every thing you hear but all you see right?
So I'm happy because all you see is a smile so I guess you are too happy that is.
On the spot poem my friend made me do now.
Intoxicated state of mind.
704 · Jun 2014
A Sound
I'm sure I heard it
Did you ?
The snap or was it a clap
Can't tell it's been too distorted and echoed around my empty soul
Or rather this husk of what I used to feel: the love the triumph the passion the validation .

Now I'm sure I heard it or was it you clicking and praising my words yeah maybe that's what I heard no I can feel the sinking this hole in my chest I can't listen to my heart it's voice has be laid to rest six feet is quiet a feat.

There it is again
no that was just a ding for an idea or a notion pleading to me to take action but this is a fallacy, a distraction
I'm ignoring the signs to busy thinking what is mine rather then keeping what was mine now I'm left with nothing


There it is, that distinctive ring


The timbre is right I can hear the angels sing.
this cold unloving content or is it fury I can't know surely but this time, this time.. I heard the snap of my mind

It sounded like click  . clack . **bang
Wrote this now I'm a Tad rust I must say
657 · Oct 2013
I can read you like a book,
A deep gaze in to your pretty brown eyes is all it took.
They're the windows to the soul after all
And yours left mine enthralled
That Much beauty in such little space?
You move irrespectively through the world at your own pace.
I'm sure you've heard it before but,
your smile brightens a room
You look my way again, I try not to loom.
If I could I would but I don't think I should.
What would I have if I lost my dream?
What if my idea of you is all a want...
Yes that's it I don't love you.
Just the idea of you,
I'm content with that ...

Ha such a fallacy.
I am here because of you
I have been able to Expirience this world because of you two
And I am thankful for this
But you done so much more here's a short list
You've been a pillar that's always there and even when you are mad I know you care.
You've shown me how to act and shown me I don't know all the facts.
When I see you two what I perceive Is a wish, a dream I hope to ,one day, achieve.
you've shown me to keep my composure in life, keep strong when things seems strife because it is with in my power to make it right.
You've given me goals to reach and it won't be easy you see,
but I'll make you proud if I get knocked down I'll get right back on my feet because that's what you have taught me.
You've given me more then I can explain in words, to think I could even scrap the top was quiet absurd but I just needed to show I appreciate what you have done so this is a kind of thank you letter from your eldest son.
I wrote this to my parents for their anniversary 17 years love them so much
Am I still alive, or is this all just memories?
Am I on my death bed,looking back at at my misadventures and fallacies?
Am I slipping in to the abyss, are these my last thoughts?
Is this my pinnacle, did I ever learn what I have been taught?
Did I live the life I hoped for and envisioned,
Or have I lived a life full of regrets because of my decisions?
Did I find love or did I wallow in hate?
Did I practice what I preach and fight against what people call "fate",
Or did I submit to my anxiety and fears?
I can't help but wonder is this ink so wet because of all my future tears?...
I'll wait and see and what is Ment to be will be, if it suits me.
But I'll have to wait and see
639 · Oct 2014
New tenants
        ghost, ghoul and demon
live where my
        trust,love and happiness
used to be, their names are
        past,present and future.
637 · Jul 2014
We are young.
As I sway out of the fray and check if she's ok, "bae?" All she can say is "hey",
We reach for the ash tray we've lost our way I have a smile on my face which happiness betrays because W.A.Y.
eyes so low I Could be Stevie or Ray you can decide after you've heard me play. Allow my notes in your ear like sweet nothings, I run my fingers through your hair as I smell you in the air and taste you on my lips as we are lip to lip...
have a lil sip of this lean woh slow down don't be so keen if you know what I mean these words aren't twisted you don't need to be gifted not even lifted to get the picture but some can't relate ukuva?
let me skip this bit even though it was anything but quick. She lays on my chest as I knead her ******* eyes of earth and emerald stares burning me like embers lets me remember I'm not in Oz or the land of OOH we just chilling like the weather in May in my room what can I say but W.A.Y.
Ukuva: you hear/understand (Xhosa)
W.A.Y.: we are young
Oz: mystical land
Land of OOH: adventure time land
632 · Feb 2016
Question #2
I have a question? What do you see when you look at me?
A man, ***** hair, that I'm black,my croocked smile Or my poetry?
I see ,when i look upon others, an empty room ,A new plain of existence just for us two.
I say room because of the mental constructs that are divisions
Its not I'm me and you are you
It should be we,banded together just to get through,
Our lives.
We differ by so little,
Why we make the small contol us is a riddle.
I have a question why do so few know of the moors?
we don't know ourselves that's why we feel we need more and more.
Why is it when we try and impress others we are frantic,
But when I am proud of my history I'm afrocentric?
I'm not pro any race unless you are talking the human race but even if thats the case the problem we face is that we feel like we are in a better place then those who live on the same plain,same world, same pace.
The animals the plants we all come from the same soil and look how we've been spoiled with abundance but that does not warrent our decadence.
We have to destroy these  edifice
Errected using false truthes,  fear, blood and sacrifice.
Why is so much hidden
Why is the topic of civilized color forbidden?
Why do you have to be better?
Who are you trying to be better than?
Where is the quantified data?
Why can't we just be human?
I wrote this to vent. Had certain encounters with people which showed me this is still a problem, race. i don't understand why people dont learn more about themselves and others before making swinging ignorant statements.
And here they come with their beautiful demeanour ,with their empty eyes laced with an allure stronger then the forces which construct our physical forms.

They speak in perfect sequence as if it had be rehearsed but I've heard these words before, of course, they've been here before they're regulars to my bar, filled with my bottled emotions.

They spoke of no wonders or such tacky things they spoke of a peace unparalleled, a welcome change to my current state of mind, a place where there is "no more judgment", "no more ridicule","no more lies" and "no more death" a place where I can be myself.

As they imbibed themselves with my fermented hopes, dreams and beliefs they grew bolder with each bottle they emptied.

"How can you live in this place it's a cesspool, so cluttered so unsure"

it's my home I play with the cards life has dealt me-

"ah there is the problem you are bound by life why not be free?".

I see no other path.

"there is".

they slide me an object,

"keep the change"

and they left.

the object was a box reading "the tool of your salvation" it had a note  end the lie, end your __.
I closed up shop,they are right, it was time for a change,
So this is my good bye.
There is no death after death
I was at the edge.
She pulled me back and sobered me why couldn't i do that for her
588 · Oct 2013
Music is my escape,
My clear landscape
Where, with my words a rhythm,
I can balance my optimism and pesimisim.

Music is my love and hate,
Can't you hear my heart beat like an 808.
Blues ,pop and every sound in between,
It's endless symphonies play in my dreams.

I can always depend on you when life gets tough
You make me tremble,cry, puff and laugh.
The last thing I hear every night
Music you are my life.
586 · Nov 2013
Writers block
I'm looking at this paper with no idea what to write,
Because all I would like to sound I've already read.
I'm looking at this medium which voices my thoughts,
But I can't seem to write the right words to paint the picture In my head.
I'm living my life the way I think is right,
But all I feel is my emptiness am I just writing to write?

Where did my inspiration go.
I'm looking at this paper with no idea what's gonna be another page.
what possibly can I write that would be heard in this day and age?
All saturated, there is no space for my view.
I'm looking in my mind to find a topic but I can't  fabricate one,
Because all I believe in and hold dear has been written.
I'm looking at this piece of paper with no idea what to write, knowing ambiguity won't give these words meaning.
I'm looking at myself by reading my words.
I'm frustrated at myself for this writers block.
I am trying acknowledge myself by admitting I don't have all the answers.
580 · Jun 2015
I do it so I can feel pleasure,
Searching for battle, ***, and treasure.
I take them to be numb as a rock or light as a feather.
They say slow down ,will I? Ha Never.
I ride dragons and keep company with the green lady.
I love this girl because she never questions my fidelity,
I abuse her, burn her on a pire as if for witchery.
Her name is Mary.
I have no god in my pantheon except Eros,
He goes by many names ethanol, E and blow.
He saves me from monotony, its nagging like a stubbed toe.
He runs the world like a ring master at a circus show.
We are lions being whipped and taunted
Because to fill the void is all we wanted.
Another part of my muses series on lusts addict family member hedonism
579 · Dec 2013
I play my part
I am a boy who doesn't know the worth of a dollar

I play my part.

I am a friend who is there for his even if they don't know

I play my part.

I am a lover who knows how to lift your spirt even when the love is only shared by me

I play my part.

I am a console to those who think they are alone

I play my part.

I am an ingrate who doesn't appreciate the sacrifices you have made

I play my part.

I am a smile that hides the sadness on the other side

I play my part.

I am the one who listens even when no words are spoken

I play my part.

I am a hypocrite who preaches but rarely practices

I play my part.

I know what I want and never what I need

I play my part.

I am who I am so no one can say I am worthless because,
I play my part.
568 · Jan 29
Self serving
‪petty and selfish,‬
‪The path to peace, no recourse.‬
‪I have no remorse.‬
I'm aware it's a petty precarious peace... but peace none the less especially when she stays out of reach.
564 · Jun 2016
Nez boy//Chronomentrophobia
You've been with me from the start,  
Our distance couldn't be shorter but we are so far apart .
I miss the times we would sing for no reason.
I miss our poems written almost by our feelings.
We found happiness in the compositions of our plain
but looking back I'm clearly not the same.

The world is hardening me,
It broke my dome protecting my reality.
I lost the trust, the bank is closed,
Even in lust the lack of love shows
Because for one you need the other.
Injaka turned  into strays
my brothers, I now call them cain
But how was I able?
I was their dawg...see now I had no seat at the table.

I'm  confused I don't know what to do,
I know it is because I'm losing you.
Want to go back to the old days so we can do it the old ways.
how are we in the same place but I can barely rocognize your face?
The cities lights dazzal my sight
The cold numbs me on these city nights
The monotony is draining my will to fight i see this when i think "What would i even write?".

I wonder how you'd feel if you could see the new me.
I do know one thing I  miss you,
the old Manezi.
Injaka- south african slang meaning  friend  stems from the word inja which means dog

Losing my self
555 · Jun 2015
A suffocating love
I love you.
I want nothing but the best for you.
You love me
But you just don't want to be hurt by me;
Your passive aggressive threats,
Your unwarranted mistrust of me,
The constent questions, the tests.
Love is supossed to fly and be free,
But all I feel is loves firm grip on my throat its talons digging in to my very soul,
Bleeding me of my empathy.
Am I in this love to fulfill a role?
Is this now my reality?
I'm cracking under the pressure
My psyche beaten and bruised by your ups and downs.
You say "this is a love that's forever"
I smile at you but this smile hides a frown

I love you but it feels like it needs an -e and a -d
because I don't want the love you give me
I can't take much more of this

Poem in my muses series
554 · Aug 2015
Haiku #9
I'm an observer,
I'm both within and without.
I see all your masks.
In the mist I remeber in the shadows I learn into the crowd I observe
546 · Aug 2018
Interim (to?) peace
This is a new page.
Empty;Deep Love and woes fill;
The former is me?
Fresh start same games but different play that is the sentiment don't want to say anymore
I make myself so happy for no reason then stick my own back,
melancholic acts of treason, cut and measure my own lesions;
a line between pleasure and pleasing.
Not an pessimist nor a type of optimist but a realist who has mastered the execution of delusion and illusion.
Oxymoronic, Guess I'm just human;

Apparently the semblance of a god,
so making something from nothing isn't odd,
but I was given everything from a soul to my bones, hair to my toes;
Even to me who stays in this, sinew and ivory, home the reason is unknown but I know the weight of this form has its toll.

Ties made are rarly cut
more than the material is used,
bonds spirt imbued,
that which feeds hate and love.
My soul is the ocean my form the soil my mind the heavens so it's wisdom guides the toil.
What I put on to my body will seep to the sea, be it poisons or ointments that is to be seen, my wish for foresight seems obscene,
a noxious tint colors the scene
Ah this is but a show, how else can I explain the tragedies sown.

Who wrote this play?
Who paid its commission,
who conscripted us to suffer, no need for permission, no fine print played off as a simple omission?
Actors with no access to backstage
so it is do or die,
freedom in a cage,
the 4th wall blocks our eyes.
we get no reactions for our performance
no real feedback,
so we face our troupe like opponents, for no real reason.
Whilst some seem to flourish in a limelight others perish in darkness
some disappear through trap doors others fly with out harness.

seasoned thespians sometimes show us a way; how to perform our parts, from when they entered the play.
We are told there is a script, so I would say some have forgotten thier lines
but honestly the script has never passed these eyes,
all I know is that somes voices are drowned out by the soundtracks of anxiety and sadness;
The polyrhythms of fear and deafening sound of loneliness and madness
How could the director have this?

That's the purpose of a tragedy; make the watcher feel like they are living lavishly.

Wanted a reason why I find it so tragic.

In the words of Life 'There, you have it.'
Slam tracscribed. I've been reading some tragedies and re-realized that fact can be truly worse than fiction
You speak to me and say "you just waste the day away"
I respond "you could've just said hey" but that's ok.
I light a smoke too your dismay
"Every smoke you have cancer will repay"
I pay you little mind as I ash on the tray
"I smoke my all days because it takes the pain away"
My train of thought you dismissed
I was too far gone in euphoria ,this bliss.
This is a lift i could've never missed.
496 · Jul 2014
As we lie by the berg.
I need to stop this love for the sake of my nerves so what's left of my mind will be preserved, I have a space reserved for you, not for you two if you wanted it to be this kind of sum you shouldn't have said I was the one but you are not to blame alone because I was in the zone when I let you in my home, in my room, way too soon like waking up to the moon.

We had said it was like a dream now my eyes are open and it seems you've sold this dream before, I don't judge but others might've call you a ***** but I'm not like that but I didn't think you were like this...
I told you my fears most hidden from my closest peers and brethren considering confessing to a reverend or a rabbi or a pastor no I will converse with my master Roshi but,
Roshi's very tired
          He's lying on his bed
He's been living with the living
          and dying with the dead.
Relating to L.Cohen.
I can't believe how you're playing me.

**** "love".

**** the fact you like it rough,
My lust would be enough but, you are too perfect to let slip. I want you by my side no reason to hide I am yours you are mine.


What is a perfect person at the wrong time?
A regret and burden on the mind.

It was like a dream so perfectly seamed it seemed life leans to be mean disguising pestilence as cream.
Original Spoken word scribed and structured as it is was said.
I needed to get this off my chest and I know *she* will read this,
477 · Feb 2014
emotional condemnation
I saw you kiss another man last night,
you didn't even try to hide.
You showed me no love last night,
I felt the wind change aswell as the tide.
You didn't say sorry,
it's as if you were saying it was my fault.
Either way I wasn't going to listen to your stories, No I wouldn't humor this insult.
Those lip which I thought were mine,
Laid against a mans I never knew.
Wasn't I present , attentive did I miss the signs,
Was I delusional thinks it was just me and you.
I still took you home,
you dared to smile my way.
This isn't a palindrome ,
it was right in only your way.
I should be furious ,
but currently I'm numb.
But I wonder I'm curious,
did I know this day would come.
When you would test me ,
fastidious about your way to ***** my mind.
What could your reasoning be?
You ask " are we still on for lunch " I say " yeah what time?" .
I don't know why I'm feeling so little ,
in this situation
I guess I'll have to settle ,
for this emotional condemnation.
I have to let her go
476 · Feb 2016
Physical pain? Emotional pain?; All the same, one is for now the other remains.
476 · Jul 2016
Links in the chain,if they fall away when time sways then they play no part in the ka-ching.
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