Greg Jones Jul 17
“You're an asshole”
She says to me on the phone
It looks like she's mad
She’s always so mad.
I went drinking again with my best friends
Instead of having movie night.
I guess I should feel ashamed.

“You're an asshole”
She says to me through text
It’s something I said?
She left me on read.
I think we're fighting again and she pretends
That everything’s alright.
I guess I have to play this game.

I’m an asshole
I know, I’ve heard it all before.
Everything’s my fault.
It’s always my fault.
She takes a look at my flaws and makes it cause
To mold me as she deems.
I’m not animal that she can tame.

She doesn’t seem to
I didn’t mean to
I'll never be who
She wants me to be.
It’s no use.
She can’t accept me,
She’s to blame.
But I must say
Petty looks good on you
Why don’t you make it rain
Since you think you’re so cute

I wish to tell you off
To tell your tainted truth
But I ain’t got the time
To waste my voice on you
I have plenty of my own issues. I have absolutely no time to deal with yours at the same time.
I hadn’t thought of you in years.

To be honest, I put you away in the box of memories of people I simply longer cared for, put the hurt into the deepest part of my soul and laughed the anger away while my best friend and I made plans for matching bathing suits and making lemonades for another summer barbecue we could fondly look back on. It was 3 am and the guy you told me I wasn’t allowed to be friends with, was laughing with me outside of a Taco Bell I knew you hated going to. We were talking about the letter your ex wrote him and I suddenly remember how much you hated your ex.
But god damn, if you two weren’t meant for each other.
I mean, you are basically the same person, same narcissistic, view, same letters where you blamed others when you should have seen what was in front you.  It was through laughing, I realized, I don’t miss, I never missed you to begin with. The day you told me I was a bad friend, a bad person, a person who moved mountains for you and was crushed under the weight, I realized, you gave me the freedom was looking for. I was heart broken at first, but then I realized friendships aren’t made from how many years you have known someone, they are made from meeting someone and feeling like you knew them a lifetime. Friendships are unconditional love and respect, something I hadn’t felt the first time you insulted me. I guess what I’m trying to say is, enjoy my Instagram, it’s public and I know you still talk shit about me cause that's just the kind of bitter lemon you are, the kind people leave behind at the Farmer’s Market.
Samuel Louis Feb 5
First me now her
A friendship spent, in a blur
Upset by false deceit
And feeding from petty's teat

Our friendship dead, cold and blue
Enjoy your sweet nothings, only a few
I'm out now, not in this race
I'd like to put you in your place

You cause me grief, heavy like a bolder
To carry on my back and shoulder
I'm done now, I don't want war
When it comes to you, I want no more
You know
I threw you into the ocean
Watched you flounder
Small and silly.

The ring was barely
Too big
For my little finger
(Probably fit just right on your cock)

I threw it too—
A stony life preserver
For the small-dicked
And emotionally stunted.

I hope you hate yourself,
I hope your time below the surface
Is all
Baking soda and sardines.

You fucking sadboy
You bigot in sheep’s clothing
You needy, whiny little

The ocean was the best
That could have
Happened to you

Remember that
When you

Khaniek Aug 2017
It's a constant beating in your chest..
The love that you confessed, the feeling now you are unsure of..
Is it tearing you apart slowly?
When you rest between her thighs, when she's close whispering in your ear, when she plays in your hair, do you feel it then?
The love you easily proclaimed; this is why I hate men..
That's not fair of me is it? I'll leave it be.
I hope the pulsing of your manhood after you've reached your capacity and the release you get be as pleasurable as any can be.
I hope it satisfies your never ending need to rest between the thighs of maybes..
Damere Jul 2017
What does being petty do for you?
Is it just a coping mechanism to help you get through?
Does it help you mask the truth?
Even though you try to hide what it really is, you knew.
So from this moment forward, what do you do?

The way I see it, you have two options:

You can sit back and let the toxins sink deep inside your self conscious as you go over your losses until you feel nauseous

Or you can take it on the cheek, accept defeat and keep on moving with that last ounce of dignity that lives from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet

You could hit the book and write out an entire dissertation that honestly gives a one sided explanation of the creation of your situation.
The status gets posted for your audience
But that post wasn't for them, it's obvious

It was personally for you because you felt that you finally found a person that you can put your faith into.  But , they took that trust and threw it out to the dogs for them to chew

Being petty doesn't stop the pain, posting it on social media just covers your hurt up like a temporary bandaid
To truly get over the shame , stop placing blame,

Show that individual that you can be the bigger adult
Quit with pettiness, cut out those insults
madyson shaye Jul 2017
as I get older, my patience starts to grow weak.
I no longer have the ability to keep my head above water in situations that just require a simple swim,
I'm not sure if that has something to do with being wiser and knowing my efforts mean very little or if I now just wholeheartedly believe in the idea of justice.
justice is a funny concept, because no matter what happens,
what road we take,
end we choose
or goodbye that is argued, cried over and finally settled on,
my chest will never settle and my heart will never stop crying out in regretful agony knowing a person gets to continue on their life with pieces of me in their pocket.
they get to decide when to think of me-
driving by my favorite bookstore,
when somebody mentions a place I used to work,
running into my old friends and hugging them with undeserved joy- they get to decide when to look back at memories and when they want to smile, cry or laugh.
they get to decide what parts of me live on inside of their memories,
and what they'd simply rather forget.
she has pieces of me I will never get back, and it isn't enough that one day ill be a person she never touched,
never knew.
I have so much love inside of me, so much good, and ill never let anybody take that again.
these letters might sound bitter, but they are just a reminder to know what giving myself away means.
these are things ill never be able to get back, undo, take away,
but still-
I know this feeling won't stop me from handing them out,
as freely as people will accept them.
I have so much love to give.
Sarah Robinson Apr 2017
I'm not sure if I should complain anymore
Maybe this is my fault, I literally chose this life
Clothes on the floor, in the bathroom, overflowing everywhere
And she sleeps comfortably
4 more weeks
Lights burning until 5 am when you should probably be asleep because we both know you'll probably sleep through your 8 am, 8:15 am, 8:30 am alarms
And your classes, how many have you missed this semester?
Don't even reply
I chose this life the moment I chose to live here
But I didn't choose you
I didn't choose random civilians sleeping on our floor
Only to be alerted to their random comment on our behavior at 6 am when it's dark and the last thing a girl wants to hear in the midst of darkness is an unfamiliar male voice
4 more weeks
I did not choose your habits
The dishes have been piling up and
Is that mold on your sponge, don't answer that either
You laugh at the strangest things and maybe there shouldn't be a smile on your face while holding sharp objects
I did not choose my polar opposite in the worst possible way
We are like literal day and night and I never thought that I would hate it this much
4 more weeks
Just 4 more and then nothing but the bliss of being alone again in a safe place
My space
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