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empty seas Nov 14
do not try to avenge me
i can take care of my **** self
do not hate
and be petty
and say it’s okay
because she hurt me too, right?
sorry honey, you’re wrong

do not hate in my name
for that is not who i am
your actions affect more than just you
and you make me look bad

go ahead
roll around in the mud with her
be hateful and petty and say it’s okay
because you love me and would never
hurt me
she said that too
i don’t buy that ******* anymore

if you’re going to be *****
i’m gonna stay clean

my friends are being petty to my awful ex
yeah, she was awful, but when you use my relationship as an excuse to be petty it makes me look bad
oh man I am angry
I just want to forget about that awful period of my life (one of my worst so far) but I can’t do that when they talk about it all the ******* time
anyway rant over
Missy Marie Nov 8
it's not that I'm jealous
of your new girlfriend.
it's just that I want you
to realize
you made a mistake.
I am the better choice and
I want you to die
yearning for me,
sometimes you have to get the pettiness out
Charlotte Oct 17
You know, I used to think you were everything,
You were ***'s Special gift.
Around you I was so giddy,
I felt like dancing to swing.  

I used to think the sun shone out of your ***.
I died inside each time I could make you laugh.
I got down on my knees to pray for you at mass.
I wanted my love for you commemorated on my epitaph.

Your name *** everywhere I turned.
I thought they were signs so harder I yearned.

But time is a funny thing.
With it, what was once a  gentle caress,
Can become a bitter sting.

With time I learned you weren't ***'s gift,
You were just a *******.

Around you my heart still flutters and beats too fast,
But only because you're an *******,
And I want to kick your ***.

I still pray for you, but only because you've lost a good thing (me).
It's done, I've finally broken the spell (free).

Truth is, I really do see your name everywhere,
But only because your name is that generic.
You're not a gem, you're not that rare,
My wasted time is tragic.

This poem is mean and petty,
I'm usually more kind and demure.
But right now my words are cool and steady,
Things are different now, of that you can be sure.

I've said goodbye, I've shut the door.
I used to love you more than life itself,
But now I love me more.
I really wish I wasn't this petty.
Arcassin B Oct 15
By Arcassin Burnham

I got a lot",
On my plate,it needs to stop,
can't be friends with these here cops,
cause I'll be the target they spot,
still breathing while the sun is hot,
keep these lil'kids off the block,
I got a lot.

Putting aside my Petty squabbles and failures,
Writing the ups and downs as I go, theres no letters,
Feeding my conscious mind to a higher being,
Escaping this world is a must ,if you know what I mean,
Hard enough to know thy self,
All the things we consume will melt,
Our brains , the corporations gives thanks,
We drown an ignorance like a scuba tank.
we got alot*.

Indebted shadows prey on a prayer
They drink up their glories and sins,
While contending for souls so rare
And endow nails upon my skin:

Clever born,
And silver to the bone.
Now mutely grey in tone.

Win our war in Rome!”
They break,
They lie,
And never came home.

Please never,
This threat
I sever,
Too clever
to lie.

Faulty sins hoist a ****** banner
While goodness is only a trend,
And foes are convenient in manner
Convenience: a conclusive friend.

Too clever to lie
What a convenience am I
Am I: your conclusive friend;
Answer as to why
You raise the stakes high
When you have no soul to lend?
Random write
Greg Jones Jul 17
“You're an *******”
She says to me on the phone
It looks like she's mad
She’s always so mad.
I went drinking again with my best friends
Instead of having movie night.
I guess I should feel ashamed.

“You're an *******”
She says to me through text
It’s something I said?
She left me on read.
I think we're fighting again and she pretends
That everything’s alright.
I guess I have to play this game.

I’m an *******
I know, I’ve heard it all before.
Everything’s my fault.
It’s always my fault.
She takes a look at my flaws and makes it cause
To mold me as she deems.
I’m not animal that she can tame.

She doesn’t seem to
I didn’t mean to
I'll never be who
She wants me to be.
It’s no use.
She can’t accept me,
She’s to blame.
But I must say
Petty looks good on you
Why don’t you make it rain
Since you think you’re so cute

I wish to tell you off
To tell your tainted truth
But I ain’t got the time
To waste my voice on you
I have plenty of my own issues. I have absolutely no time to deal with yours at the same time.
I hadn’t thought of you in years.

To be honest, I put you away in the box of memories of people I simply longer cared for, put the hurt into the deepest part of my soul and laughed the anger away while my best friend and I made plans for matching bathing suits and making lemonades for another summer barbecue we could fondly look back on. It was 3 am and the guy you told me I wasn’t allowed to be friends with, was laughing with me outside of a Taco Bell I knew you hated going to. We were talking about the letter your ex wrote him and I suddenly remember how much you hated your ex.
But *******, if you two weren’t meant for each other.
I mean, you are basically the same person, same narcissistic, view, same letters where you blamed others when you should have seen what was in front you.  It was through laughing, I realized, I don’t miss, I never missed you to begin with. The day you told me I was a bad friend, a bad person, a person who moved mountains for you and was crushed under the weight, I realized, you gave me the freedom was looking for. I was heart broken at first, but then I realized friendships aren’t made from how many years you have known someone, they are made from meeting someone and feeling like you knew them a lifetime. Friendships are unconditional love and respect, something I hadn’t felt the first time you insulted me. I guess what I’m trying to say is, enjoy my Instagram, it’s public and I know you still talk **** about me cause that's just the kind of bitter lemon you are, the kind people leave behind at the Farmer’s Market.
Samuel Louis Feb 5
First me now her
A friendship spent, in a blur
Upset by false deceit
And feeding from petty's ****

Our friendship dead, cold and blue
Enjoy your sweet nothings, only a few
I'm out now, not in this race
I'd like to put you in your place

You cause me grief, heavy like a bolder
To carry on my back and shoulder
I'm done now, I don't want war
When it comes to you, I want no more
You know
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