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A world where nothing is everything
and the children are seen as ignorant fools
Shielded hopelessly with a see-through blindfold
A family fights over nothing important
Except to them it's the balance of their future
Petty little snipers, killing off the hated
bullied for a simple little mole
lost in a sea of individuals wearing the same masks
People saying that they're the ones who know best
A phrase repeated flying over her head
'This is how the world works
it takes no breaks for you
it doesn't stop to heal your pain
so keep on going anyways'

And I am tired of hearing something I already knew.
Before uende tizi,usikule ndizi,that could make you feel uneasy,nowadays injili naspread bila bibles,the only player kwa hii game anacheza na bi-*****,hii si  kujichocha ni  vile skills nimeobtain kwa makocha,luku safi na maganji kwa toja,na hi I dunia ni ya sir God so kaa unategea downfall yangu my friend utangoja.

Art inatoka kwa heart,PETTY POET is about to change ile narrative imekuwepo,my lines are full of flavour kaa ni diss unapokea kichapo,ni  heri uko mnaeza kula vako,huku kumekauka kuliko kichwa ya babu owino,na Jana na Leo mayutt daily ni  kilio,promises hamfulfill kisha kwa mbulu unabrag venye  uko na spirit ya kuokolea,zote mauongo,I wish ningekuwa na kalamu ni-underline na rangi iliyokolea.

Kama ni  uhondo unatafuta songea,si kubrag ni course ya success nilisomea,daily  nikiota nagrow ka mmea,kila mtu  ana-views tofauti huwezi sikia nikikusemea,ukibehave abnormally tunakutreat normally,si  wasapere pekee wanapenda mali ata  mayoh utaskia wakisema no-mali,

Hii time short nimespend apa  nilikuwa na blessings za mama no wonder sijastammer,kama nimekubamba scratch kwa tenje uniseti stage name sijaplan kuhama.
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Many are those who ask how I came up with my stage name,let me this out,from the day I knew I could use my blood-inked pen to exhaust my mind and heart,it has never been tthe same,when I was fifteen years old,"sometimes what you see as PETTY might turn to be PLENTY and splendid," that's what I was told,back then I knew less about poetry all I did is disgrace myself on church stage,TEARDROPS poems was what I made mimicry off,so talkative I didn't know my voice combined with a bit of skills was all I needed to make words speak sense,on a stage sometimes back I could perform three lines and the rest...let me laugh a bit....hahaha! My brain which on backstage was flowing lines of matured pieces and poems and now my brain's empty not comparisonable to that of a small kid.
    I come from NGONG a place known to hold the mathare  slums,its from this slums that told me the poetry art and everybody claps,its from this slums that I obtained my daily bread,its from this slums that the tag PETTY POET came to spread,I decided to choose the stage name for if one has to begin a journey from the first stairs,then the English dictionary spills the beans,"PETTY is someone or something of secondary rank,no importance," and as their brains serve them,they think that we people from the slums and of secondary rank couldn't do anything of importance,so PETTY POET is a poet who comes from that humble background and with the vast experience in the writing of poems and spokenword and plans on delivering as mature poems as possible that's PETTY POET
Written and published by,PETTY POET
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Ask me and I shall tell you the flavour of fake love,don't laugh,it ain't a joke or maybe love is the reason why am so broke,you talk of peace of mind,I never taste the "sweet love" as they tend to call it,maybe am too old fashioned or am just too old to understand this,don't mind,all I know is that genuine love does not exist,don't resist because I only know the flavour of fake love and so ask me and I shall tell you the flavour of fake love.
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Grace May 10
I don’t write to get called good
I write to be understood
Do you understand?

I don’t write for petty praise
That would be a waste of my days
My poems are my own extended hand

I just want people to see
What it’s like to be me
And who I really am

Though my poems are called “good”
I am still misunderstood
When will somebody understand?
Elle Vee Apr 28
Why can't we forget
How the weeds grew in our yard
The ones we  removed
-Goat Apr 27
All around me I see houses with beautiful yards
yet my home is built with nothing
but spare parts
It's not about what you have to show, it's about how much you fought to be able to show it
(kind of a stretched rhyme but whatever, right?)
Taylor Mar 24
we are expected to be held
to a certain standard of living
in which we maintain our facades
and navigate the web of lies
the society has trained us to say
in certain situations that call for them
at what point did we decide
to care about what society thinks
who decided that skinny was good?
and blond hair and blue eyes was perfect
and a dark tan meant good health
that certain brands meant you were a high-roller
at what point did we start giving a ****
about what the worlds standards were
at what point did we lose ourselves
and become tiny pieces of each other
at what point did we become pieces of everybody else
its sad to see we are made of pieces of others
at what point did we lose ourselves
and forget who we really are
i forgot who i was finally
staring into the glare
of a fiery future of people
who are mindless drones
of society
lately I've been noticing everyone is losing themselves and becoming what society wants
C F Mar 16
I have no mercy
For you
Any longer.

I wish I did.

I won't surrender
I can't.

I've come too far
On my own journey,
Yes. I'm not a heartless villain
Like Disney.

I can feel it destroying me
I am a child of anger
Until the battle is done.

I can feel it
Burning in my veins
The rage
In my blood

You stepped too far
You pushed too far
You thought you were safe.

You thought you were

But people talk
And talk
And talk
And now I'm done.

You don't seem to understand
That you need to run

Because I know more than he does
And you're naive
If you think I won't tell him.

You can sleep for today
But tomorrow we fight.
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