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head on the floor
to be less notorious I ask
laughing in the record

absurd mind
petty voices
welcome, home they said.
I was bad ...guess still
Poetic T Aug 24
You were

the one

    I wish I hadn't wasted.

As some dreams turn
           in to nightmares.
Paras Bajaj Jul 25
no one is ready to come close,
everyone is afraid of getting hurt.
deep down, no one knows what they want
yet everyone is trying to wash away the dirt.

no one is ready to climb your walls,
everyone is afraid of falling down.
deep down, no one knows how to reach
yet everyone is trying to win the crown.

no one is ready to accept who you are,
everyone is afraid of what might they see.
deep down, no one knows what to show
yet everyone is trying to perceive what they believe.
The Spider Jul 16
Tuesday, July 16th

To my darling ex boyfriend, whom I thought was divine but instead was a divine joke:

It feels like ****** being shot through my addicted veins.
Like I'm on a high and I can't come down.
It feels like I'm flying above the clouds,
Through the stars and into extraterrestrial territory.

It's almost a sick feeling.
So good that I might just throw up from it.
I'm woozy and light headed but I can't help but smile
At the thought of your panic.

I've outed you.
Your secret is known to the public world now.
You've already lost at least one friend,
and now I wonder how you'll feel when you lose more.

You can call me petty if you want to;
cold-hearted, even.
But you should've known never sneak up on a Black Widow.
If you do,

It's clear that you'll be bitten.

-The Spider

Don't mess with spiders.
Nelsya May 19
Tricks could be dangerous
if it was done
by the wrong people

Disguised in pretty lips
and polished words
they were trained to manipulate

Be careful not to get caught
in their petty tricks
that are disguised in fancy lies

So it is best
to think before you absorb
and to have a mind of your own
nsp Apr 7
"Rock Dove"
what *******
you're a pigeon
a cloud rat
a winged flea circus
if cancer doesn't get you,
a car wheel will
you'll become a corpse to step over
an inconvenience
a meal for real rats
but fear not, pigeon
there is beauty in your death
a collective relief  
that you're no longer here.
You wanted words?
Well here you go!
So watch what you're spreading,
Take care what you sow-
Because some of us aren't willing
To take a knee in your crap;
Some of us have worked hard
To be where we're at.
And I hope you get behind that-
Change your ways, make it right;
Because I won't be here the next time
To listen to your tripe.
After all,
I don't know you,
But you tried slander on for size;
Buried my morning
Under a mountain of lies.
I've had enough!
And I think it's high time
To make a decision,
to make up your mind-
About what kind of person
You d rather be-
The kind who grows up?
Or the ******* I see?
I wish you the worst,
There was no reason for this!
Unless, by a miracle,
There's something I missed-
Like a problem you had,
That you've said nothing about-
Some stupid concerns
That you can't even spit out?
It's not my problem.
I really don't care,
What you do with that black soul
And head full of air.
All I know is I'm ANGRY!
All I feel is DESPAIR.
And if you're going to hell,
I won't see you there.
The curtains twitch... in my street,
They pretend to be rich... in my street,
The gossips thrive... in my street,
But they’re barely alive... in my street,

The big cars come and go,
They all reap what they sow,
They pretend and they trick,
Atmosphere is so thick,
I’m the **** of their jokes,
And they pinch, and they poke,
But they fail to agree,
That I see what I see,
What I see, is the truth,
I will shout from the roof,
They can’t judge me at all,
For I’ve seen where they crawl,
but my lips they stay tight,
For there will come a night,
When they will see me see,
And they’ll understand me,

People talk... in my street,
People stalk... in my street,
A massive game... in my street,
We’re all the same... in my street..
I watch people a lot.. not in a creepy way, but I observe, and people love to gossip, and judge, but they forget, they are just the same as the rest of us, only, they, don’t SEE it!
(C) [email protected] 29 /03/2019
Arduino Mar 11
I hope you always have an itch but no nails

I hope you always jjjuuuust miss every sale

I hope you never make enough to go all out

And I hope every night you dream about how your teeth fall out

I hope you always have to use a charger at a weird angle

A rock in both your shoes and sand in your sandals

I hope it pours when you go outside
the AC broke inside
Plus you got left by your ride
And your phone just died
And that charger just decided it won't charge anymore

I hope when your lonely the only knock is a cop at the door

And I hope you never find the right size at a store

I hope they always get your order wrong

And over charge you plus give the wrong change back that you spill a soda on

I hope you always leave extra early and still catch traffic

I hope all your lighters get stolen and can't use a matchstick

I hope you always stub your toe
As your car gets towed, and your crows feet grow

I hope your always thirsty with no water

But when you get it every sip just gets hotter

I hope the shoelace in your hoodie is always lost in the middle
And the zipper gets caught and you always struggle a little

I hope you always get a hair in your meals

I hope you get so sunburnt that it burns til you peel

I hope you never have reception or get a station
And always get in to fights over simple miscommunications

I hope you're always under dressed, unless you're over dressed
And stain all your clothes
So in the end you're still a mess

I hope you never know that I've just rapped this for you

So you go on living life with the unanswered question of why this always happens to you
Go accidentally drop your paycheck in the public toilet.
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