Motherfucking rubberneckers
clogging up the lanes
slowing down all the traffic
they're the ones, too blame

Motherfucking rubberneckers
they don't even know, you're there
a hundred cars behind them
oblivious, no cares

Motherfucking rubberneckers
looking too see the wreck
a morbid fascination
stupidity, unchecked

Motherfucking rubberneckers
this, my rant today
Motherfucking rubberneckers
too insipid and too stupid
to get the fuck outta
the way

Traffic was backed up for miles, ya get all the way to the issue, and it's on the other-side of the separated highway.
Ya can see the necks swivel like a robot performing a non intricate task, ad-nauseum. I believe the human race has hit the tipping point in intelligence, and is now on the downslide back to the slime that birthed us. :|

I don't often swear, but when I do, I drink Dos Equis, repeatedly...

How steamy can you get?
how sexy, sultry, hot, erotic?

Words, burning desires
seductive and so sensual
maybe they're, robotic

The ins and outs
ups and downs

Stories, burning up the paper
a wiggle here, or maybe there
gyrations, all around

In the mind, dreamy lines
about thoughts in the brain

So massage the Id
and know you did
as cumming back
time and
time, again

Cum down into my sewer
find me amongst the dirt, and grime
we'll play and show and do some things
and have, a damn good, time
Ash Seville Nov 23

my lover,
let us own the night.
the candles, our witnesses
the velvet sheets, our jury.
play the murderer for
i yearn to be
your victim.
commit your crime
and free yourself from
your prison.
let time be in sync with our movement;
let lust be named love

Larry Dixon Nov 14

I slowly slide my hand down your spine.
I run them to your hips, as I kiss you’re perfect lips.
I look deep into your eyes until you beg for all nine.
I start to slip in the tip as we dig in with our fingertips and tighten our grips.

I push in half the shaft.
Our hearts race and we lose all sense of control.
It begins to feel like some type of witchcraft.
We are so engulfed in pleasure that we touch each other’s soul.

Our bodies finally connect and become one.
Being inside you makes me lose all sense of reality.
The lines that separate dreams and reality have come undone.
Everything that could be, or set us free are between you and me.

At this time we both finish.
And our sexual urges diminish.

Talley Nov 8

i feel like i'm
only good enough
when i'm fucking
                   some man,
some one,
                   some ungrateful fuck,
just for fun.
one that will forget about
me once we're done,
or he's done, but that
won't matter
because he won't
tell any one.
unless he's one of
those who just can't
move on.
or one who insists that it
didn't matter to him
or any of his previous failed loves.
every so often, he will give me
the option of not lying on my stomach.
so i don't have to bite my tongue for
the sake of his own blood and his
poor unfortunate soul.

Cné Nov 5

He once said to me...

                 “I would blow warm
                         moist breath through
                                          your toes...
                           I would do all the
                  wonderful things
                to your big toes
                  that you do to me.
                      And most certainly
                         all the tension would  
                             drain onto me...
                               I would draw
                                every last drop
                               from your toes
                          with little messages
                         along the way of my
                      charted course
                         to come up
                      your inner channels.
        Resting in the sensitive eddies  
      behind your knees
  we both breathe fire
    wafting up and down
                         your thighs.”

.... like drips of seduction off his tongue.

And he lingered on, saying...

                   “Flaming lips wafting
             together with desire,
       reaching and pulling
          with firey licks.
       As I slide
   my wet tongue
    on up and hover,
                     you in
                           through my nostrils
                         filling my sex senses.
                       Drunk on your fumes,
                I'm consumed.
           Circling the tip
       of my nose
your hard,
   pearly knot
       feeling the heat
             from your butterfly wings
            my parted lips surounding
          and easing the warmth
     of my soul onto you
with wet hot breath.
   And I ease the length
          of my tongue to rest
      completely over
    your fire breathing wings ,
               warm capable and ready..
                   leaving you in suspense.
                      Sliding ever so slightly
                           and slowly up your      
                              slick silky lips,
                     tightening the tip
                   of my tongue -
                      flick flick
                             flick flick...
             And I look deeply
           into your eyes,
                  into depths
                    you've never known.
                       And then I'll take you
                        all in, with a suction
                           you'll never escape
                             or ever want to.
      Never breaking eye contact
my tongue slides from bottom
        and presses, emphasis
         at the top slowly
        over and over
            settling you in.
                We fall into
                   a oneness
                        and find  
                        our groove.”

And I said...

“I wish I wasn't
still irritated with you
so I could fully
enjoy your seduction.”

It’s my 100th poem and thought I’d do something different. Be kind! XD
Grace Nicole Nov 5

Love hurts like a bitch
But is as pretty as a rose
Little fucker, that love

zebra Nov 5

she didn't know it
but she had been bitten
not really by any body
more like a vision
a strange idea
that caused a gnawing hunger
evoking a devils form
maybe a virus
that consumed her
while groaning as if almost human

she would wake up in the dead of night
imagining vividly
a veiled man
wet with sweat
a blood spilled mouth
raw and naked
sloping between her legs
biting her inner thighs
his teeth like syringes
with a lapping black sapphire tongue
it hurt so
but she let him
strangely she loved every second
and stroked his thick black hair
as he consumed her
and called her mommy
in a thick accent
that reminded her of summer heat
and wild groves

it happened every night
after the terrors
she looked forward to it
she would wait
her cunt an oozing wound
and recite

come sweet demon
come and eat
drink your fill
my blood is sweet

my flesh is willing
my soul is yours
do what thou wilt
on all fours

come to me
this very night
crack my bones
do it right

will i die
a long slow death
keep drinking love
take my breath

my nipples hard
bite me deep
my legs spread wide
you are my creep

i need you so
your blood fuck berry
don't stop now
my clit is cherry

finish this thing
you started cruel
i need you so
watch me drool

now i slip
take it all
kisses tender
watch me fall

a dark abyss
veins run dry
hold me close
let me die


she wept
she loved the pain
almost finished
dissolved like rain

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