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thyreez-thy Feb 3
here i am sitting down thinking of the past
trying so hard to hold on, make the memory last
just looking around, trying to repeat "it's cool"
but i know that i'm just fortune's fool
looking around people look all the same
wondering what is the world, it's all a shame
the world has gone dark since when I was young
so many words unsaid, like songs unsung
i wish it could be like it was back then
now it seems the world is full of evil men
just listen to music, make yourself confined
I mean look around you, there's nothing to find
our eyes forgot what it's like to cry
make the heart stiff,of how hard we try
our body often compared to a temple
all the words to make us feel mental
here i am standing in the rain
its the only thing making me sane
done waiting for things to be great
because i'm already tired of my fate
ever get sick and tired, of being sick and tired?
your body and routine like a robot, always wired
think of all the people that you met
how each had there own way to make you upset
just here to wait for the bitter end
rather don't speak, you don't want to offend
like a ****** waiting for her next customer to have "fun"
ashamed, so use to the feeling she  waits patiently for it to be done
so welcome to our world where no one gives a ....
if your trying to enjoy it then i wish you the best of luck
there is no such thing as a sugarcoated truth, only the bitter and painful one
I'm a cherub but i'm far
From innocent
But even my somewhat prepared self
Was far from ready for this.

We met and she made her intentions clear.
Over some drinks at a bar
"I just got out of a relationship and I need
Someone to take my mind off it, think you're up for the job?"

I was shocked at her brutal honesty
So I nodded in agreement
Hoping that maybe, just maybe
I don't wander too far off the deep end
With her this evening...
Mayur dembda Jan 26
She carried that petite black dress
Small and delicately build, Sleeveless and backless
I Had no clue what she was posing for
But trying to hint, getting to me, Step by step.
She made me isolated
Removes the only pin and reveals the mystery
**** it felt like the secret was out
Her body covered with nothing but nakedness.
Reaching my core and my desire.
She popped the champagne the way no one could have and already had me stunned.
Then she made me furious and energetic
But postpones until we had our drinks done.
My lips were unused, I was still dressed
Making me more uncomfortable.
She orders me to lie on the bed
And enters with all the power and inclination.
As I was laid back and felt the flood of emotions
With the captivating smell of the candles.
She felt herself, I felt her
Wetter than any weather
Warmer than any animal
Stripped my skin through her lips
Made my comfort in her discomfort
When In world no one leaves their nakedness open.
that day I deified a stranger’s body.
Explicit and strong language.
Sunshine Jan 23
Love me, with your mouth
Love me, with your hand
Love me, with your tongue
Love me, with your command

I will love your mouth
I will love your hand
I will love your tongue
I will love your command
Let's see how well you take demands
Sunshine Jan 22
It looks almost
To good be true
Stood straight up
So what's a girl to do?

It's always good
to get a little tease
Before you **** it
all in to please.

So I grab it with both hands
Holding it, firm at the hard base.
Craving it so bad,  so glad
it's almost in my face.

My lips are ready
I take it all in
My throat is relaxed
Ready to perform a sin

Some say its *****
It's not like that for me
I love it, I even crave it
it makes me smile with glee

I **** real hard hard
I hold on tight
With one pull done
Good done right

A Milk white coat
Starts to build  to the top
My mouth in place
I Take it all, I don't slop.

Hits my throat
I **** it all
One big haul

I drain it clean
I take a minute to gloat
I wipe my mouth
I smile, I dote.

Laying my head back
I think to myself...

I better clean  up
Because It won't take long
Before I crave the sweet taste.
Of the big
The Huge,
The long
Sweet taste of my
Amelia Jan 1
Lately when you’ve looked at the Facebook chat bar, you’ve noticed names that you haven’t spoken to in a long time.
As if Facebook knows what has happened and is saying “Look! Other people exist in the world! You had a past before all of this.”
Too soon, Facebook.
Even memories excluding him somehow manage to involve him all the same.
You spent 5 years in Toronto, and only at the tail end did you two learn each other and find a love that was ******* brilliant.
And now Toronto is a landmine.
U of T is tarnished and bleak.
The ROM, the TTC,
Every quaint and adorable breakfast cafe, Mexican eatery, Starbucks.
And **** Queen’s Park.
And **** High Park.
**** dog parks too because maybe at some point you walked past one together.
And the bookstore.
Never again.
You loved that bookstore
(it brought you him).
And death to bubble tea, and 0 calorie vitamin water.
(No one should ever experience the misfortune of 0 calorie vitamin water, but it’s a memory, so it hurts).
And **** board game cafes. Even though the only game you actually managed to finish was Jenga.
But that’s because you were falling for him and you would rather talk for hours than look away from his face to read too-long instructions.
Catan could wait.
A different world ago you suffered in a city too congested for the likes of your small-town spirit.
And somehow you found life there.
Would have gone back there.
And he will never know.
KingOfHearts Oct 2018
Sweetly loving on my lips, swooning when you grab my hips
Sweet as honey with every sip, causing my intoxication
To bite your lip, and grin at me, drowning me deeper in serenity
Your lovely tongue, oh my, a heatwave to my mind
You've awestruck me with many waves of this pleasure
Strong enough to send the innocent into whiplash
You handsome brute, taking everything else out of my sight
My legs turn to jelly when you hold me so tightly, I've lost this fight
Causing waves of commotion a force of ***** insanity forming

Let my melody drug you, Our experience won't be boring
As my seductive lips craft your every moan, calling me, echoing
Your eyes fall back and you'll fall into a rippling sensation of bliss
All along I've been your gift
Making dreams come true in just the simplicity of a kiss
Sometimes love bites
But, you like that I insist
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