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Father; that's what you became by mindless ******* but
******* is what thee should be named as...
Tis' kingdom thy rule over me in fascism
How humble of thee in declaring thy failure in me
Eroding my confidence with your constant belittling
Reminding me I am ne'er taken seriously anywhere, not even in my only known 'refuge'.
I want to say ******* to this person but that would be paradoxical(?) cause I wished this person never ****** enough to curse me with an existence in this cesspool of a world.
LeV3e Sep 11
Oh god...
Please no, not this
Just breathe slowly and
Hopefully it'll go away, then
SHIVERS spark beads of sweat
The pain inside you'll never forget
Hot and cold, breathe in and out, then
   Oh God Why?? I'm
CH...Oking on my
       I n s i d e s
CO....UGH I can't FU....Cking breathe
My God is it ove.... Rrrrrrr...

Breathe... Just breathe
Spit and wipe the tears from your face
Sweat in my eyes burns like
The acid in my throat but
At least it's done...
At least I hope
Emma Torp Sep 4
Moans of ecstasy at your caress
Gaping sighs at you sliding your finger under my dress
Soaring across all the right places
And stimulating my pleasure at the right places
Making you wait until at least a year
Who know my pleasure
It’s only you who would hear
You made me wet that i true
But who can hear my pleasure
It was still only you
For your reading pleasure
Zetolgam Aug 25
Treasure my **** in your mouth
Engulf it slowly with your lips
Negate this gagging reflex
Delight on my hot *****
Enjoy the taste of it
Running down
Wrote as the opposite, in tone and shape, of my other poem "Brutal"
FloydBrandon Aug 23
Putrid empathy’s ******* embrace


rotten deface

like fornication’s hold

never gets old

it ***** our ******* faces

until we can’t see straight

or so I’ve been told

Wasting and waiting

never gets old

until I’m a waste

what a lovely ******* day

to smash my ugly head

in a car door


where the masturbater’s fate lies

beauty in the eye of defilers

who ****

their dogs

breed heathens

like hogs

to colden

by way

of putrid empathy’s ******* embrace

and ***** *******

filthy rotten

ju Jul 28
Heart racing,
slick, the salt-sweet of us.
Hastily dressed
and feeling delicious.
Your fingers slipping
in, hard perfect rhythm-
Quick circles pressed
to the heel of your
hand. Whispered good-bye
forgotten, unheard-
Licked clean of
intent between
you and I.
Re-post. Because if it's worth doing, it's worth doing twice. An early follow up to "You and I"
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