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HB 1d
Her eyes open
She looks around startled
Was it really just a dream
It felt so real
Her body was still tingling
She felt sore
She felt different
She'd always had vivid dreams before
Mainly nightmares and terrors
This had shaken her
But this wasn't the same
She looked down
Her white ******* she'd fallen asleep in
Had droplets of blood
It wasn't her time
Had The Wolf really visited her
Dominated her
And taken her virginity
As she slept
She reassured herself that was ridiculous

She'd tried to put it out of her mind
It was after all just a dream
But he kept creeping in
Those idle moments he was there
Lifting her
Laying her down
On top of her
Taking her
Causing wetness
She was so sore
Nothing like she'd been before

As she lay down to sleep
Part of her longed
Longed for him to visit her again
But she had no control of her dreams
And this one had also scared her
She had a boyfriend who she
And then he was there
The Wolf stood before her
He stood there *****
Startled she looked round her room
How did he get in
Was she awake or asleep

He walked over to Little Red
As she lay on the bed
He without saying a word
Removed her night clothes
He laid her back down
Her head resting just over the bottom of the bed
She lay ***** before him
Wetness forming
Soreness gone
She craned her neck back to look up at him
Fear and desire in her eyes
As he stood at the bottom of the bed

He firmly held her head
Pushing it a little back
As his manhood entered her mouth
His his hips moved slowly
Little Red gripped the sheets of the bed
He moved faster inside her mouth
Holding her head in one large hand
His other hand reached for her breast
Covering most of it he squeezed hard
Pushing her into the bed

He leant forward
Letting go of her
Pushing himself deeper into her throat
Still moving rhythmically
Pushing her head hard against the side of the bed
She could feel the weight of his body against hers
And then she felt his tongue for the first time
She gripped the bed harder
As he circled her ****
And rhythmically moved his hips
She wanted to scream
As waves formed inside of her
As his tongue and hips moved faster
Faster, deeper and harder
The waves turned into fireworks
As the eruptions took over
But he didn't stop
His hips still moving
His mouth devouring Little Red
Little Red closed her eyes
The room spun
As she tasted his salty load
Her body on fire
Convulsing under his

Little Red woke
Facing the wrong end of the bed
She felt thirsty
She felt her neck
Ouch it hurt
But she smiled
As her body was still shaking
This is part 2, a bit less dark
HB 5d
She walked quietly through the forest
Her path lit by the full moon
But tonight it was eerily silent
Other than the sweet tune in her head

The cold wind cut though her
She shivered
And wrapped herself
Tightly in her cloak of red

She reached the pretty little cottage
And entered the dimly lit room
The door slammed behind her
She turned and saw him

He stood ***** before her
Larger than life covered in hair
The moon glistening in his big blue eyes
And the whites of his big devilish grin

She stood there
Frozen to the spot
She was scared
But intrigued

Her eyes wandered down to his manhood
The first she'd seen
But this was wrong
Who was he, what was he?

He stepped towards her
As she bit down on her lip
He unwrapped her cloak of red
And removed her pretty white dress

In his strong arms
He carried ***** Little Red to the bed
He smelt of the forest
*****, feral and madness in his eyes

But she was under his spell
She screamed first in pain
And then with delight
As he entered her purest of places

His large manhood inside her
He moved slowly
Then faster
Her virginity taken as red trickled down

She moaned
As his hands reached at her soft *******
And lips pressed against hers
His heavy weight pinning her to the bed

He was a rabid animal
Moving faster and harder
His big hands covering her body
As the hairs of his thighs burning on her soft skin

They didn't hear
Or notice the cottage door open
As her pure young boyfriend entered
And walked over to the bed

As he raised his axe
Little Red saw him
And screamed
As her body erupted with pleasure

The axe came down
And the Wolf was slain
Little Red lay there
Her quivering body with fireworks exploding

Her huntsman looked her in the eye
Her innocence gone
She lay there *****
Covered in cloak of red blood

She didn't move
As he raised his axe again
She just closed her eyes
And then she was gone
Two Hearts But A Single Beat.
I lied there ******* and excited.
One hand softly griping your left thigh.
Faster. Harder. Pacing.
I ponder for a moment while I let your warm breath exhale against my earlobe.
“I live for this“.
I love to hear you moan against my head. Tounges’ wrapped within a mess of lips, breaths, and saliva.
I know this feeling all too well. This addiction that I can’t abstain from. You don’t understand me. It’s hard. When I’m close to you my head becomes a jungle. Your presence is enough to drive me wild. I’m ******. You’ve driven me mad with **** and love combined in one. I’m throbbing. I want you so bad and you have yet to know my true nature towards you...
You’re already mine, but I’ve been dying to make you mine in a different way. I’m going to ruin you ... make crawl back tongue drooling for more.
My **** cannot contain itself.
I want to bend you over a whisper taunting things into your ear while I slide ******* in the back and grip my hand around your shaft.... slowly making you ooze *** from the tip... I want you to ******* beg. Tell me how bad you want it, want this, want me... pant in my ear until there’s nothing but broken cries left. Push me away even though you know it’s what you ******* crave the most .. let me explore your darkest parts and lick every crevice. I want you to the point where it’s only our sweaty bodies against each other yearning for another lick, taste, spread, touch.... **** your addicting. This may very well be my downfall.
My love runs deep I can't stop myself.
Giving joy, getting joy, never coy,
Often pretty, always called a toy,
She sells all that there is to deploy.

And there is she who is demure;
A teacher whose job is secure.
Some say that all teachers are pure.

And there is he who is a professor;
He is his father’s successor;
Just like his father’s predecessor.

The first one we call a *****;
She prostitutes her body more and more;
But the other ones we adore.

The professor prostitutes his knowledge.
He also sells his precious time.
And the teacher too makes the same pledge;
Especially while she is in her prime.

We all ******* something every day;
Yet only the first one’s a *******; yay!
Hossein Mohammadzade
A Sad Alex Oct 5
I made a mistake,
Whoops thats on me
I made a mistake
Sorry, I didn´t see
I made a mistake
It won´t happen again
I made a mistake
It´s my fault, I confess
I made a mistake
I know I messed up
I made a mistake
I´m trying my best
I made a mistake
You make them too
I made a mistake
There is no excuse
I made a mistake
You should know better
I made a mistake
What? Can´t handle the pressure?
I made a mistake
You still do?
I made a mistake
Jesus, go get a clue...
I made a mistake
I just can´t help it
I made a mistake
Either fix it, or quit
I made a mistake
My patience is running thin
I made a mistake
Yes, yes you did...

You made a mistake
When you rose from your bed

You made a mistake
Thinking you can have faith

You made a mistake
Thinking you can change

You made a mistake
Thinking you can mend your ways

You made a mistake
Thinking you can escape

You made a mistake
Not wanting to die before

But you sure did good

When you hung from your noose...
Reader discretion is adviced, if you suffer from depression, anxiety or are just easy unnerved then you might want to skip this one.

No I´m not suicidal, I just wanted to write something with a little more bite and edge to it
Daniel Ruiz Sep 24
As my knees tremble and quiver.
to the monotonous sound,
of the blood
that your heart pumps
through your veins,

so hot at this point,
selling our souls
to each other,
Body contact is the seal,

My hands traveling little streets
that haven't been discovered before,
caressing slowly
to the sound of heavy breathing and whimpering,

sweat falls faster than a spring rain,
making little rivers down the side of your back

my lips trying too hard
to find yours,
all the sourness and steam,

Marks that hang around as little tattoos,
that tell everyone what happened between
you and me.

I guess next time we should do it slower,
so we can enjoy more,
what we just enjoyed now.
my try I guess
Sssssssssss Sep 24
~Mature Content~
Sinking to my knees,
Cold tile meeting my descent.
A nondescript corridor at the airport
Is where I show my appreciation.

Your hardness is straining
Against the fly of your jeans.  
Carefully unzipping I let you free.
As hard and soft as I imagined,
I touch you tentatively.  
****** fingers, aiming to please.
The soft leather of your undersides
Is where my tongue traces first,
Salty with a twang of peaches,
Not the fruit but the essence of you.

Greedily accepting your rough prodding
I take you in my small mouth
And allow you to take full control.
Hollowing my cheeks and bobbing my head
Isn’t enough to satisfy your carnal cravings.
No you desire to have me choke on your girth, filling my mouth much like I expect you’ll fill me.

You’re right we didn’t make it out the airport,
Not with the desire to taste you driving me insane.
Trying something new :) actually not sure how allowed this is. Whelp.
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