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must you wander elsewhere,
selfishly could ever seem,
may you instinctively
seek for me.
How is in the house
Drama, fearsome now, and a gift?
Sordid we knew, the count of thou
Simple reach and prosper, with an eye to lift...

Here, seldom...
The deeds we fated in the shadows
Have a quiet keep, of what hope will love...
The rue and the risk, of vanity that a silence avowed?

Share, sakes...
The pout we made, for avidity to bloom
Security to fare, the court a decision makes...?
Has the silence for a hero, that is the future to groom...

Clarity, sense...
Has us by the toe, like a fruit...
Of simplicity to step forward and make amends
That seem to be ours, to worth and reveal to you, a tongue mute?

Savagery, sides...
Regret for a friend found in the times, a wish
We shall reason, is a recreation of soulless pride...
We deceived from a poignancy, with a kiss...

Now, is in the none
Achingly, our sincerity is a fashion of prodigy
Where in a thought, all of a tout to see the sanity of since all along
Took and never mistook, for a phantom of privilege, we mean...
Do I chew soap, when I press for a lover's cope ... yes, lover, the cleaner the whole, the better the truth eats...
Haven't even shed Crocodile tears
Calloused feet and scaled back,
the tear and wear.

Biting wildly and deeply into what feeds me
That desperation is the toll it has me in a death roll
This whirlwind of drip grit and flames; while spinning in the mud I can have no shame.

My pride deluded me to think of myself as an ancient king of lakes and streams.
Watering holes or beachfront property
On a sunny day, my kind knows harmony
We only know war At the movement of opportunity.
A Petty precarious peace treaty:
Survival of the fitness; closed mouths don't get fed
Survival instinct; if you don't eat you'll be the one who loses an arm and a leg

How can I even shed Crocodile tears
When I've become the dread
Adapting or remembering. Was it the blood in my veins or the blood that's washed These eyes.
David Hilburn Jul 2022
Guarantee the valley...
Sweat and simple salt
Shared by constant, and fluent reasons
The tale of taste in a long run, for a hidden fault

Twists of fate, insists of courtesy
The truth be told, I have no problem
With wisdom, the tale of evidentiality
But a wise more, to finish anger, is our whim

Latent, the sobbing of a charisma
Sweet endeavor, do I seem the better of others?
When a promise of significance, is ours for the only dilemma
That will make liberty, a levity in justice, the irony of lovers?

We have the time, to tell you another story...
Through the timid shall, the world has a future to beautify
With all of a sincerity's bloom, a pyre to worry?
And the coming victory of self and same, a lucre we identify

With hatred...
Here to say, in language we see, is an assured privilege
The tows of compelling a home to sing the body lead
To wishes in the name of God, is anywhere here and now, a legend?

Poise of a common nose, to the grindstone
Welcome us to the table of vice, like a halt of decency
Among the clouds or finished with sunshine early, we have sown
The new, with now, the needs of all; any soul to show humanity...
A banana split from hell and back...
My Dear Poet Nov 2021
I took advice from a fox
about survival and natural law
It spoke to me about cunningness
and how to trap birds within your jaw

I took advice from that bird
laying stiff in its mouth and still
about the ways one catches worms
and the early rise for their meal

I took advice from the worm
squirming in it’s beak from a brook
about all the fish it once had caught
and how in everything theres a hidden hook

I took advice from life itself
searching for secrets to survive
the difference between good and bad
and how Karma is killing us alive
can we be more than animal?
venture outside of,
basic instinct.
let me be more than,

be more than how i think.
can we be more than animal?
Mystic Ink Plus Jan 2021
I wish
Everyone should know
A basic

A basic
Recipe of happiness

In love
One naturally trusts
And when
The soul is in fire
Let there be love
Let there be us
Genre: Almost Romantic
Theme: Regardless
Author's Note: Soul gazing is not a month or a year long project. It is for this lifetime and then after. And it remains.
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