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the stature of a tree
deeply rooted in the softness of the ground
intertwined and entangled in nature
driven by an unexplainable instinct
to bear down in a soil damp with rain
roots dug further to earths core
a satisfaction of nature’s fulfillment
an act defined by a drive all know
blossoms bloom and erupt in beauty
and the breeze sweeps through the branches
as a breathless, tired earth breathes
the ground wraps around the tree
clinging in love and protection
two beings now made one in one act to be whole

there’s nothing wrong with ***
Sara Kellie Jan 16
Hello's come and go
but goodbye's stay forever.
I'll never say hello again.
We can't be together.

Poetry by Kaydee.
Do you follow your head
or your heart?
B Sonia K Dec 2018
That familia voice said to me
Listen to me
Restrain yourself
Your heart is in the right
But examine yourself
Your actions can’t be right
Stay away for some time
Try to be by yourself
Extricate yourself
From emotional dependence
Your life hanging on to impossibilities
The morality line can’t be crossed
Leave your hearts untouched.

I didn’t listen,
And it started
A chain of events
Dominoes falling
Crumbling faster than the speed of light
And now our hearts are breaking
More than was expected
Tears stains covered by a mask of laughter
Stronger than a mouth could utter
I didn’t listen.

I wish I could turn back the hands of time
And ignore the emotional magnet
For we’re now doom’s target
Emotions not worth a dime.
Next time I’ll listen.
Alexander Foe Nov 2018
Sometimes I trust my instinct,
but it tells me to do things in ways
that no one dares
It can implore me there,
to take paths no one walks

I fear the fresh footsteps I make
on the new brick road
I'm a social animal, a human;
doing what others do seems the right
thing to do

Once you're a bit different, society condemns
They raise an eyebrow, they don't give
their consent;
But I've seen great people do great things
Because they had faith in their instincts.

They have the drive to keep going,
To try and even fail.
I'd very much like to do the same,
At least I have real
control over my own doings.

If I succeed, I have only my instincts to celebrate.
If I fail, I have only my flaws to blame.
Everything under my possession,
Ne te quaesiveris extra, as they say
It's your life to do, your life to bear.
JB Nov 2018
Study's show that when you don't trust your gut
you get the wrong answer

I should have trusted my gut
I should have stayed away
it was rocky
you pulled me in and out
like the tide
but you knew your end goal

I let the waves shake me
as I drift
into the unknown
of your heart
your trap
Mark Wanless Oct 2018
claws scratch upward
an instinct of breath -
deep water mouse
Mystic Ink Plus Oct 2018
Just few

And the last, but
Most trustworthy
The Pain
Genre: Experimental
Theme: Pain is the strength, it teaches how to grow above it.
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