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Empty;Deep Love and woes fill;
The former is me?
Fresh start same games but different play that is the sentiment don't want to say anymore
Seema Mar 2018
I rather not shout,                      to provoke certain spirits
                               In gain of my own      
                                                           Why should I dig more,
when buried things are known

Out there in the dark,
                                           amongst the old monuments
Find my name engraved,          
                                             when you have lived your moments

I, for thee was once a famous being,
                                       now resting in pieces not in peace

How could I, be happy                when I got locked out alive
My beating heart wouldn't stop,   and my eyes lived to see

                                                    Literally, suffocating myself,
as the way out was none to find

In this dark, pit of horror
                                              even the sun, dares not to shine
                                            The culprit escaped, however,          
by dumping me here,

My conscious returned,        but no one could hear

A pile of mud and heavy stones        carefully braced
                                            My nails dug in deep
and my breathing raced

In a moment,                   all was freezed and gone

                  My heart, my soul, my life......all TORN.

Fictional write, spilling imagination.

My apologies for my poet friends for not posting much on here as for some situation. But I'll try reading most of your writes as I get time and will atleast post one poem daily.
Haruharu Nov 2017
Beer cans all over the place.

Sad songs in the background, to provoke me.

To help me feel.

Please help me feel..
leolewin Jul 2017
Why are countries run like companies instead of communities?

Why do we prioritize a profitable margin over a healthy society?

Why when I try so hard to see the beauty in the world, does it continue to show me its ugly evil?

Is life redundant since we all end up dying?

Why do we die?

Is there anything after death? A heaven? A hell?

Probably not.
Mazen Edlibi Nov 2016
I am begging "Myself", to rest me from those things moving inside my spirit!
I am begging "Myself", to release me from the pain of wearing the PokerFace!
I am tired to keep that fire held between my skins...
I am fed up with all those beats all over my body and spirit!
I am wondering why her name provokes such vibes!
I am begging the Unknown place of me, wondering where my life will end with those paths!
Anggita Feb 2016
Last night I was shivering
I owned sorrow as mine
You came forward filling the night
Within unseen kisses and hugs

The silence mocked
The pain knocked
What seemed so right turned wrong
What has provoked slowly revoked

You once told me to be brave
Just to obey what has taught me
And what has ruled and created me
I'm no one to be, no one to be

Darling, I've seen tiredness in your eyes
And the hiding grim behind your smiles
Let me wound the sadness for you
So will I weep the scars that gnaw you

We afford too much sore to cope
And wandering too much for home
We've forgotten, we've been untold
That we have each other to hold.

My love, we should've known to whom we belong.

Feb, 12 2016.
09:51 pm
I'm quite insane.
Mysterious Aries Aug 2015
Attempts to discover why
What difference do we  have
Trying to reach the wisdom of the sky
Why there's hate and love

We are just a part of that  could be people
Our belief are merely of myth and fantasy
A true wisdom only until the reaper take our soul
The saddest part of our destiny

Lucky are those who seems to know it all
Preachers and priests who are so faithful with their belief
But are they not part of that could be people
A belief that might only be of unicorn and elf

Those assumed their self unblemished call this poetry of fool
Condemned this words to the greatest
Condemned this poet who became a tool
But if you think you are part of that could be people... then let it travel to the rest....

written: December 29, 2014 at 2:00 PM
Mysterious Aries
Layla Emory Holt Mar 2015
All I have to see
Is her face

The freckles
Each hiding a secret
Her eyes
Hiding so many lies

I like to pretend
All my life
That I am
A fearless warrior
I can do no wrong
I am so often right
In my own mind

But she

She brings me to my knees

That icy cold glare
I used to laugh
And join her
When she looked
At others that way

But now
The tables have turned

She knows
I cannot
Hold my pride
When she is near
Meg Howell Feb 2015
With beady,
lurking eyes
they pass judgement
looking for just one
"fatal flaw" to mock
Regurgitating false statements
giving them absolutely
no hope
for a future
ah, they say they have
but a single care
in the world
to provoke
to harass
those with substance
which they so evidently lack
what a world to live in
It's rather childish,
don't you think?
There are people in the world who pointlessly mock others. If that is all life is worth to someone, to make fun, to hurt, then what a worthless life to live. In all honesty, people like that are hurting themselves more than any other person.
Dawn of Lighten Feb 2015
Sometimes I wonder if world matters not, as each step and time is progressed to the events of our surroundings. One action leads to another, while we are living in the moments. In grand scheme of things what are our contribution to the world, and then what is it that we try to achieve? Sure we want to live our lives in the fullest It can offer, but at the end of our lives in this world what is it we try to achieve? Judeo christianity offer the answer that we are given utopian after life for our great deeds, or eternal flames of damnation for not accepting god's gift! In Hindi or Buddhism it is the leaving our personal desires, and be part of God or obtain the eternal nirvana respectively! While I am for happy thoughts of eternal happiness, I wonder if those ideals were only instilled onto general populous to keep things under control, so chaos will not take over our world!

I know one thing for certain, and that time is always consistent, while after my death things will simply go on. It's funny isn't it, rich or poor, gender, nor our belief, even our solar system has expiration date scientifically speaking. Our planet will one day collapse due to our sun going super nova, and it will create the the vast black hole, ******* all sense of the word life! Not even our greatest minds have found a way to get to another galaxy, just able to stop by our neighboring planets, because space is expanding faster than we can reach the speed of the location of our desired inter planetary exploration. Now if we can find a warm hole, then can humanity of terra still progress?

Life is bit silly I suppose, we live, bear children and die, and repeat. If all religions was false, and all those judging eyes were also wrong, I want to live life treating people the way I want to be treated. In my personal thoughts, I want to live a good life as life can offer me, and share these good life with people who I enjoy their company with. We live a very short life, and I want to make it count. If I can help humanity in someways, I want to do it in a meaningful ways, but living the life the fullest as I come to meet my own end! I can't be afraid knowing everything will end individually, and trying new things are the ways of our lives, while I'll have my limits and my personal barriers, there are absolutely nothing to fear!

Live life, and make it count!
Please feel free to express your thoughts, since I am always intrigued by people's perception.
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