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MB Lewis May 22
The key won't turn in the lock
I've tried everything apart from knock
Twisted it, bit it, bent it, the lot!
The key won't turn in the godforsaken lock

Peaking through the windows; a scene fit for a king,
A spread as far as I can see and a pool for me to swim,
Life seems carefree in there, all void of awe and shock,
Unfortunately for me, the key won't turn in the lock.

Frantic now as my mood begins to change,
Left out in the cold like I am the one that is strange,
Why won't they let me in? Or do they intend to mock?
Don't they know my key won't turn in the lock?!

Twisting it with anger, faster and faster,
Can't remember life before this task became my master,
I want what is inside and what's in there is ad hoc,
The only thing stopping me is my key stuck in the lock.

We all have that vision, of a perfect house and home
We follow it so vigorously we end up sad and alone
If I was taught from infancy how to follow what is true,
I'd probably realise I have the wrong house,
and no longer bother you.
G Rose Apr 18
You gaze at me with half-lidded eyes,
stoic, bored, indifferent,
so frigid that my lips tremble at the sight
and turn blue to the touch.
Sparrow Mar 26
Love is a phenomenon
Not dissimilar to gravity
Like an ignoramus
The stoic heart denies it

Until it falls.
My dear friends,
should you fall,
I hope the surface is soft.
you were on your break when i walked into the bar
scrolling on your phone
to fill the void of boredom;
i presume.
didn't figure out your name by the time i left
does it even matter?

what does matter
is what i noticed about you
in that short amount of time:
a cold aura that surrounded you
a neatly trimmed beard to hide your acne scars
and a shy, yet assertive look that you shot my way a couple times
it was nice seeing you
till next time
the bartender was cute, and his stoic demeanor made him so much more enchanting
tallene Sep 2018
how have you not gone insane
when you pretend that you don’t feel pain

when you are supposed to take the same pill
everyday, same time,
when you have to submit your paper
before the deadline,
when you have to wear certain clothes
can't go against their dress-code,
when you are asked to speak your mind,
but your words are confined
when your dollar only gets you so far,
but they tell you to reach for the stars
when they deny your application,
yet you have never gone on a vacation
when they try to reach out,
but they don’t want to be put out
when you stare off into space,
wondering what’s outside this place

how have i  not gone insane,
my minds a ******* hurricane
this poem is for whoever wonders how, even themselves have not gone crazy from the rules and standards made by society and the stoicism that we sometimes are confided in.
Elin Roberts Sep 2018
I am a lighthouse standing strong
Against a stormy sea
Beat me down with the violent rain
But I'll never stop being me

A lonely sailor I may be
Stoic in silent solitude
Watching all that is to be, all that is to come
Freedom seems a fleeting scene and reality is seemingly numb

But yet I stay in this place
Resolute is a lonely silence
Watch the clouds, and read the sky
Feel the rain yet remain bone dry
Forever searching for a reason why

Why a lonely lighthouse such as me
Shines so bright when it wishes to be
So easily abled to turn off the light
And embrace the fade of a dark winters night
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