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Sam Maye Aug 21
i am a girl that is gone.
i am a boy that is gone.
i am something in between that is gone.
gone, gone, gone.
altogether.. i am gone.
Risa Njoroge Jul 24
I would say to thee that still live;
This world is not my home,
I’m just passing on by,
And if my time is up,
And on ice is where I now rest,
I hope this gift called life I lived to be my very best,

I hope my memory brings summer where death brings winter,
And my smile lights you up when grief brings darkness,
I hope the times we shared become treasures for which you care,
And laughter may be a thing you all now share,

This world is not your home,
One day you too will call this casket home,
All that you own means nothing after they lay you to rest,
And you will only be remembered for how you handled life's test.

In any time zone I no longer exist,
But you do; and,
I hope you are kind to one another,
That you shine your light in this world that is as cold as the ice I now call my bed,
I hope you lift each other up,
And love each other as deeply as Our Heavenly Father commanded,

I hope you live in the moment;
Like the lilies of the field that that labor not & spin not
I hope you live in gratitude;
And be content in every season no matter what
I hope you live in truth, nobility & righteousness
And think only about the goodness of this life
I hope that you share in others troubles;
And remember the He gives you all the strength that you need,
I hope that you do not seek to posses what this earth has to give,
And that you always practice selflessness as our beloved Christ did,

And finally, my loved ones,
Just like I did, I hope you too choose to live a life filled with laughter;
And that  joy & happiness you never seize to seek!

My home is now in your hearts,
And there I shall always live!
I have been thinking a lot about sudden death, having had to deal with to many in recent times, and how most people never get a chance to say goodbye. My grand mother passed away this past week, and she was depressed and did not speak for many many years, I think this is how she would have wanted us to live, I will be reading this poem at her funeral on Friday. Rest In Peace grandama!
Finnick Jan 22
You can be a King or a Street Sweeper, But everyone dances with the Grim Reaper.
-Robert Alton Harris
Masha Yurkevich Nov 2018
Famous last words,
there are plenty of them.
But the last words of a person we love
can mean more than any gem.
                    Words that we remember,
words that we live by.
                     Words that we treasure,
words that don't lie.

Nothing lives forever,
everything must die.
But the last few words of a person's life
can make us feel more alive.

Whether it's your mother,
a piano teacher,
a friend,
a father,

last words can make a difference
and touch our hearts.

                               "Make me proud."

Those last words were said strong and loud
from the lips of a person I loved to pieces.

They may not be famous,
they may not be long.
But no last words
can ever be wrong.
Everyday, the words "Make me proud" are what get me out of bed. I will never forget the person who said them and I know that that person looks out for me everyday from the moment I get out of bed, to the moment I get back in. She is with me everywhere and helps me get through everyday.
Emma Beckett Feb 2018
My last words to you were “I’ll see you later”.

Not “you mean the world to me” or “I would die for you” or “I love you”. Nothing that mattered, nothing that was real.  

I wonder why we say that. “I’ll see you later”. It’s a promise. A ridiculous vague promise that we know we can’t always keep.

I want to try again. I know we can’t rewrite history. I know that no matter how loud I scream you will never hear me. But I cannot say goodbye until I have let these words out of my aching soul. So here they, far too late.

I understand why you’re leaving. I know it’s selfish, but I wish it was me instead of you. You were always stronger, more equip for this life. You always  lead me through pain, how am I supposed to face it without you?

I’d give anything for you to stay for one more moment. To make one more snarky comment. To hear your voice just one more time. We didn’t get enough minutes, but I suppose even forever with you wouldn’t have been long enough.

I love you far more than I love myself. It doesn’t always seem that way, but you have seen my heart and held it in your hands. Didn’t you notice how it beat for you, spelling out your name over and over again? Did you realize I love you unconditionally? Did you know that I would burn down the entire world for you?

I want you to know, that all those years ago when I told you I hated you for making us walk away, it wasn’t true. In fact, I knew in the deepest part of my soul that it was what needed to be done but I didn’t have the strength to do it myself. So, when I said I hated you I actually meant that I hated me.

As these words come off of my lips I am starting to realize that I cannot do this without you. Please don’t go. Don’t leave me alone. I’m not going to make it. I won’t survive.

But if you must, I hope you find peace where ever end up. This life took so much and made you so **** tired, I hope you can finally rest.

Before you go, I have one last thing to say:

You mean the world to me, I would die for you and I love you.
Matthew A Cain Apr 2017
Standing in the doorway I see the man larger than life lying in the bed
Tubes running from his hands and head.
I had heard the news but couldn’t believe it was true.

Sitting in the chair I listen to the familiar raspy voice,
But it’s so weak and soft, everything this man is not.
Tears brimming my eyes I hung my head low
I want to cry,
I want to scream,
I want to wake from this terrible dream.

I couldn’t bear the sight of this man weak and feeble
I couldn’t bear the thought of losing him
So I said he would be fine, just keep hanging on
Before you know it we’ll be back to those projects left incomplete
I’ll tell you then how much you mean to me
I’ll say everything I always wanted you to know
But not until you’re out of this white wall death lingering hell hole

Standing in the doorway I saw the life slipping away
But couldn’t accept what was right in front of me
There is so much left unsaid but life is short is what they say
I prayed that he would have more time that day
But we all have to go soon or later

I love you grandpa
I don’t know if you realize it but you were like a father to me
If it weren’t for you I would have walked a very different path
I listened whenever you talked because I wanted to be just like you
In fact if I can be half the man you were I would be proud of who I am

I wish I had could have said what was on my mind
But life is short and it was simply your time
I love you but I must put my regrets to rest
Say my final goodbye
And though you’ll always be in my heart
Your memory won’t have the painful sting of things left unsaid.
I love you grandpa,

When I was eighteen I lost my grandpa who was like a father to me since my father had long since been out of the picture. I loved him ever so dearly and at the time I couldn't accept life without him so I squandered my opportunity to tell him everything he meant to me and I always regretted that ever since. This piece is simply a small amount of what I wish I could have told him in person but it means so much to me. I still write him letters from time to time but it always hurts because I regret this time in my life so incredibly much. I hope with this I can remind myself to let go of that and simply remember the good and not let the regrets seep in.
James Shay Jun 2016
I want my last words to be meaningful... Then again, everybody does. The sad truth is, no words come close to meaning. The fact that we have to take seperate words and put them together like a puzzle for someone to even understand it, which sometimes they don't, amazes me. I'm sure a time will come where a thousand pictures is worth a word, and not vice versa... Then maybe absence will be meaningful. Until then, I have no last words. None would properly fit the missing piece to the puzzle.

549 days ago, I tried to commit suicide. I tried to end my life, and my only friends at the time were on the internet. I was clinically depressed, with crippling social anxiety, and wanted to end my life. I swallowed a half empty bottle of Aderall, containing 20 pills, and was rushed to the hospital when my parents came home and found the pill bottle across the room, no pills inside them, and they pumped fluid into me to save my life. I remember the humiliation of waiting in the waiting room, blood dripping down my entire arm, while my mom argued with the nurse about how "Her son is going to die" and "Get him in a room now".. I remember coming back home for the first time since this incident 2 weeks ago, and I couldn't tell them. I couldn't tell any of them I was still alive. I read all their beautiful comments, and I didn't have the heart to tell them they grieved for nothing. This post contains the last words I said, the words that were going to be MY last words. But I didn't die. So I still have a blank page left to write those words in.

The Response Comments:

"**** it, I love you don't. If you went through with it may your soul rest in peace."
"I'm literally in tears right now..."
"Rest in peace, there may not be a god, but there is an afterlife.. i'll see you when i get there."
"It is best to tell everyone of you now that he has...Passed, we all loved him, and knew him well but...He is gone as he stated...May he rest in peace..."
"Ok I need some of your make believe fantasy right now."
"Sorry I couldn't help."
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