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Kelly Mistry Jul 11
Trust breaking

With a bang of sound
Shards exploding in all directions

Or with slow corrosion
One drip at a time

Until it finally

Trust is the framework
Upon which we build

Everyday things like
Pick up when I call
Do it if I ask

Extraordinary things like
Travel great distances just to be near you
Even when nothing can be done
Be with you as you bear the weight of your pain
To share the load

How do we mend the breach
When trust is broken

I know there are ways
Methods to span the distance
Rebuild the framework
Patch the hole
To start again

But ignoring its existence
Pretending all is as it was before

The boom
Or the drip

Leaves a bad taste in the mouth
Questions in the mind
Shaky ground on which to stand

Will I have to span this distance alone?
Pretend the ground is solid
When there’s nothing but air

That kind of pretense only lasts so long
Before strength gives out
The truth is revealed
And we are both left free falling
                                                                                      through space
Nala Alfira May 27
it's such a wonder that
these hardness and roughness
make me softer and gentler

after i fathom the devil's story
the downstream is a sea of mercy
wisdom unravels the impurity

and someday when you laid down, wrinkled
i'll say no curse, but apology
and pacifying eulogy

for i hope you'll land on grass too, not fire
and we left with amnesia of the bad blood
only peace and party in our eternal world
Juhlhaus Jun 2021
Somewhere beyond the sea
In the Square for you and me
A Lady stands for liberty
While the tanks come rolling

Somewhere beyond the sea
She's there for you and me
Standing tall with light held high
And all to her side she's calling

It's far beyond the stars
It's near beyond the moon
I know beyond a doubt
Brave hearts will lead us there soon

We'll meet beyond the shore
We'll stand proud as before
Safe and free beyond the sea
And never again those tanks go rolling

We'll meet—I know we'll meet—beyond the shore
We'll stand proud as before
Safe and free beyond the sea
And never again those tanks go rolling
A spin on "Beyond the Sea" by Jack Lawrence, in memory of June 4, 1989 and in honor of the Goddess of Democracy, Lady Liberty Hong Kong, and all who take a stand for human rights and freedom.
Man May 2021
beauty is in the heart
freedom is within the mind
and peace is found
when we unbind

from our earthly attachments

reconciling, that sparse is our time
there will come a day
where youth will pass away
convictions, less in the sense of values but crime
you'll have wished you spent your earlier years
with a nose fixed to the grind
wouldn't that have been grand
in the latter part of your life
to have no worries on the mind
no cares, but for
time time time
My Dear Poet May 2021
Maybe if we started here
we’ll get somewhere

Now let’s go from there
and find ourselves back here
When you start to feel hapless,
This feeling that you are hopeless
Just making you feel the emptiness
That chains the heart and makes you feel helpless

Don't let that feeling mislead you anymore
Just acquire what the soul is crying out for
Hi back and unite with your maker
The one the soul calls father
Everyone needs to know when they no longer live in the presence of there God and when to run back to Him
Falling like leaves off a rotten tree.
Husks of fruits and seeds; the ripen and those who will not complete their deeds.
Not bound by cold decrees, nor lifted by the warm breeze. Travelers who've reached the destination, faces lost to me.

We shared a way; hearts filling veins and soles stepping on lanes, dreams kept us sane, how things change; even in stagnation it's impossible for everything to stay the same. We were many now left with few, the numbers keep rising; those who now enjoy a view.

Never been one to believe in haven or hell,
I can feel that which separates us is but a vail. They, as the sea, are unbound free; as there are desert coasts one can know drought before they decide to float. Ships sailing on the horizon; they look like they would tip the moment the sky sings, I did not see the strike but the thunder now rings.

I look for understanding not pity because ,you see, if life is like a movie my future plot now has deleted scenes because one can not simply recast anything, especially, when the actors character was the key. If Ndingumntu I'm now missing more parts of me.
Ndingumntu: I am ( a person)
Ubuntu: umntu ngumntu ngabantu/I am because we are. It's a Nguni proverb which shows the sentiment of humanity and empathy innate to all people since we can now exist exclusively from those who are part of us. "I am what I am because of who we all are."

This is a lamentation for those I have lost recently to suicide, sickness and age
Marisa May 2020
This is the table where we break our bread
and all of you are invited
to share the cup of bitterness.

Oh, taste and see how eternity embraces you,
how the broken shards merge together,
we become family again.

You do not ask for glory and give nothing
in return.
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