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SW Apr 14
Dusk sets on the quiet desert
Eerie shadows hide behind saguaro soldiers
And sanguine striped snakes
Sneak back into the earth
Rowdy coyotes meet among the rocks
To cry at the moon
Who never cries back

The wind roams so freely through the desert
Stopping where she likes
To dance with the wildflowers
Or tickle the sun soaking geckos
She laughs as she passes by
And the sands chase after her
Begging to ever be so light as to
Keep company with the clouds

The mountain wraps his unfaltering arms
Snugly around the valley
A regal jacket of deep greens and browns
Laid across his towering shoulders
He lets his gaze follow the hustle and bustle
Of life in the desert as suns set and rise
From the place he has always been
Greeting each javelina and jack rabbit
As they settle into his solid embrace

The wind moves manically
Passing through the creosote bushes
With just enough time for a polite greeting
Before she rushed off to tease the birds
She touches every piece of her beloved desert
But she can never settle or linger too long
For fear of losing herself all together

The mountain feels his weight
Pressing so firmly against the earth
He faces anyone who challenges him
And he only rumbles with laughter
When they strike
But he begins to wonder what lies beyond
Where the liquidy sun shimmers in the air
He cannot abandon his post
For fear of crumbling into pieces of himself

The mountain cradles the wind
Slowing her down long enough
To warmly welcome her home
The wind tells the mountain
Stories of the desert
Madhumita Apr 3
Two lovers lost from each other
fell into deep despair;
parted after a brief embrace
after morning prayer.

They could not come together, yet  
were never far away.
Sundry errands kept them busy
with duties of the day.

Twice, they stole away to unite,
their compulsion was such.
Their agitated longing grew
with every glancing touch.

Evening brought with it a reprieve
from their despondent plight.
They rested peacefully at last,
entwined all through the night.
Na/GloPoWriMo Day #3
Poetry form: Common metre
Ilayda Aydın Mar 23
Her Wandering Spirit wanders through the wilderness of love in desert
A sip wine in her pocket
Dripping from her Lover's lip
Girl drinks that wine
Surrounded with a festive environment
Walk ships and pour on the sands
They in-line like soldiers
Where is here?
Songs, cartoon trees and instruments
With all of your vivacious
Her love makes rain
And makes pearls fall from sky

My sweety
What it'd be awesome to touch
To hair that will pour the pearls if i touch
falling down to ocean when open your eyelids
swimming... Swimmingggg

i can't reach
What a romantic to be able to dance among your eyelash
  there would be poetry smell on your skin this night
  I feel...
  Let the oceans be filled with wine pouring down from your lip  
  Let the all creatures dance
  Sky is crying to be able to touch the sea
  Oh mon amour!
  Let me being night to be able to be  blanket for you.
  Let me touch to your hair which like sun.

  Everything is on the dance this night
  The old lovers are dancing by throwing walking stick
  And she opened her eyes
  Dream got over
  Just desert and hot
  And lonely...
V liv Mar 17
Tired of being used.
Of being berated.
Simplified to a simple on and off switch.
Enough had been had
and so I was gone,
Flown free.
Crimson splattering in my path.
Seemingly insurmountable.
Extremities and follicles fly
as did the acrimonious "victim".
"Can you turn the fan on please"
Was the beginning of the end for some
and the end of the beginning for others.
And so
The wooden table
Must burn
And collapse

And on it
The pencils

T̸͍̱̻͇͢h̲̩́͡e̻͖̲͇ ̶̱̙̖̹̳̳͙̗́͠ṕ̥͍͉̘̞̤̞̝͡ͅè͙͔ͅͅn̦͎͎̯̮͠c͚̻̝̟̱͟͞í͚͈̭̟̪̣́͡l͇̜͈̲̯̦ş̵̳­̠̱͎̣̯

Sparrow Mar 1
I shiver
I writhe
The temperature
to rise
Pain pushes
tears out
of my eyes
Fever came
to visit me
last night
And She
didn't leave
this time
And I never stopped to wonder why.

Body broken
Paralysed is
the mind
Ears tired
of the
preacher's advice
Eyes crave
a shield from
the sunshine
A hand to
caress beneath
the hairline
A pledge
of healing
from inside
Oh, you fool. You are so naive.

Vanquished by
the collective
apathy of reality
I swallow these
chemicals with servility
I shelter them
In the bloodstream
Treat the symptoms
Not the disease
I know
She will return again
someday with a surprise
And even though I am
I will just take a pill
and tell Her I am fine.
Brrr, the chills of fever always inspire.
sixpoetry Feb 23
it was a cold winter day when love left
suitcase in hand
messily packed in a rush
never predicting the tragedy of loss she would endure

it was i who was prepared
broken words running endless circles around my mind
suitcase in hand
neat and pristine

i was the tragedy

haunted memories running endless circles around my mind
perfection tainted by the poison seeping deep

surface level loving
digging deeper
how was i to know
this well
was a grave

but oh how perfect love was
a captivating collision of beauty and pain
shards of her
plastering every part of me

but oh how perfect we were
love’s extended visit straight out of a storybook
i was the one to open the door
what cruel trick of fate sanctioned me to close it

to see love was not to know love
but once you knew her
to see her was to see perfection

but for a messy human to see perfection
was nothing more than a road
diverged into a thousand paths
all cursed with the same ending

heartbreak is inevitable in a world of hurt
someone must walk down the road
how tragic that love must bear the burden of others’ self-inflicted pain
constantly giving herself away to those not stable enough to hold her still

oh how perfect she is
how trusting of the untrustable
how caring of the careless
how loving of the unlovable

and how lucky i was to meet love
halfway down the road
Sparrow Feb 22
The fluorescent streetlamp shone
As you spoke
The pavement and I
Keen with interest
While the street shook
With the roars of busy travellers

And the smoke kept rising..

The neons blinked to life
When you smiled
The tree-leaves and I
Rustled with excitement
As the gentle wind
Tickled in on a late summer's eve

And the smoke kept rising..

The taillights stopped
As you accelerated
The world and I
Saw you move farther
And farther away
Vanishing into the darkness

And the smoke cleared away..
This is just an incident that happened today.
It was not until her cab grew smaller and smaller in the distance that I realised that this had just enough the mix of emotions to allow me to create.
Tee Morris Feb 19
Only four walls
They all drown me inside
The fear of no escape
My head begins to break

The walls trap my thoughts inside
I'm completely unable to hide
My anxiety strangles me
What if my claustrophobia finds me?

My legs begin to tremble as I'm stuck in this space
My heart begins to pound as my eyes see the crowd
I wish I could run but I can't find an escape
Now my fears holding me hostage with tape

I can't seem to move
I've become paralysed
My body starts to shake
My eyes see weird shapes

I'm trembling with fear
I feel my cheek wet with tears
Now I'm laying on the floor
My claustrophobia found me with it's claws
- I'm not the biggest fan of this but it's 1am and I'm unable to sleep -
Ilayda Aydın Jan 22
Queen of the night has craved of sun
  Even though she will die...
  so that her petals have tightened her much, she couldn't have been waiting for freedom.
   She was Queen of the night but in love with sun.
   The sun has been bragging, knowing that all the flowers loved him.
   And he had never seen the queen.
   Moreover, the moon has loved the queen.
   He used to watch her every night and look forward to  open her petals.
   For the queen the sun was not just a food source.
  the sun was actually feeding the queen's heart.
  someday a violent storm has blewing...
  the queen of the night is so delicate that no flowers thought she could cope.
   No!!! she has endured to see her love.
   Her sole purpose was to see him.
   but the queen would never see him.
   Because she would open her leaves only one night and she would die.
   process has started... Queen would say hi to life and then  goodbye.
   She opened her petals like a fancy bride of nature and...
   And moon died down her love.
   The queen has been waiting for her death.
   there was something going wrong..
   She was still alive... still alive...
   spellbound cloud poured a few tear from sky.
   The trees poured away their leaves due to respect...
   the sun has been starting to rise.
   Yesss... She would see him
   İt was a miracle...
   a wizard's breath...
   Smile of love...

   The sun was replaced by the whole figure and all the flowers looked with admiration for him.
   He noticed a flower that began to fade.
   She was queen of the night.
   Because the queen could see him, she was so peaceful that death felt like a sweet sleep to her.
   The sun ripped out a piece of himself and blew the queen.
   The queen of the night was anymore the queen of day and night.
   And then, Queen blewed a dark part of herself into the sun.
   the sun was both moon and sun anymore.
   they were always together anymore.
   Their love has reached eternity.
   They combined the sky and the earth with their love.
Queen of the night is a cactus flower and she opens her petals just once and then dies.
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