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Haven't even shed Crocodile tears
Calloused feet and scaled back,
the tear and wear.

Biting wildly and deeply into what feeds me
That desperation is the toll it has me in a death roll
This whirlwind of drip grit and flames; while spinning in the mud I can have no shame.

My pride deluded me to think of myself as an ancient king of lakes and streams.
Watering holes or beachfront property
On a sunny day, my kind knows harmony
We only know war At the movement of opportunity.
A Petty precarious peace treaty:
Survival of the fitness; closed mouths don't get fed
Survival instinct; if you don't eat you'll be the one who loses an arm and a leg

How can I even shed Crocodile tears
When I've become the dread
Adapting or remembering. Was it the blood in my veins or the blood that's washed These eyes.
Payton Hayes Feb 2021
I've always dreamed of adventure, but now, I'm not so sure.
I grew up playing video games and playing pretend in the woods.
What I would've given to be Link with my own legendary quest.
But these are turbulent times.
Between my anxiety and the businessman-president and his blue-bird threats and the media, honestly, I'd rather curl up in a ball and stay inside my house forever.
But the truth is, no one ever caught a crocodile by hiding in their
It takes real bravery.
And while I've got problems staring me down like I'm deadmeat,
I've got to be a crocodile hunter. I have to.
It's the only way to free the princess trapped inside.
This poem aged well —ha! Guess I got my wish to stay indoors! I caused COVID-19, so feel free to cancel me, I guess!
This poem was written in 2016.
neth jones Sep 2020
rolled over in dreams
            by victorious crocodile
lulled into baffled breath
            to be fed into life
a wake
fresh out of death

wrangled in bedsheets
            i fit back to sleep
a saturated berth
  to become a softer meat
drown side up
             in a ***** swollen river

       - 04:21 a.m.
Laokos Mar 2020
the sweet succor of
my own narcissism reflected
back to me from the mirror
in the bathroom; i am a crocodile
warming in the sun.
Poetress2 Apr 2019
Submerged to its' eyes,
Crocodiles hunt their prey.
It is very still.
Em MacKenzie Aug 2018
I’ve been disappearing day by day
anxious and fearing what you’ll say;
a four letter word you think a compliment,
but I never heard the sentiment.

And everybody knows what I’ve been hiding,
the closing doors were sliding,
I deserved a light for just awhile.
No second or first chances,
lost time and dead romances,
crocodile tears and an alligator smile.

I’ve been fading piece by piece
it seems relating to this cease,
a four letter word meant with affection,
but it’s absurd and an insult to our connection.

And everybody knows what I’ve been denying,
the locked windows I’ve been prying,
I deserved a fair and unbiased trial.
No second or first chances,
blame time or circumstances,
crocodile tears and an alligator smile.

Like all things in history
there’s defeat and there’s victory
I don’t think I can label this either one.
I want to stop this toxicity
and erase it into nothing
but I think that’s what you’ve already done.

So close your eyes and take a breath
we’ll say our goodbyes only with death.
And I’ve been muted through every line
but the rain’s included with the sunshine.

And everybody knows what I’ve been fighting
in darkness even with lighting,
I deserved the be your faithful sun dial.
No second or first chances,
no idea of what your stance is,
crocodile tears and an alligator smile.
Adam Robinson Dec 2017
I did not see your swarm
O Holy crocodile
A sweet disaster
A monster of madness
You crawl into the mouths of men's hearts
Turn them inside out
Alligator dreams inside their minds
Ripping open its seam
You're a nightmare of red
With fangs of silver
And a flash of green
Your roar gives off a unworldy scent
Between worlds of gore
Not of long lost lore
Your warmth is poison
Your love unravels
Your bite is cancer
It kills with inspiration,
So sleep further than the blade of its knife
Or suffer endless obessions
Throughout the rest of your pitiful life.
Get Out Of My Head
Wellspring Aug 2017
Crocodile Tears.

What are they?
Why do they exist?

Crocodile Tears.

You don't deserve to have them.
Your emotions are just a lie.

Crocodile Tears.

Why does no one believe me?
These emotions are so raw, still bleeding.

Crocodile Tears.

Shut up. Wipe your face.
Clear your clouded mind.

Crocodile Tears.

Stop the crystal clear lies.
And shut those tired eyes.

Crocodile Tears.

The two words people use,
To pretend that they're alright.

Crocodile Tears.

No one is crying here.

They're all just Crocodile Tears.
Somewhat scathing, I know, but I think all 'Beggars of Attention' should read this.
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