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German Rodriguez Jan 2022
Now we sit
Here to smoke
We pray to have
The strongest ****

Fill our lungs
With THC
and let the High
come over thee

Made in 2012 in collaboration with my roommates at the time. Thanks Kimmy, Luke, Ryan, and Kimmie S.
The 420 at the end is supposed to be the "Amen" to finish the prayer.
Styles Apr 2021
I wrap you in leaf,
   and you wrap me in smoke,
together we're dope as ****,
     when I'm stuck,
           lift me,
               like a pick up truck,
                          that's what's up!
Styles Apr 2021
"It's funny,
when our eyes touch,
it floors me."
Inevitable Jan 2021
lovely flowers rooted in my lungs.
medicated exhales clouding the air around us.
i just want you in my space.
Caitlin Roberts Dec 2020
Pieces of paranoia
Placed properly,
in parts of my brain

We're all the same

Noises ,are noted as loud
Not , nothing or quiet ;
Like a race car
Driving on a highway

You can't act calm
Nor contently
Mostly on crack ,
You're crazy

It's an escape from events
And/or our ethnicity
To be or not to be just
Another soul

It's bonkers our minds ,
Blasts , such wild
Imagination beyond our

A plant so potent
Rich in poison
It breaks away
The pain

Masks the broken
And enhances the

We're all the same.
joel jokonia Aug 2020
I know you play a lot, work a lot and proly can't tell it apart.
So after working games and playing work
you sat down wrote **** while smoking poetry.
Not aging with every hour that went by.
But by and by you grew high,
oh my 70years high as the **** withers old and is cremated white ash scattered in the sea of dust.
Wisdom is a ****
The Dybbuk Apr 2020
To the lover of my youth,
and the yellow in my tooth.
To the flower's greatest prize,
and the red behind my eyes.
God knows I love you, you're green but true blue,
oh Mary Jane, my girl, this one's for you.
Alliyah Humphrey Apr 2020
Meet my love , Mary Jane
She was never meant
to be used
nor abused
Yet, she happily filled my head up
views , news
perspective .
the abuse
and the news

Mary J.
continued to save ,for she
was respected
not rejected
by the perspective .
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