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Annie Nov 7
Lonely we are,
******* smoke through our lips
never getting no kiss,
just the lightheaded feeling

And now we lie in our beds,
with the smoke in our heads,
sifting through red **** and
blue sorrow.
Surrounded by those you care about most only to feel incredibly alone in the midst of it all
Take a bite of the magic food and feel your body relax
Feel your mind fuse with the THC that is now in use
You are the you that you always wanted to be and all it took was a little hit of ****
Take a puff and feel the smoke bite at your lungs
As you inhale what you consider to be sweet freedom you exhale the blissful self medication of narcotic release
You 'll laugh and join in a crowd to feel alive.
Now ask yourself this
Are you proud
Proud of how you have to use smoke clouds to enjoy the beautiful world around you
the thing I hate to be the most
now look at me
The person I want to be is gone
Now all I want to feel is the chemical melodies of the song that is my high
I want to tell those I love goodbye and not feel guilty that I want to die
Tell them that when I get high I feel as close to death as ever
Tell them to let me be
tell them I set myself free.
Made this when I was really upset because I started smoking ****, got over it though...
Amanda May 29
What an amazing day it is, I am ready,
It is the date my lungs have waited for,
Better than Christmas or Halloween, it's 4/20!
Everyone enjoy, smoke **** galore!
I wrote this on 4 20 obviously haha
Fxrz Ramirez May 10
We've grown together, no doubt
We hang out in the clouds and clouds roll out
I hold her close as she ignites my passions and dreams
She takes me from all the drama it seems
Some may criticise but don't realize
We're made for each other
you can see it in the eyes
The temperature in the room is high
Thick, sweaty bodies grind to the rhythm
As music swells like smoke coming
From the joints being passed around
Laughter fills the air as full as the cups
That clutter her bedroom, like the friends
On her bed, sharing the bench in front of the keyboard,
Making out in her closet, and behind her *****
Shower curtain. She’s faded, just like the rest of them,
But through the clouds of smoke and conversation,
The date circled in black on her calendar
Reminds her of the day her mother fell to her knees
In the middle of the grocery store screaming,
Like the ****** girl who hears a funny joke
In the background, after getting a phone call
That would rewrite the date, no longer a stoner’s holiday,
But the same day as seven years before, when her mother,
Once in the car, continued hyperventilating, no passerby
Stopping to help, or to ask the twelve-year-old girl
What was wrong, like her friends who try to do so
Now as she stands and picks a picture off the shelf
Her aunt in it, alive, and kissing her cheek. /Are you okay?/
A hand comforts her shoulder. /I think I’ll smoke a little more./
She loses the staring contest and hands the picture back to the shelf.

-E (c) 2018
They say I'm crazy
I say, I became
exactly what I was fed with
They call me a criminal
I call myself
A merchant!
They say I'm impassable
I say they are ignorant
and I forgive them
That Struggle
I willingly take
is not
in vain
that they over time
will forgive
maybe even praise
the pounding I took
for us...
I Am A living, breathing human being.
not a firm!
I apply to natural law only.
Afeli Mar 21
An impeccable volute jay,rested on his cottony labrum.
Gandering him letting out dissolving clouds of aspro.
Soothes my soul, as if the clouds of aspro are my commotion.
Aspro -white (Greek)
labrum -lip (latin)
Josh Feb 8
I have nothing to write about,
and haven't for a while,
so let's sit and smile,
being together,
happy bodies nestling deep in the fake leather sofa.

True peace is white noise.
Even the right noise,
the perfect music,
drips from my ears and chips my shoulders.

Nothing to say,
something to hear.
Let's be here
until the next day,
and have a snack.
Lady Luna Jan 31
Honey drips and drips
past the tips, tips
of your fingers
inhale, exhale
it often lingers
straight to ****
with you and me
see, see,

So I rip and rip
and dip and dip
crush and stuff
light and puff
to forget I followed
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