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Good with, good without;
If not good with do without.

You be good with you
The title is the closing line to make it a haiku
I choose detachment;
Excitement brings more distress,
It never brings peace.
Excitement is agitation and agitation leads to desperation which leads to bad outcomes.
Excitement is born from expectations and expectations assure disappointment.
Travis Kroeker Jun 2020
The Gloaming

The flames licked my feet,
I smiled.
The tickle was fleeting, the burn for awhile;
the memory lasts longest,
still here to this day,
long after the scars have faded away.
In the gloaming thereafter
I’ve traveled alone,
avoiding the fire and ash that it's sown.
Though I once played with flames,
though once I was hurt,
still the nip of the night bears no pretense of comfort.
Jenish Mar 2020
death wandering worlds
like a snake devouring air -
detach and live clean.
effie ebbtide Aug 2019
i measure snow
by the lightyear --
only a few atoms per cubic
do you hear the crystals form?

the unfeeling, passionless mist looms
over the door, like over the bin of lamb chops at the grocer's.
an exit with no entrance
a retreat with no paid leave.
why won't you let me in?

i can see so many dying stars
in that compound eye of a cockroach
who hides in the walls, behind
a shield of asbestos, turning
over onto its back, vulnerable.

a thin sheet of ice forms over a puddle.
i dip my foot in and my boot so easily permeates,
a treatise on the schizoid condition
Sabila Siddiqui Jul 2019
Her roots are growing upon your being,
waiting for the warmth of your presence
and the drops of your attention.

As it grows,
she begins to demand more
her appetite to sustain grows.

But slowly you’re furthering away
your radiation no longer reaching
upon her bare skin
as the trail of your shadow is left behind.

Just like the rest you’ve furthered,
leaving her parched and left to thirst
the reservoir that has stopped flowing.

Grief tastes like fear,
for attachment is the synonym of fear.
To be intertwined and interlinked,
to give and expect —
but to receive less
with the passing days.

The experience of the past
harbors fear,
tremble at the feel of attachment
that is ripped away
to leave her bare.

Before you leave
Before you detach
She will leave
and disentangle herself.
Pallavi Jan 2019
"It's like detaching my soul from your body".
It's like soaking my soul in your heart
and keeping it under the  Sun apart.
I like to give my mind, body
and soul,
to get back the energy
and passion we own.
It's been years now
U took back your heart,
But still I don't know
how to master
this art.
Talia Jul 2018
How do people become distant so quickly;
Why do people feel heartbreak?
What are they thinking when they say they mean things sincerely
This disconnection keeps me awake
how do you fall out of love?
why is it that I'm trying to detach from you for god's sake,
what am I doing here, just being let go of?
aryanalynae May 2018
I can stop thinking about it
I can detach myself so quick
But as soon as my head hits the pillow
I’m anxious, I’m sad, I quit.
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