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There goes the alarm again.
The misanthropic crusader goes into shock,
I calm it down; comfort is mania.
Stare despondently into the void.

A chorus rises,
Violence, people trapped in time shout through metal,
A voice cries, confined, bounces from hall to wall,
I am not sure I woke up at all.

Some higher functioning brain activities
Get bored in their entropic state-
Trade places with whimsy,
Because that is what they do when they lose interest in their task,

As I have lost interest in my task,
And look for more chin music-
To raise a symphony within me.
To make one day look different to the last.
I wrote this a few months ago; It is about waking up.
Rim Aug 22
Do not wish upon a star
For stars perish after their glory days
Wish upon creation
For creation is eternal
Turning its back on entropic obliteration
Which preys on you and I
Turning buildings into rust
Beings into dust
Ackerrman Aug 8
I guess it is a relief to see you
Again, my old friend. Cloaked, your head of blue,
You wander among the graves like fireflies,
Absolute darkness, jittering night skies.  
It never seems to fail to startle my
Child-like sensation of life passing by.
Orderly rows, rigid cartridge paper,
Ink and tax reports, functions to cater.
Misanthropic, naïve, idealistic
Degenerative and narcissistic,
Paranoid, poisonous, parasitic
Fear giver. Fear receiver. Entropic
Skeleton, dancing in caustic acid,
Looking on. A quiet, forlorn Aphid.
as i walk through the valley of the shadow of death
OC Jul 29
It is a common observation
That things are either bound or free
And this gives birth to misconceptions
On nature’s own duality

Just like a boulder in seclusion
An object tied is never loose
It has potential in profusion
Yet nothing stored is ever used

In contrast, like a cuckoo bird
An object loose is free to roam
With nothing owned, and all things shared
Yet nowhere to be called a home

But how the stable knows of freedom?
And of the joys of taking flight?
For in the well, where he is hidden
The skies seem dark in broad daylight

And how the liberated figures
To perch and quench on rushing spume?
Since from the heavens, even rivers
Are thinner than a feather’s plume

The trick is repetition thousands
And millions, and some billions more
Each item through the options browse and
Decides to settle, or to soar

Then from this binary decision
The choice is neither ridge nor flock
And one can say, with some conviction
All compromise the bird and rock

Take heart, and listen to this lesson
In life you often have to choose
‘tween earthly form and spirit essence
You gain, but on the same time lose

A man is bound by his possessions
A man with none, will starve for sure
To thrive, one must apply discretion
And choose which path to him allures

Lo, such is life, optimization
Of energy and entropy
You minimize their combination
In hope that this will set you free
The ninth installment in this series of poems inspired by physics (for details, look in the first installment of the series). This one is by far the most "physics-y" poem, dealing directly in the idea of free-energy and how it applies to many physical systems. For further reading:

The notion, or extension of, of free energy exists in many other fields of science from organic chemistry, to nureo-biology and  information theory.  All address some kind of balance between having many options to choose from, or benefiting from holding onto a single choice.

As always, thoughts and comments are welcome.
Caroline Jul 13
Our souls are little embers glowing in the darkness of the universe,
Beyond and within where the atoms glide,
Pixelating space,
Like a painting by Seurat;
Your limbs are mine
Your edges undefined;
We are only energy bleeding into the entropy of time;
Little fires, our soul’s cinders, waiting
Like August flowers
For the sun to die.
And I will freeze from the outside, in.
My skin will slide into the earth
Preserved through the energy transferred;
In every cold death,

My consciousness, so divided by entropy, will one day rest across the universe like dispersed dust;
My voice reborn in the ocean tides, falling from the sky in a sea bird’s call,
Or resounding through the jagged rocks
On the coast of Rossnowlagh.
And as with me,
So with us all.

I wonder, when you hear the cadence of my voice on the edges of the ocean’s squall,
Will your astral fingers like dancing flames trace the outlines of my face?
Through the entropy of space, will you recall?

Will you recall when we were two bodies, whole?
em Jun 26
things have to fall apart
so that they can fall into place
puzzle piece
Stella Jun 22
Something else,
Could be so much fun
When you are not around

When someone new,
Can not adjust
when you are always nearby

I became someone new,
what do I do?

Why must you insist
I resist,
When you know I'm not that shy...

Don't make me pull my hair out
trying to make you out,
You don't want to see my entropy...
entropy (in-truh-***): a person's gradual descent into madness
Helena Jun 22
Closed systems tend to maximize, Daddy gave me hint & warning sign. I beg him to decorticate my stubborn rind,to draw the line -----
a graceless short fat thumb-scratch. ***** finger, rough disorder, I unwind in the presence of infection. Bandaid glue and patchwork sweat, chaos in prevention: self- destruction.
Chris Jun 15
The war is over don’t you see.
Fire still reigns supreme.
The war is over, understand!
Fear still crawls across the land.

Every bullet spent in vain,
Every knife now bears a stain!
Every bullet shot to miss,
I wasn’t born to live with this!

Simple truths for simple men,
Simple wounds hurt now as then,
Complex thoughts expressed through rage,
one more problem to engage!

Damaged sons of damaged fathers!
******* of decline!

We don’t live in reality,
We suffer through a fever dream!
No one rises no one screams!
An escape is what we need!

We are sons of entropy,
Preparing for apocalypse,
******* of catastrophe,
We thrive in our depravity!

The skies are open don’t you see!
Down the rabbit hole with me!
The skies are open, every man!
Run away to rabbitland!

Every head that’s cut in vain,
Every blade forged in disdain!
Every head a price to pay,
For us to see light of day!

Honest words for honest folks,
Bleeding scars from poor taste jokes,
Sugarcoated **** still stinks,
It leaves a mark and so does the ink.
Damaged daughters, lowly ******!
******* of a glitch in time!

We don’t live in reality,
We pursue a fever dream!
We ignore fear and gravity,
bite the fire through the screams!

We children of entropy!
Preparing for catastrophe!
No hope, no love no sanctity!
We revel in depravity!
This is a poem about how reality *****, simply this.
also the lyrics to an upcoming metal song, one demo so far :
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