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Taylor Dec 2020
This blue world
Suspended in time
and warm
smelling of rain
and bodies
Crowned in haze
each new life
is a heavy sigh
a drunken breath
in sober nostrils
This world lives
it hurts
and it heals
It cracks into canyons
crumbles into
and floats ever onward
and screaming
on a slow charge to
Ayesha Nov 2020
on and on it goes
deep into the past— and forward.
  Still, on and on it grows
a spiral unfolding 
sideways, upwards, downwards
   — inwards
                  on and on—
and where all— that could be imagined— meets
       is this now.
Is this now?
    there we all sway
        there we’ll all stay
shallower than light
empty— empty—         emptier yet.
and there we’ve been.
shining fires— vanquished stones
betrothed, sundered;                        
carved into our very own       e n tr opy
   and deformed back to cosmos.
we’ll be there—
when we are; or are not.
scattering like pollens.

far away from this now
this mesh of a single thread
         on           and on which goes
On— on still
as strings long passed whirl around us again,
and what’s to come late

— comes already.
we are. Are not we?
Cassia Jackson Nov 2020
first, you lose your voice.
then you begin to fade; like the moon, as the sun burns it from the sky.
your sense of self grows small,
as if it's locked away, in a place between worlds.
you're not you anymore; just the ghost of summer as winter freezes the world.
i think this must be like the collapse of a star: silent, yet screaming.
and in space, there is nobody to hear you.
Anais Vionet Sep 2020
You can think of this
pandemic as an novel
slowly unfolding.

We are characters
caught up in the plot - we're the
heroes and villains.

We bring our desires,
educations, biases and
social reflexes.

All the small sins and
great vanities of mankind
have a home in us.

The challenges we
face, in chapters yet turned
would scare the angels.

Will, we, the people,
psychologically flinch
in this, our great hour?

If so, expect no
Crispian Day speech of legend
to mark our passing.
America has never been weaker or in such danger.
Emily Sep 2020
A babies' cry is as natural as
the mushrooms uprooting--
two births into the world; life made anew.

But then there is

the rush of train tracks outside the window,
or the sound of a wolf howling at the moon,
the feeling of bare feet on dewdrops,
and watching a hawk sweep down to a lagoon

Dance the tango with me.
two left feet I am spores,
two left feet I am floating

and then I crash down,
burnt paper and burnt cigarettes,
I have a cut on my face,
I have cut tulips in a vase.

I wish I could stand in a mirror and
confront what I see
feminine physique, feminine plastique
two beady little eyes staring back at me

my eyes tell stories of deceit,
my eyes tell stories of no sleep,
when I look in the mirror I don't see me but a
bare-***** woman numb in her defeat

these suicidal lullabies in rose-colored dreams
are how I say hello to the world for I am
cruelly stuck in its'
twisted seams

one day I'll drink salt water and
float out to sea
Edna Pontellier,
I am the real tease.
Entropy - the gradual decline into disorder

Puhpowee- a  Potawatomi word that means the force that pushes a mushroom out of the ground, the unseen energy that animates everything

Edna Pontellier- the main character in Kate Chopin's The Awakening. The novel ends with Pontellier drowning in the waters of the Gulf of Mexico
Traveler Sep 2020
Time is but a nagging measurement
Kinetic forces, inertia unleashed
Every birthday now forth
One year closer to entropy

Deformity of my spirituality
Preserve my heart in wine
The calamity of my existence
Chaotically divine

My charity dreary
My energy empathy drains
As I share your agony
To ease your suffering

I seek refuge
Alone in the wilderness
Drawing faces on the moon
Deities behind the clouds
Here wayward creature
Are solemnly set a fowl
Traveler Tim
Brian Turner Sep 2020
Boltzmann's constant rains
To reverse the great brain drain
Inversion must feign

With many atoms
Hello entropy
Watching the movie 'Tenet' has made me think. Tenet introduces the concepts of entropy amd inversion.
Ces Sep 2020
Reality is an empty blank (?)
Expanding, quivering
With its unimaginable scale
in light-years!
Gradually quickening its cosmic throbbing
Peppered with everything that dies

Obeying a thermodynamic process --
That tyrant among physical laws!
From which nothing is exempt
Even you and I.

Thus, human vanity:
A cosmic joke that fades to nothingness
All aspirations, ambitions
******* by entropy
Quashed to oblivion
All is dust.

And yet, humans toil to fulfill
a delusion
Their hope lies in their work
Their progress, their successes

Still, the universe expands...
Uncaring, disinterested

Not minding the plight
of the human microbe.
Brian Yule Aug 2020
Plumes from tree bones bloom
Spitting entropy murmurs
Sun sap escaping
Brian Yule Aug 2020
Among these hungry passengers
One saps my will to change
One lives my life in retrograde
One grades my every strain
One whispers, urgent “cling on tight”
One drags, hissing “let go”
One sighs at spans I dared not leap
One only tells me no

Yet am I the driver, the vehicle or the road?
Heady with survival, destined to corrode
Clarity eludes me: what’s will, what’s work, what’s way?
Each fumbled innovation, a blindfold duel against decay
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