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JKirin Dec 2020
Breathe in—
Smell dark iron; it’s fresh.
Give in—
To the call of the flesh.

This feeling inside me – it’s primal.
The craving, the lust – it is carnal.

The reason, all thought – elude me.
The salt and the sweet – allure me.

Flow’s thick—
I seek—
about a new vampire seeking its prey (part of my horror collection)
the dead bird Nov 2020
The first time you kissed me,
set fireworks off in my soul;
with an explosive passion
that struck like a lightning bolt.
My once-cold heart went up in flames,
and the blaze swallowed it whole.

Now, my heart is burning up,
‘cause you set my soul on fire;
Engulfed by flames of emotion-
an inferno of desire.

That feeling when you kiss me
proves I don’t need any others,
my world was stuck in black and white
‘til you filled it with your colors ~

You paint my days with hues and shades
of violet, yellow and red.
You thawed out my frozen heart,
until it beat again.
But I would rip it from my chest
and hand it off to you,
if I knew
that if I did,
this would never end.
wheEeeeeEee proud of myself for sitting down and writing something, even if it’s only my second piece this year it’s better than none. Feel like I am finally getting back the passion that was stolen from me all those years ago
Lane O Sep 2020
Your love is my vice
Thirsting for your soft caress
Carnal addiction
drugged with thoughts
overwhelmed by contradictions
there's no peace for me
spiritually entangled
from your distance
looking for an ancestral relief
or maybe .. carnal?
Redaviel Feb 2020
Once pure green, now red with desire
If this flame will spread with passion
Let it be, the warmth that you desire
Our feelings might be carnal treason
But our flesh surely will melt in the fire
The tongue is mischievous with hot reason
As it explores, digs, fight, and admire
You're a masterpiece worthy of sensual arson
I am yours and you are mine, I'll always admire
My appetite's insatiable
I never seem to get my fill
Each time we're done, can't wait until
The next time I'll be tasting you

Don't know if this talk makes you ill
My heart I share; my guts I spill
One thing's for sure, these words are real
I speak the truth; my lips aren't sealed

The animal can strike at will
He's restless; hungry; won't sit still
When urges rise and overfill
Alarm is sounding; not a drill

Not looking for some base cheap thrill
Connection that will give me chills
Struck through my heart: nothing but quills
Drown in your love; mutating gills

Accept the cost; please send the bill
Without you, lost; you are my pill
Like coming frost; destroy and ****
All reason tossed; both ways have nil
Written: October 31, 2019

All rights reserved.
[Iambic Tetrameter Format]
hannah b Oct 2019
we have been blessed with womanhood.
not in a biological sense, nor a societal one,
but a blessing, due to our values.

no man could ever make my blood so darkly crimson
make my heart race, beat
in places within me for which
i should be so condemned.

i live for the subtle pain
of lying down once
you've torn my back to shreds–

it's the ghost of you keeping me on my toes.

i want the wine to hit you like it hits me
like it makes me want you
what it makes me want
to do to you

the way the black and grey lines
make your face in my mind

and the screaming color which
you actually are

and on occasion–i am taken to
that place
where my clinical proudness
(and therefore, reserve)
is gone

and it doesn't matter except
that you are mine and
i simply want to make that
very ******* clear

every time i look at you
i want you to know
that i am thinking about

the most carnal viciousness
and how it might
feel to be wanted
by you
how it might feel to
have you screaming
my name into my neck

how it might feel
sweet god among women
in my bed

let me tear apart the stitches in
your skirt

my dream
is to not have to sacrifice
one for the other–

as in,
you wanting me
for me taking you.
stranger Jul 2019
Too much skin.
Too much space.
Too many flashing lights.
Too much skin.
Carnal wishes without discretion.
Killing me.
Too much skin around me.
Too much skin for me too see.
Lights pulsating under the layers.
I want to feel skin other than mine.
I've gotten tired of wasting time.
Coliding and condoning myself for not looking better.
For not making other layers of skin want mine the way I want them.
No-one particularly.
Tonight I just want to feel loved and I just ain't enough.
Kilometers that my fingers want to run over.
Skin stretching over structured bones, taking the hues of the blood passing through.
How does it feel you fool?
To have someone love you thoroughly?
From your veins to nose cartilages ?
How does it feel tell me?
Incoherently I'm thinking if I can find love in my own skin.
Too used to it so negative.
Tell me how does it feel?
To have skin touch yours that is not evil?
How does it feel to not hate the skin you're touching?
How does it feel to love feeling?
Too much skin.
Too much space.
How would  one's skin ever survive loving me?
Skin haunting me
Mister J Jul 2019
I think I'm going insane
My heart is jumping in my chest
My mind is in a psychedelic rush
My body in an uncontrollable addiction

With one look from those eyes
All my prohibitions are dropped
These feelings are growing stronger
Growing more potent than any drug

Your scent is an insatiable craving
Your lips tastes better than bourbon
Kissing every inch of you feels the best
Giving me a better high than
any marijuana

You leave me in a submissive trance
Every touch of your skin tingles
Sending shocks down my spine
I'm losing myself deeper into you

Your subtle moans growing louder
Playing like sweet music in my ears
As I slide down kissing every inch of you
Slowly working my way between your thighs

The way you caress my hair gives me goosebumps
Softly pulling my head towards pleasure
Leading me to your most sensitive spots
As you succumb to your wildest desires

Your wanting eyes pull me deeper
Your greedy lips devouring my own
Giving me no ample time to breathe
And yet I still want more of you

You give me a trip like no other
Our bodies colliding like wild animals
The way your nails puncture my skin
Leaves me in a high sense of euphoria

Every ****** goes deeper and deeper
Every kiss gets wetter and wetter
These raging emotions bringing us closer
Taking us to a ****** unlike any other

My body is in a lustful overdrive
My mind in a hallucinating blank
As our bodies keep on clashing all over
Finally reaching that ultimate high

This carnal love keeps on consuming us
Why do we bother to avoid something so good?
Your body feels more addictive than any drug
You lips the strongest aphrodisiac I need

I can't get enough of you
I'll always want more of you
This love is a greater addiction
Than anything I've ever had

Please give me more
4am thoughts, spilling up to 5am

Now Playing- Trip by Ella Mai. ;)

Thanks for reading!

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