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Ovidiu Marinescu Aug 2023
You are the pure soul of 5 year old girl
awed by the infinity of the starry sky.
You are the poetry that I humbly try to translate into words.
The scent of your neck intoxicating my senses,
The bad girl tempting one to sin the sweetest sin of all.
The magic number of our passion, old Chinese symbol that finally
reveals its truth.
Sweet flirt and ***** thoughts,
Eyes and eyelashes,
The fear of my fears.
A forest baby doe scared and confused
in the jungle noise of animal screams,
The idol in my dreams
My thoughts are like butterflies landing on your *******, your neck, your back, fluttering up and settling on the bottom of your tattoo, crawling below…
the texture of your soft skin and the hairs on your legs standing on their end.  
You are the Flamenco music that I can’t listen to anymore, the guttural songs linking us to our primal ancestors, drums and clapping like the whole world applauding for you and me.
The love chart that tells it all.
The day you held my hand, in front of fifteen hundred people,
And the most beautiful scene,
alone in the cinema stall, touching an irresistible image imprinted in your mind.
Transparent lies that make me smile,
temptations away, the love that we seek where we can’t find it – sweet irony of life.
You are the punishment you beg for being a bad girl,
Your risks, masochistic game that makes you feel alive,
a life feeling like running fingers through hot coals.
Your unrestrained dialogue with your sub-conscious,
painful and rich,
open window into your soul for the magician to read it.
The power outside me and you that has connected loose threads of our hearts, the Yin and Yang clashing and meshing like two birds becoming one.
You, wild beast unafraid to devour yourself and your pray at the same time, fearless, insane, addictive.
The dream of holding hands. 
February 2, 2013
Mister J Jan 2023
Bodies colliding
Sweat dripping
Lips vigorously kissing
Biting what it can
Mapping every inch
Touching every nook
Cherishing every cranny
In a messy dance

It's coming
That burst of emotions
Desired and untamed
Taking mind and body
Into absolute bliss
Into unholy pleasure
Into carnal ecstasy
I can't control it

Your wet thighs
Latched on to mine
Locked in place
Never wanting to separate

Pulling me closer
Locking me deeper
Squeezing me tighter
My mind turns blank

Moving faster
Thrusting deeper
Fcking wilder
Loving harder

Every push and pull
Every sweat and breath
Every touch of tongue
Melting my brain away

Struggling together
Fcking like hell
Until we reach ******
Until heaven

Hello! Its been a while. How have you been?!
Brejesh Shan Jan 2023
In a carnal fervour, my desire doth swell,
An inferno of passion, a tempestuous hell.
My heart a cauldron, ablaze with yearning,
My mind a labyrinth, ever churning.

A symphony of sensation, a crescendo of lust,
My senses awhirl, my body ******.
In a rapturous fervour, my senses alight,
With a longing unquenched, a hunger for delight.

My ***** ache with a pulsing need,
A carnal craving, my body doth plead.
A profligate yearning, an insatiable hunger,
A fervent desire, an insistent urging.

A tumult of emotion, a deluge of ecstasy,
A tempest of sensation, a maelstrom of bliss.
A whirlwind of passion, a conflagration of lust,
My heart aflame, forever to combust.

So let us succumb, to this frenzied desire,
And bask in the warmth of this passionate fire.
For in the realm of love, there is no higher law,
Than to yield to the tempest, and let passion be the awe.
Show Your Love With Your Teeth

Show me the feral side of your love;
Show me the protective side, the carnal side
Show me love with your hands on my hips,
Your breath in my ears
Show me your love with your teeth
Seventeenth part....
JKirin Dec 2020
Breathe in—
Smell dark iron; it’s fresh.
Give in—
To the call of the flesh.

This feeling inside me – it’s primal.
The craving, the lust – it is carnal.

The reason, all thought – elude me.
The salt and the sweet – allure me.

Flow’s thick—
I seek—
about a new vampire seeking its prey (part of my horror collection)
Lane O Sep 2020
Your love is my vice
Thirsting for your soft caress
Carnal addiction
drugged with thoughts
overwhelmed by contradictions
there's no peace for me
spiritually entangled
from your distance
looking for an ancestral relief
or maybe .. carnal?
Redaviel Feb 2020
Once pure green, now red with desire
If this flame will spread with passion
Let it be, the warmth that you desire
Our feelings might be carnal treason
But our flesh surely will melt in the fire
The tongue is mischievous with hot reason
As it explores, digs, fight, and admire
You're a masterpiece worthy of sensual arson
I am yours and you are mine, I'll always admire
My appetite's insatiable
I never seem to get my fill
Each time we're done, can't wait until
The next time I'll be tasting you

Don't know if this talk makes you ill
My heart I share; my guts I spill
One thing's for sure, these words are real
I speak the truth; my lips aren't sealed

The animal can strike at will
He's restless; hungry; won't sit still
When urges rise and overfill
Alarm is sounding; not a drill

Not looking for some base cheap thrill
Connection that will give me chills
Struck through my heart: nothing but quills
Drown in your love; mutating gills

Accept the cost; please send the bill
Without you, lost; you are my pill
Like coming frost; destroy and ****
All reason tossed; both ways have nil
Written: October 31, 2019

All rights reserved.
[Iambic Tetrameter Format]
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