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Phil B Jun 4
Fear gripped primal synapse,
a quiver of spider’s silk bunching,
rippling outwards in a cranial pond.

Anticipation surrenders shape
to the dense jungle rhythms,
but reveals little of their depths.

Breathing stifles in cautious
and irregular release -
amidst the midnight black box.

The bone sharp tension uncoils,
as vine and fibre come undone.
The cycle remains unbroken.
Composed amidst the trees
Arianna Feb 25
Philosophy cautions against the impiety of flesh,
And indeed, I have craved bread and water,
Or weary of that, supped on food for thought alone.

A phantom trapped in a living body,
Or a bit too much in the clouds...

Yet, my senses stir
At the suggestiveness of lantern-lit marble,
And the withered Ego,
Faded into free-floating needlessness
(But not Freedom),
Rouses at the carnival parading 'round the hall:

Sizzling, shimmering in oil,
Simmering fragrant with juniper and herbs.

A menagerie of nakedness laid glistening before the eyes,
The Fruit of the Earth in flesh:

Creatures of flight, strength, and speed,
The hot-blooded pride of wild things subdued by Fire...

          But young and raw, our hearts grow still wilder, O Love!

Breathe, breathe, coming to my senses...

Your eyes shine brightly —

Could we, could we
Shed our skins
Limb from limb?

As like two calves, we lay down
Upon the sacrificial altar
Laid in lily-soft linen, where

Warmed with the lashes of wounds and wine,
We meet in a lovely slaughter:
Bare hands entwined,
Eyes flickering, jaws twitching

With bloodlust.

Garden serpents coiling, recoiling
A grotesque flurry of scales and feathers,
Of dead skin and mortal sins.

Who hunts, who is hunted?

No matter,
For we fall together, crimson sparrows:
Une petite mort pour deux petits oiseaux...

Wings bitten, matted with blood and olive oil:

Give me your hand: I will stitch you together
With thread from my tendons.

A lip hangs mangled from your jaws,
And my teeth leave purple crescents around your neck.

"Can you feel my strings vibrate
Through your thrumming caverns?"

"Do you bleed
Where I have poured myself into you?"

"Do sunflowers grow here
Where I bury my Heart
Beneath your bones?
For if death be an act of Love,
I wish for your blood to flow through It."

The imprint of Lust,
In the color of a moan,
And rakes its claws across the canvas...
Writing music:
‪petty and selfish,‬
‪The path to peace, no recourse.‬
‪I have no remorse.‬
I'm aware it's a petty precarious peace... but peace none the less especially when she stays out of reach.
You use to sneer at me,
As if you were better than me,
You use to look down at me through soft lashes,
You smoked so you could slowly choke me with ashes,
You would say "Without ME you are NOTHING",

Well I might not be much, but I AM something,
I will not stand in your shadow, I'll cast my own,
I won't let your self loathing deliver me into an early grave stone,

Although I must admit I crave the feeling of your flesh upon mine,
I want to slide your taste over my lips like fine wine,
Im slightly disgusted by this need to satisfy this primal hunger inside  me,
My body betrays me while an unnatural lust brings me to my knees,
The only good thing about you was your ability to ******,
Only through carnal cravings could we call a truce,

You thought that if you could make my body feel good I would need you,
You would tell me that the only thing I was good at was laying beneath you,
You tried to dig me up so that I couldn't bloom where I was planted,
You thought those fevered desperate kisses would keep me enchanted,

I left because I got tired of your lust games,
we don't share anymore perverted love claims,
When I think of you now I snicker, too no one in particular,
I liked how you were twisted and ******,

But thats all I liked about you,
Its funny how I was so drawn but also so repulsed by you,
I guess that means that I'm a little sick too,
I don't regret it though, cause then I'd have to admit that a part of me cared,
Try not to mourn the wicked temptations that we shared,

I'm fine on my own, are you;
Brandon Conway Sep 2018
I will slither my venomous tongue
into those tender ****** ears
until my intent is well and hung
after bottles wash away fears
my genteel words only a facade
to feed my carnal desire
my affable countenance only a fraud
to cross the threshold of your attire
tonight we will worship fermented grape
my little maenad
in ecstasy my hands follow the shape
  of your curves, driven mad
my charm
your curse
my arms
your hearse

when the sun shows his face
I'm but a ghost
your conscience defaced
my next egotistical boast
veritas Jul 2018
>My lover and I make a crime scene every night. But every night, we walk away with more blood on our hands. Not victimless, but witnessless.

            tell me what this carnal discourse is. tell me i can wash it off. tell me i can forget.

     >But no, the world murmurs back to me, no, you get to bathe in it. And then, just when you feel anew, you will open your eyes to a lake of lost lovers.
Anthony Mayfield Jul 2018
One beat
Two beats
Three beats

I’m empty
I’m bleeding
I’m carnal
I’m sore

Five beats
Six beats
Seven beats

My sins
Can’t win
But I’m already late
Sometimes I wish I could just put all of my feelings on pause.
Rivi Apr 2018
Take me to bed
In the forest
So I can feel the cold damp earth
Against my naked back
Look up
And see in your eyes
A desire burning for eons
Draw the doubt from my soul
Through my lips
The only witnesses are the trees
As you press me into the ground
Electricity where our skin touches
The only sounds are our
Gentle hymnal moans between gulps of air
Kiss my translucent skin
******* hunger for you
As we reach a fervent crescendo
That rips me in half
Nevena Todorovic Oct 2017
I wished time and time again

-to be weightless
- not need



To always

-have my hands free

-and open

-bent to hold

I wished,
but...wishes are specks of dust.
Specks of the past
they fly past my window
Sometimes lingering in my hair:

Hello, old friends
-lucky I have long hair


                                    ­                          ~ Surely you comprehend the
                                                             ­     pleasure of flight
                                                          ­    Meaning is a weak soluble
                                                         ­          Pursue the carnal.
                                                             Channel it right ~
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