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September Roses Dec 2018
When will the darkness consume me
Am I a sinner or a purger
Do I make haste for pain or for pleasure,
What is the difference?
The night owls scream like sirens from the river rapids
Do I fear the damaged or do I pull them closer to harm me so I dont have to do it myself.
Will I stare in horror
At the beasts above my bed
Or in melancholy relief.
What answers would the monsters in the closet give
If they could speak
I would ask them where they dwell away,
Are they from hell?
Ide like to know weather to reflect or pray in my final moments
Do demons know if there's life after death?
Do the demons know they are real enough to tell me,
So I dont have to keep asking myself.
Can I be my own worst enemy
If I beleive in fate?
How can I ruin my future if it's predetermined.
When I pretend to sleep through the night does my brain think I'm well rested?
Or can it see the dark rings under my eyes as well.
Who am I to name myself while I beleive nothing is real.
Who are we to hope for something more when we already have it all.
Do I make my own thoughts?
Or do they come from somewhere else.
Who do I ask for.
Who do I expect to answer.
Do I hope to find the answer in myself?
Or do I enjoy making my heart suffer.
Kirsten Hunt Jan 4
Feelings always fade
love, hate, happiness, sadness, fear.
We're all numb in thought.
Anya Sep 2018
Now whenever I think back
to that feeling which has
almost completely been erased from my memory
I wonder

Was the feeling
that he was there waiting for me
that any moment I’d be in his grip
in his claws

I’d be helpless

That was the worst part
no one else
even if there were, they weren’t any better off

Just me
in a solitary
state of terrified numbness
so caught up in the moment

Then there was no time
to think logically
and see it for what it was

As I can do now
as much as I am relieved to be freed from the dreadful mindless panic
There is a part of me that feels it’s loss
This is a new page.
Empty;Deep Love and woes fill;
The former is me?
Fresh start same games but different play that is the sentiment don't want to say anymore
I wanted to fall asleep it was my escape in this reality

Deeply imagining of what could've been.

Flying around the World with no reason to stop and much as well rest...

The nights are not what they seem, I need to stay awake.

The voices in my head telling me to open my eyes wide

Where only I can see the dark, wishing I was blind.

The silence was killer, to think I'd go back and listen to my Dad read a story or my Mom sing me to sleep

But I hear whispers saying I should leave.

Dreams weren't nice, they were frightful like the night

I can't differentiate reality from slumber.

The moment I close my eyelids I'd feel it, the grasp of something unseen. It's screaming in my ear letting me know

I'm not alone.

It's morning again 24hrs to prepare for Bedtime once more, another battle.  

And the Demon had a score.
Battling against with fears of things that keep me up at night. It can be depression or a form something else in mind
empty seas Mar 2018
A hurting generation
of broken children
we are the end of this
alphabet of problems
our future is hopeless
full of student loans
and a job crisis
the millennials have
warned us so

So we dull our pain
with jokes and memes
ridiculed by older people
but we know that
our future is dull and
filled with hardship
so let’s make our now
bright and fun
and most of all
a good memory
for when things get hard
All the gen z kids I know are scared of the future, we’ve grown up hearing of how bad the millennials had it, and it’s our turn to be let out into the working world.
Wayne Benson JR Oct 2017
I have seen fear, so close and so dear
Seen evil eyes within capital letters,
and in my own when compared to my peers
For I know no, and can not do no better
                 I've seen dreams in reach, drowned out
by the weather and storms of life
And knives that cut tongues out
For contributing to what may be right
Right from the land of the free i have seen
Chains being tightened and the darker the color
                 That fear is heightened
Nashoba Aug 2017
The overwhelming feeling of defeat, today it was such a great feat.
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