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i slammed on the brake
a second too late
and i crashed head first
the infidelity i regret
Norman Crane Sep 29
banker's lamp green light of envy because
she will never be his late office nights
work done beneath sheer illicit thoughts
of her and her blue dress become his flights
of fancy wrapped tightly around her waist
blinds half-drawn the city is invasive
automobile engines and cigarettes
smell of lost love, dust, marriage and regrets
their futures already both faint shadows
on the walls outside the halls are empty
the desk is wet with sweat nobody knows
so they are free how empty they will leave
for homes already broken bittersweet
lives caught on repeat caught on repeat
Inspired by Edward Hopper's 1940 painting Office at Night.
Dhanya Chawla Sep 23
welcome to the funeral
the funeral of our love
it was a tragic and painful scene
like when a little puppy that comes under a speeding truck
whimpering and crying under all the weight
slowly crushing to it’s end

you don’t want to leave, do you?
all you can say now is that you’re sorry
but how can i stay when i see the casket that lays right in front of me
one that doesn’t even deserve the red roses i loved so much
it wasn’t the roses that were dear to me, it was the feeling of joy that filled me when you gave them to me
“when did it all go so wrong?” you ask
“i don’t know” i say
but it’s a lie. i know exactly when
it died when you spent your hours with her more than you did with me
it died when you laughed on her jokes more than you did on mine
it died when you misused my trust
it died when you kissed her just like you used to kiss me

and here i am, today
visiting the grave again and again
i can’t help myself, can i?
after all, it seems that i’m the only one who mourns our loss
Lyn-Purcell Aug 26

Scream, her claws are sharp
Oathbreaker, she is justice
For your eyes wandered

New day, new haiku!
Still focusing on the Furies and feeling much better today too! This haiku is for Megaera, know as The Jealous. I believe that is the case because as one of the Goddesses of Vengeance, she punishes oathbreakers.

Anyone who has broken any sort of oaths as well as punishing infidelity, especially martial infidelity. I always believed she is known as the jealous because she embodies the rage of a loyal partner who was scorned by their lover due to their infidelity. So poetically ironic in my opinion.

So this haiku was written with her voice in mind, in why she is exacting justice as well as a good partner's vengeance.
One curious fact is that her own parentage has been called into questions as some say that she was the daughter of Erebus and Nyx and not born from the blood of a castrated Uranus.

Anyway, thank you all for growing followers, I'm forever humbled and grateful for the support 🙏🌹💜
Here's the link for the growing collection:
Be back tomorrow with another one!
Much love,
Lyn 💜
Norman Crane Aug 21
we blossomed once
in the desert
two green weeds
seeking rootless pleasure
now flower bedded
horticultured—yet wistfully I miss
the *****
of cactus lips
spacewtchhh Jul 23
I'm not gonna ask why.
But maybe you're also looking for a way for you to see each other. Maybe it's not just his actions that showed he misses you. Maybe you wanted him, too.
You already know it's a fill-in pleasure. When there's a chance to meet, you will take it. You steal moments that shouldn't be. But never think about the one that is always there for you. The one who is waiting for you to come home and show you love unconditionally. He doesn' t have an idea how you've lied about those stolen moments with someone who just steal moments too.
I hope you'll feel his heart breaking every time your lips touch your other man's lips. I hope you'll hear his crying every time you push those legs on your other man's body. I hope you'll see his ocean of tears every time you let the other man swim unto you.
I know you' ll part ways soon, but I hope you' ll know that you are already ruining his future relationship with your infidelity.
I adore you, but as a friend, I sometimes can't endure you.
It's been months since I last wrote here. But here, I couldn't tell this to my friend bc she doesn't listen anymore. I want to help her, but the only help I could give her now is respect her decisions.
Tori May 4
I want to be near you sometimes. As much as I love you
I wish that I could love you better, that he could love you better,
That you could love you better.
Its not about being bitter,
though I am, and it is
A taste of chicory coffee dark and thick as car oil,
And you can’t spit it out, the taste lingers around,
And just like coffee, I’m addicted, taking a new sip every morning,
Remembering his face, when he looked at you with a curled lip and recalling
Your face pretending not to know.
And I resented you both.
I took an oath,
Never to blindly bind myself brainless and loveless
Now I’m unwound,  
Trying desperately to learn how to knit
Because everything is in tatters.
Blackenedfigs Apr 27
Men are dogs;
You can hardly call yourself a brother
With no respect for a father's daughter: me.

A man of God are you?
Plead to him for forgiveness, for your wandering eyes
And unfaithful hands.

It is men like you who lust for me,
As if I'm to fulfill a fantasy
Or be your one time secret

I will never be anyone's one time secret.

If your sons had been born daughters
Wouldn't you want them to do the same?
Paul Horne Apr 24
around which they stand
unshakeable, proud, masters of all
the reason that lies behind
every move, each carefree step,
brick upon brick, fired,
a memory, then layered to a common tune
in the background, gently humming
old man with his stick, holding hands,
love at its first, and last,
this was us, our dream and now,
just a whisper, rubble
to fumble through for crumbs
to comfort the cold and forgotten

Unblemished by joy, the child with her shawl,
no protection from this barren life,
bare, for all who still see
this weathered face, trust destroyed,
all warmth and womanly instinct
seeped out for a well worn page,
insatiable lust, long forgotten
CB Apr 23
"You know she haunts my mind all day and yet you still keep her here."
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