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The X-Rhymes Nov 2021

3 diff’rent times of day
3 diff’rent kinds of meal
3 diff’rent parts to play
3 diff’rent ways they’d feel

3 diff’rent, work, home, play
3 diff’rent spokes their wheel
3 diff’rent, pay, love, lay
3 diff’rent, earn, spurn, steal

3 diff’rent minds they say
3 diff’rent wounds to heal
3 diff’rent worlds to stay
3 diff’rent realms of real

3 diff’rent, sounds okay
3 diff’rent, no big deal
3 diff’rent, just their way
3 diff’rent’s the appeal
One of my less straightforward things.
Maybe the only one?
maria Aug 2022
I found him in the dim-lighting of a meadow.
His skin, his breath, his kisses
were dreams and berries to me.
Poisonous and plucked from nature's own *****,
I crushed him between my teeth,
felt his sugary rush in my mouth,
and spat him out for fear that his essence was dangerous.
Oh, poisonous berries, strip me of life,
place me in the deepest slumber,
so that I may continue to dream of this infidelity forever.
why you did it
still escapes me
but nothing else matters

all that savings
for better lives,
vows and memories
don’t make it any

some kind of relief
or reassurance
would be great,
but i know there’s
nothing you could say
or do to fully
convince me

i hope It has
my nose or eyes,
but surely It has
your voice

… guess we’ll see
for T.W. & L.W.
the ones that teach you,
who lift you up over
their heads
in good faith,
these are their stories.
I lost all my reasons to love you
You lost your will to try

I lost all my faith in faithfulness
You lost your dignity and pride

You lost all my trust
When you lost your mind that night

So darling lose my number
This is how I say goodbye
this is how i say goodbye
sometimes she does not recognise herself
she is not the same person from five years ago
back then, things like innocence were real
infedility was something other women practiced frequenty
other women
disloyal women
not her though

she feels tainted, stained
irrevocably ashamed
marked with a poisionous cheater's kiss
she wants to go back to wedded bliss
she is desperately looking for some way to fix it
to find some sort of reprieve

she stares into the ***** mirror
hearing the whisper of her old friend, Fear
telling her of the art of sabotage
an art she wishes she'd never mastered
what can I say?
vows were made to be obeyed
when she broke those sacred promises
her soul shattered just the same
so when she looks into that mirror
her reflection is a stranger
she wants to be anyone else
not this unfaithful mess of a shell
so she smashes that glass into tiny shards
it's time to move on
time to make a new start
fear taught her the art of sabotage
now she's making a new start
Carlo C Gomez Apr 2021
There's trouble in Alphaville:

Caution in the taxi, "I am on a journey to the end of the night."

Remember to silence love when sneaking Sally thru the alley.

There's always one too many wives on the same wavelength.

Seeing is believing in the cold ultraviolet light of a long, warm lens.

And naturally "How to Teach Your Wife to Be a Widow" is all checked out at the local library.

Philip Lawrence Dec 2020
promises unheeded,

fidelity unspared,

deserted, until rumor of another brings

a squeamish smile, a tearful display,

wordless performance for an audience of one
Is a cheater always a cheater?
Do you cheat then wear that brand forever?
What if you're remorseful and want to change?
What if you never cheat again?

Is a cheater always a cheater?
I've always been a fidelity believer
I also believe that leopards can change their spots
But I cheated so I'm a cheater forevermore
is a cheater always a cheater?
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