and you dare stand up from the sheets where our body fluids have mixed and dried, wordlessly dressing yourself up and leaving the echo of the door closing in your wake and just you fucking wait i'm going to lace your tea with poison, and oh, isn't it just unfortunate that your house has this terribly long staircase and your wife just always had to wear frighteningly high heels?

but then again, you'd like that, wouldn't you? you at my mercy just like a few hours ago when i pinned your wrists above your head and your pelvis under the curve of my arse, painfully teasing you with the slow drag of my hips, impaling myself on you, raising myself up so so slowly until only the head of your cock catches on the lips of my entrance and i slam myself back on you, as you gasp and gasp and gasp, begging for release, for mercy, like the pathetic lover you are with your cries spurring me on, the trembles of your body betraying you, betraying your wife, but never betraying me because you know, goddamn you, you know, deep inside, that you are mine—you are mine and i will never let you go

unapologetic vulgar shit
Nicole Jul 12

gyrating hips
and blood red lips
vulgar thoughts
drift across,
seeping into the silk sheets
beneath her heat.
fire set alight
at the sight
of the small porcelain frame
draped in the skin of an angel
with the devil singing her name.
“nothing is good anymore
this i am sure”
she says,
counting petals that fall to the floor.
mischievous grin
locked on lips of sin,
and she can’t help the need
to bound forth and see,
naked glass
shattered from the days of past
with sand spilling pages
into unknown cages
opening eyes
to all the cherry red lies.
blood flowing over head and underneath
the infidelity that lives in his sheets,
lost kisses and broken hearts
left to be made into art.

Give me your love, life and liberties.
Give me golden awards and jewels.
You gave me your heart and on it I suffocated.
So give what's left, and I will work with it.

Empty place cold, still with lost echos.
I'd love to live and feel the rush,
Blood in my cheeks and feel the blush.
Breathe in my lungs and feel the crush.

But emptiness ensues.
So give me Life, Love And Liberty
Give me golden awards and iridescent jewels.
Give me anything to fill the void you left when you cheated.
Give me hope that it's truly me you dream about.

Clunky and free-written, critiques and notes welcome.

I always thought that I'd see you again
corn teeth and bloodshot eyes

We were young, in college
and always high

The gun under you pillow
didn't seem so strange

We hiked, drank, sang
watched old movies all day

It was months before I knew
you were sharing a bed with another

I hated you for making me feel foolish
and fucked you after you cried

You weren't found for weeks
and neither was she

I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
For her, for you, for me

Francie Lynch Jun 26

I'm taunted by another,
Allured by the attention,
Polishing vanity to a reflective glaze,
Like a winner's cup, held up by the ears,
To display, kiss, and smudge,
Then returned to the rightful owner.
It's an enviable snare,
One may think is sincere,
From here, looking over there.


a smile, a look, a touch
is all that's needed for them to think
you belong with me
(you do)
but you are not mine
not in ways they presume
when they see us together
and the ever shrinking space between us

you are not mine in ways that are well trodden
of obligation, of possession, of labels

but you belong with me
in ways that matter
in the way we talk just to each other
in the congruency of our thought
in the importance we have for us
in laughter and sadness
in sickness and in health

they look at us and they presume
but they can never know
how deeply I belong to you

Giz Apr 17

You want to move on
But you lie to my face
You say you're tired of talking about it
As if I love talking about your mistakes

You blame me for making you this way
I can admit I did my share
You see me hurt and still pile on
Because you don't really care

You know that leaving you is hard
And it only boosts your ego
You should know that every time I cry
A piece of me is letting go...

Those who are faithless
know the pleasures of love;
it is the faithful
who know love's tragedies.

A quote from Oscar Wilde.
maxime Apr 12

Does she know? I ask.
I can't hide the wicked smirk on my face,
As I see the panic spark in your eyes.
Does she know about the flowers you wove through my hair?
Does she know about the words you wrote on my skin,
Everlasting, never fading, cannot be taken back?
Does she know about the breaths of life in the dead of night?
Does she know about the desperate kisses we shared when we were all alone?
Does she know about the tears you shed over the death of my love?
Does she know about the sins you committed that forced me to run?
Does she know, darling? Do you think she'd stay?

Can you live with the thought of her leaving, because I saw who you truly are?

This sounds controlling. Better in words than in habitual action.
Grez Mar 25

If you knew the landing were made of swords,
Would you jump?

If you saw the bridge collapse, descending to the deep,
Would you follow?

If you had to rewatch your life at heavens gate,
Would you regret?

If you knew my touch were poison,
Would you accept it?

If you knew your actions had consequences,
Would you lie with him again?

Then why do you return to me,
And fall down on your knees
Begging for what I cannot give

If you knew I'd say the same,
Scream at you to leave,
Would you go back and treat me that way again?

An idea from reading one of Lori Jones Mcaffery's works, where knowing something is nothing does not always stop us. Consequences cannot always deter us from stupid, hurtful actions. Appreciate feedback <3
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