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I lost all my reasons to love you
You lost your will to try

I lost all my faith in faithfulness
You lost your dignity and pride

You lost all my trust
When you lost your mind that night

So darling lose my number
This is how I say goodbye
this is how i say goodbye
sometimes she does not recognise herself
she is not the same person from five years ago
back then, things like innocence were real
infedility was something other women practiced frequenty
other women
disloyal women
not her though

she feels tainted, stained
irrevocably ashamed
marked with a poisionous cheater's kiss
she wants to go back to wedded bliss
she is desperately looking for some way to fix it
to find some sort of reprieve

she stares into the ***** mirror
hearing the whisper of her old friend, Fear
telling her of the art of sabotage
an art she wishes she'd never mastered
what can I say?
vows were made to be obeyed
when she broke those sacred promises
her soul shattered just the same
so when she looks into that mirror
her reflection is a stranger
she wants to be anyone else
not this unfaithful mess of a shell
so she smashes that glass into tiny shards
it's time to move on
time to make a new start
fear taught her the art of sabotage
now she's making a new start
Carlo C Gomez Apr 11
There's trouble in Alphaville:

Caution in the taxi, "I am on a journey to the end of the night."

Remember to silence love when sneaking Sally thru the alley.

There's always one too many wives on the same wavelength.

Seeing is believing in the cold ultraviolet light of a long, warm lens.

And naturally "How to Teach Your Wife to Be a Widow" is all checked out at the local library.

Ahmad Attr Feb 14

Today’s the day
Been invited to my lover’s party
His wife is expecting another baby
Another child whose father is going to be taken away

Today’s the day
Put on my French perfume
And my violet velvet gown
This cheating story will echo throughout the town

They’ll know this woman
Rags to riches
Hometown villain
Mistress to Mrs.

He was mine the day she was mad at him, For his indolence
He got drunk and walked out of his mansion
Passed out in front of my picket fence
And I let of him in

Today’s the day
I’m feeling so fearless
In my violet velvet gown
He gave gifted me last Christmas

Today’s the day
They’ll remember when they’ll witness
In the party, on her knees, she’ll beg for forgiveness
She’ll wail and whimper with snot running, all that funny business

Today’s the day
He and all his things will become mine
I was drunk and broke once upon a time
The world will me say things and not him
Even though he was my partner in crime


Red are the ripples in water of her bathtub
From the rose bath bombs she brought home
The girl’s on the deckchair, the boy’s on drugs
The empty house is filled with eau de cologne
And I feel alone,
More than before
A place so unknown, once called home

I can hear the clatter of her heels
parading on the marble floors, where I once walked
what did he see in her that I am not?
I bet she will rue the killer in me that she unlocked
I bet I will love around her, the outline of a chalk

Red are ripples in the water of her bathtub
From the blood spurting out of her cut throat
The girl’s in the hammock, the boy’s with his thugs
And our man is in the river, afloat
And I feel alone
More than before
A place so unknown, once called home
2 Poems describing POV of two women in a very clichéd story, mocking the villainification of women in many stories. Either the home-wrecker or the crazy one.

First part:
Philip Lawrence Dec 2020
promises unheeded,

fidelity unspared,

deserted, until rumor of another brings

a squeamish smile, a tearful display,

wordless performance for an audience of one
Beckie Davies Nov 2020
Is a cheater always a cheater?
Do you cheat then wear that brand forever?
What if you're remorseful and want to change?
What if you never cheat again?

Is a cheater always a cheater?
I've always been a fidelity believer
I also believe that leopards can change their spots
But I cheated so I'm a cheater forevermore
is a cheater always a cheater?
Beckie Davies Oct 2020
i slammed on the brake
a second too late
and i crashed head first
the infidelity i regret
Norman Crane Sep 2020
banker's lamp green light of envy because
she will never be his late office nights
work done beneath sheer illicit thoughts
of her and her blue dress become his flights
of fancy wrapped tightly around her waist
blinds half-drawn the city is invasive
automobile engines and cigarettes
smell of lost love, dust, marriage and regrets
their futures already both faint shadows
on the walls outside the halls are empty
the desk is wet with sweat nobody knows
so they are free how empty they will leave
for homes already broken bittersweet
lives caught on repeat caught on repeat
Inspired by Edward Hopper's 1940 painting Office at Night.
Dhanya Chawla Sep 2020
welcome to the funeral
the funeral of our love
it was a tragic and painful scene
like when a little puppy that comes under a speeding truck
whimpering and crying under all the weight
slowly crushing to it’s end

you don’t want to leave, do you?
all you can say now is that you’re sorry
but how can i stay when i see the casket that lays right in front of me
one that doesn’t even deserve the red roses i loved so much
it wasn’t the roses that were dear to me, it was the feeling of joy that filled me when you gave them to me
“when did it all go so wrong?” you ask
“i don’t know” i say
but it’s a lie. i know exactly when
it died when you spent your hours with her more than you did with me
it died when you laughed on her jokes more than you did on mine
it died when you misused my trust
it died when you kissed her just like you used to kiss me

and here i am, today
visiting the grave again and again
i can’t help myself, can i?
after all, it seems that i’m the only one who mourns our loss
Lyn-Purcell Aug 2020

Scream, her claws are sharp
Oathbreaker, she is justice
For your eyes wandered

New day, new haiku!
Still focusing on the Furies and feeling much better today too! This haiku is for Megaera, know as The Jealous. I believe that is the case because as one of the Goddesses of Vengeance, she punishes oathbreakers.

Anyone who has broken any sort of oaths as well as punishing infidelity, especially martial infidelity. I always believed she is known as the jealous because she embodies the rage of a loyal partner who was scorned by their lover due to their infidelity. So poetically ironic in my opinion.

So this haiku was written with her voice in mind, in why she is exacting justice as well as a good partner's vengeance.
One curious fact is that her own parentage has been called into questions as some say that she was the daughter of Erebus and Nyx and not born from the blood of a castrated Uranus.

Anyway, thank you all for growing followers, I'm forever humbled and grateful for the support 🙏🌹💜
Here's the link for the growing collection:
Be back tomorrow with another one!
Much love,
Lyn 💜
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