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it's absurd to let a sweetheart slip away
but impossible to keep her around
icarus Jul 24
a cold, a fish, a baseball.
i can catch a snowflake on my burning tongue.
i can catch a falling star searing through the sky, a sudden **** in the night.
i can catch you curled around a phone-call.
it's past three and the wish i made from our bed
smothers itself to death on
some field in Nebraska.
You look different,
like the joy that once was
has been ****** out of your soul.

You use to smell,
like honey and red roses
now you stink of regret and despiration.

You, were so focused on the grass on the other side you forgot to realise that you were standing in the garden of Eden.

Tell me, how is Delilah treating you ?

Does the faithless woman make you happy or does the absence of God corrode your joy ?

Was the forbidden fruit worth loosing your place in the garden?
Give me more she said my lord
Oh give me more I'm such a *****.
Give me more She said my lord
Oh give me more hes such a bore.

Flowers don't grow with an ice witch narcissism.
Tell me did it hurt when you got your circumcision?

Assassin heart sharp shooting harlot
Tear every part your letters scarlet.

Don't trust me, I can't see
The lie was blind and I live by instinct

with every fruit i take a leaf
then its gone and then I leave.

Blows to know the dangers of the cold
but it goes to show your true colors when your old.......
This is a song i wrote out of frustration with infidelity and people i am close with dealing with it.
She needs strength to not hit send
To not open what had closed
To focus
Right and wrong never felt so gray
She wants to love him
She wants to forget all the lies
She wants to believe he’s changed
And he has
He’s actually better than before
He’s focused
She’s excited
He’s back plus more
This is good
But there’s a wave of confusion
And it only takes a moment
To be washed away from him
The current is strong
The focus is gone
She’s drifting to a safer place
Wrote this while trying to rebuild with my boyfriend who cheated and lied. He’s doing so much better and we’re happy and stronger, but I’m nervous it’s not enough for me. That what has been destroyed cannot be fixed. I’m so back and forth.
And just like that I’m drifting
Drifting to a safer place
An unknown space
In the sea of love

Our home has burned
We loved, we learned
It’s time to rebuild
But it cannot be filled
Not the same at least
I leave in peace
Slow steady pace
Drifting to a safer place
Greg Jones Jun 7
It’s the right time to fall asleep
And remember...everything.
We can start again, I’m so over this…....I wish.

We're so destructive with lack of care.
Douse the fire that we claim we need but instead,
Lie awake, eyes on the wall.
Every night, there is a chance, such an obvious chance
We're making a mistake,
But we denounce our logic.
Lights out, open thighs... ...I won’t regret this.

Get a phone call from our significant’s
Ignore it, and their pain increases.
And we fade into this secret world
That we forged through infidelity.
I recall the sweetest sin you said... it’s just a kiss.

And now we're changing
The future in my bed sheets,
Leaving a trail of bleeding hearts.
I shoulda burned you out of my mind
A long time ago, but I’m fixed on you
Like an addict….
...I think I’m gonna be sick.
13-17 Jun 6
The love is supposed to be sweet
With the roots in your soul and your mind
But everything dances in rhythm
Of infidel
Jason Adriel Jun 2
you lied, I said, you lied to me
I have dressed myself to look pretty
who do you think it's for?
why, for me, of course, he said
his eyes searched elsewhere for beauty
Franz, my one and only Franz,
am I the one and only Clarissa for you? I asked
you waited
yes, yes you are! you said
the golden sun ripped through the blinds
you let out a sigh, a very sad one
and we spent the rest of the day
staring at each other
not knowing what to say
not knowing where to start
forgetting how to kiss and make up
must we, in this wave of falseness, lay?
a poem of infidelity.
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