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Jean Wilson Jan 24
Our anniversary rose

You secretly chose the most beautiful rose

You were so careful to not let me see

You never could guess
I secretly witnessed the love in your eyes as you chose the perfect one

You never could guess
I secretly witnessed the love in your eyes as you sent it to another
Zara Turner Jan 5
My lover and I, we’re super intimate.
I trust him and he trusts me.
I know the password to his phone,
Like I know his face in a crowded a room.

The intricate pattern of a square,
It’s lines firm and final.
The journey of my finger,
Across the coolness of the screen.

I dig my hand inside his coat pocket,
My fingers searching for the feeling that I know so well.
The feeling of cold metal, a chip in the corner,
And a ***** in the glass.

I frown as instead my hand comes across a matte phone case,
And the ***** in the glass that my finger searches for is instead a smooth screen.
My fingers wrap around the device, still warm from its use,
And my heart stammers as I see that it is not the run down htc that I am holding.

It’s a new phone.

A new and better phone is laying in my hand,
It’s screen blank but its venom lethal.
My fingers scurry to unlock my lover’s iPhone that he had never mentioned,
But there is no square pattern and I am instead faced with numbers that hold no sense.

Why did my lover need a new phone?
Was his old one broken?
Had he grown tired of the cracks or how it’s battery would drain in a matter of minutes?
Or was he simply attracted to a new, shiny phone with it’s bigger screen and fancy case?

Why hadn’t my lover told me about this new phone?
Did he not know the bounds to my love - I could love a different phone,
But I couldn’t love two.
Did he love two phones? Could he not decide which he preferred?
Was this phone a temporary fix or a replacement?

My shaky hands turn the screen of the phone which mocked me so cruelly black,
And I slipped the phone back into it’s hiding place.
My hands don’t then search for the old htc,
Maybe it’s because I might not find it, or maybe it’s because it didn’t matter if I did.
Just a poem I wrote about a person coming to the realisation that their partner is dishonest.
Twice in one week
I don't understand
Was that on purpose
Or was this unplanned
In your Friday's best
Is that even a thing
It's been almost a year
Since you quit that routine
Without fail our paths cross
I still feel your fire
And even though it burns me
It's you I desire
I don't know where we stand
Because you still look back
I want you to save me
But you're my heart attack
Hartaz Kaur Dec 2018
Sweet mutterings and promising vows
Tightly held hands, manoeuvring all bends

Exchanging confidences of lifelong affinities
Forming a morally binding, spiritual entity

Then aimlessly wandering solo on his journey
A foreign body, piques his curiosity

The protesting of one and the persisting of another
A maniacal passion, melting honour to error

He returns to her with marks not her own
Indelible upon her heart, hurt she's not known

As he sits by the fire and laments his folly
He is forever engulfed, in the abyss of her memory
The folly of many ever since mankind's conceptualisation and enforcement of a commitment, always spelling out the same ending.
Simra Sadaf Dec 2018
I woke up in the
middle of the night
and felt a certain
kind of nothingness,
my wife soundlessly
asleep next to me,
I tiptoed my way out
of the house,
before I knew it I
was in my car turning
on the ignition,
in a desperate attempt
to escape from this life (read lie)
I reached the hotel room,
it was cold and quiet,
my lover sat across from
me smiling, a gentle gesture
that enclosed me,
as I drove back home,
my skin reeked of infidelity
and the smell of his cologne,
it lingered.
Annie Dec 2018
I met raw infidelity once —clenching its fists upon me, not ready yet –to leave me. And when it finally did, it left bruises and scars which I myself couldn't hide but look upon –with dismay and filth because the old me is long gone, dead and buried in graveyard of lies and treachery –all the ****, wild things which feared me once and made my body tremble -as of cold and fear. I screamed so loud before the words of bitter truth suffocated my lungs, burning the only emotion I had left —disappointment. I was, yet again, left with "nothing".
Angeline Nov 2018
Side piece
The other woman
Permanent residence
In emotional purgatory
No home in commitment
His only sometimes
And sometimes never
But never always
Because his always
Belongs in the arms
Of someone else.
And I guess I'm satisfied
Being someone's someone else
Because he's not satisfied
With holding
Just one heart captive.
i'm confused.
The look in your eyes
Became my demise
I get carried away
I can't hear what they say
The feelings still there
The butterflies everywhere
I'm melting inside
From you, I can't hide
I don't know if it's real
I don't know how you feel
This isn't me
I'm lost at sea
This lifeguard can't save me
I think I'm going crazy
He has my devotion
But I'm drowning in your ocean
Sometimes I wonder
Why my heart chose you
Because I'm getting married
And you're married too
Sometimes I wonder
Will we ever talk
And if you made a move
Would I reciprocate or walk
Sometimes I wonder
Does she know my name
Does anyone know about me
Do you wonder the same
Sometimes I wonder
That maybe he knows
But when I spoke the words I liked you
The joke went right under his nose
Sometimes I wonder
Have I read the signs wrong
Or if you've written about me
Because I know you write songs
Sometimes I wonder
Will these feelings ever end
Because when I get married
I don't want to pretend
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