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1d · 995
For Once.
Mari 1d
Why can't my
Heart be empty?
Mari 3d
I can do anything
I want to do.
But I don't have
to do the things
I need not do or
Don't have to do.
But I will do the things
I should do and must do.
Don't waste your time on unnecessary ****.
Mari 3d
It is true that
Past forms the present,
But there is no need to
Remember your past
In order to live your present.
Forget your past and live a happy present. A happy present leads to a happy future. :-D
5d · 38
On and On.
Mari 5d
I wish books
Could go on and on
No more endings
Only Once Upons. ❤️
7d · 147
Me or they?
Mari 7d
Am I losing my strength?
Are they getting stronger?
Or maybe both.
Oct 28 · 785
My Sleep Routine.
Mari Oct 28
I lay in bed,
I turn left, right,
It's 11 pm.
I turn left and right,
I wash my face,
It's 12 am.
I wash my face,
I burst into tears,
It's 1 am.
I burst into tears,
I cry, cry,
It's 2 am.
I cry and cry,
I cry myself to sleep,
It's 3 am.
Oct 27 · 438
My love was blind.
Mari Oct 27
I was in love,
Madly in love
Without me realizing it.

The way you blamed,
The way you lied,
The way you betrayed,
Hit me straight up in my heart.

I was told it was my fault.
That I caused this mess.
And I believed it because
I was madly in love.
I regret falling in love with a person like him.
Oct 12 · 1.4k
Broken but beautiful.
Mari Oct 12
Tiny pieces of
Shattered glass
Appear like
They're crystals.
Nothing is useless, really!
Sep 25 · 430
Even if...
Mari Sep 25
Even if you are strong,
you can't stop pain
from coming.
Sep 21 · 568
Mari Sep 21
The person
who told
not to compare
yourself with others,
is comparing itself.
What a shame!
Sep 21 · 697
Won't Stop.
Mari Sep 21
This is why I don't
share my opinions-
They won't listen.
They think I'm strange.
They think that they're always right.
They make me feel guilty
even though I didn't do anything wrong.
But still,
I won't stop.
Sep 15 · 337
You Never Did.
Mari Sep 15
You put the blame,
spoilt my name.
I was surrounded with the
people who hate,
but still, I had my fate
that you would
love me
like you did before.
You never did.
Aug 26 · 621
Mari Aug 26
Talent lies in the blood.
When it floods
A master-piece is made.
Aug 21 · 569
Mari Aug 21
I accepted
When I least
expected it.
Aug 19 · 161
Mari Aug 19
I've always wondered
why tears tasted salty.
Now I know why...
It's because you
injected a salt
called 'hate'
in my heart.
Aug 19 · 431
Broke up.
Mari Aug 19
I was too good for him.
He didn't deserve me.
So, god
Broke us up.
Aug 18 · 519
Too Happy?
Mari Aug 18
I was chased by
But was never
Maybe I was
too happy?
Aug 17 · 292
Mari Aug 17
does not come from learning.
It just comes
from your heart,
'cause its a part
of you.
Aug 13 · 161
Mari Aug 13
high up in the

Aug 4 · 97
Mari Aug 4
Poetry connects with a paper,
A paper connects with a pen,
A pen connects with the mind,
The mind connects with the soul,
The soul connects with the heart.
Aug 3 · 343
Great write.
Mari Aug 3
A great write
is often a co-incidence!
Jul 29 · 159
There she was.
Mari Jul 29
There she was
standing in front of the mirror
with pale skin, showing ribs
and a shrunk body.

There she was
standing in front of the mirror
starving, listless
weak and powerless.

There she was
standing in front of the mirror
comparing herself with
all the girls on the internet.
"You're beautiful just the way you are." ☄
Jul 17 · 266
Mari Jul 17
It takes a week to heal the bruises.
It takes an eternity
to heal the bruise in my heart.
Jul 17 · 49
I'm not okay.
Mari Jul 17
Her friend asked, "Are you alright?"
She answers, "Well, physically yes and mentally no."
Jul 17 · 35
A Man of Her Dreams.
Mari Jul 17
a man who never cheats
a man who never blames
a man who never criticizes
a man who will understand
a man who lets her free
a man who is trustworthy
a man with pure emotions
a man who never leaves
a man of her dreams
was all she imagined of...
Jul 17 · 185
Four-leafed Clover.
Mari Jul 17
You are the four-leafed clover
in my garden.
Jul 15 · 201
Left you.
Mari Jul 15
Yes, I left you.
I do admit it,
but I don't regret it.
Jul 7 · 885
Mari Jul 7
Anacondas and vipers
are the serious biters.
Cobras and mambas
can create deadly dramas.
Garden snakes and kingsnakes
tooth marks still ache.
Be cautious
or else you'll end up being nauseous.
Just wrote a quick poem to create awareness about how deadly snakes could be.

— The End —