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Dec 2020 · 699
Mari Dec 2020
I will fall asleep
to your
Nov 2020 · 209
Run out.
Mari Nov 2020
I wish to be out
of depression
before my sleeping pills
run out.
'cause they'll find out.
Nov 2020 · 135
Mari Nov 2020
When the wind blows,
The leaves shake and make a sound.
I wonder what they're trying to tell me.
Nov 2020 · 161
My poems..?
Mari Nov 2020
When I scroll down
And look at my older poems,
I wonder,
I wrote these?
I find joy when fellow poets relate to my poems. When they like and comment, it's just incredible to see that people are going through what I'm going through, a reminder that I'm not alone. I'm grateful. Thank you! :)
Nov 2020 · 233
Mari Nov 2020
No matter how
Full you are,
There's always a
Place for
Nov 2020 · 165
Mari Nov 2020
Coffee's bitter.
But why do
People love
It so much?
Oct 2020 · 354
Mari Oct 2020
Either love me
Hate me.
Don't be two-faced.
Stay or leave. Don't confuse me.
Oct 2020 · 2.0k
True Friends.
Mari Oct 2020
We believe they
are true friends
until that day comes,
when you really need them.
and they won't be there, of course.
Aug 2020 · 153
Mari Aug 2020
Let the rotting
Jul 2020 · 755
(¬_¬ )
Mari Jul 2020
I don't have
to be perfect
at what they're
perfect at.
Jul 2020 · 365
The Best Out Of.
Mari Jul 2020
Sunlight makes
the leaves
the greenest
they can be!
Jul 2020 · 618
Run Away.
Mari Jul 2020
I wanna run away
but I have
no place to go
home is the place
I'm running
away from.
Jun 2020 · 649
I'm doing it anyway.
Mari Jun 2020
I don't know
if I'm
but at this
It feels
Jun 2020 · 428
Mari Jun 2020
They say when
you're in love
you get better.
But why am I
getting worse?
Jun 2020 · 172
Pretty Weeds.
Mari Jun 2020
Pretty weeds
growing from the cracks
of the ground.
Jun 2020 · 217
Mari Jun 2020
I'm not sensitive,
The world is just
Too harsh.
Jun 2020 · 243
Mari Jun 2020
Grow from pain,
Learn from mistakes,
Embrace your scars.
Jun 2020 · 753
It takes time.
Mari Jun 2020
At a certain point of life
We all feel lost, scared and confused.
But in the end,
We'll be there
Where we should be and
Where we belong.
It just takes
Jun 2020 · 119
I'm strong.
Mari Jun 2020
Life is hard
so am I.
May 2020 · 770
Note to Myself.
Mari May 2020
You are doing great.
It's not your fault.
You don't have to cry.
Keep trying.
May 2020 · 777
Bad poems.
Mari May 2020
I think I
got bad
at poetry.
Apr 2020 · 201
Mari Apr 2020
You'll find
when you start to
appreciate the
little things
in life.
Feb 2020 · 421
I'm a fool.
Mari Feb 2020
Yet again,
I come back to you.
Like a fool.
Feb 2020 · 400
Mari Feb 2020
I think we're
too young
to be talking
about life.
Feb 2020 · 496
Just Sleep.
Mari Feb 2020
I want to sleep
and never wake up
until everything
is alright.
Feb 2020 · 248
Mari Feb 2020
New 'you',
New me,
New love.
Feb 2020 · 344
Freaking out.
Mari Feb 2020
You were insanely
freaking out
after you told me
that you liked me.
Everyone's been there. hehe
Mari Feb 2020
I'm constantly checking my phone
to see
if there's any
text from you.
Feb 2020 · 410
Mari Feb 2020
I desperately needed you then
I desperately need you to
let go.
Feb 2020 · 371
Wrecked </3
Mari Feb 2020
My love life
is wrecked.
because of you
Feb 2020 · 297
Did you?
Mari Feb 2020
Sometimes I wonder
if you have had
ever loved me.
Feb 2020 · 112
Mari Feb 2020
A little work
will make a difference.
Don't hesitate to
make a change.
Feb 2020 · 532
Aim for stars.
Mari Feb 2020
Will you stop
aiming for the stars
just because they're
too high?
Jan 2020 · 528
Not one.
Mari Jan 2020
Do not say 'us'
'cause you and I
are different.
Jan 2020 · 517
Happy Ending.
Mari Jan 2020
There will never be
a happy ending
between us.
Jan 2020 · 198
Mari Jan 2020
You chased after the bus
JUST to see me?
How lucky can I be.
Jan 2020 · 548
You care.
Mari Jan 2020
It was good to know,
That you cared.
Like I did for you.
Dec 2019 · 482
Do you still love him?
Mari Dec 2019
NO. But he'll always remain
A special person to me
'cause I
Loved him once.
Dec 2019 · 117
Toxic friendship.
Mari Dec 2019
You said that you don't
trust me like you trusted her.
I cut off our friendship.
Friendship without trust is toxic.
Dec 2019 · 234
Stars and sky.
Mari Dec 2019
You made the stars
I scattered them in the sky.
Nov 2019 · 1.9k
For Once.
Mari Nov 2019
Why can't my
Heart be empty?
Nov 2019 · 456
Stop wasting your time.
Mari Nov 2019
I can do anything
I want to do.
But I don't have
to do the things
I need not do or
Don't have to do.
But I will do the things
I should do and must do.
Don't waste your time on unnecessary ****.
Nov 2019 · 293
Me or they?
Mari Nov 2019
Am I losing my strength?
Are they getting stronger?
Or maybe both.
Oct 2019 · 876
My Sleep Routine.
Mari Oct 2019
I lay in bed,
I turn left, right,
It's 11 pm.
I turn left and right,
I wash my face,
It's 12 am.
I wash my face,
I burst into tears,
It's 1 am.
I burst into tears,
I cry, cry,
It's 2 am.
I cry and cry,
I cry myself to sleep,
It's 3 am.
Oct 2019 · 818
My love was blind.
Mari Oct 2019
I was in love,
Madly in love
Without me realizing it.

The way you blamed,
The way you lied,
The way you betrayed,
Hit me straight up in my heart.

I was told it was my fault.
That I caused this mess.
And I believed it, because
I was madly in love.
I regret falling in love with a person like him.
Oct 2019 · 2.4k
Broken but beautiful.
Mari Oct 2019
Tiny pieces of
Shattered glass
Appear like
They're crystals.
Nothing is useless, really!
Sep 2019 · 507
Even if...
Mari Sep 2019
Even if you are strong,
you can't stop pain
from coming.
Sep 2019 · 667
Mari Sep 2019
The person
who told
not to compare
yourself with others,
is comparing itself.
What a shame!
Sep 2019 · 826
Won't Stop.
Mari Sep 2019
This is why I don't
share my opinions-
They won't listen.
They think I'm strange.
They think that they're always right.
They make me feel guilty
even though I didn't do anything wrong.
But still,
I won't stop.
Sep 2019 · 419
You Never Did.
Mari Sep 2019
You put the blame,
spoilt my name.
I was surrounded with the
people who hate,
but still, I had my fate
that you would
love me
like you did before.
You never did.
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