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I know we have met before,
At the cold sea of Atlantic
We kissed
We cried
It was fate, it was tragic,
We perished on the ocean floor

I know we have met before,
At the coast of Honolulu
We kissed
We cried
It was ******, it was blue
We perished as they bomb the shore

I know we have met before,
And now the world seemed so tranquil
We kissed
We cried
It was perfect, it was surreal
We perished when we're ninety-four
Let us open our imagination about a time traveller who learns that in every era, with a different body, in a different life, he's always inlove with the same girl.

Ladies and gents, I humbly give you "The Memoirs of a Time Traveller, enjoy!
emily Sarker Apr 4
Every book,
is filled with beautiful chapters.
filled with adventures, strength, and love.
but it also has bad ones
filled with hurt, uncertainty, and loss.
but the bad chapters doesn't mean an ending is coming.
it is purely just a ****** in the story,
and you must push through to reach the happy ending.
always remember most stories end with happy endings and in life, the book of life that we create we have more control over it, how the ending of your book will be is up to you:)
Our story isn't a poem,
nor a novel to be written.
We can not rewrite the chapters,
we can not rewrite our story.
Only if I could,
I'd write a happy ending.
saffronne Feb 22
She drew happy faces all over my arms.
She drew smiley faces over my scars.
She showed me with ink and blue marks,
the answer is a pen, not a blade to make art.
based on what happened today.
this really did make me happy,
I love you, hannah **
Wynter Oct 2018
Confusion in life is normal.
Everyone has experienced the maw
Of life devouring our senses.
The beat and rhythm of fantasy
May come bittersweet in the end
Or may not come at all,
But what's important is to enjoy
Every aspect of life from
The spectrum of one's own death
To the graceful and yet elusive
Happy ending.
My poems here are not updated. Real life caught up. But everything is on my tumblr (darthkeso) and instagram (cheesuscheesus).
Hestia Aug 2018
That time. That time when I felt in…
What, how could be happen to me? Not now, not now please!
I can’t see anything else just… somebody is going to help me?
It hurts but when I see that smile and those eyes I fell like a big block of antarctic ice slowly melting down for
the first time.
Is this…?
Please let not this happen to me. I can’t do it.
I’m scared. Of what? Don’t know.
It’s just my dreamly childly romantic way to see things.
I believed to all those tails and I’m too scared of the chance of a never happy ending
Can i still believe in a happy ending story?
That someday my prince will come
And save me from a cruel reality
Altough i'm not pretty
Also don't have money

Can i still believe in fairytale?
That someday my wish come true
After all the mess i have
i will have my own castle
With my beloved inside
Kewayne Wadley Jun 2018
Things between us have changed.
Pretending only presents the underlying problem.
We spend our time in seperate rooms.
The television on two seperate channels.
Still unable to find what we're looking for.
Demanding peace unwilling to press for change.
The thing's we said we'd never do.
Complete faith that we'd never walk pass each other.
So much as a single word.
Strangers in wait that it will get better.
If it isn't you, I can't go on.
Good or bad.
Being forced to pretend that everything is alright.
Another show airs.
Demanding attention else where.
I am trying,
But can't keep flipping past the infomercials without being tempted.
Searching for a happy ending
Michael Jan 2018
Wish for your eyes to see indeed
breathlessly wishing deep inside
your love needs you ,she needs you around here longer.
but you are already half dead and the other half in a coma

doctor says it could last a day, maybe two
or even a decade.
i still need you, without you love
life essense is spiceless
i need a re-incarnation!

faith is the remaining gut
left when all hopes are excercised.
one more redemption, the only chance to life again!
i desire for you life again, not so much to seek a second chance.

for you this cup kindly pass over,
Christ also resisted with an agonizing plea at calvary
one more prayer need answered
in this heavens today
darkness!!!! we lost him
pim pim pim pim and steadily the beeps rise

the heart rate monitor regains a steady pulse
its a re-incarnation!
breath taking deep inside, i recount
God answers prayers one moment in time sometime
when we so badly make the call.
Inspired by the movie: one moment in time.
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