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Butterfly Sep 23
I had some beautiful words in my mind but the disappear like your love has left my life.
zsazsa Sep 17
You walked away with half of me

Half my breath
It is still beyond me how I breath without you

Half my smile
Left me with this crooked smile

Half my soul
Left me with this hollow hole

My whole heart
How will I love another

You hurt me
But like they say "better the devil you know"

Come back to me
Come back
Love me right just this last time
Let us give this love one last try
Alex Gifford Sep 9
What once was fire in your eyes,
is smoldering,
about to die.

What once was fire in your veins,
is spilling out,
it slowly wanes.

Lost in a fog,
Drained of your blood,
Spine feeling soft,
Face in the mud.

Now fan the embers in your eyes,
consume what's left,
by fire baptize.
I update my playlist at night
With songs that remind me of you
Tunes that sway me to sleep
Cause you're not here to
Your arms are missing
But I got more sheets
Now I'm held tight
The fan blows to replace your steady breathing
The soft exhales on my neck
I have my pillow a little higher
To fit your arm underneath
I've got your body
Now all I need is a sound
Something to be the heart that isn't here
I can almost feel you
But I can't feel your love
So I'm updating my playlist
It's the only way I'll sleep
mila splawska Jul 18
i imagine you kissing her
and i am filled with dread
i imagine you ******* her
and i wish i was dead
mila splawska Jul 18
you changed
i no longer know how to love you
teju Jul 14
I miss our talks so much
A smile used to draw on my face with your '' hi''
You said you won't leave me in the dark loneliness
But you left me with all your ignorance in horrible silence
Many things remember of your daily
Every day used to
start with a ''good morning ''
end with a '' good night ''
along with a cute smile
Now I barely smile...
just be waiting for your text all day hopefully
Don't leave me...
give me back that magical smile!
raquezha Jun 27
that's the only word
I said that day
while we're sitting
inside a cafe
waiting for the rain to stop
I miss you a lot
you used to take me
to our local KFC
I'm always excited
you always make me excited
but I realized
you'll never be coming back
Take care

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