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Raven Feels Apr 2
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, don't hide it---we miss them:|

me being a runaway flying in the black hinges

  soaring in the twinkling skies

I crave you as a hungry wolf that knows no boarders of freedom

in there in the shady street

as I dive into my vulnerability you sense my need

you sense my desperation

its like you read my locked lines

among the flowers of the highs

in the publicity of tamed crimes

you have me

running on rage

screaming on blades

the cake comes and you appear none

lying down

hating the crowds

the bargaining weight of these suicidal sounds

where are you???

nowhere to be found

leave me in yells when the time ends and dwells

this is a first in a hell

do you intend to choke me to death again???

it is me who you pressed undamned on your wided chest

and carried it all away in a mild stance

when no one dares

to a slightest bare of your cans or cares

don't forget me still not lying

still breathe for your touch

and your essence on that spot

just tell me where

and my heart will voluntarily beware

to be awaiting a hold of torments in the bliss of fair

when you mindlessly gear

affording to disappear

a night changes its shades into a million gleams

you seem to draw on my warm sheers

Jamie Jan 26
In every corner
I have a memory
Of us together

Lying side by side
Talking the night away
With food nearby

It hurt knowing
You would never
Come back home
Double King Dec 2020
You chose me first.
We spent and treasure memories together.

I saw how your eyes sparkled the time we met.
I took care of you.
I offered home to your homeless heart,

We spent hundreds of night together with each other's embrace.
We walked together, watching every footsteps we left on the sand that we walked on.

I care, you don't.
I just realised, I assume.

Your eyes never sparkle that way to her when you saw me.
But her, you do.

I let go of your hand that ties our fate;
I'll let go, but I wish you would feel guilt
And comeback to me.
I hope that's the reality.

I made myself believe that you'll turn around,
Chase me and hug me like you did before,
But you never did.
SquidInk Nov 2020
here i sit
watching you make new friends
whether or not they're good for you
i sit here watching you make one bad decision after another
but i don't say much in fear of upsetting you
in fear of drifting farther away from you
in fear of you going off and informing people of my worrying
here i sit
watching you tell people things that weren't yours to tell
watching you drift farther away from your innocence
farther away from your true relationships
farther away from me
here i sit
while you yell at me
while you tell me to not worry
while you tell me you "love me"
while you tell me that you will be okay
while you cry to me
while you vent to me
while you tell me you don't care
while you laugh at me for caring
while you tell me you hate him
but then tell me you miss him
while you tell me that i need to care once i say im done caring
here i sit
crying because of how much pain this is causing me
crying because i can't do anything
crying because you are fine with this
crying because you are fine with them
crying because im tired of feeling this way
crying because what happened to always?
what happened to
ill never leave you
ill always love you
i would never do that
just one more
trust me
i would never lie to you
im sorry
i should've listened to you
you're my only true best friend
you're my person
here i sit
exhausted from the mental pain
being forced into feeling numb because im tired of feeling
missing what we had
what we should've still had now
what you tell me we still have
but we both know that we don't
im tired of the pain
SquidInk Nov 2020
im scared
im scared that one day our long embraces will evolve to just a faint smile
im scared that one day we will merely wave when we see each other
im scared that one day we wont even wave
we might just glance at each other
not so long ago, we spent every waking minute together
not so long ago, i laid in your bed and laughed all night with you
not so long ago, we dreaded for the time i had to go home
not so long ago, we told everything to each other
not so long ago, we always had something to talk about
not so long ago, we would go on long walks just because
not so long ago, we would sneak off at 2 AM to watch the stars
not so long ago, we laid on my shed roof in the middle of the night
just to watch the sky and talk
not so long ago, we laid on your kitchen floor rolling in laughter
not so long ago, we cried in each others arms
not so long ago, we composed hilarious songs in your room just to belt them out so that your dad would hear how dumb we were
not so long ago, we laid together and watched the fault in our stars
not so long ago we say
but it seems so long ago
it seems like a distant memory
remembering you
SquidInk Nov 2020
ughh i miss you
these are the last words i messaged you
what i wanted to say was
i miss how you used to be
i meant to say
i miss how we were
i meant to say
i miss how much you used to care
i wanted to say
i miss the old you
because i do
but she's long gone
i miss her
come back
Brejesh Shan Nov 2020
I am the nothingness that engulfs a dying star,
I am one third of a negatively charged down quark.
I am the rage that sparks Zeus's lightning bolt,
I am the constant difference between fission and fusion.
I am that transient sigh between two zeptoseconds, so insignificant I have no essence.

I am that pestilent cosmic conundrum of how to prove string theory,
I am that inevitable faux pas; who mimics a rotten black cherry.
I am the rip in the fabric of space and time, I transcend the unknown.
I am nothing but a forsaken speck of dust existing in a parallel multi-dimension of possibilities, waiting to be reclaimed by the nebula that I once called home.

She is the light that brought life to the Garden of Eden,
She is the beating heart of a neutron star.
She is the gravity to my anti-gravity,
She breathes the cosmos into reality.
Her elegant essence evokes my euphoric entity from oblivion.
She is the astronomically accurate measurement of the companionship between space, gravity and time.

She is the;
Sanctuary of my heart, the
Archangel who guards my soul, the
Neutron that forged my being, and the
Andromeda who owns my love.
to my bear
Queen Z Oct 2020
He had proposed me openly on the road,
I used to ignore thinking him a crazy lover.
One day even slapped after getting irritated,
But he was really crazy,
Painted me also in his colour of love.

Started a new life with him and fought to the whole family,
At first he was addicted by me then alcohol was intoxicating.
And one day, he went very far,left me alone
Months passed,couldn't forget.
Also couldn't give place to someone in this rude life.

He has returned to my threshold once again
This is his desire to make a  place again in my life
Nylee Aug 2020
Up in the air
It is smoke and dust
Up above
More clouds in place
Up to the moon
Take me away
Let's leave anyway
Into the sky
If it was up to me
I'd never come back.
Raul M Murray Aug 2020
Everybody needs a *****
No thanks I can create on my own
My idiosyncratic thinking
Is bouncy as the suns atom

Looking for a reason to capitalise
On mind control apparatus
But read on please you
Can become my apprentice

Because this poetry can heal
Dimensions of the brain
A poetic analeptic that heals
When feeling down at heel

The bidirectional pulse wave
Of another person is not a desire
My encephalon is creative
Enough to excite you on the microwave

So adjust the frequency
Even try shortwave to find life
In space because this poet
Has no ***** dependency

My style is cramped with the BCI
Purloin’s my opportunity
To be unique in writing
Being a survivor & spry

The invasion of privacy is deplorable
Taking advantage of the poor you do
You have privacy so should I too
Reading people’s brain is irreconcilable

Don’t need two people to write a pen
I don’t want to be a ***** in the pig sty
And get ***** with other ranks of pigs
Every person’s brain is a personal den
BCI - Brain Computer Interface

Analeptic - adjective
(chiefly of a drug) tending to restore a person's health or strength; restorative.

Spry - adjective (spryer, spryest)
(especially of an old person) active; lively: he continued to look spry and active well into his eighties.

Purloin -verb [with object] formal or humorous
steal (something): he must have managed to purloin a copy of the key.

Pen - verb (pens, penning, penned) [with object]
write or compose: Olivia penned award-winning poetry.
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