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Yasin Mar 5
This pain comes and this pain goes.
It will never let me go..
This broken heart of mine whispers and echoes.
It whispers... and it whispers..
This dispirit soul of mine wanders and hopes.
It wanders.. and it wanders..
This tortuous mind of mine aches and yells.
It aches.. and it aches.
This mournful eyes of mine weeps and burns
It weeps.. and it weeps
This dull body of mine darkens and fades.
It fades.. and it fades.
I Miss her soooooooooooooooooooooo much :(
layer by layer
the life we share
shade by shade
the bond is being made

day by day
ensured the stay
bit by bit
we unknowingly commit

words by words
revealed the inwards
moment by moment
validation of the agreement

here, for a while let's hold
understand the untold
the love, growing in manifolds
for miracles the time unfolds

ups and downs
pros and cons
dusks and dawns
never alter the divine plans

beyond righteousness or wrongdoing
let the stream flowing
the life is ephemeral
but our connection is eternal....

The love sees no boundaries...
The pause for a cause is must,
Which strengthens the bond...
Gammar Jan 30
Tried to give you a pleasing answer but could not

Silence filled empty spaces, I saw your eyes drop

You know tears clear you are my only blind spot

I'll keep my feelings in, a beautiful secret locked

The ends of my lips rise, my mean act cracked

I let my hand rest on your cheek, can't drawback

Breathtaking, heart breaking, barely holding back

entertwine your fingers in mine, replay flashbacks

Memories of child promises you're cute like that

I let my lips hug yours firmly that's my comeback
Sierra Dec 2018
I see your eyes
They smile and laugh
Filling souls with warmth and comfort
They light a path through the night
I was so close
But I looked away
Why did I look away?
Come back,
Abby Dec 2018
Holding her like how you used to hold me, gently grabbing her face like what you did to me.

Saw you bandage her finger, the painful flash back to the first time you put on a little plaster on my ankle.

I still starred all the messages you promised me but does it mean nothing now?

I stayed but i kept quiet because you seems to be dislike me

my tired eyes
are shaking for you every 3am.
Im still waiting even though you asked me not to.
CM Lee Dec 2018
Two hearts connected by a string
Broken pieces perfectly aligning
It was a fairy tale beginning
Two people wishing for a happy ending

We were fireworks in new year’s eve
Everything was possible with you and me
Beyond the stars there we would see
Our future as bright as it could be

But one day, all of a sudden,
For some reason, you stopped coming
No words, no reason for a certain
Don’t you think I deserve an explanation?

Now, I’m just wandering alone
We used to walk together in the sun
Today it’s just me, on my own
Tomorrow I hope you’ll finally come around

I don’t care if it’s dumb
I’ll stay here and wait, no matter how crazy it sounds
Because you understood me unlike everyone
I’ll be right here in our corner, waiting to be found
angele Dec 2018
i miss him. everything about him. his hands on me.
his kisses.
at least i can remember the last time we kissed
the last time we hugged
and it all makes me wanna cry.

i want him. i want all of him. his love and affection. looking at his face and into his beautiful beautiful eyes. the lull of the silence which was so perfect.

i want to be his again.
i want him to be mine
but he already belongs to another.

i keep replaying it in my mind, over and over and over.
i didn’t know it was the last time.
did he know it would be the last time?
it was a thought stuffed into the back of his mind- always there-like the crumpled up pieces of gum wrappers you stuff in your pockets.
or maybe he didn’t.
i don’t know
it doesn’t matter now
i just miss it.

i miss you.
The light in her eyes fade
The candles unable to draw a flame
Because the winds are to strong now
The smile she wore everyday
Hanging in the back of her closet
Her happiness left
She’s begging it back
Everyone knows that never works
Why me? Why now?
The days were brighter yesterday
Today is nothing but clouds
She trying to pulls her smile over her face
But the brace
It wont stay
Especially today.
Abby Nov 2018
Was hopping you would give me a visit in the hospital that day but you never.

A volunteer came and talk to me
"How are you?" "What do you enjoy the most", i smiled and show her the photos and videos of you and me

Those night you were down
Those sleepless night chatting happily
You sending me home
Eating and movies

Little did she know you've already left me, i smiled again and replied "those was the best night i ever had"

She asked "What quotes do you live by?"

"Live life to the fullest, you'll never know when you'll lose them."

The day you lost them its the day you watching them falling for others.
I can't handle this pain its too much.

Cherish the moments.
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