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Why is life a cruel creature?
Why does it hate your joyous features?
Why does it try and hide you away,
In the darkness of space
Without anybodies trace?

How come it convinces you to hide yourself?
How come it convinces you not to cry?
How come  it convinces you to not rely
On those who are there to support you
When help is what you are due?

Life may want you to feel alone
In the empty void of space
Where life can lie and say you can't cry
As it won't matter;  since nobody is nearby
Life may want you to give up
If you can't shine bright every day.
But that is not what people who care say.

Don't worry about shining bright
Don't worry about staying warm
Just focus on your own fight
And let your friends stay in your sight
So they can help tend to your flame
Instead of letting it burn away.
All because life doesn't care.
Dedicated to my Shining Star
Who has helped me through so much
And I hope I can help her in the same.
Carmen Jane Jun 2019
You've anchored your words in my heart
And now at night, my eyes  won't shut
Salty droplets soak my pillow
I've asked if you're better, you said you're still low
How I wish I knew the answer
Cause I'd lay it on a platter
And instantly, to you I'd run,
As I would do for anyone
Yet, I must say you're pretty special,
I know these times might feel so stressful
Yet don't forget you're not alone
You've received your talents when you were born
So don't deny them, just pause the world
Focus on you and make yourself bold
Write down your feelings
And wait for the healing
Enjoy the sunrise and the sunset
I'm thankful for us, that we've met!
Maia Apr 2019
I promise
One day
The sun will wash away the rain
And the tide will pull away the darkness

Maybe that isn’t today
And maybe,
That’s okay
Because I promise
One day
You will be.
We are aware of the darkness that a judgmental mind could never interpret,
regrettably a sympathetic one whom may never understand,
the unfortunate occasion that you may never comprehend,
nevertheless, the inconsolable thoughts taking possession as we ill-advisedly perceive it all.

We plead with our wits next to the shadowy void to pull itself together for the considerate rope, thrown by the aiding, observant heart, whom questionably believes they may be witness to a faltering mind.
Observing the consciousness of the defeated soul that appears to be in despair without hope,
whos only aspirations seem simply to be a desire for a purpose, if not just appreciated for unobserved accomplishments,
but as the Darkness appears it’s difficult to grasp the disoriented, desolated mind that was ******, abruptly upon us.

As much as you try to alleviate the agony you attest to see, handing over your own strength you long to be received,
There is still the over-whelming pull of our defective mind,
discouraging thoughts that blind the help being offered that we push aside,
we feel the need of fight or fly, as we flee to our merciless evacuation,
It’s in that moment we freely descend,
Diving into the captivating abyss,
With the knowledge of knowing we may never ascend again.
You can’t hear the darkness’s dialogue, but we listen to the seductive silence as the chemicals misalign,
the reckless, misguided drop into the blinding dark hole that feels numb in awareness, but aching to touch,
the darkness can speak for as long as we reluctantly consent,
despite the fact it leaves us feeling insignificant,
we let darkness define us and at times its abundant touch is imprudently enough to keep us retreating to darkness’s lair for refuge from our detrimental behavior.

We reach, we scream, we dig our nails into the muddy wall, but the hole is too deep; the rope isn’t long.
Maybe it’s a test as you climb the roots; but the darkness is still there grabbing at your legs, whispering to you that you’re meant to be here instead.
“It’s safe here!” Darkness says.  “They can’t get you here! They may get past that concrete wall, but not in this destitute of twigs and straw, but if they do, they could get stuck, too, maybe I’ll haunt them instead of you?”
I should have known how easy it was to fall so gracelessly into a shadowy hole that I know shows when prompted by self-possessed triggers in life that you can’t help but let devour the night.
We find ourselves asking if we should even reach up.
We began to wonder if the hole was meant to collect what we feel is broken and left for dead.
Some find us weak, but they have no clue,
When we do choose to be, we fight this battle almost daily, so you can’t say what weakness is,
When you’ve never needed the strength to fight the dark to begin with.

Natalie M. Lawrence
I suffer from manic depression and when I become manic I write. I am also an advocate for mental health and try to find ways for others who don't suffer to understand what it's like while at the same time letting those who do know that they are not alone.
So in this Darkness is the fight we are up against. Always.
Songs are an escape.
You don't hear the lyrics, you listen to them, and you truly understand the artist and don't feel as alone as you felt when you started the song.
Songs are a type of poetry that has music and is likewise written out of deep emotion.
Not some shallow stupid feeling that's temporary, but a feeling that stays with you for a lifetime
Michael Sep 2018
When you suffer,
I suffer too.
No matter the situation,
I am right there with you.
When I see the pain in your eyes,
A little more of me dies.

I have failed you,
This I know.
I should have protected you,
But I didn’t know.
You never came to me,
This is my fault.

You were left to struggle on your own,
You were left in a world of hurt.
To see that hurts me,
To not be able to step in kills me.

My feelings are irrelevant,
This you and I both know.
Your feelings are the most important,
If only you believed though.
Someone in my life is hurting. This person tends to try to walk the path alone, all the while I’m right here suffering along with her.
Aihara Sep 2018
From a distance, fade and keep fadin
the palm of our shaky hands touched the cold mirror
There is no stopping the halt of  the creeping disassociation
Identity, stripped away like the distant memories of the future
who's there , why you are always there , Do we know each other?

Love me, I did well
Hold me, in your light
take me, to your future

There's no way,
I know no such person,
There's no way, that you are me.

I rather die than being seen
And you know I wanna be seen
The reason to quietly sobbing in the stalls
The exact reason to be that perfect, wholesome guy
I guess I'm just a very sensitive person. I felt the pain of the late Jonghyun , Chester , Tim. The reason why they did what they did. But I also felt the pain losing them.
nooneknoes Aug 2018
Why do people say this? Is it to comfort you or themselves? When someone tells me that I am not alone I think of the other people that have to feel like this, or worse. It doesn't make me feel better. I wish people didn't have to feel this way.
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