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I always thought that I would be broken forever. I couldn't imagine a version of myself that wasn't sad, or lonely or constantly running... from something.

Today, I realized that I've made it.

It's a Friday night,
And I'm spending it alone.

But for once, I don't feel lonely.

I feel at peace.

I feel proud.

I made it out of that darkness.

And now,

I'm here,

Beautifully, unbroken.

You better keep your head up my dear
Do not let them steal that crown,
You've worked so hard and come so far.

Don't let them make you feel like you deserve to be treated unfair.
You were not born in this world,
For others to make you feel small.

You are bright, your energy is so big
And the world needs you to share more of it.
Don't listen to them when they try to dull your sparkle.

Don't believe them when they try to convince you that you will never get better.

Don't let them make you feel like you aren't good enough.

Because my God,
I promise you,
You are so much more than just good.

You are strong,
And wonderful,
And resilient,
You are kind,
And courageous,
You have a beautiful soul.

Anyone who tries to get in your way as you begin to heal and to progress, isn't worth investing a single thought into.

Be proud of yourself,
You've grown
You've endured
And you're still growing.

Be proud of yourself.
You're healing,
and not everyone is going to clap for you,
some people are just bitter.

Clap for yourself and carry on.
Be your own cheerleader!

Keep that head up, adjust your crown and keep walking.

-This is resilience
Bullying is never okay, it's important to remember that often times, when someone is bullying you, they are projecting their emotions on to you because it's easier than dealing with what is going on inside of them. It doesn't make it fair. It doesn't make it okay. And it doesn't make it any less painful. Try not to lose sight of who you are if or when this happens. People have a hard time watching you become successful. People have a hard time watching you heal while they are still struggling. But the right people will be there clapping for you. And you are stronger than you
LannaEvolved Jan 2021
The human being is a madman lost in his/her adventure.
Blood in the veins
People with masks on:
Further dims the confinement
of this human cage
We’re all accustomed to..
Take a breath
An act of faith
Will 2021 change our lifetime with
the cross of illusion that 2020 gave us?

My ghost is a blade
Stone by stone
I pervade

Sitting in a loft of treason
Transmuting a spinning cycle of pain
I see through the translucency of all of it

These shaky frames with their eyes dangling
Raise your spirit to me
Fire beams perforate the lost

distill the wineries of seasons passed
over into the space
between death and the living

'I am the Empire at the end of the decadence’.
Written by LannaEvolved
and French poet Paul Verlaine
LannaEvolved Dec 2020
I thought I knew your words
It was like knowing anybody out there  
A blank page in the book of Proverbs

Bait and switch without the wisdom
But you didn’t know what you brought
Soulless protection to fear
You called
me a scared little girl
Little did you know
I was my own savior

What is it you said I needed?
A so-called enlightenment?
But who knew your darkness wrapped *** magik
Could save vulnerability and attempt to destroy the authentic luxury of me
No. Only fake love in lust can do that
For lust is loss and I’m not gone

Then there was you and me again
That night unveiled me
The unevolved me
Still I knew
I was going to make it out alive

I am here.
Sometimes we truly must experience the strange,  the unhealthy, the unwanted, the unnecessary, the potential threats to our emotional safety and well-being if we are to understand the essence of resilience and healing. We don’t always know how or why or even expect ourselves to fall into those situations with others, but when we break free of them, truly break free mentally and physically, with the support and inner strength we all have within, our outer world will dramatically change to reflect the new being we have become through it and for ourselves. You can do this. Believe and break free of anyone who may be chaining you to a false reality not meant for you. That is the only way that you will begin to change yours and the one you wish to see. You deserve the best. Do it for yourself as the creator you are.
hj Dec 2020
your sister laughs at the to of her lungs
while my tears water the pillow
maybe the ashes on it will grow into a phoenix, probably not
they say the phoenix rises from the ashes
burns again
then rises again
then burns again
then rises again, and the cycle never ends
it feels like my life is going the same way
crying in bed
suicide attempts
hospital beds
and it feels like it's never gonna end
but it ends
though it doesn't feel like rising
cause it happens again
cause when I rise to the surface
above the water
it seems like I've forgotten how to take a breath
it goes up and down
but up doesn't feel good
it's not as bad as down
still, it feels confusing
cause I know I will turn into ashes
yet again
your sister laughs
I cry in my bed
I keep it down so u don't hear a sound
cause I don't want you to ask me why I'm crying
I'll probably just end up lying
saying I'm fine
and I don't want your sister hearing me cry anyway
the moon whispers goodnight
but the drunk rooster
screams wake up!
I'm awake, rooster
I always am
but darling moon
I'm dead inside
Mari Nov 2020
When I scroll down
And look at my older poems,
I wonder,
I wrote these?
I find joy when fellow poets relate to my poems. When they like and comment, it's just incredible to see that people are going through what I'm going through, a reminder that I'm not alone. I'm grateful. Thank you! :)
I'm sorry if someone made you feel like it was hard to love you

I'm sorry if you feel like being exactly who you are isn't good enough

I'm sorry if you look in the mirror and hate what you see because someone else said that you weren't beautiful

I'm sorry if you've ever questioned whether your life was worth living because some **** told you the world would be better off without you.

I'm sorry if youre reading this right now and relating to this.

I'm sorry if society's expectations of how a girl should look, what size they should be, and how they should ask, made you think that you were doing it all wrong.

I'm sorry your beautiful soul has ever had to question anything about who you are because the truth is, the world needs more people like YOU.

The truth is they're all wrong.

And I'm sorry for all the years you believed them and all of the tears you cried and nights you asked God why you weren't good enough.

You are.

You always were.

You were never hard to love, you were just loving the wrong people.

I'm sorry they wasted your time.

But its about time you stop hating yourself for not being everyone else's idea of yourself, and start being the version of yourself that you can live with and love.

Alive Sep 2020
Softly caress my skin
Slowly encounter my body
Touch the scars
Weaving my body
Etch your hand
Against my form
Parade the scars
Show society
Scars are beautiful
Nolan Patterson Feb 2020
Why is life a cruel creature?
Why does it hate your joyous features?
Why does it try and hide you away,
In the darkness of space
Without anybodies trace?

How come it convinces you to hide yourself?
How come it convinces you not to cry?
How come  it convinces you to not rely
On those who are there to support you
When help is what you are due?

Life may want you to feel alone
In the empty void of space
Where life can lie and say you can't cry
As it won't matter;  since nobody is nearby
Life may want you to give up
If you can't shine bright every day.
But that is not what people who care say.

Don't worry about shining bright
Don't worry about staying warm
Just focus on your own fight
And let your friends stay in your sight
So they can help tend to your flame
Instead of letting it burn away.
All because life doesn't care.
Dedicated to my Shining Star
Who has helped me through so much
And I hope I can help her in the same.
Maia Apr 2019
I promise
One day
The sun will wash away the rain
And the tide will pull away the darkness

Maybe that isn’t today
And maybe,
That’s okay
Because I promise
One day
You will be.
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