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Wilder Nov 2020
I know my face is feminine
I know everyone 'knows' I'm a girl
I know in this confusing christian society
You have to keep to the binary

And so I don't expect them
To look at me
And say "He"

But just once
Maybe they'll hesitate
Before saying "She"
That could be enough
lua Sep 2020
the tired eyes
and sluggish hands
in a late night rendezvous
that starts with a touch
that explodes in your chest
the fire at your fingertips
that splatter all throughout
and it's the sparks in your lungs
the brightness against a groggy gaze
which fills the spaces between your words
the ellipses between your sentences
the pauses between each breath you take
every hesitation
and never seems to end.
Isabella Aug 2020
Yes, I’m done talking.
Oh, no, one more thing—
Nevermind, you’re not listening.
Tryniti Jun 2020
A pause..

The pulse quickens
Throat swallows
Tension thickens
A breath follows

The silence weighs a ton
An everlasting duration
To the silence between someone
The sound of hesitation
Written 06.19.2020
abi Jun 2020
the way you stand in the mirror
with eyes full of tears

because in the wrong lighting
you so easily declare yourself frightening

claiming no one, not even yourself could love you
but it's a scary thing when they say they feel it too

not knowing how much you actually care for them they so
easily say the same thing you do

breaking your heart slowly
and unknowingly

you tell her I hate you
and without hesitation, she repeats, I hate you too
If you don't love yourself first there is no way you could possibly truly love someone else. Don't ever let someone believe they hate themselves especially if you love them. Relationships can't be one-sided, so make sure you let the people you love know you love them before it's too late. Especially yourself. Always love yourself.
Angelina LL Feb 2020
To fall for a person
With hands of bird bone
That quiver and flutter
And like water, break stone

        Winter blankets branches
        It asks
        Does frost taste bitter or sweet?

One step forward,
One retreat
Each step stepping
On someone’s feet

        If I held those hands
        It asks
        Would it taste bitter or sweet?

Don’t hold birds;
Watch them flit from trees  
And come and go
as they please
Mari Feb 2020
A little work
will make a difference.
Don't hesitate to
make a change.
B Dec 2019
you, special one, so enthralling indeed
casting fits of need with viridescent pits of greed
take me between your fists in the lifeless heat of night
break a willful bird from the fantasy of flight
what kind of crippling love do we breed
when all is good only when I bleed?
I bleed.
Twaffle May 2019
People will reach out to you,
for they want to earn your trust.
But there's something inside you,
telling you...

"Are you gonna trust that person?...
Sooner or later, you'll end up disappointed again,
so it's better to shut the door and lock it...
Don't let anyone in."

For your heart was far too damage,
it can be fixed...But not the way it used to be.
Amelia Sapp May 2019
catching the hesitation that these silent
worlds glaze

meaningless. smoke. echoing.
though an unworthy lover
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