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Peter B Aug 19
Death never takes too long to come,
she's always first, before anyone else.
Born ready.

She never takes her time.
She only takes ours.

She never hesitates.
It's life, which has the second thoughts,
life - an indecisive fool,
who always waits,
till it's too late.

When death is always on the dot
to make - and break -

the rules.
Twaffle May 24
People will reach out to you,
for they want to earn your trust.
But there's something inside you,
telling you...

"Are you gonna trust that person?...
Sooner or later, you'll end up disappointed again,
so it's better to shut the door and lock it...
Don't let anyone in."

For your heart was far too damage,
it can be fixed...But not the way it used to be.
Amelia Sapp May 5
catching the hesitation that these silent
worlds glaze

meaningless. smoke. echoing.
though am unworthy lover

- a.s.
Why did you do it, just stop right there
To leave me standing in the cold.
I was scrapped for parts, left all bare
Spending countless nights all alone
Waiting for a sign to free me from that mare
And I try not to fight, but I’ve lost the light
I’ve fallen before, but not like this,
I’ve held my own and built back up
But something is different
It’s some how changed
The pain I once felt has left and drained
Time turns left and the sky turns blue
Dust to dust, an eye for an eye.
I slowly realise. I’d **** for you
I wrote this poem one night when I was alone. I am not bright when it comes to English but poetry is about what comes from the heart, and anyone can talk about that.
Amanda Jul 2018
To me flaws are as clear as day
Isn't much point in hiding them away
Heard it's supposed to be cold tonight
Freezing them til they crack isn't right

I happen to be desperate and so wrong
Search for a place where I really belong
Wander a path, can I make it straight?
Could if I hurry but I always hesitate

Trees and their leaves wither and change
Forest, without reason, begins to rearrange
To transform with is my aim
To my dismay, my flaws stay the same
Annete May 2018
I feel
There’s you
In every sunlight.
Touching my skin
So warm.
I know it will burn me
The longer I’m staying
But I’m hesitating
To run.
Nylee Mar 2018
Still movements
the dangerous games
all it takes
is the eye gesture
fueling the deeper silences.

Their quiet fight
without the usual bites
drinking the mugs of coffee
face to face away
slipping into
the created tension.

Waiting for someone
to bow down
be the first one
to admit
it is not worth it.

and wait
continuing building
the wall of brick
which will break
when the first one will blink.
Jessie Schwartz Feb 2018
Procrastination… by Jessie 2/07

I’ve sat…I’ve thought…Then thought some more
Strategically dissecting every move
Looking from every angle
Contemplating the task at hand
It’s evident what needs done
As I solidify my stand

Motivated by end results
Charged in anticipation
I’m getting ready to get ready
But first, I’ll review my notes
Never put off until tomorrow
One of my favorite quotes

I’m pretty sure the plan is good
As I check it five more times
Tentatively reluctant
I’ll sleep on it tonight
Bright and early tomorrow
The time should then be right

I’ve eaten breakfast
Had a bath
Feeling strong and sure
Confidant, dedicated, prepared
Wait one minute, what is this?
Something just seems weird

Perhaps it wouldn’t hurt to wait
Let’s give it one more day
What’s the rush?
Let’s think this through
Clearer days tomorrow
When plans can be made new
sweet sugar Jul 2017
Surrounded by fears I can do so little
Puzzling my heart to finish the riddle
I can't tell if this is worth the tears
For tonight we only dare to dream

There's always a great grey sky I know
Haunting me where ever I go
Covering the stars for my eyes to see
Hiding the sun from the darkness within me

Now the force is so strong I can feel it drags me
Towards the light far away from the grey sky
And the wind starts to shift it's beyond me
Towards the night far away from the grey sky

Maybe I just dont know what it means
To give my arms and take something
To open my eyes and see everything
And to say yes to absolutely nothing

But what is good in keeping the world turns ?
If at the end, all you do is watch it burns
What's the point in holding on ?
When one could leave and then just gone

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