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Cait Oct 5
I read once about an ancient practice
to repair broken things

They would take the shattered pieces
of bowls, jars, glasses, pottery,
and fill the sharp cracks with liquid gold

Translucent, shimmering lines
along jagged edges.
Highlighting the imperfections.

Showing that in life,
that which has been broken,
may be made beautiful all the same.
Poetic T Sep 28
We never see the truth,

             that the world

is but a shadow.

And when we
                see the world for what

it is,

               a form of beauty.

The strengths
             stretch further than the eye

can see..

And we finally see the light hiding in the cracks
Kelci Sep 10
You found the cracks
In my soul
And poured your light in
Through them
So that I could
See myself again
Nigdaw Jul 10
There is a voice that’s very clear
Talking to me on the verge of freedom
Its sound is warm and reassuring
Stating simple obvious facts
But danger lies within such sentiments
Fear and anger have no place
Walking on the cracks in the pavement.
Dream Jun 19
Cracks in the paint doesn't mean the wall is about to collapse.
Just keep going no matter what, when you're facing difficulties overcome them. It's not the end. If there's a problem in your life or relationships then face them head on. Don't assume it's over because of one Crack that you have seen in your beautifully painted wall. Just like the paint, relationships need maintenance. So don't break up because of one small issue.
The littlest cracks bring us back,
To the places we hide within.

The knack we have for baring all we have,
And we wait for nothing in return.

Plant the flag upon our minuscule mountaintop,
Just for the wind to blow it over,
So we can practice picking it up again.

Our glass-paned hearts shatter overnight,
Thinking of the ones who we don't think think of us.
Only to be replaced every new day morning.

The mesmerizing memories pull us into the dancing trances that we couldn't bear to escape.
The fates laugh their little hearts out,
At our struggles and our lives.

With every rising of the sun comes new chances to prove them wrong.
Pain fades just like that summer scar.
It never really goes away,
But becomes easier to forget.

Hang on.
Fragile hearts just so happen to be the strongest ones we have, and while they keep breaking,
We are the Olympians at gluing our lovely hearts back together again.

~Robert van Lingen

Plumbers who've never had to fix a pipe,
Won't be very good at their job.

Hearts that have never been broken,
Don't really know how to love.
Response to "One More" by Hannah Thomas
kat victoria Mar 30
you can make your fingers bleed
trying to glue broken glass
but when you’re finished
you’ll need stitches
and there will still be cracks
Kerli Tulva Feb 23
I swim in the dark space
between the stars and dust
trying to find the hidden grace
to choose is hard but you must

it's difficult without your shoes
to step on the broken fragments
of the shattered stars and planets

some of them shine bright
while others hide from the light
as the newborn flowers
which blossom at daylight
and close in the silence of night

cracks are in the universe
where flowers squeeze through
the seeds of the soul immerse
themselves in cosmos blue

and I wait until the ice melts
and gather the flowers in dust
to make them blossom in august
Priya Gaikwad Feb 12
Broken can never be mended, it will always have cracks. Always!
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