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StormriderIX Sep 2022
I am not here.

I want to be part of nature's depth.

My body is naught but a broken husk.

I do not want to mend the husk.

I need to repair its many cracks.

I can be here again.
Danielle May 2022
Parts of his existence:

A vessel; is a magic that flows through its veins— the color of my cheeks and the color of his madness

A certainty; all flesh and bone, sutured and bruised; we can be made of cracks, somehow.

and my heart, he had it all as black holes grew in my chest (as if the vacancies could be filled by his existence)

for me, he is insatiable
as I was always heartless
Ayesha Dec 2021
cracks in the ground

like a frozen sea
cracks in the sky
like a frozen lip—
and voiceless fluttering
of word upon wordless wordy word

a low wind
proud wheat
    swept by

                   a bowing horde of gold

like kin on kin erupting
(because root dooms with it the house)
like a festival of distrust
where all centres
   in a tangle of struggles
own throats hold

gyres of limbs
              that themselves ****
themselves make

a ruffled head
that I so long combed
now a sea wild
now slithering babbling streams
now lustful teasing waves
that shore then shore
meet and meet
and will rest not at all

what of—
blind infancy of impulsive beliefs
that through dunes and oases
go and go
(now nothing, now all, now none and all and all––)

a–– many sandcastle homes of childish sight
melt to doubt

— hold it—
this cleaving ground will be bound no more

cracks, indeed, all around

"Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;"
-W.B Yeats
Thewallflowerguy Dec 2021
Look closer
Even closer than you are noww
Do you see the cracks?
Do you see the inherent sadness in my sweetness through them?
Do you see me being put together or do you see me crumbling?
Am I falling apart or am I healing?
LC Apr 2021
as her glass heart beats,
it cracks little by little
as her chest caves in.
she closes her eyes.
her deep, slow breaths
restore her aching body
as her chest straightens.
the cracking suddenly stops.
her soul glues the cracks
and her heart is whole again,
stronger than ever before.
#escapril day 20!
there are cracks
cracks in the most beautiful stone
the stones found in the ruins of hidden remains
remains of an indescribably beautiful city
a city that shone brighter than the brightest star
It glittered like pyrite
not like gold
the pyrite city may have given off an iridescent shine
but It was dark
darker than the deepest, raging saltwater waves
darker than the night sky without pestering clouds
darker than the thoughts of those who wore a porcelain face
and that gooey darkness was seeping through the cracks
of those beautiful stones
those fake stones, the ones that gave off that too-good-to-be-true shine
were cracking under the pressure
and letting the compression release
Amy Nov 2020
It stares back at me
A reflection I long thought of my own
Too blind to see
I cannot fix myself through you

You kept adding cracks
Refusing to care for yourself
Ignoring your duties
And pushing your problems on me

Like a plague
Your words sought my heart
I kept tried to smile
Believing you were too young
Too young to understand

Yet the voice inside
Kept telling me the truth
That it had to end
No matter how far it would go
Like everything in life

It was no use
It was no good

You had to leave
One way or another
I ignored my own cracks for too long

There is nothing I regret
But maybe the last days
I could have been free
Way earlier than this

The big stage wasn´t meant for us
We both did mistakes in this play
But I won´t give up
Not yet at least
I still have enough breath
For another play

All on my own
Without your toxic thoughts
Without you adding cracks to me

A clear mirror
Old but fixed
Reflecting my movements
This life
Until another
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