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Emily Aug 13
So I've been replaced.
It's just a fact, can't be erased.
Maybe if I close my eyes.
They could all go away.
She is pretty. She is nice.
She looks lovely. She is kind.
Now he likes her, when he used to like me.
It is over before it could begin.
I lost my friends. I've been replaced.
That's fine. I didn't need them anyway.
I can't get new ones.
The school year has been established already.
I have no where to sit cause she took my seat.
I've been replaced yet again.
She is a willing adversary
But I don't think I will fight.
I said I wanted to be alone.
Now they left me. Now they're gone.
Cause they have Azure, she is so much better than me.
He wants Azure. He used to want me.
They like Azure. They used to like me.
She took my place. I've been replaced.
It shouldn't bother me.
They were my friends, and now their hers.
I was his crush and he was mine.
Now he likes her. I still like him.
I've been replaced.

Soumia Jul 18
'Friends' who use you or only come to you when they need something but are never around when you need some help.
Iz Jul 7
She cared more about annoying you than hurting me
She took away the day that made me feel worth something
Butterfly Jul 5
Cutting of toxic people is better than cutting myself
Fakeeeee friends
To my dear friend, or so I thought, your actions have made it clear,
Our friendship’s come to an end, and you truly have taught, that I no longer need you here.

I truly know now, what a true friend should be, and it ‘s not the definition of you
Because today you showed me how, to open my eyes and see that your intentions were never true.

Now you’re just digging a hole, it gets deeper as you say, things that make others weak,
Next time think of the toll, that you will have to pay, when you don’t think before you speak.

The moral of the story, that I want you to hear, is that you shouldn’t be an untrusting friend,
Because you’ll lose all your glory, you’ll cause many tears, and bring relationships to an end.

In life you’ll have people who’ll say they’re your friends, but honesty is what they lack
Because they will take out a knife,
To end your whole life,
But instead stick it right in your back.
Butterfly Jun 28
Everybody has a  angel and an demon on there shoulder.
Sometimes the angel wants to **** the demon.
And sometimes the demon wants to **** the angel
Max Jun 23
School ended last week
My days have turned bleak.
You said you'd stay in touch
But you havent texted much.
i hate everyone except the people on this website (excluding myself)
Paras Bajaj May 20
I don’t want to see,
whatever you post.
I don’t want to know,
in whose arms you’re lost.

I don’t even care,
if you’re behind or ahead.
I don’t even care,
if you’re alive or dead.

I don’t want to hear,
only lies you would tell.
I don’t want to be there,
but I do wish you well.

I don’t even care,
if you’re behind or ahead.
I don’t even care,
if you’re alive or dead.
Poetry by Paras
Instagram: @mr.parasbajaj
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