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Mari Oct 17
We believe they
are true friends
until that day comes,
when you really need them.
and they won't be there, of course.

You are no less than a
~Aliza Jennifer~
Wake up ,
Go to school ,
Study ,

Heather has a party this weekend ,
"Did you get invited?"
"Oh nevermind"

Late nights
Where did I go wrong?

Endless tears and
I don't cares,
But it hurts

The 'go to'
But never the

Carelessly ,
The last choice ,
That "friend"

Like a boy ?
He's to good for you,

Good at a sport ?
I don't think so ,
Try again

Slam poetry.
Thank you for teaching me that BFF means 'Best Fake Friend'
I was unaware, But next I'll be careful
Somethings are hard to accept
~Aliza Jennifer~
ShadowSpy Jul 11
Everyone has secrets,
That I know
Me included
But mine dont show
All caught up in their "drama"
They dont notice my pain
That my biggest secret
Is when I feign
Not standing alone
Having friends
Being known
Please make amends
Am i the only one who carries that heavy secret with them, wherever they go?
nance May 12
You soothed my raw skin with lotion,
but I know underneath your heart meant war;
so here's to the selfish, demimonde ******-
to the ones who'd **** up their own lives,
including yours.
They can talk all they want,
but at the end of the day, face-to-face,
they would kiss my *** and greet me with praise.

they talk behind your back until you come face-to-face.
quite sad.
Why do these exist?
They tear me apart bit by bit.
I'm so tired of all these lines,
"You can't know now just wait a bit."
Please either tell me everything or leave.
I'm done with secrets.
Mark kenny Jan 13
Am always lost for someone to hang with
Maybe because life taught me to handle it.

Miss my steps everyday on my stroll on the ladder
All I needed was a friend to bring me back into the race.
Making everything look like am always late.
I can't disappoint who am meant to be
Because of a nobody with negative energy.

Am passed the finish line because life taught me well.
Fake friends is a plague they learn to stab you well.
Don't hate the game you don't know how to play.
Andrew Choo Jan 12
All these fake friends,
Playing pretend;
Until they have to repent
To a God, among men.
Emily Aug 2019
So I've been replaced.
It's just a fact, can't be erased.
Maybe if I close my eyes.
They could all go away.
She is pretty. She is nice.
She looks lovely. She is kind.
Now he likes her, when he used to like me.
It is over before it could begin.
I lost my friends. I've been replaced.
That's fine. I didn't need them anyway.
I can't get new ones.
The school year has been established already.
I have no where to sit cause she took my seat.
I've been replaced yet again.
She is a willing adversary
But I don't think I will fight.
I said I wanted to be alone.
Now they left me. Now they're gone.
Cause they have Azure, she is so much better than me.
He wants Azure. He used to want me.
They like Azure. They used to like me.
She took my place. I've been replaced.
It shouldn't bother me.
They were my friends, and now their hers.
I was his crush and he was mine.
Now he likes her. I still like him.
I've been replaced.

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