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Amoy Mar 2018
                by Amoy

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I live on your social acceptance of me
You keep my face buried, my eyes blind and my mind occupied
you draw me in, I loose myself, trying to find myself
I can't hear the bird chirp, I don't see the sunrise
You are always here but yet I’m alone
The happiest people living their "best life" surrounds me forcing me to see, to be apart of it
Don't you want to be like me?
Christina Dec 2018
sometimes the jokes go to far
but i still laugh at them
because i know that if i say something
you'll only laugh at me more

so i sit and i smile
and pretend everything is okay
so that i can try have a normal life

but eventually
i wont be able to handle it anymore
and you'll be able to see me
soaking in my blood filled tub
Tiphane Moraa Nov 2018
You had promised you would help me
You said it was okay that I was okay
What happened then?
Why did you abandon me?
Why did you give me empty promises?
You took everyone that were close to me
You told all sort of lies about me
How I wish I had never met you
How I wish I had never trusted you
But thank you for making me realise
That the battles I fight make me stronger than coward people like you.
Mia Thompson Nov 2018
I could speak all day on how I have faith
Truth is,
I don’t have faith
I would like to believe I trust myself
Yet I barely put an ounce of love on that shelf
I don’t have faith that the right person will come and take my love
Because I am scared
I am scared that if I gave into anyone
That if I even trusted my love with you
That it’s just going to hurt that much worse when I let you go
I’ll have that much less faith in myself the next time I even try to love
I’m scared that you’ll say all these nice words to me
And possibly mean them
But I won’t trust myself
And blow the only chance I had at loving you
I’m scared that if you saw who I really am you’d leave
And want nothing to do with me
And in all honesty I really couldn’t blame you
Yet I could blame myself.
I could have faith that all my friends right now are loyal
That they would never talk about me behind my back
I could trust them with anything
I wouldn’t even be ashamed
Yet I have been played
And most of yall just sit there and smile in my face
It’s like getting on a plane ride
And trusting in the pilot to fly me safely
But then the rumors come like birds flying into the engine
Then down goes the plane
Because there is the same flock of birds flying back my way
Why won’t they just stay in their cage?
Don’t any of you realize
You’ve made me this way
Do it again lie to my face you’ll be another bird ruining my plane
The true friends are the pilots
Trying to guide me out of the bird’s way
Yet instead they get brought down with me
My real ones don’t deserve this
I’m the one who need to take the blame
I have a couple of parachutes
Hopefully they’ll escape while they can
I’ll stay though because the day this plane finally crashes
I hope those little birds will finally realize their damage
So much for flying this plane to heaven
I could have faith in myself
But I am not going to lie to you because I need you to have faith in me
I have been hurt
The kind where you stay up at night
Wondering what you did to deserve this
What is your purpose
Do I even belong here
Does anyone see my tears
I loved and I trusted
And that just got me here
Questioning everything
I know I am hard of hearing
But it seems like I’m not the only one who can’t hear
Or do you choose not to listen?
These are the same people I’m supposed to have trust in?
Have love for
Tell them everything every little sore
If you could see my heart
You’d ask
What’s that little clump on the floor?
Where’s yalls heart at
I don’t see them anymore
All I hear is she’s this or he’s that
All this makes me mad
Why can’t we just love each other
Is that so bad?
Is it so bad to accept each other
No matter ***, straight, bi, or trans
No matter the color of skin
Not matter what music they listen to
Or if they fit in with a trend
Can’t we all realize
Everyone needs a friend
Everyone needs to spend
Just a little more time seeing who I am
Who you are
Who he is
Who she is
Who we all are
Because that is what we need
To be able to have faith in each other.
Lightheart Nov 2018
I don’t know why I keep going back
hopeful maybe now someone will have cared
why would time make someone care more
when they never cared to begin with?
Time is careless, people are time
hurt is timeless
it stays when they leave
I am lonely
and always missing someone
no matter what careless time it is
I guess I just still wish they cared as much as I did
Lightheart Oct 2018
You can be a lot of people’s friend
without having a single friend yourself
Something to remember
Natália Sep 2018
You said
That I can tell you anything
You said
That you are always there for me
Well it doesn’t seem like that

The other day
I told you a tiny snippet
Only a little drop in the sea
About my anxieties
About my irrational fears
I wanted to tell you for so long

But I am never going to do it again
Because the face you made when I voiced my feelings
That hurt

Your expression said that I don’t make sense
That I am crazy
That that’s totally ridiculous
That I am making it up

I mean, I can tell you the basic stuff
The everyday problems
But not about my mind
Not about my real reasons to cry
You said you want to hear
But you actually don’t

You know
it would be fine
If I had anyone else
to talk to
But you are aware that I don’t
And you make me think
that no one will ever want to listen.
Bee Sep 2018
1, 2, 3,
Starting to have me disagree.
Starting to realize what you’ve done,
My fat tears fell, my anguish began.

Falling into despair,
Feeling that as if my heart was set into flares.
Falling into the ground,
Never expecting it was you, a person well renowned.

Anxiety crippling through my veins,
You adding up to all of the pains.
My heart breaking into shards,
Thoughts cannot be expressed in words.

Putting up a mask,
As if it’s becoming my task.
Never knowing me at my worst,
Never really knowing you made me burst.
Hi, it's been a long time since I've posted here at I realized that I should release all the emotional build up inside me. I feel like my friend's been using me and I just can't tell her about it. I don't want her to get angry or hurt because of me.
Ismahanwrites Jul 2018
I never had real friends I had fake friends that are not always available when I need them but are available when they need something from me I never had real friends but I had fake friends who will knock me over when ever their tongues felt like it and then random strangers would come up to me and tell me are you sure these people are your friends I never had real friends I had fake friend who think I would downgrade them but really my intentions are as clear as water I just attract my opposite kind of people and drag them upwards to reach the stars where they would drag me aside away from them accomplishments.
invest on the right ones always
Lightheart Jun 2018
I told myself it doesn’t matter
I don’t care
i don’t care
i dont care
but it hurts
it hurts
it  h u r t s

What did I do?
Why don’t you care about me anymore?
Why did you hurt me like this?
I thought we were friends for the long haul
I thought we were friends
I thought

I thought
was worth more

I thought
was done being used

I thought
loved me too

I thought
hurt me
like this

I was wrong
I was wrong
I was wrong

It hurts.
I don’t get it
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